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College lecture

Tartu, Estonia


[Lecture translated into Estonian by a devotee]

Sankarshan Das Adhikari: So we are very happy that you all have come.

[To a devotee] "You should come up here".

We are very, very happy you have come today. We are traveling all over the world to teach the sublime method of how to achieve unlimited happiness through self-realization process. In this world we struggle very hard to make a living, which means to have enough money to pay our rent and to buy our food and our clothes, doctor bills, etc. But we are very poorly equipped to find that actual happiness within the heart. Actually within us we have unlimited happiness. There is an actual reservoir of unlimited happiness within the heart. But for thousands of years on this earth that science of self-realization has been lost. It has been very carefully handed down from master to disciple, in a very limited way, in India. So, now because of one great spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this science is being spread all over the world. And today it is here being presented in this University in Tartu, Estonia. So you should consider yourself to be very, very fortunate to have this opportunity to be introduced to this sublime science of self-realization. Just as within a match, fire exists and all you have to do to get that fire is strike the match. Similarly within you is an ocean of unlimited wisdom and unlimited happiness that does not require a university degree. It simply requires that you come in contact with a proper striking surface and be in the proper frame of mind. If those two conditions are met, a proper striking surface and a proper frame of mind [imitates striking of a match] the fire of spiritual enlightenment becomes ignited within your heart. So we have brought for you today, the proper striking surface and all we are asking from you is this: that you kindly be in the proper frame of mind. Because if you are, then the seed of spiritual enlightenment will be planted in your heart today. And if you nurture that seed with care and attention you will become one of the great enlightened people on this planet in the history of the world.

So listen very carefully. You may be asking, what is the proper attitude. The proper attitude is called submissive hearing. It is not a difficult attitude. Just like when you take a course at the university you open your mind up, to learn what the professor is teaching. That is all you have to do today. You don't have to blindly accept anything. In fact we want you to fully utilize your intelligence. But just kindly use your intelligence by paying close, close attention, trying to understand with an open mind every concept that is being presented. And if you do so, we can assure you that you will find this subject matter to be the most amazing subject matter you have ever encountered in your entire life. You will find it to be strikingly wonderful. So now with that introduction we will begin to dive into this most sublime subject matter which is known as the ‘Science of Self-Realization’.

Some people criticize they say, “You are being brain washed. Somebody is planting some weird eastern ideas into your brain.” But that is not a fact. The fact is the pure enlightened consciousness of the liberated spiritual being is already existing within you. And with the proper guidance of a bona fide spiritual master, that pure enlightened consciousness can easily be revived. So step number one is to ask this question, “Who am I?” What do we normally answer when someone asks us who we are? We give them the name that is on our passport. Isn't it? You can legally change your name. My father did not like his name that he got from his parents. So he changed it. And he got a new name of his own choosing. So are you your name? Is that actually you? No, it is not. So who actually are you? What is your actual identity? Are you that material body? This material body is changing at every minute. Every time we inhale and every time we exhale [breathes in and out], the body is changing. When we inhale, new chemicals are coming in and becoming part of our body. And when we exhale, chemicals that we thought were us are now some part of someone else. So you may look into a mirror and think how do I look today? But what you are looking at is not actually you. Just like today I may wear this brown jacket and tomorrow I may wear something else. Am I that brown jacket? No, I am not. So the self and the body are two different things. That is the first point we have to understand. The self means just like you can remember experiences you had when you were a tiny child. The body has changed, but yet you can remember experiences you had when you were a small child. So the chemicals you have now that make you up now, are different from the chemicals you had when you were a small child. But yet you remember experiences you had when you were a small child. So therefore we can understand the body and the self are two different things.

