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Arrival Lecture--Tartu--10 April 2006.MP3
Evening Lecture--Tartu--10 April 2006.MP3
SB 1.9.30--Tartu--11 April 2006.MP3
University of Tartu Lecture--11 April 2006.MP3
Questions-Answers--Tartu 11 April 2006.MP3
SB 1.2.16--Tartu--12 April 2006.MP3
Evening Darshan--Tartu--April 12 2006.MP3

4 April 2005-Tartu-Arrival Lecture.MP3   ''Offer Your Work to Krishna, and Your Work Will Increase Your Krishna

5 April 2005-Tartu-SB 1.3.40.MP3   ''The Rising Sun of The Srimad Bhagavatam''
5 April 2005
-Tartu-University of Tartu.MP3   ''Spiritual Science 101''
6 April 2005
-Tartu-SB 1.2.10, .MP3   ''Which Guru To Take Initiation From?''
15 Sept 2005-Tartu-Arrival-Lecture.MP3
    "Old Age, Disease, Death: The Rewards Of Material Work"
16 Sept 2005-Tartu-SB-1.2.16.MP3    "Inherit the qualities of great devotees"
16 Sept 2005-Tartu-College-Lecture.MP3    "Unique Individuals Have Unique Relationships With God"
16 Sept 2005-Tartu-Questions-Answers-with-Lennart.MP3   "The Good, the Bad and the No Karmas"          Read Transcript
16 Sept 2005-Tartu-Questions-Answers.MP3   "Self-discipline through love for Guru"                                          Read Transcript
17 Sept 2005-Tartu-SB-1.2.8-.MP3    "Learn to relish Krishna's Name"
17 Sept 2005-Tartu-Feast-Lecture-BG 2.13.MP3    "The Rationale Of Animals And Of Humans"
18 Sept 2005-Tartu-SB-1.5.19.MP3     "Become attractive by becoming humble"                                                     Read Transcript


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