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Program at Meghana’s,

Bhagavad-gita 4.2

Mississauga, Canada-5-29-2005


om ajnana-timirandhasya
caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah 

sthapitam yena bhu-tale
svayam rupah kada mahyam
dadati sva-padantikam 

vande ham sri-guroh sri-yuta-pada-kamalam sri-gurun vaisnavams ca
sri-rupam sagrajatam saha-gana-raghunathanvitam tam sa-jivam
sadvaitam savadhutam parijana-sahitam krsna-caitanya-devam
sri-radha-krsna-padan saha-gana-lalita-sri-visakhanvitams ca

he krsna karuna-sindho
dina-bandho jagat-pate
gopesa gopika-kanta
radha-kanta namo stu te 

radhe vrndavanesvari
vrsabhanu-sute devi
pranamami hari-priye 

vancha-kalpatarubhyas ca
krpa-sindhubhya eva ca
patitanam pavanebhyo
vaisnavebhyo namo namah 

sri-advaita gadadhara

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

[Srila Gurudeva and devotees sing 2 times]

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya,

[Srila Gurudeva is singing 3 times and devotees repeat],


So today we are reading from the Bhagavad-gita, Chapter number 4, text number 2.  

evam parampara-praptam
imam rajarsayo viduh
sa kaleneha mahata
yogo nastah parantapa

SDA: just leave the books aside for now. 

VPM: just keep it on the floor. 

Lord Sri Krishna is saying….. 



This supreme science was thus received through the chain of disciplic succession, and the saintly kings understood it in that way. But in course of time the succession was broken, and therefore the science as it is appears to be lost. 

SDA: This knowledge is given by Krishna before he even spoke to Arjuna. Krishna had previously given this knowledge to the sun-god Vivasvan, as described here in the Bhagavad-gita. It’s not that this Bhagavad-gita is only given once. 

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata

Krishna comes again, and again, and again to re-establish it. You may say what’s the purpose of this knowledge actually? The purpose of this knowledge is to bring us back into our loving relationship with God.  

Do you ever wonder why you exist? Is it because your parents wanted to have a child, is that why you exist? We know from Vedas that actually we have had many, many births. Our existence is beyond this body as spiritual being. 

Have you ever heard why you exist as a spiritual being? This is the most important question to answer actually. Why do I exist?  

One of my e-students from Montreal wrote to me this. “When I was a little girl, I wondered, why do I exist”. This is very intelligent question. Why do I exist?  

SDA:  Janaki, do you ever wonder why you exist? Did you ever thought about that, why do I exist? 

Janaki: [inaudible] 

VPM: She said no. 

SDA: ah? 

VPM: She said no. 

SDA: Ah, okay. Better put my hearing-aid in, ageing body here. 

That’s very rare that someone will ask that question. That’s a very important question to know, why we exist. Because once we know why we exist, then we can know how to best utilize our existence.  

It’s like this harmonium here. It’s a very nice instrument. To know why this harmonium exists, it exists for making music. And by knowing why it exists, then you can get the proper utilization.  So you can make music with it. If you don’t know why it exists, then you don’t know what to do with it.  

The difficulty we have in the modern day world is we don’t even know why we exist. And people are running around, they don’t know why they are even doing anything. All they know is that: “When I eat, I feel some pleasure. When I have sex, I feel some pleasure. So, I am just going to base my life around eating and having sex and I will make a nice fortress, a nice house and a car so that I can run around to get my food.” 

In other words, it’s all based on this temporary body. And therefore, we are not really ever fully satisfied. Even though we are happy in so many ways, we have money, we have cars, we have nice houses and so many things, we are still not happy for some reason. We are not fully satisfied. As soon as we are really bewildered, “what’s going on?” Minds are disturbed or unhappy in so many ways.  

That’s why this science of Krishna is so important. Because this actually tells us how we can remain in our present situation and be absolutely totally happy. It doesn’t say you have to become a sannyasi.  

Was Arjuna a sannyasi? No. He was a married man. He had a job. He had a career. Did he give up his career after he heard the Bhagavad-gita and go to the forest? No. He did not give up his career. He did not give up his wife. He kept everything just as it was. But he did it for Krishna’s pleasure. That’s all. That’s the only difference. He was a professional warrior by his training in his occupation. Somebody else might be a computer engineer, but it’s the same principle. If Arjuna had been a computer engineer, he would have instead of going to the battle field, would have gone back to ‘xyz’ corporation on Monday morning and reported to work, just like he always did, after hearing the Bhagavad-gita. 

Because Arjuna wanted to quit his job and go sit in the forest somewhere- “I can’t handle this.” But after hearing the Bhagavad-gita he said: “okay, I will do my occupational duty of being a warrior, because You want me to do this Krishna, for You.” 

Becoming Krishna conscious doesn’t mean becoming a sadhu. Of course, you develop saintly qualities, but that doesn’t mean you become a renunciate externally and go sit on the Ganges and just chant Japa twenty- four hours a day.  

Being Krishna conscious re-establishes who you actually are. So all we really saying is: “know who you are and be who you are.” We are not trying to say: “okay, you have to do something artificial that’s not really you.” No.  

