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Program in  the home of Amal Roy

Guelph, Canada



om ajnana-timirandhasya
caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah

sthapitam yena bhu-tale
svayam rupah kada mahyam
dadati sva-padantikam

So, as we were explaining, within the heart there is actually dormant and enlightened consciousness. We are seeing children here; actually we are all children of God. We are seeing different ages but actually we are all the same age. There is no difference in age. Krishna explains in the Bhagavad-gita:

na tv evaham jatu nasam
na tvam neme janadhipah

“Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.”

So, we are eternal beings, the body is of different ages. Of course we have had millions and billions of bodies, according to our desires to enjoy in varieties of ways. The difficulty is our original pure desire to serve God somehow we have lost that and we desired to be imitation lords in this world. So we have taken so many varieties of forms to try to do that in so many ways as men, as women, as human beings, as demigods, as animals, as plants, as white people, as black people. We have tried in so many ways to be happy and enjoy separately from God.

 But in each and every case, we have not been fully satisfied. We may get some happiness but just like here in North America, people generally feel they are happy. Most people, if you ask them, “do you have a happy life”, most people will say, “yes.” But then you ask them, “Was there any unhappiness you have to deal with.” Everyone will say, “oh yes, I have to deal with unhappiness.” So even in this land where there is so much material facility and so much happiness, still there is so much unhappiness here we have to deal with.

So this spiritual position is actually one of complete happiness, brahma-saukhyaḿ tv anantam, that is the liberated position. (Aside: so now we are having discussion, this is time fot seriousness) So, what we are providing is the ancient Vedic civilization, the ancient Vedic culture, the ancient Vedic wisdom, this knowledge was given in the very beginning of the Universe from Lord Brahma, I mean to say from Krishna to Lord Brahma.

tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye muhyanti yat surayah

In the very beginning of the universe Lord Krishna enlightened Lord Brahma with spiritual knowledge and with that empowerment Brahma then was able to do his work of universal creation. He became a fully enlightened being, and at the same time he was able to do his material duty successfully.

This actually defeats this idea of that either if you are grihasta that you cannot become enlightened person. That’s only for sannyasi. That’s not true. Brahma was engaged in propagation. He was propagating so many children from himself to populate the universe. But he did that as an enlightened being. So Arjuna is also an example. He did not have to give up household life and become a sannyasi to become spiritually enlightened being. So spiritual enlightenment is for everyone.

(Aside: Don’t talk, don’t talk, you listen, this is school time, no talking you listen you just hear. God gave you two ears and only one mouth so that means you have to hear more than you can speak. Ok. Is that alright? very good. Good boys and good girls! Very good.)

If we can hear from the bona fide spiritual master, that is the injunction of the Bhagavad-gita:

tad viddhi pranipatena
pariprasnena sevaya
upadeksyanti te jnanam
jnaninas tattva-darsinam

“Just try to learn the truth by inquiring from a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized souls can impart knowledge unto you because they have seen the truth.”

If we can hear from the bona fide spiritual master, bona fide means he is not concocting anything. He is taking the original knowledge given by Krishna to Brahma which is come down through parampara that is called guru parampara system. He is simply bringing that knowledge which has come from Krishna to Brahma from Brahma to Narada from Narada to Vyasadeva. In this way knowledge has come down. If someone concocts their own knowledge they are actually not guru. Guru is simply a messenger just like Fed-Ex man. He simply delivers. He doesn’t add. He doesn’t open up your package add something or take something away. Whatever is given by the original sender that is simply delivered as it is. That is guru. The original sender is Krishna.

{This is my wife Vishnu Priya devi dasi. She is my constant travelling companion. We travel all over the world spreading this Krishna bhakti. We have just completed the tour of Europe. You have DVD player?}

Amal: Yes

SDA: Yes, we have just gotten back from Europe. We went to the Muslim world also and engaged the Muslim people in chanting Hare Krishna with great enthusiasm. We have a DVD of that and we would like to see it later in the evening. We can show you the DVD of the Muslim people chanting Hare Krishna in great ecstasy. It is quite amazing actually.

Amal: Where was that?

SDA: Istanbul. They are a little bit more open there. It’s not like the other Muslim countries. It is open Muslim country. But still they are not use to chanting Hare Krishna and they really liked it a lot.

So your idea of the format is to have just discussion or what?


SDA: Some kirtan now.

VPM: Some kirtan now and then some (not audible).

