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Sunday Feast Lecture
on Bhagavad-gita 9.2  at The Hare Krishna Temple,
Toronto, Canada on 29th May,2005.


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (repeated 3 times)

So this evening, we will dive a little deeper into that ocean of unlimited happiness, the ocean of Krishna Consciousness through the transcendental medium of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, translated and purported by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Goswami Maharaj Prabhupada.

Chapter 9, text no. 2

raja-vidya raja-guhyam
pavitram idam uttamam
pratyaksavagamam dharmyam
su-sukham kartum avyayam

“This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed. “


So I saw one sign yesterday, driving around Toronto. They were advertising how many universities are in Toronto. How many universities are here? Anyone knows? They were advertizing some big number. So a university is supposed to be a place of higher education, isn’t it? But what education is given in the university of the basic principles of existence?

They can educate you how to manipulate the material energy in various ways but who is doing the manipulating that we do not know. We can teach how to make some electricity, how to make a bulb light up, how to make a computer do something, how to write some computer programming language to make the computer turn green, or turn yellow on the screen. But who is that person who is writing C++ computer code, programming the chip that runs the computer, wiring the chip that they do not know; the fundamental thing that they do not know; the basic foundational information, that they do not know.

Therefore in spite of making such an elaborate civilization with so many varieties of material facilities, ever increasingly more sophisticated varieties of material facilities, people are frustrated, they are miserable. Whatever happiness they have is always limited. So what are we doing here today at the Hare Krishna temple in Toronto? Why are we here? Because we have something better than they do. Otherwise what are we doing here, we could be out attending a seminar on how to make more money. We have an afternoon off. We could be learning how to make more money. But here we are learning about something called Krishna Consciousness. Why are we doing this? We are doing this because Krishna Consciousness, the science of Krishna Consciousness,   described in the Bhagavad-gita, connects you with your actual true nature. You actually find out who you are.

No one tells us who we are. My parents didn’t tell me, my teachers didn’t tell me, my professors didn’t tell me. When I got to college, all I wanted to know is “who am I, what is the purpose of my existence,” No one could tell me and they call it higher education. So here in the Bhagavad-gita we are getting actual higher education.    räja-vidyä,  it’s the king of education, not just higher education, we are getting the highest education. And that means that this society that Prabhupada has founded, the International Society For Krishna Consciousness, is actually the leading educational institution in this world, not Oxford, not Harvard, not Cambridge, not Yale, but ISKCON.

Sometimes we think, “Well, we need to be accredited, we have to become accredited about the university so what we’re saying will be recognized,” but actually it’s the other way around. These mundane universities have to become accredited by ISKCON, so they will actually be recognized as places of education, higher education. That’s actually the way really works, not that ISKCON has to be accredited by this university and that university so our education will have some validity. No. It’s the other way around. If Yale and Oxford and Harvard and Cambridge want to be recognized as actual places of higher education then they need to become accredited by ISKCON. They have to have learned Vaisnava, realized Vaisnava Brahmins on their staff for teaching what is the actual meaning and purpose of existence, räja-vidyäm   .

And Krishna then says räja-guhyam, it is the most secret of  all secrets. We are making it so open, we even had an open house as yesterday, 1500 people came. But still it remains a secret, why does it remain secret? Why does it remain secret? Because people are in the clouds of illusion. We are going to tell them about Krishna so that they hear but they don’t want to hear that Krishna, they hear their own conceptions, they translate what we are saying into their own illusion understanding. We say Krishna; they may think “O Hindu God. I am not a Hindu. Therefore Krishna is not God for me.” They translate like that in their mind. As soon as you start talking about Krishna. But correct me if I am wrong but this deity, He is called Jagannatha, isn’t that correct?

Krishna standing here, He is known as Jagannatha. Was He ever called Hindunatha? Was that name ever there in the temple, Hindunatha Mandira? I have never heard that name, Hindunatha. He is Jagannatha, He is the Lord of the universe. So how can one say Hindu God? “Well, that could be Hindunatha, Hindu God.” But no, it’s Jagannatha. Krishna is the Lord of the whole universe. So because they want to put everything into compartments, this sect and that sect, therefore it remains a secret. Who created all these religions, anyway? Did God create all the religions? What do you think? Did God create all the religions? No, dharmam hi säksät-bhagavat-pranitam. ‘Religion’- notice there is no ‘s’ in that word. It’s just religion without an ‘s’ on it. Religion is given by God. dharma that is singular.