What we are really saying is that right now because of the material society which is so far in illusion in terms of understanding what is the actual reason we exist, we have been conditioned to do things and think in such ways and speak in such ways which are not actually in harmony with our actual nature.  

We have been mis-educated, to put it simply. We have been given the wrong training. Because of it sometimes we feel difficulties. Some people more, some people less but all of us have difficulties. More or less we are all suffering to varying degrees. Krishna is getting ready to speak to Arjuna here in the Bhagavad-gita is science which is actually meant for all living entities. 

There is one name for Krishna- Jagannatha. It means lord of the whole universe. Have you ever heard of any temple called the Hindunatha temple or Krishna is called Hindunatha-the lord of the Hindus? So why does the dictionary say the Hindu God? That is not in the Sanskrit language. Hindu is not even a word in Sanskrit language. The Muslims are calling that word- Hindus. 

So, the real thing Krishna is the Lord of the whole universe- Jagannatha.  He is the Lord of the whole universe. Jagat or Jagannatha is the Lord of the whole universe.  

bhoktaram yajna-tapasam
suhrdam sarva-bhutanam
jnatva mam santim rcchati

Krishna says: “I am the Supreme enjoyer; I am the Supreme owner and the best friend of all living entities. One who knows Me as such alone can he achieve pure happiness.”   

This is a very valuable thing, if you can actually master this science of Krishna consciousness, you will come beyond the platform of anxiety, if you can actually realize these truths.  

Even though we make external arrangements for our body, the bodies of our family members, these are secondary actually. Just like a train runs on the two rails of the track our primary duty and responsibility is to awaken that dormant enlightened consciousness within. That will bring us back to the remembrance of that relationship we had with Krishna eons ago before we fell in this material existence.  

We can reawaken that remembrance. “Oh yes! I was serving Krishna. But somehow I got deviated and I got into serving myself only, trying to be happy by serving myself and those persons who are related to my family members and my friends, my employer, my nation.”  

We have gotten into position where we cannot actually be happy because we are so far away from being who we actually are. This is why Krishna very mercifully comes and presents this supreme science of bhakti.  

Of course, there are many yogic systems. In India there are many types of yoga that are taught traditionally. Krishna explains in the Gita so many varieties of yoga. And He gives comparison that actually this bhakti-yoga system, the yoga which is based on love is actually the top most thing.  

If you think about it, doesn’t this make a lot of sense? If I asked you: “Sandeep, now I am giving you a meditation that I want you to do every day for two hours. I want you to sit and stare at the candle every day for two hours.” In the beginning because it’s new, it will be interesting. “Wow! I wonder how it’s like to stare at a candle.” Just sit silently and stare at the candle for two hours every day.  

One yogi actually taught me that meditation technique. But after a short while, I lost interest in it, because it was so impersonal and so boring after a while. (Aside: we will put lecture on hold for a minute) 

So there you are Sandeep, you are sitting there in the closet, staring at the candle. In the beginning this is something different, something new, exciting, wondering- what’s going to happen looking at this candle. So you in the beginning you are all excited about it. It’s a new type of meditation, you are sitting there waiting, waiting, waiting what’s going to happen. But after a while you go, “well! There’s nothing really happening here. It’s just a candle. That’s all it is. So many thousands of candles and they all look alike. What am I going to get out of it looking at this candle?”  After a while you lose interest because it’s just a mechanical process of fixing your mind on a candle.  

But on the other hand, if you are given a nice wife, someone who can relate with you as a person, that’s much more interesting than a candle. You can have loving reciprocation- she can serve you and you can serve her. You do things together, you have a family. It’s not boring. It becomes more and more interesting as it goes along, because there is a personal loving relationship.  

On the bhakti platform- the bhakti type of mediation, as you have a personal loving relationship with Krishna. It’s not just staring at the candle, something impersonal, just fixing you mind on one point. It’s actually a personal loving relationship with God, with Krishna, through the medium of the spiritual master. 

You can see your wife. She is sitting here. But you can’t see Krishna. Of course, we can see a picture of Krishna. But you can’t see Krishna’s original form. But you can see the spiritual master who represents Krishna. So the spiritual master helps you. By developing a personal relationship with the spiritual master you develop a personal relationship with Krishna. But the real point is to develop a personal relationship with Krishna. The spiritual master is just there as a medium to help you make the connection. 

But that is a very exciting and interesting type of meditation, because your relationship with your spiritual master and with Krishna is something that evolves just like your relationship with your wife. There is something that evolves over a period of time, where you become deep. There is an intimacy that grows in that relationship, you understand each other better, the feelings of love become deeper, over time in maturity. So, that’s the same thing happens in Krishna Consciousness. Through the medium of the spiritual master you would actually develop a loving relationship with Krishna and with the spiritual master as well. And those things deepen and they become more mature over time. They never get old; they become more interesting and exciting. So the bhakti-yoga system is based on that sort of personal loving relationship.   

Instead of meditating on a candle, we meditate on the names of Krishna. Because He is all powerful, He is god Himself, He is actually fully present in the sound of His name, in the sound vibration. 

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

Krishna is actually present! Just like you can associate with your wife sitting down and talking over breakfast, you can associate with Krishna in the same close-intimate way. You are actually directly associating with God. Just imagine every day; you have a two hour personal face-to-face meeting with God.  