SDA: Alright!  Ok! That’s good! So what we will do now is we will have kirtan that will help children to get focused a little better because philosophy is little over their heads right now at this age. But the music they can enjoy.

So, Amal Roy you open my harmonium, unzip my harmonium there.

This chanting of

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

This is the prime benediction for humanity at large. There is nothing greater blessing than this nama sankirtan come. This is actually the special gift of God. There are four different yugas. There is the Satya-Yuga, there is the Treta-Yuga, there is the Dvapara-Yuga and the Kali-Yuga. In each Yuga there is prescribed dharma, how to become liberated person.

 In Satya yuga they would sit and do this yoga postures, the deep breathing and it takes many, many thousands of years to become perfect. They lived to be hundred thousand. One hundred thousand years they lived to be in Satya-Yuga, and they would do this yoga system and it would take them 60,000 years to become perfect in this yoga system.

The following age is called Treta Yuga. In Satya Yuga they lived to be 100,000 years old and 10,000years old in Treta Yuga. They would do great sacrificial ceremonies in that time requiring huge quantities of gold and huge quantities of ghee, and brahmanas who were absolutely flawless. The brahmanas were so expert in chanting mantras. They could do anything with the power of mantra. Now a days brahmans they cannot chant the mantra like them. They would have one brahmana who is chanting the mantra. They have another brahmana who is the referee brahmana to make sure that the mantra is chanted properly. They could perform very wonderful things to mantra and Lord Vishnu would come and attend in the sacrificial ceremonies.

So the following age that is called Dvapara Yuga. In that age, elaborate temple worship was the means of spiritual enlightenment, very costly jewelries, the real valuable jewels very, very costly deity worship, elaborate, deity worship. But in this age these other methods are not practical they lived to be one thousand years old in the Dvapara Yuga.

In this age we live to be 100 years max, and no one, very seldom, if someone makes it to hundred is even in the newspaper. It’s very difficult to reach hundred now. Even eighty is considered a great accomplishment now. He is octogenarian if he made it to eighty.

Actually as the Kali Yuga progresses, if someone lives to be 20 years old they will be considered grand old man. Eventually it will reach the point where twenty years will be considered an old man. So in this age everything is diminishing gradually, gradually, gradually. We are becoming physically shorter than we use to be, everything is going down the air is becoming polluted, the water is becoming polluted. Gradually the vegetation will go away. The whole planet will become cannibals because vegetarians will have a hard time getting food. That will happen gradually as the Kali-Yuga gets worse.

Of course by this nama sankirtan we can hold off the Kali-Yuga. In fact we can reverse it. We can bring back a pious age to this planet. It is predicted in Caitanya caritamrita, there will be 10,000 year period in which God consciousness becomes very much uplifted. That 10,000 year period began 500 years ago with the advent of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, in Bengal.

So we have a very golden opportunity now by chanting this nama sankirtan.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
 Hare Ram, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

We can taste the sweetest nectar chanting the holy names of God, purifying our hearts of all the impurities. At the same time do the highest good for the whole planet.

This kirtan that we are having here tonight, it is not only helping us in this room to become spiritually elevated but it is helping the powerful effect on the entire planet. And there are many kirtan groups; the Hare Krishna movement is having many kirtan groups all over the world all the time. So the combined effect of all this Hare Krishna kirtan is having a very great impact to hold back the inauspiciousness of this age and gradually push forward the auspiciousness upon the world atmosphere. It is the most auspiciousness thing that you ‘all have come here tonight and participating in this. It brings great blessings upon your life actually.

We have been for countless eons going through the cycle of birth and death. But this Hare Krishna mantra if it is chanted with love then it revives the dormant enlightened consciousness within the heart.

As we were mentioning before the kirtan we are all spiritual enlightened beings. That is our actual identity and by this process of chanting the holy names of God, we revive that dormant consciousness.

Our original state is completely blissful and serving God 24 hours a day. But we somehow gave up that position. We came to the position where we wanted to try to make ourselves center of enjoyment.

 In this world, we are all trying to do that. I am trying to be the center. You are trying to be the center. And that’s why there is so much conflict. Everywhere conflict is going on, because everyone is trying to play the center. I want to be the center of enjoyment either myself or make my family the center of enjoyment or my nation as center of enjoyment or to make the human species the center of enjoyment and exploit all the other living beings on this planet in the slaughter house.