So if you are not your body and you are not your name, then what are you? This information should be taught by our parents. This education should be taught in our schools. When you come to the university, they ask you what you would like to major in. But they don't even tell you who you are? The student could ask the university campus advisor, "My dear advisor, you are asking me what I want to major in but can you kindly first tell me who am I? Once I understand who I am, then it would be much easier to decide what I want to do". But they want you to decide what you will do with your entire life without ever telling you who you are. Actually they are not even able to tell you who you are, because they don't know who they are. This is the defect of our modern day education. Nobody has a clue who they actually are. But they are very busy going about doing their activities, completely oblivious to the actual nature of the self. And therefore in spite of so much advancement of this modern day civilization we see that everywhere people are frustrated, people are miserable, people are angry, people are confused and completely bewildered. If this knowledge of the self can actually be given throughout the entire society, then all the problems of the world can be solved. There will be no more hunger, no more terrorism, no more crying. People will be happy, people will live longer. Sickness will become much less. Everything will become very nice. We won't have to work so hard to make a living. We can be much more relaxed and happy and peaceful. All we have to do is understand “Who am I?” and “What is my relationship with the totality of existence?” Each and every one of us is a part of something much greater than ourselves. None of us can claim that we are the complete whole. Each of us is part of a complete whole which is much greater than us. So what is the nature of the part in relation to the whole? This we have to understand. Just like here in this little cassette recorder, there are different parts of the cassette recorder. Here is the record button, there is the rewind button, there is the forward button, play, stop or eject. There is the volume switch. There are so many different parts. So what is the function of each part in relation to the complete whole unit? The function of each part is to serve the complete whole. If there is any part which is not serving the complete whole then what do you have to do? You have to take it to the repair shop. It is broken. So, each and every one of us is a part of the complete whole of the totality of existence. And the difficulty is if we don't know who we are, we are a broken part. And if we have a machine that has so many broken parts, then the machine will not operate properly. That is why there is so much chaos and havoc in the world right now.

So, what we are doing, we have a movement known as the Krishna consciousness movement and in this movement what we are doing is we are the repair shop for the broken parts. We have a science, a methodology, a technique of how to take the broken parts and repair them, so that they function properly in relationship with the complete whole. This repairing process is known as the science of self-realization. The nice thing is that all you have to do is to get yourself back in tune with the complete whole. And then your life will become absolutely sublime and ecstatic at every minute. Even if everybody else stays out of tune with the complete whole, but if only you will get back in complete harmony with the complete whole, your life will be unlimitedly ecstatic. It doesn't depend on everybody doing it. You can be the only one on your block who does it.

What we are teaching, is how that individual living being, who is part and parcel of the complete whole or God can re-harmonize himself or herself, re-synchronize himself or herself with God or the complete whole. The next question is then how do I do that? How do I synchronize or harmonize or perfectly dovetail myself in the individual consciousness with that Supreme consciousness. To do that we have to understand what is the nature of that supreme consciousness, that complete whole - God. We have to understand what is the nature of God. Some people say “Well, there is no God”. But they only say that because they do not know what is God.

[Talks to the translator] Do you have a president or prime minister in this country Estonia?

Translator: Yes. Both.

SDA: Both. Who is the chief executive? Who has more power?

Translator: the prime minister.

SDA: Ok. Someone may come visiting Estonia and they say, “Well, I have walked around Tartu, I have walked all around Tallinn. I went up and down the Baltic coast. And I never saw the prime minister here. So I have concluded that your country, Estonia, does not have a prime minister because I never met him. Therefore you don't have one. I stayed in your country for a whole week and the prime minister never came to the hotel room to introduce himself to me, so I have concluded that you do not have a prime minister here because he never came to meet me. And I never happened to run into him when I was walking down the street.” So in the same way there are many people who say there is no God because they never happened to meet Him. And He never came and knocked on their door. But the fact is, if we actually understand what is the meaning of prime minister then we can understand that yes, there is a prime minister. If we understand what is the meaning of God then we can understand, yes there is God.

So then what is the meaning of God? It is very simple to understand what is God. God means the origin, the fountainhead of all energies. So even the atheistic scientists, they are trying to find out what is the origin of the universe. Someone says it is the Big Bang! Someone says it is something else. There are many different theories. But they are all trying to find out what is the origin of the Universe. Everyone agrees that there is an origin for the universe. So whether you are a theist or you are an atheist, everybody agrees there is an origin. So actually everybody is a theist because God is the origin.

