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Lecture on
Bhagavad-Gita 9.10

given on 4-18-2006
in Riga, Latvia

[SDA] "Srimad Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter number 9, text number 10.

Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya


mayadhyaksena prakrtih
suyate sa-caracaram
hetunanena kaunteya
jagad viparivartate

("This material nature, which is one of My energies, is working under My direction, O son of Kunti, producing all moving and nonmoving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again.")


(Aside to Translator: You can read the translation)

om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

("I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him. ")


So Krishna is saying "This material nature, which is one of my energies is working under my direction O son of Kunti, producing all moving and non-moving beings. Under its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again."

So, the point is this material nature is not acting independently. The material scientist would have us believe that this material nature is acting by its own potency: That life is arisen from dead matter. But is this actually a scientific proposal? Do we have any experience that something dead produces something that's living? We have much experience that something living can produce something dead. Just like your fingernails, or your hair, they are dead matter, but they are produced from living body. So we see that life can produce life, just like a mother and father can have a baby. We see that something living can produce something dead like hair and fingernails. But where anywhere in the world do we have evidence of something dead producing something that's alive. And the scientists want us to believe that life came out of dead matter, and they argue "This is scientific knowledge.". We're so foolish that we believe them. The real fact is that life comes from life. It doesn't come from dead matter.

aham sarvasya prabhavo
mattah sarvam pravartate

Krishna presents Himself as the origin of everything. The earth... Some people say the living entities come from the impersonal Brahman, but that's bogus. Krishna clearly says that He's the source of everything. So, are not the living entities part of everything? Everything includes everything. Includes the living entities, it includes the spiritual planets. It includes the material planets, it includes everything. You could even say that everything includes Krishna, because Krishna comes from Krishna. He cannot come from anywhere else. Sometimes people ask that "Well, if Krishna's the origin of everything, then what's the origin of Krishna?" So, we simply inform them that Krishna is the origin of Krishna. Krishna is self-manifested. It's not that someone else or something else manifests Krishna. Of course, you know the mayavadis, they say that something else manifests Krishna. Do you know what that... the mayavadis say manifests Krishna? Can anyone say?

[Female audience member] Maya?

[SDA] Well, yes, but specifically though...

The impersonal brahman. They say that the impersonal brahman is ultimate source of everything and everything is coming from there. The living entities are coming from brahman. Krishna is coming from brahman, everything is coming from brahman. They say: "therefore, Krishna's form is maya. The only real reality is the impersonal brahman. Since they say that Krishna's form is maya, they are holding to the principle of maya, and we call them mayavadis. So, they are mayavadis, and we are Krishnavadis. We hold to the principle of Krishna.

So, this Krishna consciousness movement is meant for bringing about a spiritual revolution on this planet. It may be possible, it may not be possible, to awaken the mass population in Krishna consciousness, but the Vaisnavas at least make the sincere effort, because it is called love, or compassion. A Vaisnava cannot tolerate to see someone else in a suffering condition. Therefore he or she dedicates the life for awakening the Krishna consciousness in others. And by so doing, their personal happiness is guaranteed, because there is nothing more pleasing to Krishna than to take up the work of giving Krishna to those who do not know Krishna. Just think how fortunate we are for Srila Prabhupada. If he had not taken this effort upon himself, to give Krishna to us where would we be? If you think you're in a suffering condition now, just consider how much more of a suffering condition you would be in if Prabhupada hadn't take that up, taken the risk of coming to the west to spread Krishna consciousness. SO we are called Prabhupadanugas, those who are following the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada. This really means we have a responsibility to preach. Because unless one adopts the preaching mood of Srila Prabhupada, how can we really think that we're following? Prabhupada's mood is one of extreme compassion: Intense loving feeling for the living beings of this world, to awaken that dormant Krishna consciousness which is sitting there within their hearts. Why don't we take advantage of Prabhupada's mercy, and do everything we can to share Krishna with everyone? That begins right here, amongst ourselves:

mac-citta mad-gata-prana
bodhayantah parasparam
kathayantas ca mam nityam
tusyanti ca ramanti ca

The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins... no that's, oh, no that’s a different verse. The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives surrendered unto Me, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss by enlightening one another and conversing about Me.

