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6 Feb 2005 Irondale Ted & Denise Self Home Program.MP3             "Truth Works! It uproots the miseries of  material existence"


15 Jan 2005 Boulder Home Program  at Jaya Saci Suta's .MP3
        "The Ultimate Experience Is Available Right Now In Your Heart"

31 July 2005  Denver BG 9.14 SFL.MP3
        "Just Qualify Yourself To See Krishna Face To Face"        Sunday Feast Lecture
30 July 2005 Denver Home Program.MP3
        "Be A Transcendental Scientist: Experiment In The Laboratory Of Your Own Heart"
30 July 2005 Denver Spiritual Purity Seminar .MP3
30 July 2005 Denver SB 7.6.5.MP3
        "Become Stout and Strong In Mind And Intelligence"
29 July 2005 Denver SB 7.6.4.MP3
        "Jnana-Vijnana: Know Who You Are, Be Who You Are"
27 July 2005 Denver BG 4.15.MP3
        "Fine Tune Your Consciousness By Chanting Krishna's Name"
19 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.20.MP3        "Every Member Should Take Responsibility For The Grand Success Of This Movement"
18 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3,19.MP3        "Success Must Be Based On A Solid Foundation Of Purity"
18 Jan 2005 Denver BG 5.7.MP3         "Be A Pure Devotee: Very Dear To The Gentle And The Ruffians"
17 Jan 2005 Denver BG 10.11.MP3         "How To Be Krishna Conscious At Your Corporate Job"
17 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.18.MP3        "Hearing From A Realized Devotee Is The Easiest Way To Connect To Krishna"

15 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.17.MP3        "Our Material Disease: Desire for Prominence"
15 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.17 intro.MP3
14 Jan 2005 Denver BG 10.10.MP3        "When Pure Love Is There, There Are No More Difficulties"

14 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.15-16.MP3        "The Devotee, Like The Lord, Is The Best Friend Of All Living Beings"
13 Jan 2005 Denver SB 7.3.14.MP3        "Srimad-Bhagavatam Will Take Us To The Other Side of Reality!"
13 Jan 2005 Denver BG 10.9.MP3        "ISKCON: Not The Buildings, It's The People!"                                             
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20 May 2004 Atlanta SB Class .mp3        "Revolutionize Your Consciousness And Revolutionize The World"


23 May 2005 Chicago SB 1.17.16.MP3        "Brahmana Dharma Explained"
22 May 2005 Chicago Sunday Feast Lecture.MP3
        "Master The Art Of Self-Discipline"
22 May 2005 Chicago SB 1.17.15.MP3        "Krishna Consciousness Is Beyond Time And Space"
21 May 2005 Chicago BG 4.7 .MP3
        "Creating The Mood of Pure Krishna Bhakti"
21 May 2005 Chicago-Program at Home of Labangalatika.MP3        "VANI: Vibrational Presence Of The Spiritual Master"
21 May 2005 Chicago SB 1.17.14.MP3        "By Krishna Consciousness, The Criminal Elements Will Be Curbed"
20 May 2005 Chicago program at home of Jagadananda Das-.MP3        "Pure Devotion: Sooner? ...Or Later?"


27 June 2006 SB 8.6.2-8  Potomac, Maryland .MP3

14 June 2005 Potomac SB 7.9.25.MP3        "How To Get Maya To Bow Down And Serve You"


9 June 2005 Boston SB 11.11.5.MP3        "There's No Material Qualification for Spiritual Potency, Just Purity"
10 June 2005 Boston SB 11.11.6.MP3        "Four Kinds Of Disciples"


26 May 2005 Detroit BG 10.10.MP3
        "The Only Reverse Is The Lack Of Krishna Consciousness"

25 May 2005 Niles  SB 1.2.6.MP3        "The Secret: Don't Try To Taste The Bliss; Try To Give The Bliss To Others"
24 May 2005 Niles, Evening Lecture.MP3        "Initiation Is A Very Essential Thing"


Kansas City
18 May 2005 Kansas City BG 10.8.MP3
        "God Bless ALL Living Entities"

New Hampshire

North Sutton
8 June 2005 North Sutton SB 2.3.17.MP3
        "Srila Prabhupada Possesses Realization Of The Highest Order"
7 June 2005 North Sutton Jeff Cleveland Home Program.MP3
        "The One Religion Is To Love God"
6 June 2005 North Sutton Conversation.MP3
        "Are You A Bonafide Spiritual Master?"
6 June 2005 North Sutton SB 3.25.21.MP3        "The Qualities Of A Sadhu"

New Jersey

 13 June 2005 Denville, NJ SB 1.5.11.MP3        "Every Single Devotee Is A Highly Valuable Asset"

Fair Lawn
11 June 2005 Fair Lawn, NJ  Conversation with Dr. Rao.MP3
        "Death Is Relative To The Body"
11 June 2005 Fair Lawn, NJ Program at Aruna's home.MP3        "Jesus Is The Son Of God, And Krishna Is His Father"

12 June 2005 Towaco BG 10.10.MP3        "Buddhi-Yoga: Using Your Intelligence In Krishna's Service"        Sunday Feast Lecture

North Carolina

18 June 2005
Hillsboro Pure Devotional Service Seminar.MP3        "Enjoyment Separate From Krishna Is Simply Agitation" 
                                                                                                   (Be patient. This is two hours long and takes a good while to download.) 
15 June 2005 Hillsboro SB 2.8.29.MP3        "To Be An Experienced Teacher Means To Know God"


25 May 2005 Cleveland BG 9.16.MP3
        "Become An Undercover Spiritual Revolutionary!"


Austin, Bhaktivedanta Asrama
21 August 2005 Austin SFL SB 1.2.17.MP3
        "Fame Is Fire; It Is Easy To Get Burned By It"     Sunday Feast Lecture
14 August 2005 Austin SFL SB 1.4.17-18.MP3
        "My Decision To Serve Srila Prabhupada For All Eternity"   Sunday Feast Lecture
13 August 2005 Austin Jagtiani Home Program.MP3
    "Unlimited Spiritual Happiness Increasing forever and ever"
24 July 2005 Austin SB1.2.10.MP3        "Anything That Separates You From God, THAT is sin"
3 July 2004 Austin SFL SB 1.2.17.MP3        "Full Faith In The Words Of The Spiritual Master Is Required"    Sunday Feast Lecture
30 June 2005 Austin SB11.10.12.MP3     "The Spiritual Master Ignites Us"

West Virginia

New Vrindavan
29 Sept 2005-New-Vrindavan-SB-7.6.4.MP3
     "How to catch a big fish without getting wet"
6 May 2005 New Vrindavan Festival of Inspiration seminar: Preaching on the Internet.mp3
6 May 2005 New Vrindavan Festival of Inspiration seminar:
                                                       Spiritual Purity, The Driving Force Behind ISKCON's Success.mp3                             Read Transcript