So, since we understand that there is an origin, actually it is a very simple logic to understand there is an origin. Do we have any experience of something coming out of nothing? Have any of you experienced something coming out of nothing. Just like do Lay’s potato chips just pop out of nothing. They take the potatoes from the field and they cut them up and fry them and then they get Lays potato chips. So Lays potato chips did not pop out of nowhere. They come from potatoes. Then where do potatoes come from? They also have a source. And that thing has a source. And that thing has a source. And you go back, back, back, back, back to the source of the Lays potato chips and you finally find that thing which has no source. So just by studying Lays potato chips we can discover God. I don't know if Lays potato chips can capitalize on this. It is a fact. You can take anything and trace it back, back, back, back, anything, a tree, a flower garland, a tape recorder, a key. You can take any object of this world, those earrings that you are wearing. You can take any object of this material world and you can trace it back, back, back, back until you finally reach God. So God is that source from which everything is coming.

So the next question is, well, is that source a person or just some energy out there vibrating? That is the next question. Is God just some energy out there or is God a Person. There are two different schools of thought. Some say that God is just some energy out there vibrating in the Cosmos and some say that God is a person. So are both concepts true? Is one of those concepts true? Or neither of those concepts true? We should study it. I will give you one simple example.

Let’s say every day I brought you one kilo of pure gold. Every morning I came at your door and knocked at your door. I say "Good morning. Hare Krishna! And I brought you your kilo of gold for the day. I am going to bring this to you every day for your whole life.” You get kind of excited, “Well, I can drop out of school. I don't have to work anymore. I will just live the life of a millionaire. I will just get my own Lear jet. No problem, I can buy all the politicians I want. I got it made. I am going to get one kilo of gold every day. That is pretty good, pure gold.”

But one day your curiosity gets the most of you.

And you say "Sankarshan Prabhu, where do you get all this gold. I am so happy that you are bringing me the gold. Where do you get all this gold from"?

I say "Well, I have a gold mine",

You say "Really! How much gold do you have in that gold mine"?

“Well, I don't have any gold in it”.

"Now come on, you are lying, you are covering it up. You must have a lot of gold in that gold mine. Otherwise how are you bringing me one kilo everyday of pure gold?”

So just try to understand. From that original source from which everything is coming, like the sun, just came into the room. Everything is emanating from that original source originally. So from that original source so many persons are coming. I am a person, my translator is a person, you all are persons. There are so many persons here in this room, so many persons in Tartu, so many persons in Estonia, so many persons in the Baltic States, so many persons in Europe, so many persons on the entire planet. There are so many persons.

So therefore that original source, that origin of everything must possess personality. So how can we call it ‘IT’? How would you like it if every day I said to you "How is ‘it’ doing today"? Instead of saying ‘you’, if I called you 'it', would you like that? I would say "It looks really good today in the blue shirt". What would you feel like if I called you ‘it’? You might tolerate ‘it’ for a few days but I think after a while you will become rather offended. “I am not an 'it'. I am a person. How you can call me 'it'?” So therefore we should not call God 'IT'. God is a person. So whether God is a He or She that is another subject matter.

Actually in our Krishna conscious wisdom we understand God as She-He. Because we address God as Hare Krishna, Hare is the feminine aspect of God, and Krishna is the masculine aspect of God. So in our Krishna conscious tradition we address God as She-He. So for us there is no debate whether God is She or whether God is He. We understand God as She-He, Radha- Krishna, Sita Ram, Hare Krishna.

So the next question is why is God doing this? Why is Krishna emanating from Himself all of us. What is the point? In the Sanskrit literatures which describe Krishna or God in great detail there is a word which describes Krishna and that word is "Atma-Rama". Atma-Rama means self-enjoyer. God doesn't need anything else. He can enjoy just being Himself or Herself or She-He self or He-She self whatever you want to say. So why does Krishna or God do this? Why is He expanding from Himself all these innumerable living beings since He can enjoy being all alone if He wants to?

Why is He expanding from Himself all these living beings? Because we are expansions from God, we can analyze our own natures. Just as one piece of rice will tell you the nature of all the rice within the pot, you can study your own nature to understand what is God. Our nature is we like to have association. We do not like to be alone. That is our nature. That nature actually originates in God, Krishna. Krishna or God wants to have unlimited opportunities to exchange love with others. Therefore He expands from Himself millions and billions of living entities for the purpose of having a loving relationship with them. So that is why you exist. You don't exist because your mother and father wanted to have a baby. You exist because God wanted to have a special type of loving relationship that only you can give Him. Just like there are no two snowflakes that are exactly alike. There are no two people who are exactly alike. Each and every one of you has unique qualities and characteristics which are possessed only by you and nobody else in the entire universe. And that is so because Krishna or God wants to have a special type of loving relationship with you and only you can give Him. So the self-realization process that we are describing to you today is bringing back together between you and that Supreme Person in a relationship of loving reciprocation.