So, this is, this is how we can measure how much of a devotee we are. When we get together to devotees, what do we talk about? Do we think, do we talk about Krishna and His pastimes? Do we talk about His teachings? Or do we criticize other devotees behind their backs? You see? This is a sign of our Krishna consciousness. How much we are eager to glori... hear and chant the glories of Krishna. We're so accustomed to being in the mode of passion and ignorance. And sometimes it's a little difficult for us to adjust. I mean, it's so pure, just to talk about Krishna. Even sometimes while I'm giving the class here I can look through the glass window and see people, see devotees who can't just, they just can't quite make the transition from being out in the hall, doing their gossip to coming in and hearing about Krishna. Because our tendency is rajo-guna, tamo-guna, but this is sattva-guna here, you see? Actually it's sattva-guna, and suddha sattva-guna. But, if we can make that little effort to come through those doors, to sit down, and here this message we will taste a nectar that is so sublime that is so sweet so indescribably delicious that the, the realizations and the joy that we taste while doing that become our permanent asset.

(Claps hands thrice) So my question for you is this, do you want to be spiritually impoverished, or do you want to become incredibly wealthy. The more you engage in hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord you become a spiritual billionaire. Your heart will fill up with unlimited volumes of nectar: Unlimited oceans of nectar. And then you can go and share that amongst all the other devotees. (clapping again) You can share that with the non devotees, and the wonderful thing about this, this wealth, the wonderful thing about this wealth of Krishna Prema, the more you give it away the more you get. If I'm a trillionaire and I start giving away my money to everyone, I give you one billion Euros, I give you one billion Euros (laughing, says to an audience member "He's ready!") I start giving away one billion Euros here, one billion Euros over here, one billion over here. Everyone is saying "Yes, yes gurudeva gurudeva..." I'm giving you something more valuable. Right now I am actually. If I'm giving away billions of Euros eventually I'll become a pauper. I won't have any money left. But I have, if I give away this wealth Krishna, the more I give Krishna the more I get Krishna. Do you ever wonder what motivates me to fly all over the world, and talk about Krishna like I'm doing? I don't get enough donations actually to pay for my plane tickets, to be honest. I don't get enough money on the trip for the people where I go to even pay for the plane ticket. So, don't, I'm not doing this to make money. I'm actually losing money by going on these preaching tours. But there's one wealth I'm gaining; The more I distribute Krishna, the more I get Krishna, and there is no wealth greater than that wealth. So therefore Mataji and I are very happy, from this traveling and preaching work. Isn't it? Mataji agrees.

So, um since your all here so nicely hearing everyone’s alert and awake, everyone’s tuned in nicely to the Krishna, to the Hare Krishna channel, now we can ask if you have some question.


[Man in audience asks] Sometimes when we can see, um some material desires in ourselves, and by reading Srila Prabhupada's books we can understand, um then, they have no value, these material desires, they have no real values... But, um sometimes...

[SDA] Sometimes we see material desires and they have no real "way"?

[Man] Value. [SDA] Value. Yes, OK.

[Man] But sometimes we see, but sometimes we look at ourselves but we do not see any desires and um, after some time they again appears from, from the heart. [SDA] Oh, yes. [Man] but, uh how could we understand what are deeply how many other material desires do we have in our heart?

[SDA] Oh... Hmm, actually the material desires are very deeply deeply seated in our hearts, since time immemorial we've been cultivating material desires. It's not easy thing to immediately get rid of them, what does make it easy is if you develop a system of dealing with material desires successfully when they come up. In the English language there's two very significant words; One is called proactive and the other is called reactive. To be reactive meant that you ignore, you ignore a situation and you only deal with it when the problems come. It would be just like a nation that didn't maintain a military, an army, they didn't even maintain an army, and then when some, when some enemy attacked them, then they decided "Well, we need to organize an army to defend ourself." Of course, by then it would be too late. The enemy soldiers would have already overpowered them. So the proactive stance is you already, you understand that the enemy going to attack at any time, because that is the nature of the material world, and therefore you maintain a standing army both in wartime and in peacetime. So, in this way the intelligent devotee understands that there are many desires, whether I see them or not, the desire, the deep-seated desires are their in my heart. Therefore, I always have to have a defense system, an activated defense system going on in my heart, so that when those material desires come they can immediately be neutralized. Not that they catch me off guard, and then I fall down.

