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Sunday Feast Lecture

Bhagavad-gita 2.13

Tartu, Estonia


om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
[Gurudeva sings three times and devotees repeat]

Sankarshan Das Adhikari: Do you have the English Bhagavad-gita? That's the only one?

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have our translator, come on up, Nelle. Let’s see if we can squeeze everyone in here, the full line up here.

So ladies and gentlemen we would like to welcome you very much to this Krishna consciousness program. I am traveling all over the world with my wife. She is my wife here. [To Vishnupriya Mataji, "Hold your hand up] Vishnupriya devi dasi Mataji. We are traveling all over the world to spread this Krishna consciousness science. Krishna consciousness means to know who you are and to be who you are. It is not something artificial that is imposed upon you. It is the system of removing all the artificialities which society has imposed upon you. All we are really teaching you is to be natural in the highest sense of the word. There are two natures. There is the material nature and there is the spiritual nature. So, is your actual nature, your eternal nature, spiritual or is it material? That is the question. Are you that body or are you something that exists beyond that body? We will study one verse in the Bhagavad-gita which is chapter 2 text number 13 to try to get an answer to this question. Are we the body or are we not the body? Krishna says,

dehino ‘smin yatha dehe
kaumaram yauvanam jara
tatha dehantara-praptir
dhiras tatra na muhyati

[Aside: (Gurudeva talking with Vishnupriya Mataji) I don't want to read the whole purport right now. Oh, the whole verse. Ok. That's right.]

Krishna says, "As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change".

SDA: So, we all have experience that we were little children in the past. Of course, with these three children here, they are experiencing being children now. So, anyway the experience of being a little child is common to all of us. And we can remember experiences we had when we were little children. But the body that most of us adults have here today is not the same body that we had when we were little children. Because with every breath we inhale and every breath we exhale the chemicals in your body are constantly changing. But the self is the same because you remember experiences you had when your body was different. So the question is what is more important, the body or the self? That is the most important question. Is the body more important or the self more important? The self continues through so many changes of the body. But the body is constantly changing and one day it drops dead and dies. So what do you think is more important, the self within the body or the body? What is more important? Who can say? Anyone would like to guess and volunteer and answer? Is the self more important or is the body more important? Anyone would like to answer that question? Everyone is afraid to answer that question.

[To a devotee]: Yes, what do you think?

Devotee: Both

SDA: Both are important. Of the two which is more important? Because the body is temporary but the soul continues. The self or the soul continues. Just like today you have on a blue shirt, tomorrow you may wear a red shirt. And the day after tomorrow you may wear a white shirt. So if you are drowning in the river and someone is coming to save you and they think, “Well, the shirt is just as important as he is and I only have enough time and ability to save either the shirt or the person and since they are both equally valuable and saving the shirt is less work than saving the person within the shirt.” The lifeguard decides that he would just save the shirt and let you drown. So are you really convinced that the covering of the self and the self are equally important? Somebody else has an opinion. Is the self more important or is the body more important? I appreciate that you were brave enough to answer. That is very nice. Everybody else is afraid to speak up but you spoke up. I appreciate that very much. So now I would like to see if anybody else would like to speak up. Is the body more important or is the self more important? Or are they equally important? Does anybody else have an opinion?

Devotee: Self, of course.

SDA: Very good. Thank you very much. Yes, the self is more important. Because the body will drop dead, sooner or later, no matter what you do. No matter how nicely you feed it, no matter how nicely you clothe it, no matter how nicely you give it a house to live in, it will drop dead. So, instead of putting all your energy into that which is temporary, why not put more of your energy into that which is eternal namely the self. Just like in the bank. If I gave you two savings accounts and I said “You must always put your money in one of those two savings accounts. Every time you get a paycheck, you must give 10% of your paycheck into one of those two savings accounts. One saving account will go on forever and the other saving account will be closed any day by the bank and whatever money you have in it, you will lose. Account number one is an eternal account which will never be closed. And account number 2 is an account which the bank will close at any time without any warning”. So which savings accounts will you put your money in, account number 1 or account number 2? Would you want to put it in the account that stays open all the time and will never close or you would want to put in that account which will be closed any day and all your money will be lost. I'll ask you now. “Do you want to put it in the lasting account or the temporary account? Where would you put your money?”