Someone calls and your wife answers your phone, “I need to talk to Sandeep.”  “Well, he is having a meeting with God right now. Pretty important meetings! He is doing his japa meditation.” Actually, that is a fact! When we chant: 

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

We are having a direct, personal, intimate meeting with the Supreme Lord Himself.  

That Person, by whose energy the sun is rising, the sun is setting, the flowers are coming out in the spring. By whose energy all the rivers are flowing, and the oceans are there and all the food is available. All these civilization have come up, Toronto is existing and Highway 401 is existing wonderfully by His potency.  The airport, the electricity and all the plants, the door on the closet, the wood that made the tree, all this is by the energy of Krishna. The clothing that we wear, the floor we are sitting on. This is all happening by the energy of Krishna.  

Just imagine, if you can have a personal relationship with that Person who owns everything and controls everything. Of course, even in Hinduism we have so many gods, isn’t it? But actually, if you carefully study the scriptures, you will find that all the gods worship Krishna as the Supreme. It’s an interesting thing. 

That means instead of having to worship this god, that god, that god, this god, that god and on and on and on and on and on. If you give your worship to Krishna then automatically just like when you feed your belly, do you not feed all the parts of your body? When you water the root of the tree, what happens? Don’t you give water to all the leaves and branches of the tree, when you water the root? So when you give your love to Krishna, automatically Siva is very happy with you, he gives you all of his blessings; Lord Brahma is very happy with you, he gives you his blessings; Mother Saraswati is very pleased with you, she gives you her blessings; Durga devi is very pleased, she gives her blessings. This is called one-stop shopping. You just give your love to Krishna and automatically, it’s like Wal-Mart, you get everything under one roof.  

You just give your love to Krishna and automatically all the gods are pleased with you. Just like in Hindu tradition we may worship our forefathers also, isn’t it? But actually when you worship Krishna, you deliver your forefathers from whatever difficulties they may be in. If you become a pure devotee of Krishna then you automatically liberate so many generations of your forefathers. So this Krishna-bhakti is the most powerful spiritual practise available anywhere in the universe.  

Even on the higher planets, Lord Brahma himself is devotee of Krishna. In fact, it was Krishna who empowered Brahmaji to fill up the whole universe with population and planets. It’s by Krishna’s empowerment that Brahmaji was able to create the whole material existence. 

tene brahma hridayadi kavaye muhyanti yat suryah 

Krishna from within the heart gave Brahmaji all spiritual enlightenment and Brahmaji then wrote beautiful prayers. There is a beautiful scripture called Brahma-samhita. In which Brahmaji, after he got the enlightenment from Krishna, he simply glorifies Krishna.  

santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti
yam syamasundaram acintya-guna-svarupam
govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

He gives many, many verses which we call the Govinda-prayers, in which he always ends with  

govindam adi purusam tam aham bhajami 

This means “I worship Krishna, the adi-purusa, Govinda.” You know what adi-purusa means? Adi means original-the beginning and purusa means person. So Krishna is Adi-purusa. 

 If you want to be a brahman, you have to learn the slokas also.  You have to become learned in the philosophy to be brahmana.  

govindam adi purusam tam aham bhajami 

That means: “I worship Govinda deva- the Primeval Lord, the original personality.”  

In this way we can understand, what is the great secret of all the Vedas? What is the insider’s secret? If you really become learned in Vedas, what is it that you actually do? You actually come to the point of Krishna-bhakti. That is the person who is the most learned person in the Vedas. 

vedanta-krd veda-vid eva caham 

Krishna says: “By all the Vedas, it is actually Me who is to be known”. All the Vedas ultimately come to the point of Krishna. One, who is a master of Vedic studies, comes to the point of Krishna bhakti- that is the perfection of Vedic studies. Krishna says: 

vedanta-krd veda-vid eva caham

“Actually I am behind the scenes, I am the compiler of actually all the Vedic wisdom and it’s all coming from Me.” 

Vedavyasa is actually an incarnation of Krishna. And he has compiled all the Vedic wisdom. If we can actually hear from that person who has realized Krishna then this is the easiest way to become self- realized.  

Isn’t this the goal of the Indian culture to become self-realized? Of course, now days many people think, it just means you worship the God to get this thing and that thing. What is that prayer?  

Give me a Cadillac, a brand new Cadillac, replete with Michelin tires.

Give my wife a new silk saree, give my kids a Harvard education,

Give me a house by the sea, om jaya jagadisa hare! 

That is not the purpose. That is a fringe benefit, you can say. But that is not the purpose of Vedic culture. I am not picking on the Hindus; I say the same things about the Christians and the Muslims. Everybody is guilty of it nowadays. We all go to the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Temple, the Tabernacle or whatever you know, the Cathedral, to beg God- give me, give me , give  me, give me , give me, give me, give me. It’s a childish mentality. You think God has to be reminded to give you what you need?  

When you were a child growing up in your father’s house, Sandeep, did you have to ask your parents to feed you every day? Of course, not! They loved you, they are going to feed you. So do we have to flatter God to get our house by the sea or a silk saree for a wife? Those things will all come. By the God’s grace our maintenance is already going to come anyway. So why are we trying to flatter God to get some material things He is going to give us anyway. This is called less intelligence.  