So in this way we are neglecting our actual dharma, our actual duty which is to revive our loving relationship with God and do everything for His pleasure for His satisfaction. The fact is according to the Vedanta sutra:

anandamayo ‘bhyasat

Isn’t it a fact? We all want to enjoy. The nature of everyone is to enjoy. You cannot deny, everyone wants to enjoy, the children wants to enjoy, the adults wants to enjoy. We all have that common in everyone. We all want to enjoy.

So spiritual life or Vedic culture means you use your intelligence to actually learn how to really enjoy. The material world is offering us unlimited varieties of so-called enjoyment. But note the term so-called in front of the word enjoyment.

We are never really satisfied actually. We are told if we can have or make certain amount of money then we will be happy. But we make that certain amount of money and we are still not happy. Then we think well, I have to make even more money. No matter what you do to try to enjoy this material world you will always feel that you are not fully satisfied. No matter, how successful you may be in your chosen pursuits, you will always find that you are somehow short of being fully satisfied,  because we are not coming back to our original position, which is simply to be a humble servant of God.

In that position that is our natural position. Just like a fish if you take him out of the water and you try to make him happy on the land. Is it possible? You can give him a nice comfortable sofa chair, give him a colored TV set with a nice sound system, one of those super huge TV. “Ok, Mr. Fish, I have given you a nice sofa, I have given you a huge entertainment center with your own remote control and fifty channels to choose from why aren’t you happy? What’s the problem?”

 The obvious thing is if you take the fish out of the water, he can’t be happy unless you put him back in the water. If the fish is not in the water, he can’t be happy on the land. Unless the fish is in the water no matter what you do to satisfy him on the land he will never be satisfied.

So my dear Ladies and gentlemen and wonderful little children, I have come tonight to inform you. I have come all the way from Texas to inform you that we are fish out of the water right now in this material existence. That is our position. That’s why we are not satisfied. No matter what arrangements we make here in this material world we are never happy, we are never satisfied. And I have come also to give you the means of becoming satisfied. I am not just coming to give you the bad news that you can never be satisfied in this material world because it is not your actual home.

I am coming to give you the means of actually achieving unlimited happiness for every second, with every thought, with every word, with every deed, and every time, and every place and every situation at home, at work, commuting, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, I don’t care what you are doing, we are giving you a formula by which you can taste unlimited nectar at every minute. And every moment is delicious wonderful experience so there is no anxiety in your life. We have come to give you that formula. It can be called by different names. We use the name Krishna consciousness. You can call Allah consciousness or Christ consciousness. It is the same thing.

 But the word Krishna is especially appropriate because in Sanskrit language the word Krishna means all attractive. So many different names for God, each one of them describes the different attractive attributes of the Lord. But the name Krishna includes all the attributes.

 Vishnu sahasra nama is the thousand names of Lord Vishnu, and the devotees will chant all the thousand names. There is one family in Austin they used to do that. The father would chant, the little daughters would chant, the sons would chant, everyone, the whole family would chant Vishnu sahasra nama. So the scripture says that if you chant the name Rama, one time, then that has the same effect of chanting Vishnu sahasra nama. And it also says that if you would say the name Krishna one time, that has the potency of saying, “Rama, Rama, Rama.” So, if you say Krishna then that’s the equivalent of going through the whole thousand names of Vishnu three times.

So, especially this name ‘Krishna,’  we don’t say it is the only name for God but it is the most powerful  and potent name and if chanted with attention, and chanted with love, it will quickly elevate you, to the enlightened state of consciousness, beyond all the miseries of material existence.

You may say, “Well, That’s fine and dandy. But I am afraid of becoming dysfunctional at my job. I am afraid of becoming dysfunctional as a mother or as a father so I don’t want to try this. I am afraid what will happen to me.” But no, if you chant Hare Krishna with love on a regular daily basis, you become a better house wife, a better employee. You become the best house wife, the best husband, the best employee, the best son the best student. You become expert in everything actually. You won’t lose anything. You will gain everything. It will be much easier to make your living, much easier to satisfy your boss or satisfy your customers if you own your own business. It will be much easier for you to make good grades in school, all those things follow. 

Where ever there is spiritual enlightenment all material things automatically follow like the shadow. Krishna confirms this in Bhagavad-gita. He says that,

yoga-ksemam vahamy aham

 “Those who worship Me with exclusive devotion I give them whatever they are lacking and I protect whatever they have at the present time.”

So you don’t lose anything by focusing your energies on spiritual elevation. You keep everything that you already have and you get even more. Who is the proprietor? Are you the proprietor? Do you own anything? What is your answer? Are you the proprietor? Do you actually own anything? What do you think?