Devotee: In the lasting account.

SDA: In the lasting account. Very good! Thank you very much. Yes, that is right. So whatever energy we put into this body that energy will ultimately be lost at the time of death. But whatever energy we put into nourishing the self within the body, the spirit, that energy will never be lost. Just like in physics they have a principle. It is called conservation of energy. So if you will invest your energy on the spiritual platform, it will always be conserved. It will never be lost. And that we would like to teach you how to do that. Now we are engaged in serving the temporary body. We eat, we sleep, we have sex and we defend ourselves. The animals are doing exactly the same thing. It is said that man is a rational animal. So what is that rationality which separates man from the animal? Is it that he can simply eat, sleep, have sex and defend himself in a more polished way than the animals? Or is it that he understands a higher purpose to existence than simply eating, sleeping, mating and defending? Who would like to answer that question? Does everyone understand the question? Does anybody not understand the question? Is anybody listening to me? Are you tuned in? Or is your mind going somewhere else? Looping the loop around the Milky Way? The Milky Way is in outer space. So, no one can answer that question? I will ask the question again. Try to hear it carefully and understand. It is said that man is a rational animal. What is the meaning of rationality for a human being? Is it simply to eat, sleep, mate and defend in a more sophisticated way than the animals or is it to realize a higher purpose in existence than eating, sleeping, mating and defending? Do you understand what the question is? Does anybody not understand what the question is? Does anybody like to answer what they think? What do you think? Is rationality meant for understanding a purpose beyond eating, sleeping, mating and defending or is rationality meant to just have a better or higher standard of eating, sleeping, mating and defending? Maybe you think it is both? What do you think?

Devotee: Rationality is understanding these four things, animals come.

SDA: It is understanding?

Devotee: The four things.

SDA: The four things?

Devotee: Yes.

SDA: Instead of eating raw food, how to cook it?

Devotee: No.

SDA: How to go beyond it?

Devotee: A human can realize that he is conscious he is eating, sleeping, and having sex. And the animals can’t understand they are just doing out of instinct.

SDA: What is he saying?

Translator: He is saying that human being understands that he is eating, sleeping, mating. But an animal does it because of its instinct?

SDA: The animal doesn't know that he is eating?

Translator: Yes, he is just doing it.

Devotee: I can’t say.

SDA: Well, if you try to take his food away he won’t like it. That is a fact. He has some conception of what he is doing. Otherwise you can take his food away and he wouldn't even think anything about it. So I appreciate very much that you are brave enough to answer the question. I thank you very much for that. So this gentleman, in his opinion that human life is different from animal life and that the animal eats, sleeps, mates, and defends without even realizing that he is really eating, sleeping, mating and defending. But the human being realizes “I am eating, sleeping, mating and defending” and in that way he is different from the animal. I thank you very much for the answer. So does anybody else have any answer? What is the difference in the rationality between human being and an animal? Does anybody else have an answer for that?

Devotee: The human beings can think about the future but the animals can’t.

SDA: Yes, that is very good. The human beings can think of the future. On one level that is why the animals would just take as much food as he can eat right then and there but the human being, if he can, will store food for the winter. Of course, the squirrels also do that. But generally the animals they would just take what they need at that very minute. But a human being, if he can, he will bring in one truck and he will take a truck full of food and store it in his garage. So your point is actually very good. The human being has a conception about the future. So, future means, the human being can even understand that I am going to die. And he can wonder, is there something beyond death? The animal cannot think like that. The human being will wonder is there something beyond death or is there not something beyond death? So that is the difference in the rationality of the human being as opposed to an animal. Anyone have any other answers? When it is said that man is a rational animal, what other definitions are there to rationality besides ‘understanding what he is doing’ and ‘understanding there is a future’? Anyone else have a conception?

Devotee: Humans, they study things and ask questions and also they express themselves and make technologies to make things easier for them.

