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Bhagavad-gita 10.12

Sunday feast lecture

Helsinki, Finland


om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

[Gurudeva sings three times and devotees repeat]

So do you chant the verse responsively on Sunday? Everyone chants?

Srimad Bhagavad-gita Chapter 10, text number 12

arjuna uvaca

param brahma param dhama
pavitram paramam bhavan
purusam sasvatam divyam
adi-devam ajam vibhum


arjunah uvaca—Arjuna said; param—supreme; brahma—truth; param—supreme; dhama—sustenance; pavitram—purest; paramam—supreme; bhavan—Yourself; purusam—personality; sasvatam—original; divyam—transcendental; adi-devam—original Lord; ajam—unborn; vibhum—greatest

SDA: And then Prabhupada actually combines two verses here for his purport so I will just read the second verse without any repetition here.

ahus tvam rsayah sarve
devarsir naradas tatha
asito devalo vyasah
svayam caiva bravisi me


Arjuna said: You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the ultimate abode, the purest, the Absolute Truth. You are the eternal, transcendental, original person, the unborn, the greatest. All the great sages such as Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa confirm this truth about You, and now You Yourself are declaring it to me.


In these two verses the Supreme Lord gives a chance to the modern philosopher, for here it is clear that the Supreme is different from the individual soul. Arjuna, after hearing the essential four verses of Bhagavad-gita in this chapter, became completely free from all doubts and accepted Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He at once boldly declares, "You are param brahma, the Supreme Personality of Godhead." And previously Krishna stated that He is the originator of everything and everyone. Every demigod and every human being is dependent on Him. Men and demigods, out of ignorance, think that they are absolute and independent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That ignorance is removed perfectly by the discharge of devotional service. This has already been explained in the previous verse by the Lord. Now by His grace, Arjuna is accepting Him as the Supreme Truth, in concordance with the Vedic injunction. It is not that, because Krishna is an intimate friend, Arjuna is flattering Him by calling Him the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Absolute Truth. Whatever Arjuna says in these two verses is confirmed by Vedic truth. Vedic injunctions affirm that only one who takes to devotional service to the Supreme Lord can understand Him, whereas others cannot. Each and every word of this verse spoken by Arjuna is confirmed by Vedic injunction.

In the Kena Upanisad it is stated that the Supreme Brahman is the rest for everything, and Krishna has already explained that everything is resting on Him. The Mundaka Upanisad confirms that the Supreme Lord, in whom everything is resting, can be realized only by those who engage constantly in thinking of Him. This constant thinking of Krishna is smaranam, one of the methods of devotional service. It is only by devotional service to Krishna that one can understand his position and get rid of this material body.

In the Vedas the Supreme Lord is accepted as the purest of the pure. One who understands that Krishna is the purest of the pure can become purified from all sinful activities. One cannot be disinfected from sinful activities unless he surrenders unto the Supreme Lord. Arjuna's acceptance of Krishna as the supreme pure complies with the injunctions of Vedic literature. This is also confirmed by great personalities, of whom Narada is the chief.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and one should always meditate upon Him and enjoy one's transcendental relationship with Him. He is the supreme existence. He is free from bodily needs, birth and death. Not only does Arjuna confirm this, but all the Vedic literatures, the Puranas and histories. In all Vedic literatures Krishna is thus described, and the Supreme Lord Himself also says in the Fourth Chapter, "Although I am unborn, I appear on this earth to establish religious principles." He is the supreme origin; He has no cause, for He is the cause of all causes, and everything is emanating from Him. This perfect knowledge can be had by the grace of the Supreme Lord.

Here Arjuna expresses himself through the grace of Krishna. If we want to understand Bhagavad-gita, we should accept the statements in these two verses. This is called the parampara system, acceptance of the disciplic succession. Unless one is in the disciplic succession, he cannot understand Bhagavad-gita. It is not possible by so-called academic education. Unfortunately those proud of their academic education, despite so much evidence in Vedic literatures, stick to their obstinate conviction that Krishna is an ordinary person. [End of purport]

om ajnana-timirandhasya jñananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