So, we have to realize that actually we're very fallen souls, and that so many sinful desires can come in to our heart. So, the easy way to protect yourself is to always be, have your heart full of spiritual desires, because desire is unavoidable. Your nature of, as a living being is to have a heart full of desires. The mayavadis try to deny it. They try to become desireless, but that doesn't work. One has to fill one's heart with spiritual desires. And the satisfaction one gets from satisfying one's spiritual desires is so incredibly wonderful that no material desire could even attract you. If I offer you one billion Euros or, I offer you one Euro, which, which is more attractive? So, these material desires are just like one Euro, and the spiritual desires are like one billion euros. In the spiritual world the devotees are full of spiritual desires. One devotee wants to serve Krishna in this way. Another devotee wants to serve Krishna in that way. Unlimited varieties of spiritual desires. So, we simply have to always keep ourselves absorbed in desiring things in Krishna's service.

I desire to increase the quality of my japa.

I desire to be, to understand the philosophy better.

I desire to become more regulated in my habits.

I desire to make devotees.

I desire to distribute books.

I desire to go on the street and sing and dance, so the people in Riga can become blessed by Lord Caitanya's mercy.

So we should have a heart that is full of so many spiritual desires. So, material desires, they just, you know, they can't compete. They get, you know, they get beat out by the competition. The material desires are so, so low-class that they get beat out by the competition. Just like there was a car in the U.S.A. called, I don't know if you had it in here, it was called the Yugo. We don't hear about the Yugo anymore; It got beat out by the competition. SO, if you, your heart is so full of spiritual desires, then the material desires will just, you know, they can't compete. They'll just gradually, you know they'll just gradually die and go away. Did that answer your question? OK.

Alright, we have time for a few more questions.

[Man #2] It is said that Bhagavad-gita, that even one sense could, uh take the intelligence of the intelligent man, even one sense could take uh carry away the...

[SDA] Yes. That's right.

indriyanam hi caratam
yan mano... yes... yan mano 'nuvidhiyate

[Man #2] But, how to compare, compared to what we just heard, heard from you that if your heart is full of spiritual desires then, how could we manifest, even one desire without getting carried away?

[SDA] So, it says, Krishna says:

indriyanam hi caratam
yan mano 'nuvidhiyate

That even one of the senses on which the mind could carry away a man's intelligence. Just as a boater on the water can be swept away by the strong wind. So, your mind is compared to the boat, and any one sense object the mind focuses on is compared to a very strong wind. So, the, how does the mind then become immune to those strong material winds? Because the wind of spiritual desire is even stronger.

daivi hy esa guna-mayi
mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante
mayam etam taranti te

This divine energy of Mine... Krishna is talking about His material nature which is divine because it's His energy, He says: This divine energy of Mine is very difficult to overcome, but for one who is surrendered unto Me, taranti te they easily cross beyond it. So, even though it's true that the wind can just as the wind can carry away a boat, similarly a material desire can carry away the mind, but if you take complete shelter of Krishna, actually you already crossed over the ocean.

samasrita ye pada-pallava-plavam
mahat-padam punya-yaso murareh
bhavambudhir vatsa-padam param padam
padam padam yad vipadam na tesam

you see?

That, for one who has taken shelter of the boat of the lotus feet of the Lord who is the shelter of the cosmic manifestation and has become very very famous for killing that Mura demon, this vast ocean of material existence with its powerful winds that carry away a man's intelligence, becomes reduced [makes a shrinking sound] to the amount of water in the hoof-print of a calf. The aim of those persons is the param padam. Those persons who have taken shelter of the boat of Krishna's lotus feet, they go for that supreme destination, param padam, not this material world where there is danger at every step. So, even thought there are so many dangerous winds on this ocean, if you have crossed over it, then what is the difficulty? Just like when Prabhupada came to America, there were so many very bad storms. Once he arrived in New York, what difference does it make how many there are on the Atlantic? So once you take shelter at the Lotus feet of Krishna, you're protected from all those strong winds of material desires. So that's what we have to do. We have to take complete shelter at the lotus feet of Krishna. Then we will never be disturbed by any material desires again. That's a fact.

Questions more?