What we should actually do is approach the Lord and beg Him: “Please engage me in Your service." If you approach to your parents and say: “My dear mother and father how can I serve you today?” That would give them the greatest happiness. “How can I serve you my beloved mother and father, you have given me so much, now please tell me what can I give you?” That child will become the most dear child of the parents. Instead all we want is take, take, take. One who gives, gives, gives that is the dearest person.  

The bhakti-yoga system is a process of learning how to approach God in the mood of giving to God. And the insider’s secret in this connection is that when you totally give yourself to the Lord, guess what happens? He reciprocates with your total surrender by giving Himself to you.  

Just like Yasoda, Krishna agreed to become a little boy and be tied up with ropes by mother Yasoda. When you give yourself to Krishna, Krishna then, out of love will give Himself to you. Just like He became a chariot driver of Arjuna, Krishna will become your servant when you totally give yourselves to Him.  

And if that Person who owns everything, who controls absolutely everything in the whole universe is your personal servant that means you will never be in any difficulty in any time, place and situation. If you totally give yourselves to that Supreme person who owns and controls everything, you absolutely will never experience difficulty. So if we are experiencing difficulty, then what is the logical conclusion? The logical conclusion is the only reason we are experiencing difficulty is that we are not surrendered to Krishna. Do you understand? Because we are not surrendered, that’s why we are having difficulty.  

So the spiritual master comes. A spiritual master means that person who is fully surrendered to Krishna. A spiritual master comes on the order of Krishna and he teaches us how we can also come to that position of being fully surrendered to Krishna, because that is when we become unlimitedly happy and satisfied in all respects.  

In this verse, the description of how do you recognize a bona fide spiritual master is understood. Krishna says: “that knowledge of Me, that Supreme science of bhakti, that is coming through the parampara system”- which means disciplic succession in English. In other words, the spiritual master cannot be self-made, declare himself to be a guru. That’s bogus. The spiritual master has to be a disciple of a spiritual master who is a disciple of a spiritual master, who is a disciple of a spiritual master, who is a disciple of a spiritual master, who is a disciple of a spiritual master back, back, back, and back until you go to adi-guru. And who do you think is the adi-guru, the original guru? That is Krishna. Krishna is adi-guru. He is the original spiritual master. 

The first guru He made in this universe is Brahmaji. Within this universe, Brahmaji was the first one to receive this knowledge. We all know Narada muni, Bollywood makes him look like a cartoon character. But actually, Narada muni is a very, very sober-advanced sage. And he is the disciple of Brahmaji. And then Narada, he is the guru of Vedavyasa. So in this way the knowledge has been coming down for thousands and thousands of years. And most recently we had His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is the 32nd link in the chain of disciplic succession coming from Krishna.  

You may wonder: “Well, if it’s so ancient, how come there’s only 32 links?” “How could Prabhupada you say to be the 32nd link?” The Vedavyas is still actually living in the Himalayas. And that’s how in some recent centuries this Madhavacarya approached Vedavyasa in the Himalayas. And that’s why, there are only 32. Of course, now the 33rd link is the disciples of Prabhupada, who are preaching all over the world. They are the 33rd link in this line of succession.  

This is a very wonderful system-Krishna Consciousness. And it is the bhakti-yoga system. One does not have to blindly accept it. One can simply try chanting this Hare Krishna mantra. And then you can judge by the result. You can actually experience the beauty of Krishna consciousness by following the instructions, not inventing your own version. 

If you take the actual system that is given and follow it as-it-is, you will get the result. Just like when you are sick, you go the doctor and he says, “Avoid this and take this.” And you do it and you get well. But if you invent your own thing, “Well! I don’t think I want to take. I will take this medicine and not that one.” If you concoct your own way of doing it, what’s going to happen? You are going to get well? No, you won’t. You have to do exactly what the doctor says? And then you will become spiritually enlightened being. You will completely transcend this material existence. You will still be in this world but you won’t be of it anymore.  

It’s not that a devotee becomes spaced out, becomes dysfunctional within this material world. A devotee becomes very expert with this material world, because he sees everything as-it-is. He sees everything in relation with Krishna, which is the perfect vision.  

Devotees don’t become materially inept or incapable of functioning in a job situation or in family situations. No. Because he sees the family, he sees the job in relation with Krishna. Therefore, the devotee has the perfect vision of everything. He understands perfectly well, how to engage the family, how to engage the job situation, everything in a way that makes everything perfect and complete.  

So anybody have any questions? 

Question: You mentioned hearing from proper source. Actually, (not audible due to disturbance) you are listening but you are not only hearing. So how does one develop that quality of actually hearing and not just listening? Hearing being more absorbed.  

Answer: Yeah, you can. It’s a difference between a spectator sport and a participation sport. You can just hear about Krishna consciousness. But if you don’t actually do it, you are not really listening into it fully. The way to actually hear is to apply what you are hearing. It’s just like you are taking university chemistry course. Do you not also have to go to the laboratory and do the laboratory assignments? You simply sit in the lectures, but you don’t actually go to the laboratory, then you will not actually become expert in chemistry. So whatever instructions you receive, you may say that’s very nice, I have heard that. But if you don’t apply it, then in the real sense of return, you haven’t really heard it. You have to take what you have been instructed and then do it. When you do it, then it becomes realized knowledge.  