SDA: Yes, they have an advanced rationality by which, through technology, they can improve their eating, sleeping, mating and defending. That is a fact. They can cook with spices and all kinds of recipes and they can make ice cream. But is there anything else they can do with that rationality that is different from the animal activities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending? That is my question. Does every body understand that the human being can ask things like "Why do I exist"? Like today, this nice young man, Seam came to me and Seam asked me "What is the meaning of life"? The animal cannot ask that question. The animal, he would want to know where there is food. He will want to know where there is a place to sleep. The male dog, he will want to know where there is a she-dog. And if you try to take away his bone, his place to sleep and his she-dog then he will bite you. So that is the intelligence of a dog. But if you say, "My dear dog, let us have discussion on what is the meaning of life". He will go "Woof, woof". He doesn't want to talk about the meaning of life. He has no interest to talk about the meaning of life. He simply wants to know where there is a bone, where there is she- dog, where is a place to lie down and if you mess around with me I will bite you. That is the rationality of a dog.

So, we have to ask this question, "What is the meaning of life?" That is the rationality of a human being. “Where have I come from? Where am I going? How can I get there? I don't want to suffer but yet I am forced to suffer. Why am I suffering?” He can ask those questions. So do you understand the difference? Humans can ask those questions, the animals do not. When we have philosophical discussion about how to achieve unlimited happiness through self-realization, many human beings will come to hear. But we have not seen one dog come to hear or one cat or one monkey. The monkey, he simply wants to know where the banana is. So this human life is a very, very special opportunity. In this body, God has given us the brain that can ask philosophical questions: where I have come from? Where I am going? What is my purpose of existence? So we are requesting you today. kindly use your intelligence to inquire about the Absolute Truth, to inquire about the meaning and purpose of your existence. We can assure you that if you do, your life will be simply wonderful beyond your wildest dreams. You will taste a happiness which no one else knows. So kindly use your intelligence in this way. Take full advantage of your human existence. You have achieved it after transmigrating through 8,400,000 species of life. Do not throw away this rare opportunity.

Devotee: I wonder if someone knows why animals are at a specific level and human beings are on a different level, why are they created like that.

SDA: Yes. I know why. It is called the ‘law of karma’. The animals were previously human beings but they had no interest to understand what is the purpose and meaning of existence. They were human beings who only wanted to eat, sleep, mate and defend. Therefore they were given a body that would give them better facility for eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Just like, if a human being wants to mate he can have sex a few times a day. But the pigeons they can have sex 50 or 60 times a day. If you want to sleep, how long you can sleep maybe 10 or 12 hours then you can't sleep anymore if you really push it. But a bear he can sleep for six months. If you want to swim in the water, how much you can swim in the water? But if you are a fish, you can swim without any limit without even having to come up for air. If you want to enjoy eating, sleeping, mating and defending, there are other bodies which will give you more facility for that than the human body. So, by nature's way, when you leave this body, you will become an animal. And then after some time you will come back again to the human form. If as a human being, you inquire what is the purpose and meaning of your existence and you live your life in harmony with the laws of God then you will go to the spiritual world where life is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. You will not take birth again in this material world either as a human being or as an animal. So the animals have taken that body because as human beings they were not interested to know the purpose of life. They were simply interested in eating, sleeping, mating and defending. That was a very good question and I thank you very much for that nice question. Have you understood the answer? Very good.

Devotee: I hope I did but I am not so intelligent. I don’t know if I did.

SDA: If you hear with an open heart God will give you intelligence. So you just keep hearing with an open heart.

Devotee: When we go back to spiritual kingdom who are we there?

SDA: In the spiritual kingdom there are five different relationships with God or Krishna, shanta rasa, dasya rasa, sakhya rasa, vatsalya rasa and madhurya rasa. You can serve God in neutrality, in servitorship, in friendship, in a parental mood or in a conjugal mood.

Translator: What was the first one?

SDA: It is called neutrality and the last one is conjugal. So there are five different types of relationships with God in the spiritual world. And you have one of those. You have a certain nature which is your own eternal nature, it is called svarupa. That nature will be revealed to you when you return to God's kingdom. Once you return to that kingdom, your natural inclination to serve God in a certain way will become fully manifested at that time. So all you have to do now is fully surrender yourself to Krishna. And through that process of complete surrender at the Lord’s lotus feet, He will eventually reveal to you that your actual eternal and spiritual identity is far, far beyond this temporary material body. And then all you have to do is take up that eternal identity and in that way serve Krishna eternally in the spiritual world. You don't have to worry about paying your rent. You don't have to worry about getting old or going deaf and having to wear hearing aids. There is no anxiety. Life is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. If you chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare with purity in your heart, then that day will come when you will see Krishna face to face. Just like you are seeing me today face to face, that day will come when you can see Krishna face to face. You simply have to keep chanting on your japa mala and follow the four principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling, no intoxication. Follow the instructions that Prabhupada is giving in these books. As a member of the ISKCON spiritual family you will achieve complete total spiritual perfection. I absolutely guarantee it. Or I will give you ten thousand euros in cash.