Every time we read one of Srila Prabhupada's purports something always jumps out of the page and grabs the mind. There is always something new that you never noticed before or something you saw before but it now grabs you in a new way. What really jumped out of this page to me today in this reading was "One should always meditate upon Krishna and enjoy one's transcendental relationship with Him". We understand that the devotee is meant to be a servant of God. Krishna is the enjoyer and we are meant to be the servants. The servant sees to the enjoyment of the master. He doesn't see for his own enjoyment. But Prabhupada is saying here that we should enjoy our relationship with Krishna so we do get to be the enjoyers after all. Even though we are taking the position of servant, we actually get to enjoy like anything. Today is Radhashtami. And this is the day when we worship the greatest of all the servants of Krishna, Srimati Radharani. No one can serve Krishna like Radharani. Nobody even comes close. She is always serving Krishna with great love and devotion, inconceivable amount of love and devotion. Krishna is the recipient of Her service. The normal conception is if somebody serves me then I am enjoying. People want to do that. They want to get a lot of money so they can have everybody serving them. Instead of mowing their own lawn somebody else will mow it for them. They can hire, they don't have to do anything, have people serving them. They consider that enjoyment. So Krishna here is being served by the most beautiful of all women, the most enchanting woman, the most beautiful woman. He is being served constantly with unlimited love and devotion. So that would be considered very, very enjoyable position to be in. But Krishna is noticing actually that Radharani is enjoying more than Me. He is thinking, "What is this? I am the Supreme Enjoyer. I am God. Everything is for My enjoyment", as Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, bhoktaram yajna tapasam. “I am the enjoyer of everything. I am the Supreme Enjoyer”. Radharani who is not the Supreme Enjoyer, She is the servant of the Supreme Enjoyer. But He is noticing that Radharani is enjoying more than He is. And He is thinking, "What is this? Radharani is enjoying more than Me? I am missing out on some enjoyment?” So, that same Krishna Who is the Supreme Enjoyer feels defeated by Radharani in this way but He doesn't want to be defeated. Radharani, She is called Gaurangi. "Angi" means limbs and "Gaura" means golden. So She has a beautiful golden complexion. Krishna is bluish-blackish and She is golden. She is called Gaurangi.

So Krishna, He decides that He will take the same mood and the same bodily complexion of Radharani so He can taste the nectar of being a devotee. So that same Krishna, He becomes Gauranga or Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. So He can taste the sweet pleasure of being a devotee. If you think being a Hare Krishna devotee is something weird then think again. God is the Original Person, who becomes Hare Krishna devotee so He can taste the pleasure that is tasted by Srimati Radharani. So we do enjoy by becoming devotees of Krishna. Prabhupada actually says that we enjoy on an equal level with God or a greater level of God. So, enjoyment is confirmed in the Vedic literature, anando-maya ‘bhyasat, the nature of the living entity is enjoyment. Does anybody here like to suffer? Let's see a show of hands. Who would like to suffer right now? Anyone wants to suffer, we can arrange it. Anyone would like to suffer? We can have somebody rob you or slash the tires on your car or something. If somebody wants to suffer we can arrange for you to suffer. Does anybody like to suffer, any volunteers for suffering? I don't see any hands going up. Nobody likes to suffer. Nor do we want you to suffer. That is why we invited you all here. We want you to enjoy at every minute unlimitedly. That is why devotees work so hard to run this center here. This is a center where we teach you how to enjoy unlimitedly through the wonderful spiritual enlightenment science known as ‘Krishna consciousness’ or as Prabhupada one time said ‘Hare Krishna consciousness’. We want you to enjoy. And each and every one of you confirmed it by not raising your hand that you want to enjoy. Very good! You have come to the right place, because in this Krishna consciousness process, we are teaching you how to enjoy unlimited happiness, by re-establishing your lost loving relationship with God, whether you call Him Krishna or Rama or Jehovah or Govinda. The name doesn't really matter because God has unlimited names. But the principle is you have to develop a loving relationship with that Supreme Person. We prefer the name Krishna because according to Vedic wisdom that name is the all-inclusive name. It includes every other name of God within it. So you get so much benefit by chanting this name of God, so much benefit by chanting that name of God and when you chant the name “Krishna” it includes all the other names of God within it. You get the benefits of chanting all the names of God by chanting “Krishna”. The name “Krishna” is especially powerful when you precede it by "Hare". "Hare" you might be interested to learn is the vocative form of Mother Hara which is a form of addressing Srimati Radharani. So when we chant Hare Krishna we are actually chanting Radhe Krishna. "O Radharani, O Krishna, please engage me in Your service". So this is a special mantra given in the Kali Santarana-upanishad. You may think we chant Hare Krishna because we are Hare Krishna people. No, that is not why. It is not that we have joined some religion where they chant Hare Krishna, so that’s why we chant Hare Krishna. No.