There are two types of knowledge- jnan and vijnan. Jnan means theoretical knowledge and vijnan is realized knowledge. You can hear that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and you say: “Okay! Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” It’s very good that you have accepted it. But if you actually surrender to Him then you will tangibly experience Krishna within everything and everything within Krishna. You will be able to extract Krishna from everything you see, everything you hear, everything you taste, everything you smell and everything you touch. You’ll be in direct contact with the Supreme source, the ultimate source of all energies at every second.  

Talk about being energized. If you are in touch with the source of all energies at every second, you have direct contact with that ultimate source of all energies at every second; you will be energized like anything. But if you just hear about Krishna, “Oh, yeah! Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead (Srila Gurudeva imitates yawning) Is He?” (laugh in the background) You didn’t really hear it. You acknowledge that it was spoken, but you didn’t really hear it. Hearing means accepting, realizing.  

Questions more? 

Of course, you already know everything, don’t you Meghana? What don’t you then tell me. 

VPM: I don’t want to ask. If I ask, then I have to hear. And hearing means…..   

SDA: I hold my mouth I may get in trouble. (laugh in the background). He may give me an order now. I hold my mouth, he will give me some order and some assignment. I may have to surrender and give up my so called ‘independence’ in this material world.  

What do you not understand? Why you are not a pure devotee? Why you are not seeing Krishna face-to-face at every minute? What are the obstacles? Why you are not surrendered? I am asking you now. Since you don’t have a question, I have that one. Why are you not fully surrendered to Krishna? You have any idea why you are not fully surrendered? What’s the difficulty? Why are you not a completely self-realized being at this moment? Do you have any idea why you are not?  

Meghana: No. I don’t have any, but I am not persistent. I am not persistent. (Background: someone says, “She is not persistent.”) 

VPM: um… You are not persistent. 

SDA: You are lacking in self-discipline. How does one muster up self-discipline? Well, it’s very simple. If you associate with people who are self-disciplined then you become self-disciplined. That’s the actual meaning of disciple. Prabhupada told me, ‘disciple’ means discipline. One who learns how to regulate their thoughts, their words and their activities to make them always pleasing to Guru and Krishna is a disciplined person; they are called disciple.  

Disciple doesn’t just mean getting a spiritual name and getting some neck beads. The real meaning of disciple is one who regulates every thought, every word and every deed so that they are always fully pleasing to Guru and Krishna. That’s called disciple. He has learned how to regulate all thoughts, words and deeds. So, the key is you have to find people who have that spirit of self-discipline, who are actually disciples and you have to hang on to them. Become their associates. Associate as much as possible and try to become like them.  

Monkey see, Monkey do. You have to see what are they are doing. Those people who are fixed in Krishna consciousness, they are very good examples for you. You should find people who are fixed in Krishna consciousness. You should see what they are doing and you should imitate it. If they are chanting japa mala then you should also chant japa mala. If they are offering their food, you should also offer your food. If they are going to the temple as much as possible, you should go to the temple as much as possible. If they are keeping Prabhupada’s books in their home, then you should also do. So you have some subject matter for reading. You simply have to see those people who are fixed on the path way of self-realization and do exactly what they are doing and then automatically you will be elevated spiritually. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to make spiritual advancement. It doesn’t take a great star athlete to advance in Krishna consciousness. You just have to use a little common sense and associate with those people who are fixed in Krishna consciousness and you will naturally get it.  

Don’t they have so many clubs? Just like in Austin there are lot of song writers down there. They have there the Austin song writers’ club. So they all get together and talk about song writing, share their latest creations with each other, network, and how you get recording contracts?-The Austin’s song writers association. So we have our Krishna consciousness association- The Hare Krishna movement. It’s a place for people who are not content with getting simply birth, death, old-age and disease.  There are people who want to rise beyond all the miseries of material existence and taste transcendental bliss at every second. Would you like that? So we have the Krishna conscious movement. The Krishna consciousness movement is a society for people like you, who want to taste this greatest, sweetest nectar at every second. It’s a place for people like you to come and get guidance, association, inspiration. Everything you need to advance on the pathway back to home, back to godhead.  

Meghana: But even though a person is self-realized, still the materialists, the body has to go through the pains right? 

SDA: Somebody slashes my tyres right now. Some hoodlum comes; some gunda comes down the street and slashes the tyres on my van. Will I feel any pain? It’s not me, is it? Because if I think I am my car, that might be painful for me. But actually if someone one slashes my tyres, does that hurt me? I didn’t even know about it. I didn’t even feel it. I may go out and find that somebody slashed my tyres. Because it’s a good neighbourhood, it won’t happen here. But in Chicago, it’s a rough neighbourhood. It could happen in Chicago. The neighbourhood where we stayed in Chicago was a rough neighbourhood.

Somebody slashes my tyres, does it hurt me? So your body is like a car. Your body will still go through, birth, death, old-age and disease. That’s a fact. But if you situate yourself on the spiritual platform, you will no longer be afflicted by the conditions of your body. It won’t torment you. You will have to deal with, but it will not lower your consciousness. It will not, as they say- ‘bring you down’. 