She had her hand up back here. You didn't raise your hand. She had her hand up. You have to raise your hand up.

Devotee: Are you afraid of getting old?

SDA: But I am already doing it. Do I look like I am afraid? I am wearing hearing aids, this means old man. Do I look old? What do you call old? At what age does one becomes old?

Devotee: It is not determined by years.

SDA: Ah, what is it that makes one old? You tell me.

Devotee: When he himself thinks that he is old.

SDA: Ah. Well then I will never get old.

Devotee: Then what is the difference? You said in the spiritual kingdom you don't have to fear getting old but here you don't fear of getting old. So what is the difference?

SDA: That is because I am Krishna conscious. You can be Krishna conscious in the spiritual world or you can be Krishna conscious in the material world, there is no difference. If you realize that you are the eternal spirit soul and you are not your body then there is no question of getting old. Getting old is experienced if you think that you are that body. So you must always therefore remember that you are not that body then you will never get old. And you will never feel that you are getting old as long as you feel that you are not that body.

Devotee: To get to the spiritual kingdom is it necessary to be initiated?

SDA: So, the question is, is it necessary to be initiated to go back to Godhead. Initiation means you take one devotee as your guru and you make a commitment to him that you will chant at least 16 rounds daily, you will follow the four regulative principles and you will obey his instructions. Question is does one need to have a spiritual master in order to go back to Godhead? I received today in the email a similar question. Someone asked me, they said, "Is guru necessary"? I explained to that person that in any field of activity if one wants to become expert then you take training from those who are expert. Just like if you want to learn how to play a guitar, you find one person who can be your guitar teacher, if you want to become a doctor then you go to medical school and you study under a medical professor. In every field of knowledge we take help from learned professors. So this Krishna consciousness is the most highly advanced knowledge. So it is natural that if we want to master the science of Krishna consciousness we will have to take help from a highly learned professor. So initiation simply means you make a commitment to study under a professor. Just like when you enroll in a university you register. You make a solid commitment that I will be the student of this university. I will do whatever duties are asked of me to my best ability. When you register as a student that is the agreement you make with the university. So initiation simply means you make an agreement with the teacher that you will follow his instructions, that is all. So, that sort of commitment actually is necessary if you want to become highly advanced in Krishna consciousness. You do have to connect yourself with a bona fide spiritual master and you do have to make a solid commitment to follow his instructions. That is the fact.

So everyone knows all the answers now? Or do you still have something more to learn? Any questions?

Devotee: If people here in the material world call themselves by their names, think that they are this body then how is it in the spiritual world, how do the souls distinguish themselves?

SDA: That is a very nice question. In the spiritual world, the living beings have bodies and they have names. The difference is, their bodies do not get sick, they don't get old and they don't die. In the material world you and your body are two different things. In the spiritual world you and your body are the same things. The spirit soul manifests a spiritual body. So there is no difference between the self and the body in the spiritual world, it is the same thing. So, if you really want to experience it in full then we would like to invite you to go to the spiritual world and then you will see how wonderful it is. That was a very nice question. Thank you very, very much.

Devotee: But what about the appearance of the body?

SDA: Hmmm. Compared to the beauty of the bodies in the spiritual world, the bodies we have right now in this material world are very, very ugly, horribly ugly. When you see those bodies in the spiritual world you will be absolutely amazed. How beautiful they are! They are very, very beautiful. But even though the bodies are so beautiful nobody is attracted to the bodies. They are attracted to Krishna's body because Krishna is the Supreme all attractive Personality of Godhead. In the spiritual world everyone is looking to see Krishna, even though everyone has beautiful, beautiful bodies. And there are husbands and wives also. They are not very attracted to the beautiful body of their husband or wife. Everyone is attracted to Krishna. That is the spiritual world.

[To a devotee]: You have been sitting very quietly in a very thoughtful way. Do you have any questions?

Devotee: About the relations in the spiritual world.