I was sick enough of sectarian religions and I would certainly have not joined another one, back in the seventies when I was seeking spiritual enlightenment. I was disgusted of seeking sectarian religions so I certainly would not have joined another one. Because the Krishna conscious movement is presenting the pure science of God which is applicable to everyone whether you are Christian, Jew, atheist, whatever you may be. This science is applicable to you because each and every one of us is part and parcel of God. Just as Krishna expands Srimati Radharani from Himself to increase His enjoyment, He also expands us from Himself for the same exact purpose, to increase His enjoyment. Just as Krishna is eternally enjoying a loving reciprocation with Srimati Radharani, He also wants to enjoy with us, of course not on the same level as Radharani. We are subordinate to Her. But He also wants to enjoy a relationship with us.

So, this science of Krishna consciousness is ecstatic because it revives that dormant propensity for loving God which is there within the heart right now. In fact that propensity is acting all the time. Did you know that? The propensity to love God is acting all the time in everyone. But it is misdirected, that is all. We are taking that propensity to love God and we are directing it towards matter, the material nature, which is temporary and full of ignorance and misery. That is why we are frustrated. We are taking the tendency to love God and reposing it in the inferior nature of God. That is the problem. Your whole working career, you were saving up, saving up, saving up for your retirement and finally you retire and now you go to the bank to cash in your savings account so you can retire in grand style and they say, "My dear sir, I am sorry but you were putting your money in somebody else's account. You made one mistake in the account number whenever you made deposit, it was in someone else's account and there is nothing we can do about it". That would be devastating wouldn’t it? But that is what we are doing right now. We are putting all our energy into the wrong bank account. We are putting it into the false bodily conception of who we are. We are thinking “I am male”, “I am female”, “I am Finnish”, “I am Indian”, “I am American”. “I am a member of this family”, “I am the husband of this woman or wife of this man”.

In this way we identify with this material body. We put all the energy into the false conception of the self. And when it is all said and done we have nothing. At the moment of death, when it is time to cash in all that we have done throughout our life, we find out that we did nothing but invest in the false conception of the self. And guess what the reward is. We get another false conception of the self, another material body. Not a very good deal. You don't want another one of these bodies. We think, “Now that it is a wonderful thing.” Of course, when we are young we think that way. But when you get older, it really starts to hit home. When the organs start going bad, when the ears start to go deaf, like what is happening to me, one thing after another, you get cancer, it becomes very obvious that this material body is not the end-all and be-all of existence. So if all you had was a false conception that I am this body then you have nothing but anxiety. And the final result is nothing but anxiety. But if from the very beginning of your childhood, you were trained to understand that I am a spirit soul, I am part and parcel of God and my actual happiness is to revive my loving relationship with God... Or if you weren't, then you come here and get the training now, if you can understand that you are not this material body, you are an eternal spiritual being and your actual happiness is to have a loving relationship with Krishna or God, and you actually learn from the devotees how to do that in a tangible way seven days a week, 24 hours a day, whether you are at the temple, whether you are at work, whether you are at school, whether you are commuting, whether you are in the line at the grocery store... This is a science where you can actually extract God from everything. You can find everything within God and God within everything. Where you can actually be connected with God at all times, all places and all circumstances and have an ongoing ever increasingly wonderful loving exchange with Him. That is what we are teaching. This is not a sectarian religion. This is the science of how to know who you are and how to be who you are, that is all. If someone asked you in a nutshell what is Krishna consciousness then you tell him, “Our formula is simply this, ‘Know who you are and be who you are’.” Who will object to that? “No, I wouldn't like to know who I am. No, I wouldn't like to be who I am". Only a complete fool would not accept to that. But actually everyone is doing that. They don't know who they are, nor are they acting in their actual identity. They have taken on the false ego, this bodily conception. They are foolishly thinking they are the body and they are acting as if they are their body. Everyone, the whole world 99.99999999999999999%, of this planet is doing that right now. It is very rare to find someone who is actually acting on the spiritual platform, such persons are called sadhus or enlightened sages. If we can come in contact with the sadhu or enlightened sage who is acting on the platform of spirit soul, we should consider ourselves very, very fortunate. I met such a personality, His Divine Grace Om Vishnu-pada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacarya Ashtottara-sata Sri Srimad A. C. Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Gosvami Maharaja Prabhupada. Even though I was completely disqualified in a million different ways, Prabhupada mercifully accepted me as his student to teach me this science. And he ordered me that I must spread and dedicate my life to teaching it to others.