Meghana: so, spiritual realization can give you strength, on level of your existence?  

SDA: If you become fixed in Krishna consciousness, you will become very strongly absorbed in love of God which gives unlimited pleasure to your soul. You will be very strongly absorbed in love of God. Every day you will wake up and just feel so thankful and so happy that I have another day to serve my Lord, to do things for Him, to chant His name, to cook for Him, to decorate His altar, to pick some nice flower and offer it to him. You will take unlimited happiness just doing these simple things.  

patram pushpam phalam toyam 

Krishna says: “If you offer Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I will accept it.”  

You will take unlimited pleasure just being able to pick a flower and offer it to Krishna. That will give your soul unlimited happiness. Whether you are sick or healthy, it doesn’t matter, you will still taste the sweet happiness of being able to offer Krishna a flower. 

Meghana: But how does spiritual enlightenment means that not to feel any sort of pain in materials….? 

SDA: It’s not like morphine or something like you doze that you don’t actually feel that pain. The sensation of pain will be there but it will not disturb you. The sensation of pain would be like a warning light going off on the panel of your car. They warn you that something is going wrong with the automobile. You will still have a sensation of pain, but it will no longer be a cause of distress for you. It would just be a warning light going on the panel of your automobile. “Oh, there’s a red light, I may be low on oil.” I have got a pain in my foot, maybe it went to sleep. I got to move.” “My foot went to sleep”, like that. 

You got some bad pain, you may have to go to the doctor and see what’s wrong. So the pain will be there, but it will not lower your consciousness. If you remain fixed in a blissful state of Krishna consciousness, even though the pain is there, it won’t disturb you. You will become dhira or one who is undisturbed. You will still feel it but it won’t be a disturbance to you. It would just be an indication of something happening in your body.  

And even psychologically, Krishna consciousness means you rise beyond your mind also. Even if there is some disturbance in your mind, you can say: “Well! This is not a very significant thing.” You would be able to detach yourself from the disturbance of your mind. And actually your mind will become peaceful by doing that. By fixing yourself on the higher spiritual platform, your mind will become very peaceful all the time. There may be chaos happening all around you, but you will be so strongly absorbed in your relationship with your spiritual master and with Krishna, that you will be impervious to all the suffering conditions of material existence. They won’t faze you anymore. It’s not that you become incapable of functioning. You’ll be able to deal with all the material anxieties of life in a very expert way that you can conquer over them actually. 

Meghana:  Even the fear of death?  

SDA: um? 

Meghana: Even the fear of death? (Somebody in the background also repeats along: “Even the fear of death be conquered?”) 

SDA: Of course! When you fully take shelter of guru and Krishna, you achieve immortality. When you actually fully surrender to guru and Krishna death can’t even touch you. You become impervious to death. The greatest fear of all, death, doesn’t even touch you. Death would just be a stepping stone to enter into the next room, that’s all. 

If I say: “okay, Meghana, can you go over there and get me a glass of water?” Will you freak out about having to enter another room? No, death just means that you will go from one room to the next. That’s all it means. Right now you are in the room of this Indian woman’s body. That’s all. You are the living entity, you are not the room. You are not an Indian woman. You are an eternal spiritual being in quality one with God.  

If you are self-realized at the time of death then you will enter into a much nicer room than the one you are in now. When we get a new apartment, don’t we want to make our room as nice as possible? Isn’t it? So, you become fully absorbed in Krishna-bhakti, your next room is going to be unbelievably nice. 

Meghana: But is it written in the scriptures that after you follow all these rules, what happens next after you die. 

SDA: Yes. Krishna says: 

a-brahma-bhuvanal lokah
punar avartino arjuna
mam upetya tu kaunteya
punar janma na vidyate 

“From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one who attains to My abode, O son of Kunti, punar janma na vidyate. He never takes birth again.”  

If you surrender to Krishna, you will escape this cycle of birth and death. You will go back to an eternal existence which is full of bliss and knowledge. It’s described in detail in Brahma Samhita, what it’s like. 

Meghana: so it would be on higher planet that… 

SDA: Yes, you go to a different planet. That’s right. There’s no air pollution there. There’s no water pollution. There are no tsunamis. There are no taxes. There are no demoniac persons. It’s a realm where Krishna is the centre. And everyone there are His pure devotees and everyone has eternally youthful bodies- no one gets old there or sick. No one dies there. It’s a deathless, called the spiritual sky-para–vyoma. You actually enter into that spiritual sky when you leave this body. You don’t have to worry about even earning your living. You can just enjoy. Every day is a festival there. The most delicious food, there’s all kinds of festivals going on, singing and dancing and people are beautifully dressed in beautiful clothing and no one is angry or lusty or envious. It’s just pure loving relationships. 

VPM: No body is selfish. 

SDA: No one is selfish there. Everyone is in the mood of serving and giving. It’s an ideal existence. And that world is happening there right now. And you formerly were a resident of that world but you have forgotten about it. You formerly were a resident of that world, but you thought: “Maybe there is another way to enjoy- let me try being God.” So Krishna said: “Okay! So I will give you a where ever you can think that you are the God. And when you are tired of trying to be God, then you can come back to your original home.”  