[Man #3] First of all I want to thank you very much for your presence here, it's a truly great blessing for all of us, and so then my question is uh, we all know there are hundreds, even thousands of gopis in Vrindavan, but uh the most, highest gopis there, Srimati Radharani and Candravali, but there it's told that Srimati Radharani was higher because she represents the joy of the Lord. Can you please uh, explain me, what does represents Candravali, and tell...

[SDA] Krishna is not interested in symbolism. I can tell you right now. Ok, so, it's not that Krishna's thinking "Well, Radharani represents joyfulness so I think I like her more than Candravali because she represents something else." No. Even in this world, a boy doesn't fall in love with a girl because she symbolizes something. It's her personality. Not what she you know, symbolizes. So the fact is that Radharani has personality that is more attractive to Krishna than Candravali. That's the real bottom line. She appeals to Krishna more than Candravali. Candravali tries really hard, but, you know, but she, in the end she always loses out to Radharani. Always loses out to Radharani. I mean, nobody can cook like Radharani, nobody can decorate her hair like Radharani, nobody can joke like Radharani. She, I mean nobody can get close to Radharani. She's got Krishna wrapped around her little finger.

Any other questions? Yes.

[Woman] What is Krishna doing now?

[SDA] Eh?

[Woman] What is Krishna doing now?

[SDA] Oh! What is Krishna doing right now? Why don't you become a pure devotee, and then the mystic television within your heart will turn on and you can tune into what's happening right now in Golok? Why don't you rectify your rotten, dirty filthy heart? Get rid of all that lust. Get rid of all that anger. Get rid of all that greed and fault-finding, that pride, that arrogance, that laziness. We could write a whole book about your faults. Why don't you just get rid of it? You know what Prabhupada told me in one letter? This is, this is really amazing. I just, I was just a rank-and-file brahmacari you know, scrubbing pots, you know and cleaning the deity plates. I mean, I wasn't a big man, but Prabhupada told me, he said:

"Now, you just qualify yourself to see Krishna face-to-face."

So, Mataji I am just going to pass it on to you, what Prabhupada told me, now I'm giving the same order to you.

Now, you just qualify yourself to see Krishna face-to-face. Then you will know exactly what Krishna is doing at every single minute.

[Woman] Have you succeeded?

[SDA] Huh?

[Man] Have you succeeded?

[SDA] Have I succeeded in carrying out Prabhupada's order?

[Woman] Yes.

[SDA] Actually, those who have succeeded in doing that, they never say they have succeeded in doing that. The six goswamis, you know that prayer:

he radhe vraja-devike ca lalite he nanda-suno kutah

Even though, they were pure devotees who could see Krishna at every minute, that was not their mood. They preferred to be in the mood of "When will I see Krishna? When will I see Krishna? When will I see Krishna?" So they went wandering around Vrindavan

he radhe vraja-devike ca lalite he nanda-suno kutah
sri-govardhana-kalpa-padapa-tale kalindi-vane kutah