God loves you and He wants your love in return. In our present world situation, honestly speaking, we have forgotten how to love God. That is why we are not happy. Just as a fish cannot be happy unless he is in water, the living being cannot be happy unless he or she has re-established his or her lost loving relationship with the Supreme Being.

So we want to teach you how to do that. This is an ancient science known as yoga. Yoga means to link or connect yourself with God. There are many different types of yoga. There is the yoga where you sit down and go "AUM". There is that yoga where you engage in philosophical speculation of the Vedanta sutra. There is kundalini yoga. There are so many types of yoga. The ultimate purpose of all types of yogas is to reconnect with God. So we are teaching a type of yoga which is called bhakti. [B-H-A-K-T-I, for those who are taking notes, Bhakti yoga.] Bhakti means loving devotion. In each and every type of yoga the goal is to absorb the mind fully in God. That is the goal. In some types of yoga they sit and do the breathing and all those things. That is for making the mind very peaceful so that gradually they can fix their minds just like a lamp in a windless place with no deviation totally absorbs the mind in God. That is done through a system of actually forcing the mind to remain still. Through the breathing exercises and bodily postures, you force the mind to stay absolutely still. But that is very difficult when you have a homework assignment that is due. Or you have to get to work on time to pay your bills. Or your boyfriend is calling you out for a date. That system requires you to go to the Himalayan Mountains in India and totally forget about the modern day world. Those yogis don't even bring nail clippers. They totally neglect their body. They don't bring a comb or a brush, they don't bring razor blades and shaving cream, they don't bring tooth paste. They don't even bring food or a blanket. They sit there in the Himalayan Mountains and may be eat a few berries or something like few roots that are growing in the nearby areas. That is it. And if a cobra comes or a tiger comes, they simply sit there in their meditation. They are not allowed to run. So it is not a very easy yoga to do. There is no question of internet connection or writing a post card back to home. Writing a post card back to Tartu, "I am having a great time in the Himalayas. Wish you were here". There is no question of any of that. You have to cut yourself off from all your friends, all your family and the entire human society. Okay, who wants to volunteer to go to the Himalayas to become self-realized? I don't see any volunteers. So we have a system of yoga which is much easier than that. This bhakti yoga system will give you the same result, of complete total spiritual enlightenment and you can stay with your family members. You can stay with your friends, you can stay in your education, you can stay in your job and become self-realized. So this is what we are teaching. How is it so effective?

You may be wondering how is it possible to be in the middle of all this material nature and become completely spiritual. The answer is quite simple. When you are in love you cannot do anything but think of your beloved 24 hours a day, isn't it? If you have a crush on somebody, when you are in love then all you can do is think about them 24 hours a day. So this bhakti yoga science is a system of how to fall madly in love with God. It doesn't matter if you are male or female. It is the same principle, because actually we are not male or female. As we discussed earlier, we are not these material bodies they are just a covering like the jacket. The actual spiritual being is neither male nor female. Right now we are simply wearing an external covering of male and female. So the actual secret of success on the spiritual enlightenment path is to revive the feelings of love for God which are already there in your heart right now. To realize that God is a person who is showering you with unlimited love and kindness at every minute, to actually awaken your spiritual senses. So you can feel His powerful love being poured upon you at every minute. You can actually feel that love coming to you at every minute, and you naturally want to reciprocate with that love. This is called the bhakti yoga science. And this is what we are teaching you. We have books available. After the end of the lecture you can come. It is first come, first serve. There are only 12 books here and there are about 20 or 30 of you. It is first come, first serve.

We have a center here. We do have more books back at the center. On Riya Avenue, we have a center there, you can come. I will be giving a lecture there tomorrow evening. At what time? At four O’clock tomorrow, I will be giving a lecture there. There will be some nice food also. So anyway we are here in Tartu for this purpose to teach you how to achieve unlimited happiness through the self-realization science. That is why we are here. And we wanted to give you a little demonstration now of how we go about awakening those feelings of love of God in our heart. It is done through music.