So my question is: Are you tired of trying to play God? Are you tired of it? Huh? Alright! So now just chant Hare Krishna and go back to your original home in the spiritual world. Go back, back to home, back to Godhead. Go back to where you once belonged. Go back to the original identity you had in the spiritual world. Why are you loitering here in Toronto? 

You can stay in Toronto, physically. But you should turn this apartment into a spiritual world, by chanting every day, chanting nicely on the mala, offering all your food to Lord Krishna in this way you have to purify your existence. 

Meghana: I have one more. (Inaudible) 

SDA: What’s your question? 

Meghana: My question is- we drink cow’s milk. But it comes from the cow’s udder. How can it be veg?  

SDA: Because it does not take the life of the cow. 

Meghana: But still, how it is made from the body. 

SDA: That is God’s special arrangement. Actually, cow’s milk is nothing but the blood of the cow. It’s like the meat-eater; they are taking the blood and flesh of the cow. So, actually you are taking also the blood of the cow. But you are taking it in a transformed form of the milk. The cow is very happy when she is milked. When her milk bag gets very full she feels discomfort, so she is very, very happy when it comes time for milking. So, it is not committing violence upon the cow.  

Actually, the highest principle is not veg or non-veg. The highest principle is to only take that which is offer able to Lord Krishna. That is the highest principle. So because Krishna takes milk, we take milk. Because Krishna does not take meat, we do not take meat. We only take Krishna Prasad. Krishna enjoins in the third chapter of the Gita: 

yajna-sistasinah santo
mucyante sarva-kilbisaih

“Whatever you eat should be first offered to Me, otherwise you are eating papa. By eating what is offered to Me you become free from all papa.” 

So, we take only Krishna prasadam that is the injunction of Bhagavad-gita. Take only prasad of Krishna. Krishna, He takes grains, milk and fruits and vegetables. That’s His diet. So we follow the diet of Krishna. We don’t care veg or non-veg. If Krishna was non-veg, we would take non-veg. But Krishna is veg, so we only take veg. He takes veg. He takes fruits, grains and milk products. So we follow that pathway. 

Meghana: But it is usually said that whatever good deeds we do usually if I am doing good deed it is what will affect me in this life and it will be carried forward in my next life. 

SDA: Yes. Yes. 

Meghana: So when I am doing Krishna-bhakti, how does it help in releasing my forefathers?  

SDA: Releasing your forefathers? 

Meghana: yes 

SDA: Yes, because the power of Krishna-bhakti can wipe out Karma. It can erase karma. 

Meghana: Karmic reactions? 

SDA: Yes. Krishna says: “If you surrender to Me, I will deliver you from all your karmic reactions.” 

sarva-dharman parityjaya
 mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
moksayisyami ma sucah

He says: “sarva papebhyo -All sins, “mokshayami” I deliver you. “I deliver you from all sins.”  

sarva papebhyo mokshyami. 

“I deliver you from all sins. I will give you moksha from all of your papa.” Krishna says. 

And you get a special fringe benefit, not only you get delivered, but He will deliver your relatives as well. Because you happen to come in their family, they get the special fringe benefit. They are your family members, so they will also get delivered. 

Meghana: Even if they are not performing good karmas? 

SDA: That’s right. It’s a special extra mercy for the family members of devotees. They get delivered also. So you can’t lose by become Krishna consciousness. You are doing the greatest thing for your family, the greatest thing for yourself. It‘s a win-win situation, when you surrender to Krishna. 

Devotee:  (not clear/inaudible) you gain more consciousness. All you are doing is changing your perspective towards life, right? The problems still do exist. You still got to resolve, you still have to go to work, you bring money home, pay high prices. 

SDA: But you are seeing on a deeper level. Note the word ‘deep’. You are actually seeing things as they actually are. That’s true. The externals are still going on. But the consciousness is changed. It’s just like, everything in this material world because it comes and then it goes, there’s really nothing left in the end. They are all considered zeroes. This material body is a zero.  You work so hard to maintain it but then it just fades away after sometime. It dies. My car, my house, all my relationships, they come and they go. So they are actually zero on the ultimate issue.  

The Buddhists say: “Everything is zero, so just merge into the nothingness.” But we don’t say that. We say no, just take all those zeroes and put a one at the end and then it becomes a huge valuable number. Six zeroes lined up is a zero but with one in the end makes it one million, and nine zeroes is a billion. And twelve zeroes- it’s a trillion. And fifteen zeroes- it’s a quadrillion. Eighteen zeroes to the one- it’s a quintillion. Just by adding that one to those zeroes so what is that one. That one is Krishna. If you will learn under the guidance of an expert spiritual master how to do everything that you are already doing right now, for the pleasure of Krishna, then your whole consciousness will be completely transformed. You’ll become a spiritually enlightened being. People will be amazed when they see you: “what happened to you? You look so blissful. You’ve gained something incredible. What happened to you?” “Well I became Krishna conscious.” 