"Where are you, Radharani? Where are you Krishna? Where are you Lalita? Where are you Visaka?" Everywhere "Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Are you on Govardhana? Are you on bank of Yamuna?" You know what Prabhupada said? He said "I do not know Krishna. All that I know is my Guru Maharaja." This is the mood of the highest level of Vaisnavas, who can see Krishna at every minute. Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna? When will I see Him? When will I see Him? Actually, this mood intense desire to see Krishna can give one the highest perfection. Even though, Prabhupada tells one story there was one time a thief and he came into an assembly like this, seeing if there was somebody he could rob, and the Bhagavata reciter was telling that in this Vrindavan forest there is a little boy named Krishna and He is decorated with the most valuable jewels. All over his body he has the most priceless gems from head to toe. He wanders alone in the forest, this little boy. So the thief said "Aahhh... I will go there and I will steal those jewels. He's there alone in the forest, a little boy with all these valuable jewels. I will go and I will find that Krishna and I will steal his jewels." So he began walking to Vrindavan. Many days he was walking across India. For many weeks he was walking across India. There was no bus in those days. There was no train. There was no airplane. There was no taxi. He was simply walking, step by step to Vrindavan. And with every step he was thinking: "When will I find that boy Krishna? When will I find Krishna?" He was simply meditating "Krishna, Krishna" step by step all the way to Vrindavan. 'Cause he wanted those jewels. And then he got to Vrindavan. And, you know, the area of Vrindavan is actually very big. Even, even when we take a Jeep it takes many many hours to go across Vrindavan. Vraj-Mandal, its called Vraj-Mandal. It's a long drive all the way over to Kamyavan, it's a very long drive. So, this thief, he's walking all over the Vrindavan forests. Days and days, week after week. "Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna? Where is Krishna? I want those jewels. I want those jewels. I want those jewels. I want..." So, finally, one day Lord Krishna, who has unlimited mercy on the fallen conditioned souls, even though he was full of all material desires, He revealed Himself to the thief, laden with the most valuable jewels. When the thief saw all the jewels he became very excited. He said: "Krishna! You're such a cute little boy Krishna. You have so many nice jewels! They are very very beautiful Krishna! Can I have some?" And Krishna said: "No No No! Mother Yasoda will be very angry! She will scold Me!" But the thief, he was very determined. Actually Krishna purified his heart. Just by his intense desire to find Krishna, he became a pure devotee. And then Krishna said: "All right, you can take now, the jewels." (Aside: Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Ki Jay! Sri Sri Radha Damodara Ki Jay!) So, even if you have the desire to steal Krishna's jewels, if you become very very intense in your desire to see Krishna, you will become purified. So maintain your desire to see Krishna. "What is Krishna doing right now?".

Next question? Yes.

[Man] There was recently Olympic games all over the world, Olympic games, just recently.

[SDA] A what?

[Man] Recently there were Olympic Games.

[SDA] Olympic games. Okay.

[Man] Yes. And one (Indistinct) participant he won bronze medal.

[SDA] Okay.

[Man] And, um he's a follower of Chinese movement Falon Gon. Falon Gon follower.

[SDA] Follower of what?

[Man] Follower of movement, Falon Gon.

[Visnupriya mataji] Falon Gon, some Chinese movement.

[SDA] Oh, Chinese movement. Okay.

[Man] And, um recently he took the vow to fast for three days.

[SDA] Fasting for three days.

[Man] Yes. And all over Latvia, all of the newspapers [Indistinct] his determination to fast for three days.

[SDA] They thought that was amazing, three days of fasting?

[Man] Yes.

[SDA] They glorified him for that?

[Man] Yes. Prabhu is asking: "If he so easily became famous, maybe we also should take this practice to fast for some days and all over Latvia, all of the newspapers will want to..."

[SDA] No no no no no... (background laughter) If you fast for three days, you'll lose some weight at least. But their not going to come and write an article about you. See, the media only is interested in... This is called trivia, really you know. Whether somebody fasts for three days it's no big deal, but if you're famous, then you do something, then they want to know everything about what you're doing. Just like Krishna is famous, and she want's to know what He's doing. It is, if you're famous then they want to know everything about everything that you're doing. But if you're not famous, they could care less what you're doing. You could fast for twenty days and they wouldn't care. So, don't try to become famous, by fasting. Just try to become Krishna conscious, and that will make your life unlimitedly successful. Any other questions?

Any other questions? Yes.

[Woman] Is it possible to preach Krishna consciousness while still having material desires?

[SDA] what's the question?

[Man repeats question] Could we preach about Krishna having, had in our heart material desires? Keeping in heart, material desires.

[SDA] Can we preach about Krishna when we still have material desires?

[Visnupriya Mataji] Yes

[SDA] Okay. If I wait until I'm completely free of all material desires before I preach about Krishna, I'll probably never become pure. Because Sankirtan movement, the preaching movement is the process of purification. So, what you should do is, whatever you have realized about Krishna, that you should preach, and by doing that, then Krishna will give you more realizations. And if you preach those realizations, then Krishna will give you more. Krishna will only reveal Himself to you to the degree that you're willing to serve Him. And the service that He, the service that He emphasizes, as Lord Caitanya is preaching. Preaching to your own mind is the beginning. Preaching amongst the devotees here at the temple. Preaching to the outsiders, non-devotees. So, whatever you have realized about Krishna, you must share that knowledge and distribute it. Do not be a miser. Miser means miserable. If you find that you are miserable, it is because you are being a miser. You are not sharing your realizations you have had about Krishna. Do you understand my point? That your misery is because you are a miser. You are not sharing your realizations about Krishna. Do you understand my point, or not? Yes or No? Huh?