SDA: Relations. Yes. That is a very good question.

Devotee: I want to ask, in this material world do I feel any influence of our true relations with Krishna.

SDA: Can you feel your true relations with Krishna even here in the material world?

Devotee: Maybe in some transformed way.

SDA: Yes. Yes, you can begin. That is an excellent question. Thank you very, very much. Even though we cannot see Him because our eyes are covered right now, Krishna is actually fully present here also. Because everything that exists is an expansion of Krishna's energy, Krishna and His energy are one and the same, at the same time He is different from His energy. So He is manifest here in everything. Krishna is appearing in the form of the floor, the sky, the trees, the clouds, the sun, the water, the fruits, everything. Krishna is there. He is appearing in the form of sound vibration also. He appears in the form of His name: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. So especially in the form of His name, He is very, very accessible to you to develop a relationship with Him. If you will chant His name with love and devotion then He accepts that as personal service to Him. If you develop a feeling of love for His name, He will reciprocate that love with you. So the answer is that God is fully available for you right now, right here to develop a personal loving relationship with Him and that relationship will go on growing eternally deeper and deeper and deeper. So, if you are interested in having some nice relationships, then we encourage you to include Krishna within your circle of relationships. If you do so, you will find out in due course of time that Krishna is your best friend because He is giving you everything at every minute. Krishna states in the Bhagavad-gita, suhrdam sarvabhutanam: “I am the best friend of all living beings”. So, yes, you can definitely have a relationship with Krishna. In fact He is sitting in your heart right now just waiting for you to develop a relationship with Him. He has been waiting in your heart for millions of lifetimes, when that moment will come when you will re-establish your lost relationship with Him. I say it like that because originally you had a very intimate, intimate relationship with Him. But out of curiosity, or out of foolishness, or out of rascal mentality you thought, "Why should I serve Him and love Him? Why not try to imitate Him". He gave you full facility to try that other program - Plan B. So you have been trying Plan B for millions of lifetimes. It is like having a television set with two channels. There is the Krishna channel and there is the maya channel. Now you are watching the maya channel and if you are tired of the programming we encourage you to flip the channel to Krishna and see if you like the program better. You can always flip it back to Maya if you want. But we encourage you to tune into Krishna long enough to get an idea what is going on in this channel. Because if you can do so, we can guarantee that you wouldn’t want to flip the channel back. Once you realize how fantastic this channel is you wouldn’t want to flip the channel back to maya.

Devotee: It happened once.

SDA: Hmm. Yes. So now we will teach you how to keep the channel always on Krishna. We will teach you how to do that. You may have gotten a sneak preview by Krishna's grace. But now we will teach you how to always stay fixed in Krishna consciousness. Why only have a little taste of spiritual enlightenment when you can experience it at every minute whether you are at home or whether you are at the temple, whether you are at work, whether you are at school whether you are at the grocery store, whether you are at the doctor's office, in all times, in all places, in all circumstances. We will teach you how to always stay in a state of spiritual enlightenment without any drugs, nothing artificial, the awakening of your original dormant enlightened consciousness. This knowledge is worth millions of dollars. but we are giving it to you free of charge. Because our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, he gave it to us free of charge, therefore we are giving it also. Why we should charge you money when we got it for free? So we are giving it to you for free.

Devotee: Isn't it that our real purpose on this earth to suffer in this material world as we are?

SDA: Yes and no. I will tell you why I say that. This material world can be a place of suffering or it can be a place of spiritual bliss. That’s up to you. Just like a prison can be a place of suffering or it can be a place for the criminal to reform and actually improve his life. So the fact is that God has placed us here. Actually we have placed ourselves here by our desire to enjoy separately from God. But actually it is not possible to enjoy separately from God. That is why we are suffering. Just like a fish, if you take him out of the water he must suffer. Why? Because he is not in his natural environment. So this material world is a place of suffering because it is not our natural environment. Your actual nature is that you are eternal, you are full of bliss and you are full of knowledge. But this material body that now you think you are, it is temporary, it is full of ignorance, it is full of misery. So of course you are going to suffer if you think that you are that body. But if you realize that actually, “I am an eternal spiritual being and my only duty is actually to serve God Krishna”. As soon as you think that way and you absorb yourself in that consciousness then you are completely free from suffering. So you can be in this material world and be completely, totally happy and completely free from suffering if you are purely absorbed in Krishna consciousness. So we want to teach you how to do that because we do not like to see that you are suffering. Srila Prabhupada has taught us how we can be free from suffering. And now we want to teach you also how you can become free from suffering if you are willing to learn. We do not want to force it on you because you would not be benefitted. But if you actually are eager to learn then we are willing to dedicate our entire lives to teaching you how to do this Krishna consciousness process. We don't charge you any money. This is our love for you. We want to teach you how to become completely free from all suffering. Would you like to learn? Very good! So you have come to the right place.