VPM: But first they will say have you gone crazy? (Laughs in the background) 

SDA: In the beginning, when you are not very expert, they may think you are a little crazy. Sometimes that happens. Someone’s first beginning Krishna consciousness; they may think you are a little crazy because they don’t understand what Krishna consciousness is really. People think Krishna consciousness means you give up your wife, you give up your job and go live in the forest and chant in some asram out in the Himalayas or something. “So don’t become Krishna conscious my dear son! Whatever you do, don’t become Krishna conscious.” And you may not know what to say because you are just learning the philosophy and they are giving so many strong arguments and you may feel a little crazy too in the beginning. Once you become fixed and you actually understand in depth.

Again, Sandeep, once you go deeply into the philosophy and understand things, it is simple. You can get a book today and you just study the book cover to cover. We have an e-course on the internet. I’ll send you something every day in the email. You have an email, right? 

Sandeep: Yes. 

SDA:  So, you are on the e-course already? 

Sandeep: No. 

SDA: No? So we can add you to the e-course, it’s totally free. So that’s not going to affect your pocket-book in anyway, in negative way. Then you are free to ask questions. As you study the books and you go deeper into them you can inquire and get more and more information into and see how you can do this and how you can change your consciousness at the same time. Keep your wife always happy and your relatives happy and your boss happy and everything cool on the external way but, how you can actually progress within your heart to higher and higher levels of consciousness or deeper and deeper levels of consciousness? Same principle! 

When you actually does understand, it becomes deeper the philosophy. Then they will not think you are crazy at all. This person is very wise. This person has something very, very deep and profound let me learn from him.  

Somehow or other by the grace of my spiritual master, I have been going deeper and deeper into Krishna consciousness. Now thousands of people all over the world want me to teach them and guide them how they can also do what I have done. I don’t take credit. All the credit goes to my spiritual master- Srila Prabhupada. But I have thousands of people all over the world, who are begging me to come to their town. They can meet me face to face and I can guide them on the pathway of spiritual perfection. So that happens as your own understanding becomes mature, then actually you become like a magnet and people want to come to you. They want to tell me, “What have you done and how have you realized this? Please guide me how I can do it too.” That happens.  

We are going to show you a video. And we should show that now, because our time is running short. I am giving a lecture at (inaudible). I have tons of correspondence work this afternoon. So we can go upstairs now and we have a DVD of I recently went to Turkey, to the Muslim world. And you will see a whole hall full of Muslim people chanting Hare Krishna in great delight. They are feeling like the most joyful thing they have ever experienced. That’s how these Muslims are chanting Hare Krishna. 

SDA: so what’ll we do now? 

Devotee 1: DVD is not set up right now. 

SDA: we can do it on my computer now. 

Meghana: or my computer? 

SDA: You have a laptop? 

Meghana: yeah. 

Devotee 1: her screen’s a little bigger. 

SDA: Your screen is bigger than mine? You have a bigger screen than my laptop? Oh, you have a sound system on your computer! We will do it on your computer. 

Meghana: okay. 

VPM: We are right now at the program. 

SDA: so everyone proceed now, come to this room. 

So Meghana, where is the best place? Can everyone see from here? Is that a good spot for the computer?  Everyone can see. 

Yeah. Ok. May be we can bring that sheet in so that everyone can sit on it and be comfortable, not on the cold floor.  

Devotee: yeah 

SDA: Bring that blanket. We have the sound system here. 

VPM: can anyone bring that chair here (in the background) 

SDA: What is it mataji? 

VPM: keep the laptop on the chair here. 

SDA: Mataji, the sound system is in here. Mataji? Come here mataji. 

VPM: can you bring your laptop? 

SDA: no we are using hers. 

SDA: why? 

SDA: because she has a sound system plugged into it. Mine is not very loud.  

VPM: can you hear everything from here? 

Devotees:  it’s okay. 

SDA: mataji? 

VPM: yes.  

SDA: It’s nice. Everyone can hear nicely. 

SDA: I can help you move mataji, if that’s a problem.

Because she has sound system plugged to the computer makes it nice for everyone to hear. Mine is not very loud. 

Devotee:  Is that CD? 

SDA: You have DVD software? 

(Srimati Gurumata and Srila Gurudeva conversing) 

SDA: oh, no, no…you are trying to click on the files. That will not work. Here, let me do it. That won’t do it. That will not do. 

SDA: let me try here. Okay, I see my computer. Let’s see if it works.  

SDA: It should come up. Don’t touch it 

Meghana: ok 

SDA: You have DVD software in there or not? 

Meghana: yeah 

SDA:  Now it’s coming up. (Reads) Play the DVD. That one is good? 

Meghana: yes 

SDA:  DVD isn’t configured exactly. It just writes the 

SDA: now playing. Ok good! 

DVD Plays (music) 

SDA:  ask to turn it down a little bit. It’s so loud when I am talking. 

VPM: Can you turn down a little? 

(Music turned down) 

VPM: you can hear? 

SDA: that’s too soft 

Video starts playing: 

Hare Krishna! Here we are in Istanbul, Turkey. We have come here to introduce the science of Krishna consciousness here in the Muslim world. One may ask, “Why Krishna consciousness in the Muslim world. It’s from Hindu world.” 

(The recording ends here)


Transcribed by Her Grace  Shyama Priya devi dasi

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