So I have travelled here to Helsinki to share this science with you that I learned from Prabhupada and I am still learning more and more all the time from Prabhupada and from his wonderful followers. We have a society called the Society for Krishna consciousness because the members are working together to enhance the Krishna consciousness of each other. That is why we come together. I want to be Krishna conscious and you want to be Krishna conscious. So let's make a deal we will have a society, we will work with each other to enhance each other’s Krishna consciousness. You enhance my Krishna consciousness, I'll enhance yours. And in this way let us reciprocate with each other on this platform of increasing our Krishna consciousness.

In fact that was the whole basis of India's ancient Vedic culture. It wasn't money, it wasn't political power. It was spiritual culture that was the whole basis of India's ancient Vedic civilization which fell apart 5,000 years ago and has been falling apart more and more ever since. But this Krishna conscious movement is now reviving all over this entire planet the original pure God centered culture of ancient India. Not in some archaic sense but in a very practical way that is applicable to the modern society. Just like we are using a microphone, they didn't have microphones in the ancient Indian society. So, we have learned. This is called yukta vairagya. Anything material if it can be used in the service of Krishna, just like this MP3 recorder which is recording this lecture and this lecture will go on the Internet. So people all over the world will be hearing it. They didn't have that then, of course. 5,000 years ago they didn't need it. They could do it by the power of the mind. Sanjaya was not only hearing what was going on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he could see it also. They didn't need the Internet then. Just by their brain power, people could hear what was going on somewhere else and tune in. Since we are very limited now, we don't have such powers, we depend on modern technology to help us get by and that is alright. We can use our modern technology in the service of Krishna and make our lives perfect. In this way we can become pleasing to Radharani we can become pleasing to Krishna and we can realize the real meaning of Radhastami which is to develop our love for Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

So, we are very, very appreciative that you have so nicely come today to celebrate this most auspicious day of Srimati Radharani's appearance and we hope you will be very serious now to develop your love for Krishna and make this your last lifetime in the material world and now we can ask if anyone has some questions we can try to answer them.

Devotee: Prabhu, you mentioned that Radharani is the best servant and we also hear that Lord Shiva is the best Vaisnava. So how should we understand the relationship between the two?

SDA: So we hear that the topmost devotee is Lord Shiva and we have also heard that the topmost devotee is Radharani. So how do we understand? Well, actually in the transcendental world everyone can be the best servant. That is a fact. In the material world there is always limitation. But Lord Shiva can be the topmost Vaisnava and also Radharani can be the topmost Vaisnava. Krishna actually says in the Bhagavad-gita, "There is no one more dear to Me than the preacher". So Krishna says, anyone who preaches this message, he is my topmost devotee. You may say “how is that possible?” Just like here you have devotees who go out and very dedicatedly distribute books. Actually they are the most dear of all Krishna's devotees, those who go out and preach. There are so many traveling preachers going all over the world. There are so many people who are preaching by their example. By being a Krishna conscious householder, working their jobs and spending their earnings in Krishna conscious ways. So this whole movement is full of preachers. Actually anybody in this movement who is seriously practicing Krishna consciousness either as a brahmachari in a temple, or as a sannyasi or as a householder they are all preachers. So how all these people can be the most dear of all Krishna's devotees. It may seem impossible. It can only be one who is the most dear. But you have to think about Krishna's pastimes in Dvaraka. In Dvaraka City, Krishna had 16,108 queens. Yes, God can do that. You cannot do. You cannot have 16,000 queens. But God, He can have 16,108 queens. And He would go as the king to sit on the royal throne in the day as one Krishna. But in the evening after the royal work was finished and He was going home for the evening, Krishna would divide into 16,108 forms and He would go to the palace of each and every queen and each queen was thinking “I am so fortunate, I am the favorite queen. Those other queens must be really, really crying their hearts out because every night Krishna comes to my palace”. So, Krishna is like that. He can reciprocate with each and every one of His devotees. Anyone who takes up this preaching mission, Krishna will reciprocate with you as if there is no devotee as dear to Him as you. Krishna has that power to reciprocate. Why only Lord Shiva and Radharani? What about all the millions of devotees throughout history who boldly preached the message of Krishna. They are also accepted as the topmost devotees by Krishna and He can reciprocate with each and every one of them as if they are indeed number one. That is God's omnipotence. Does that answer your question?