[Woman] Not fully.

[SDA] Yes or no?

[Visnupriya Mataji] Not fully.

[SDA] You don't fully understand it. Okay, well let me explain it a little more fully then. There are three different types of devotees, there are... It's called kanishta-adhikari, madhyama-adhikari and uttama-adhikari. The uttama-adhikari has some realization that God is great... I mean, excuse me, kanishta-adhikari has some realization that God is great. But kanishta-adhikari does not know how to properly associate with devotees. So kanishta-adhikari cannot realize very much about Krishna. We can only realize about Krishna to the extent that we can open our hearts to the devotees actually. The next stage is called madhyama-adhikari. The madhyama-adhikari  has very good realizations about Krishna. He sees that there is Krishna the Supreme Lord. He sees that there are, Krishna's devotees are also there, they have to be respected and loved as the representatives of the Lord. He sees the innocent persons who are actually open-minded, but have not yet heard of Krishna and he preaches to them, he or she preaches to them. And the madhyama-adhikari  sees there are some persons who are completely inimical towards Krishna, and the madhyama-adhikari  avoids those persons. So the point is, the Kanishta has no respect or ability to properly relate with devotees; Kanishta does not really have a service mood.

The kanishta is trying to see what I can get out of God for myself. So, the kanishta is actually thinking, in a roundabout way that "I am God." because the kanishta is putting himself in the center and not God. Prabhupada calls this taking God as the order supplier. That "My dear Lord, I will flatter You in so many ways, now You give me this, You give me that, give me this, give me that. So, that’s, that’s a miserly condition to be in; It's miserable to be a kanishta. That's the common mood between Christians, Jews, Muslims Hindus etc. all over the world. They approach God to fulfill their own material desires. But madhyama-adhikari , this we are teaching our Krishna consciousness movement, how to become madhyama-adhikari . Where you surrender to the Lord, you lovingly serve the Vaisnavas etc. and then as one continues practicing on the madhyama-adhikari  platform we, one actually becomes uttama-adhikari. The uttama-adhikari is completely free of the tendency to criticize others. He has no tendency to criticize others. He simply wants to love and serve all others, by connecting them with Krishna.

Questions more?


[Devotee] What does it mean to open oneselve's heart?

[SDA] Oneselves?

[Devotee] To open oneselve's heart.

[SDA] Broken?

[Devotee] Open.

[SDA] Open, oh ok. Open-hearted means the ability to have loving exchange, when the heart is closed there is no ability to have loving exchange with others. Open heart means that you can have loving exchange with others. Just like we have our Rama Restaurant here. If the restaurant is closed, no one can come in and get any prasadam. But if it's open, then people can come for prasadam. So, if your heart is open, then you can have loving exchange with devotees. If it's closed, then you cannot have any loving exchange with devotees.

[Devotee] Then what keeps it closed?

[SDA] Ignorance, actually. Simply ignorance. One doesn't realize the advantage of having an open heart. A lot of it is because we have been burnt so badly in this material world; and we try to open our hearts to the non devotees, and we were burned badly. So, as a defense mechanism we just become like a tortoise going back inside our shell, like that old hit song "I am a rock, I am an island." They just try to totally isolate themselves, cut themselves off from relationships. But that's a very painful situation to be in. Eventually one will go insane. Because we are meant to have loving relationships. That is our natural healthy position. They are enumerated by Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhupada. To give gifts to the Vaisnavas, to accept gifts from the Vaisnavas. To reveal your heart to the Vaisnavas, to hear the Vaisnavas when they open there hearts to you. To serve prasadam to the Vaisnavas, and to accept the prasadam that the Vaisnavas serve you. That's called open-hearted. One who can engage in these six loving exchanges with devotees, they are called open-hearted persons. We have about two minutes before the arati, so, if there’s a quick question I can try to squeeze it in here. Looks like the questions are now exhausted. For tonight's session. So that means we will stop here. We thank you very much for your kind attention. Raja-vidya Srimad Bhagavad-Gita Ki, Jaya! Srila Prabhupada Ki, Jaya! 


Transcribed by
His Grace Jagannath dasa
Columbus, Ohio USA

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