So how many people like music here? Anybody here is music fans? Alright here we go! We have some music fans. Very good! Very good! Actually music is a very powerful, very wonderful thing. So we are going to show you our music which is very powerful music and we are going to teach you how to join in. This is meditational music and is not actually performance like a rock band. This is a meditational thing that everybody can be a part of. Just as much as I am doing it, you can also be a part of it. And here is how we do it. I am going to sing a mantra and then you all can sing it back. One time I will sing it to you, and you will sing it to me. In this way we will just keep going back and forth. (Plays on the mridanga) So the mantra is written on the board. Where are the kartalas? Got them. Okay. It is very simple. Everybody can repeat after me. We will practice here. I will say and you will repeat back to me.

[Loudly chants each syllable of the mahamantra and devotees repeat]

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

[Again plays on mridanga]

Now let me give you a little background. What happens is... this is actually amazing. These are mystical sound vibrations. This is an ancient mantra given by great self-realized teachers of ancient India. God Himself is present in this mantra. So when you sing this mantra you are directly associating with God. So the point is, sing with love, because God is now coming to you in the form of this mantra. And you can show Him how much you love Him by singing with love. I will sing once and then you all sing it back. And we will go back and forth.

[Sings kirtana of Mahamantra and devotees join Gurudeva ecstatically]

[Kirtana ends]

SDA: You did pretty good. I will take you on the world tour with me. That will be great! We will go chanting all over the world. That is how we reconnect the individual consciousness with the Supreme consciousness. And when you connect your individual consciousness with the Supreme consciousness then you attain a state known as Krishna consciousness. That is what we are teaching, how to become Krishna conscious.

So does anybody have any questions? Does anybody not fully understand how to become completely spiritually enlightened? Let's see a show of hands of all those who already realized perfectly well how to become fully spiritually enlightened beings. Let's see how many of you know that. Raise your hands if you completely know the science of how to become a fully enlightened spiritual being. I don't see any hands going up. That means that all of you have a lot to learn about how to become spiritual enlightened beings. Therefore we are giving you the opportunity now to ask questions. We are not even charging money for this session. Do you realize that the knowledge we are giving you here today is easily worth $10,000. But out of kindness we are giving it free but actually it is worth at least $10,000 the knowledge we are giving you here today. Why only $10,000, $100,000, 1 million, 1 billion dollars, you cannot put a price tag on this knowledge. Maybe if we charge money for the questions, we might get some questions. Hundred dollars a question that is how much we are charging and then we might think, "Oh, it is worth a hundred dollars; alright I'll pay a $100 to ask a question". This system is so powerful and so effective that for many, many years we were making an offer that if you follow this system of Krishna consciousness for six months with full seriousness, carefully following all the instructions we give you of how to do it, if you do not find at the end of six months that you are the happiest, most fulfilled, knowledgeable person beyond which you can ever dream you could have been then we will give you 10,000 Euros cash. No one has ever come forward for the money yet. Because this system is effective, it works. If you will follow this session of Krishna consciousness you will become a fully spiritual enlightened being in due course, we guarantee it. So if there is no question we can… There is a question?

Devotee: Where does this mantra come from?

SDA: the question is “where does this mantra come from?” This is described by Narottama Dasa. He says, golokera prema-dhana hari-nama sankirtana, which means this Hare Krishna mantra it is imported from the spiritual world. It is not an invention of this material world. It comes from beyond this realm of time and space. If you chant it with all seriousness it will take you beyond this realm of time and space into that deathless realm of immortality.

Devotee: What does it mean?

SDA: What does it mean literally? Okay. ‘Hare’ is addressing the energy of God. And ‘Krishna’ is addressing God.

Devotee: What does ‘Rama’ mean?

SDA: ‘Rama’ means the Supreme Enjoyer. ‘Hare’ means ‘the energy of God’, ‘Krishna’ means ‘the all-attractive one’ and ‘Rama’ means the ‘supreme enjoyer’. By chanting these names we are asking the Lord and His energy, “Kindly engage me in Your service”. If you love someone don't you want to serve them? That is why by asking the Lord, “Please engage us in Your service” that awakens the feelings of love in the heart.

Devotee: Why did we come here to suffer?