Religion or dharma is given by God. So how do we get all these different religions? Any guess? Well, it was man’s invention to create this religion, that religion, this religion. “Which religion do you belong to?” someone may ask. “Which religion do you belong to?” Well, I don’t belong to any religion. We are on a higher level of consciousness. When you come to the platform of Krishna Consciousness, you are on the platform of religion, it is not ‘a religion’, it is religion. You understand the difference? In Krishna Consciousness, you are on the platform of religion, period. Religion, the English word religion comes from the Latin word religio- to reconnect, to relink, to relig with God. So we have no objection if someone wants to say Allah or Christ or Jehova or Krishna. One has to say the name of the Lord with love and full submission, as well. In my e-course, The Ultimate Self Realization Course, we have actually 20,000 people signed up with that course all over the world and one man objected. He was actually a Hindu gentleman, he objected that, “why are introducing this-

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

that’s sectarian.” That’s amazing. A Hindu will complain about Hare Krishna mantra. He said, “You should make something which is more universal.” Well, what does he want? [singing:] “Universal consciousness, universal consciousness, universal consciousness.” What does he want? So I told him, “My dear sir, the Sun is known by different names in different languages. You can call it the Sun in English, you can call it al sol in Spanish, you can call it Surya in Hindi. If I call it the Sun, am I being sectarian? If I call it Surya, am I being sectarian? No . What is sectarian? It is if I say that the Sun is the only name to it or Surya is the only name or el Sol is the only name. That is sectarian.”

I didn’t here mention Hare Krishna, I just told him about the Sun. He immediately got the point. He understood, “Yes. You’re right.” He immediately understood. Introducing the Hare Krishna mantra is not sectarian. It’s only sectarian if we say “These are the only names of God. And if you don’t chant Hare Krishna you will go to hell.” We don’t say that. Lord Chaitanya says there are hundreds and millions of names for Lord and each of them have the equal potency. The problem is that I don’t have any taste for chanting. So that’s the proper understanding.

So then what does Krishna say next; the next thing he says is pavitram idam uttamam, this is the purest knowledge. pratyaksävagamam , if you study the different types of evidence you know that pratyaksä is direct perception. There is pratyaksa evidence, there is anumana and there is sabda. Anumana is mental speculation, following the mind anu-mana and then you have sabda transcendental sound vibration. So here Krishna is saying     pratyaksavagamam  which means you will directly experience the self by realization. We say that we are not the body, that we are spirit soul but when you actually become absorbed in the bhakti of the process, you are actually striving diligently to achieve pure devotion. What happens is you actually experience tangibly your spiritual identity. Your spiritual body is a reality. You actually begin to experience things, you directly experience the self by realization. That happens and it’s the perfection of religion and it’s everlasting and joyfully performed.


Prabhupada explains in one lecture that this Krishna Consciousness process it is simply recreation. In those days Prabhupada was called Swamiji. You cannot find any point where you can say, “Swamiji, this point is troublesome”. He said, “Nothing at all, it’s simply recreation”. su-sukham.  sukham we know is happiness but this is  su-sukham, a very, very happy thing, an extremely happy thing. The fact is if you can chant the name Krishna with purity, with complete purity, that one recitation of those two syllables Krs-na contains so much nectar, the entire universe cannot contain that nectar. So how much bliss there is in chanting the full mantra purely. So what’s the problem? Why aren’t we there yet? Well, we are holding on to our anarthas. We have to just admit it. we are not tasting the sweetest, inconceivable nectar every second, because we are holding on to our anarthas. So what do we do about it? We just have to strive to cultivate pure devotion. That’s all, it’s very simple thing. Every day we should wake up and we should think on this day let me strive to achieve pure devotional service.


At every minute we should be thinking “Let me put myself completely in a mood of total, complete surrender to my spiritual master and to Lord Sri Krishna.” At every minute, we should cultivate that mood. Our mind should be thinking that way, which will be effective then. If our mind is actually thinking that way; it will come out in our speech; it will come out in our activities. We commit so many mistakes; there is no doubt about it. We are conditioned. We shouldn’t be content to think, “Well, I’ll to do this; I’ll just continue at this level; it’s not possible to become a pure devotee. I’ll just continue with this level.” We should actually consciously strive to become a pure devotee at every minute, every day. Sometimes people ask whether you are a full time devotee or a part time devotee; because, if you are living in a temple you are a full time devotee, if not, you must be a part time devotee. My question, let’s just say, somebody is a householder living outside, going to their job on Monday morning, are they a full time or part time devotee? When they go to work do they give up being a devotee? Start eating bhoga, smoking cigarettes? No, they’re a devotee at work also. They are trying to be Krishna Conscious while they perform their occupational duty in their corporate job.

So actually whatever we are doing, every minute, whether I am at my job trying to please my boss, so that I keep my job; whether I am at home engaging my family members in chanting Hare Krishna in a kirtan, while commuting. Anywhere and everywhere I should strive for pure bhakti at every minute. And if we do that, do you think Krishna will not reciprocate with that? akamah sarva-kamo va moksa-kama udaradhih,   Krishna says, “Whatever you want, whether you want material desire, whether you want moksha, whether you want bhakti, you should pray to me for that.”


So if we intensely endeavor and beg Krishna to give us pure devotion at every minute, do you think he will not reciprocate with that prayer? He definitely will. He will be so pleased that, “This person wants to become My pure devotee and begging me ‘Please give me pure devotion’, everyday he keeps begging me, ‘Give me pure devotion, Krishna. I want pure bhakti. I don’t want to be a karma-misra-bhakta, I want to be a pure bhakta.’” Krishna will definitely reciprocate with that. So this is what we should do. And then we will actually experience what’s being described here by Krishna. Every moment will be the sweetest nectar for us, sweetest, most delicious nectar at every minute.