Devotee: What would you say is the relevance of the statement that we are subordinate to Radharani. In fact we are also the devotees of Krishna as far as I can understand without limits. How can we be separate from something that is limitless?

VPM: She is saying how can we be considered to be subordinate to Radharani when Krishna is limitless?

SDA: How can we be considered to be subordinate to Radharani when Krishna is limitless? Actually Krishna explains to Arjuna, this is mentioned in the Adi Purana. Krishna tells Arjuna, He says "My dear Arjuna, one who is claiming to be My devotee is not My devotee but the one who is the devotee of My devotee is My actual devotee”. So the more we can become subordinate to the devotee of the devotee of the devotee that is how we become recognized by Krishna. He wants to see how much we can become subordinate. That is what Krishna likes. There is an old English proverb “If you love me, love my dog”. So Krishna likes to see someone who is willing to subordinate himself to His devotee. That is what He likes. Because Krishna values His devotees as His very self, they are very, very dear to Him. So when He sees that someone loves His devotees then that really attracts Him more than if you just try to love Him directly. If you try to love Krishna's devotees then Krishna says "Ah! This person loves My devotees". Just like someone who has children. You can be friends with them but if you ignore their children they may not like you that much. But if you love their kids, Ah! you are in. "Oh, she likes my children". So it is like that. Krishna is a person. He is not a machine or just some energy out there. He is a person. And He likes people who like His devotees. This is His nature just like a parent likes people who like their children. It is the same thing.

Devotee: When I meet some people who have a clue that they are not this body mostly there are differences. They don't believe they are spiritual identity but they are some person beyond, then how to convince them?

SDA: It is very common amongst certain spiritualists; they have this philosophy that personality is false. That spiritual liberation or enlightenment means you simply merge into the impersonal brahman. But if everything is indeed impersonal then how you could even have the conception of existence to begin with. How you could even be there. It doesn't make sense because they are disagreeing with you. Is that right? Disagreement means personality. Impersonals cannot disagree. The fact that they are disagreeing with you proves that they have personality, that they are indeed a person. You just tell them that if everything is one as you claim then you would not disagree with me. That is the defeat. The fact that you disagree proves that you indeed have personality and that defeats your impersonal philosophy.

Yes. Ahaituki Bhakti devi dasi, is my new disciple.

Question inaudible.

SDA: What is that?

Ahaituki Bhakti devi dasi: It is mentioned in the purport (inaudible)

SDA: Which paragraph is that?

VPM: She says that when one gives up sinful activities, one also understands that Krishna is the purest of the pure. Can you explain that further? Elaborate it.

SDA: Where and which paragraph is that? You are seeing the book there. Oh, you are not. Okay. You just took some notes. So when one gives up sinful activities and when one realizes that Krishna is the purest of the pure, how does that work?

VPM: Can you explain it further?

SDA: How by giving up sinful activities would you realize Krishna? Is that what you are asking?

Devotee: By understanding that Krishna is the purest of the pure then one is able to give up sinful activities.

SDA: Oh, the other way. By understanding that Krishna is the purest of the pure then one is able to give up sinful activities. How does that work? Okay. Sinful activities mean that everything we do we are doing for our enjoyment. So someone who is engaged in activities that are considered sinful by scripture, they are doing that because they think they will enjoy by doing that. That is why. Nobody just thinks, “I want to be sinful”. No. Everyone is thinking “Let me enjoy”. It is interesting this word "S-I-N" in Spanish language, the word ‘sin’ means ‘without’. So one who is engaged in sinful activities they become without Krishna. So anyway, people are engaging in sinful activities because they want to enjoy. But when you realize that Krishna is the purest of the pure there is an enjoyment which comes in realizing Krishna. And that enjoyment of realizing Krishna is more pleasurable than sinful activities as confirmed by Yamunacharya.