SDA: Yes. That is a very good question. Why are we suffering? Actually our original position is in the spiritual world with Krishna or God. That's our original position. So why are we suffering then? That answer is very simple. Love is voluntary. Love cannot be forced. If I force you to love me by putting a gun to your head, you cannot love me. Love is when there is no force. I simply give you my love and then you can reciprocate or not according to your free choice. That is actual love from your side. So Krishna or God is giving us unlimited love and He is not forcing us to reciprocate that love. He is giving us a free choice whether we want or not want to reciprocate His love. Because of that free choice sometimes the living being will make the mistake of thinking, "Well let me try not loving God and see if that is better”. And then after he tries it for a while he realizes it is not so great. "Let me try loving God again and see if it is better". The mother warns her children, “Do not stick your hand in the fire because it will burn”. The children obey the mother. But one of the children when the mother goes out of the room he wants to try and see what it is like. So he tries sticking his hand in the fire. “Aaaaah!!” [Imitates screaming in pain]. He tried it but he got burnt. So we got burnt. This material world is a fire. We tried sticking our hand in the fire and now we are suffering from the burn. But if we simply can take to this bhakti yoga system we can revive that original loving relationship with God. And we will not stick our hand in the fire anymore, and we will go back to our original position which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss in the spiritual kingdom. That was a wonderful question. Thank you very much for that.

Devotee: Why did Krishna give you the choice?

SDA: Why did Krishna give you the choice? Because of course He could make you a slave if He wanted too. He is powerful. Is this your girlfriend here? No. Okay. Let us say, would somebody rather have a boyfriend or girlfriend or would they rather have a slave? What is more enjoyable? Having a slave or having a husband or a wife? People would much rather have a free person who chooses to love them than to force someone else to love them by coercion. So this is why God gives you a choice. He could force you to serve Him by force but then you are a slave. A slave is forced to serve someone. You cannot really love when you are forced. So He gives you the choice to love or not to love. Because then He can actually get your love. That’s what He wants. He wants your love not your forced service. That is why He gave you the choice. Just like people like to have a dog that you can let run free to roam and he will still come home as opposed to a dog you have to keep chained all the time. Questions more?

Devotee: I just wanted to ask why there are so many religions in the world.

SDA: Yes. This is a very good question. Religion is actually one, to love God. There are many great teachers throughout history who have come to teach us how to love God. Lord Krishna taught how we can love Him or God. Many other great gurus in India came and taught how to love God. Jesus came to Israel and taught how to love God. They are all teaching actually the same thing. But the message is adjusted according to that particular audience at that time in a way that they can understand in that particular time and that particular culture. But the essential teaching of all these great teachers is exactly the same, to love that Supreme Being. Just as there are many languages in this world as Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Finnish, English. And in each and every language there is a different name for God but still God is one person. So in different religions also they have different names for God. But that is not a problem because God is multi-lingual. Whether you address Him in Estonian, whether you pray in Russian, whether you pray in English, or whether you pray in Sanskrit. This is Sanskrit. The language does not matter. But the love in your heart is what matters. The love is what counts not the language you use.

Devotee: Is it essential to practice this mantra in a group?

SDA: You can chant it individually also. Who has japa beads? We have individual chanting also. We have beads called japa beads. This is for your own private meditation. Every morning members of our Krishna conscious movement get up as early as possible, take a nice shower and they peacefully chant around the beads.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

They spent one and a half to two hours every day chanting around these beads, their own individual private chanting. So then after we do our private chanting then we also have our group chanting. So we do both. But the group chanting makes our private chanting better and the private chanting makes our group chanting better. So they feed off each other, they complement each other both things.

Devotee: [Inaudible]

SDA: What is she saying?

Translator: Do you know any other mantras?

SDA: Yes we have many mantras, om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. Actually we have thousands and thousands of mantras. We have one book called the Srimad Bhagavatam., it has 18,000 mantras. This Bhagavad-gita has about 700-800 mantras. The Sri Isopanishad has 19 mantras. So we have many, many, many thousands of mantras. But this mantra here is called mahamantra, because it is the greatest of all the mantras. It is recommended in the Kali Santarana Upanishad. That of all the mantras, this mantra is the most powerful mantra.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

You have a signup sheet. You want to make an announcement. Go ahead and make the announcement. You want it now? Yes, we have a program tomorrow at 4pm. We will give you the address and phone number. We will write on the board and everyone can note it down.

[Transcribed by Her Grace Bhaktin Priya]

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