So I heard it ends at 7:20 and my watch says we have 3 minutes? Good. 5 minutes, somebody said. Anyways there are any questions? That’s the point. You have a question? Yes.


Q. What should be the result of knowledge?

 The result of knowledge is very clear. If you actually have knowledge, you understand things as they are, then you will act accordingly. Prabhupada personally instructed me in this matter. He said, “If you do not apply the knowledge, it will become tasteless.” In the beginning, just hearing the knowledge is very exciting, but if you don’t actually put that knowledge into practice, then, Prabhupada told me it will become dry and tasteless after sometime. So the real result of knowledge, if you actually grasped that knowledge then you will act in accordance with that knowledge. So let us do like that, that is intelligence. The culmination of applying the knowledge is to achieve pure love of God, pure Krishna prema where you have no interest separate from the Lord’s. You’re just completely totally absorbed in pleasing Krishna with every thought, every word, every deed, every time, every place and every circumstance. You have no interest separate from Krishna’s interest. That is perfection.


Q. What is his state of mind?                                                                                                                                      

He is absolutely ecstatic. He is absolutely ecstatic. There is no such thing as reverse condition to such a person. He sees everything as pure nectar; he experiences everything as pure nectar. There is no such thing as a reverse condition for a person who is purely absorbed in serving Krishna. Everything that happens to him simply increases his love for Krishna more and more and more. He just dives deeper and deeper and deeper into that ocean of Krishna prema, ever increasingly sweet, nava-nava-rasa , as described by Yamunacharya Albandru: nava-nava-rasa-dhamanudyata. Previously he was a king; he was having so much illicit sex. But now he has become a devotee of Krishna. He says, “Since I have been engaged in the service of Krishna, getting nava-nava-rasa, newer and newer taste in that bhakti, in that service to Krishna, whenever I think of material sense gratification, sex life, my lips curl with distaste and I spit at the thought”.


Q. Why are we so attracted to happiness?


We are attracted to being happy because, ananda-mayo ’bhyasat, the nature of a living being is to be happy, that is our nature. A fish is attracted to the water because its nature is to swim in water. So our actual nature is to be happy in Krishna’s service. The problem is we try to be happy artificially by being imitation Krishnas. That’s the difficulty. But being happy, that is your normal state of mind. That is the healthy conditioned; that’s why we always hanker for happiness.


We are just foolishly going about the wrong way, that’s all, wrong way. That’s why Guru is required. We have to take shelter of a bona fide Spiritual master and then he teaches us how to actually become happy. What did Prabhupada always say? “Chant and be happy.” Prabhupada wanted us to be happy. If some devotee was unhappy, he didn’t like. He would say, “Don’t be morose, don’t be morose, don’t be morose.” Prabhupada didn’t want us to be unhappy. He came to make us happy, to bring us back to our original, blissful natures, Krishna’s devotees.


Q. Hare Krishna. Whether it is a good deed or a bad deed, what is the percentage of our act in that and what is the percentage of God’s act in that? How much we are involved in one act? You know Krishna says, “I am the doer.” But we are also doing because of our svabhava.


Even though in one sense we are not the doer, in the other sense we are, because there are two natures which are doing everything. The spiritual nature is doing everything. There is para prakrti and apara prakrti. The spiritual nature or the spiritual energy acts and this material nature also acts. We have a choice which nature we want to be under. So we are responsible for our activities because we choose which nature we want to be under. That’s why we are responsible even though material energy is actually doing it, in one sense because people just stay manipulated by the modes of nature. But you have a choice of coming out and being a liberated person as a devotee, and acting freely without being manipulated by the modes. If you choose to be under the influence of the modes, then you have to take responsibility for everything you do while you are under the influence of the modes. Just like someone may say, “Your honor, I was drunk, I am not responsible for killing that person. I didn’t know what I was doing when I murdered that him. I was drunk.” But he said, “You made the choice of becoming drunk. So you have to take the responsibility for that murder you committed. Even though you weren’t conscious that you did it because you were so intoxicated.” If you choose to try to imitate the Lord and put yourself under His material energy, you have to take responsibility for every single thing that is done by you, even the modes are actually doing it, you are responsible because you placed yourself under the modes voluntarily by trying to imitate Krishna. So come out of the modes, come to the liberated position of pure devotional service. That is our request.


So if anybody would like to join… we have pen and paper? We have our free e-course, The Ultimate Self Realization Course; we need some paper and pen. Anybody would like to sign up with this? Give your name and email address, we can add you to the course. My wife, Vishnupriya Devi Dasi has just gone out looking for pen and paper. So you can approach her. Here she is. So you can just approach her, everyone has seen Vishnupriya Mataji. So you can approach her if you like to be in this free e-course. You will receive a wonderful thought for the day, every day in your email box and a weekly lesson also. So you can sign up with her.

Thank you very much for your kindness to allow us to be here with these wonderful sadhus.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya.


Transcribed by Her Grace Bhaktin Lipsa

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