yadavadhi mama cetah krsna-padaravinde
nava-nava-rasa-dhamanudyata rantum asit

He found that when he engaged in Krishna's service, he got newer and newer enjoyment that never gets old. In Sanskrit language ‘nava nava rasa’ means newer and newer taste by engaging in Krishna consciousness. That taste never gets old and never gets worn out but sinful activity gets very old. When one engages in some sinful activity it gets tiresome and then you try to do something even more sinful to get some pleasure and then something even more sinful and there is no end to it. You have to increase the sinfulness to try to get pleasure. But in Krishna consciousness when you realize that Krishna is the purest of the pure then you taste sweetness which goes beyond any pleasure of this material existence and that pleasure gets more sweet, more sweet and more sweet. So it is simply a matter of getting a higher taste. Realizing that Krishna is the purest of the pure gives you a higher taste so you can automatically think “Why would I want to waste my time playing around in misery when I can enjoy unlimited nectar at every minute?” Sinful life is not even attractive anymore once you get a taste of Krishna consciousness. In the beginning we may be restraining ourselves because previously we were engaged in sinful activities. But once we become advanced in Krishna consciousness, once we come to the raga and bhava platform there is no question of even restraining ourselves. We are naturally engaged in devotional service, relishing unlimited pleasure. We wouldn't even dream of doing something sinful because it is absolutely out of the question. It is so low class, it is disgusting. Just like once you become appreciative of fine foodstuff then if I give you a plate of stool, will you eat it? So who wants some sinful life when you can enjoy Krishna consciousness?

Questions more? So everyone knows all the answers now? You are fully equipped to becoming fully enlightened beings? No one has any questions about how to remove the obstacles on the pathway of spiritual enlightenment. Yes?

Devotee: Prabhu, when we chant the Holy Names, can we, by our own endeavor, become freed of the offenses?

SDA: So, the question is by your own endeavor become free from the offenses against the Holy Name? The answer is “No” actually. We are dependent on the mercy of Krishna, we are dependent on the mercy of Guru, we are dependent on the mercy of the Vaisnavas because individually we are very weak. There is a saying that one stick can be broken easily but a bundle of sticks you cannot break. “United we stand, divided we fall”. So we actually depend on the mercy of others to become strong and to give up those things that are detrimental for our spiritual life. That is why we have spiritual family called ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. By coming together and becoming a member of this society then we become very strong. The people who leave ISKCON thinking "Oh, I’ll just practice Krishna consciousness on my own," we find them after some time, they are not able to do it anymore. Because we need that association. Man, after all, is a social animal. And he develops his consciousness according to the society with whom he associates. So we therefore associate with the devotees of the Lord because that makes us strong in spiritual life. We are not cloistered so that we simply hide in our little ashrama. No. We are inviting the whole world to join our society. Because we know the nectar that we are tasting and we can see that the people in general are not tasting the nectar that we are tasting. Therefore we are going out in the whole world inviting everyone. Just like today we went out on the streets of Helsinki singing and dancing in ecstasy, inviting everyone to chant and dance with us. So we are not a cloistered society that we want to remove ourselves from the world. No. We want the whole world to come and join us. We are saying, "Come on! relish the nectar! Come in and sing and dance with us, we will give you prasadam, we will give you wonderful knowledge. We will give you everything to make your life happy. Just come and join us". We are asking the whole world to join this movement. Why have unnecessary things going on like terrorism, pollution, AIDS and so many things, why not just chant Hare Krishna and all the problems will go away? The world will become powerful, disease will go away, the climate will become nicer, everything, mangoes growing in Finland. [Laughs].

Devotee: Can we try this chanting in the association with devotees?

SDA: Can we try it?

Devotees: Inaudible

SDA: You want some more kirtana? You are the most fired up kirtana leader. We will let you lead.

Devotee: Please lead me.

SDA: You want me to lead a little bit?

Devotee: Yes.

SDA: I have this problem. My kirtana will be a little soft and quiet. Yours can be unlimitedly explosive. Maybe it is better that you lead. I have this handicap of this aging body. Maybe I can lead a little soft one and then you can take over and make it explosive. [Laughs]. Alright maybe I will lead a little soft chanting then.

Jaya! Hare Krishna!

[Transcribed by Her Grace Bhaktin Priya]

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