So are there any other questions?

Many of you have sat and heard very nicely today but you haven't asked questions yet. Many of you have asked wonderful questions. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven of you have asked wonderful questions here today, seven of you. But now what about the others who haven't asked questions yet. Why not jump in? Actually seven or eight of you have asked questions today. So it is almost half of you who have asked questions now or maybe more than half. What about the other half of you who didn't ask questions. Now is your chance. Don't be shy. You can feel free. We are all friends here, we love you. So don't worry we are not going to make fun of you. So feel free to ask your questions.

Devotee: Did the God create human beings or did he create the evolutionary cycle.

SDA: Actually, everything is God's creation. According to Vedic scriptures the original creature in this material world was a highly intelligent super human being. Human beings did not gradually evolve from the ape. Darwin may have been an ape but the original creature within this material world is a highly intelligent super human being. He is called a demigod. His name is Lord Brahma. And he was empowered by Krishna to create all the planets and all the different species of life. So the human beings did not gradually evolve. That is not true. However there is an evolutionary process which does take place as you go from birth to birth to birth. You do evolve from a lower species to a higher species through the cycle of birth and death. You are born in a lower species, when that life is finished then you come to the next higher species. And when that life is finished then you come to the next higher species. This way you gradually evolve to be a human being.

Devotee: I don't see any difference between them.

SDA: The difference is in Vedic evolution the forms, the species are already there from the very beginning. All of them are already there. The species were all created at the beginning of the universe. Darwin says they came gradually out. The Vedas say they came out all at one time. That is the difference.

Devotee: But why does the soul travel to the next species?

SDA: The soul is transmigrating in the lower species as he is burning off the past sinful reactions that he committed when he was a human being. It is a punishment. Because he was very sinful, he is put in a highly unconscious state of existence, in a lower species like a slug. That is punishment by nature. And then he gradually comes to a more conscious position, more conscious, more conscious, and finally a human being.

Devotee: But what was there in the beginning who was sinful and who becomes a slug and who becomes a human being?

SDA: Prabhupada explains that you take birth here in this material world as a demigod, Brahma in your first birth. You start off as a super human. And if you utilize that life very properly then you go back to the spiritual world. But if you abuse that highly advanced position then according to the severity of your sinful activities you are put into a particular lower species of life so that you can burn off the reactions to the sins you committed when you were a human being.

Devotee: Were the lower species then created when they were enough sinful beings so they will be.

SDA: Just like in a prison there are so many varieties of cells. For the very sinful prisoners there is very uncomfortable cell. For the prisoners who are well behaved they have nicer cells. And if you are very, very well behaved they have a very, very nice cell for you. All these cells are there because there are different varieties of prisoners according to how well behaved they are.

Devotee: So when were the souls created?

SDA: The souls were never... When were the souls created?

[Conversation between devotee and translator]

Translator: So first there were only humans when they came here but when were the lower species created. Was it when they were enough sinful people?

SDA: Yes, the lower species are there to facilitate those who are sinful. Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita “the intricacies of action are very difficult to understand”. So it is not easy to understand all the details of this knowledge. The most important thing to understand is, "Right now I am in this bodily consciousness. How can I get out of this prison?” You can take whatever knowledge is available to learn about the prison. That is very nice. That is very good. We will tell you as much as possible about the prison and how it operates. But the most important thing is how to get out of the prison. So are you chanting regularly on the japa mala? So you are a prisoner and we are telling you how to get out of prison but you are attached to yourself. I think it is very nice.

Devotee: I think it is the same thing. I am a prisoner when I feel like one.

SDA: Yes. But your body is getting old and it will die someday. Even though you may feel that it will not die, it will. So you prepare to exist on another plane of existence beyond your body. Do you even know how to function on the other plane of existence? You are enjoying yourself right now in this body. We are happy that you are happy. We are glad, but are you prepared to function on that plane beyond this temporary body.?That is the question. We are prepared to teach you how to do that. And it will benefit you greatly. Without that knowledge you will be in difficulty at the time of death. That is a fact. So we want to serve you.

Devotee: In the Bible there it has been mentioned that to repay all the sinful activities the human beings did, God send His son to take over that. So is it Krishna who did it or?

SDA: Yes, Krishna is God, the Father.

Devotee: So, Jesus Christ was real in the concept of Krishna's son.

SDA: Yes. He is a pure devotee of Krishna.

Vishnupriya Mataji: So, if Jesus takes our sins, so should we go on doing them?

SDA: Yes, that we should not do them. It is said that Jesus takes the sins. So he suffers on account of our sins. So if we actually love Jesus why we will want him to suffer unnecessarily? Therefore we must stop sinning. If we actually love Jesus we will stop sinning. Sin no more. If I say “I love Jesus” and I will go on sinning, because, no problem, he will suffer for all of my sins. That is not love of Jesus. That is love of sin.

[To a devotee who is leaving] You stay a little longer. We are having a nice dinner.

Translator: He will be back.

Devotee: The Bible doesn't say that it is forbidden to eat meat, does it?

SDA: No. But the Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill". So if a Christian wants to eat meat then they have to eat an animal that died naturally. If an animal dies naturally, the Christian he can eat. But he cannot kill the animal or pay someone else to kill the animal. Like McDonalds. A true Christian cannot eat an animal that was slaughtered in a slaughterhouse. He cannot do that. That is not a Christian. Christ would never condone that.

Devotee: What about eggs?

SDA: You like eggs?

Devotee: No, he asked.

SDA: In this Krishna consciousness science we first offer the Lord everything that we eat. Just like if you have a friend coming over for dinner on his birthday then you will cook for him what he likes, isn't it? So we cook that which Krishna likes to eat. Because He is God, we want to cook everything for His pleasure. And before we eat we first offer it to Him. And He doesn't like eggs. Therefore we don't offer Him any eggs. And since we only eat what we offered to Krishna first, therefore we do not eat any eggs.

Devotee: But what is the reason that Krishna doesn't like eggs?

SDA: I do not know. He must not like them for some reason. How do we know?

Devotee: But eggs are from the semen, the origin of the living being, isn't it?

SDA: The egg whether it is fertilized or unfertilized is an undeveloped body actually, it is an embryo. Would you like to eat an embryo? So I can understand why Krishna doesn't like to eat embryos. I wouldn't want to eat an embryo either.

Devotee: When I came here today I saw a beautiful rainbow so I wanted to know if the rainbow was a manifestation of the spiritual world somehow.

SDA: Yes. The rainbow is a manifestation of Krishna.

Devotee: What does it show?

SDA: It shows the transcendental beauty of the spiritual world, a little tiny hint of the transcendental beauty of the spiritual world.

Devotee: What about the auroras?

SDA: The auroras, the northern lights?

Devotee: Yes.

SDA: Do you see them in Estonia?

Devotee: Yes, sometimes.

SDA: Aah! That is also a manifestation of Krishna. Anything that is beautiful or amazing in this world, it is a manifestation of Krishna. [Aside: Sri Sri Radha Damodara ki jaya! Sri Sri Gaura Nitai ki jaya!]

[To some devotees] You haven't asked a question yet? Do you have any question?

Devotee: Everything that has been said is known to me already. There is nothing new to me but when I will have a question I will ask.

SDA: Oh, that is very nice. Do you chant everyday on japa beads? Alright, so you know it but you haven't realized it.

So I think we can end here. We thank you very, very much for you are so nicely hearing. We have been going on for quite a while here. Actually we have been going on for one and half hour with this discussion. So we very, very much appreciate your kind attention and so many nice questions you have asked. And we just wish that you may all be blessed on your pathway of spiritual perfection that you can fully realize that you are not your body, that you are eternal spiritual beings, that you are part and parcels of Krishna and that you must now fully surrender yourselves at His lotus feet.

Thank you very much!

Hare Krishna!

[Transcribed by Her Grace Bhaktin Priya]

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