Devotee: Not really.

SDA: Yes that’s right. In the Vedic wisdom the term is nirmama “I own nothing” and then Krishna says, “sarva loka mahesvaram.”  He says, “I am the owner of everything.”  In the Gita He directly says, “I own everything.” So when Krishna sees that we recognize it that I own nothing that He owns everything and we start to utilize those things to the pleasure of the owner. You know what He does; He gives you more things to use it in His service. That’s the beauty of it.

In the material world we are trying to accumulate on the basis of ‘I’ being the owner. You are constricted by the laws of karma when you do that. You can accumulate as much as your past pious karma will allow you to accumulate and not anything beyond that.

 But if you take up the Lord’s service then there is no limit to how much of His energy He will give you to use in His service. So this is the real way to advance. If you make spiritual advancement then you automatically advance materially because you are not claiming proprietorship. Whatever is coming you think this is the Lord’s kindness to give me more of His energy to engage in His service. So, you do that with love and enthusiasm. Then Krishna says, “Oh, very good, I give you more, I give you more.” Just like a parent. Do you give?  I know in America, my father use to give me an allowance too.  I don’t know, some Indians, may be you do give, allowance for the kids. Alright! 

So, if the kids misspent that allowance then what happens, you may cut back on their allowances. “Oh you are misspending, your allowance is cut in half now, till you learn how to spend properly.” If the child is spending allowance very wisely putting in a savings account, saving up for some investment or something, thinking in long run. “I want to retire early so I will put my allowance into savings account.” Then the parents are so pleased, “Oh this child is so intelligently using this money, let me give him more.”

 So we are all good children of God and if we utilize all the facilities He is giving us in a very intelligent way He gives us more facility, more facility, more facility. If we use it foolishly He cuts back. So you should never think, “Well, I don’t want to advance spiritually because then I will become dysfunctional materially. I won’t be able to get up on Monday morning and get in there with gusto and have a successful week at the office. I don’t want to get into it.”

But the fact is that if you are Krishna conscious and you see everything as the energy of Krishna and you try to engage everything in Krishna’s service then you become highly successful in everything that you do. So we encourage. All material success, of course is only temporary, anyway but even now you will be highly successful in it. And the spiritual success that’s the most important success because that’s what will take you to outside of the cycle of birth and death back to your original liberated position in the spiritual world.

If you had a choice between temporality, illusion and suffering and eternity, knowledge, and bliss, which one would you take Amal Roy?

Amal Roy: Of course, the second one, the eternity.

SDA: Eternity, knowledge and bliss.

I mean who would prefer temporality, illusion and suffering over eternity knowledge and bliss. But that’s what we are taking because we have not been properly trained by our educators, by our leaders; we have not been properly guided and inspired. We are taking temporality, illusion and suffering over eternity, knowledge and bliss.

That’s what we are getting from television every day when we turn it on. We are getting temporality, illusion and suffering instead of eternity, knowledge and bliss. That’s what we are getting. Instead of reading the Bhagavad-gita or the Srimad-Bhagavatam, we are reading the newspaper therefore we are getting temporality illusion and suffering.

 If you actually want eternality, knowledge and bliss, then there is scientific process the bhakti-yoga system, which we are training our students in, which will take you to that position, and you just need to invest some energy in it. You have to spend some of your day doing some serious chanting, the names of God on a regular daily basis. You may say, “Well, I am already maxed out as it is. I don’t have time to do anything else.” Well, if you needed more income, you might have to work a second job and you will find a way to do it, if you have to do that to survive. Isn’t it? I know many people they found a way to work a second job because it was the necessity.

So if we recognize the necessity of cultivating or reviving our dormant Krishna consciousness, our dormant love for God, if we recognize the necessity of it, we will find the way to do it. “Where there is will there is way,” we will find a way to do it.

 So, the first thing is one has to be convinced of the absolute necessity of cultivating one’s dormant enlightened consciousness. It’s not that you have to get something that you don’t have already. You already have it. It is just covered right now by lust, anger and greed, so many layers of lust anger and greed. So we simply have to go through the purification process and the chanting of the names of the Lord is how that will come.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

 That will purify us from lust, anger and greed; and bring us back to the enlightened position.

So what do you think? Am I right or wrong?

Devotee: You are right.

SDA: If I am right then you will chant Hare Krishna? Yes. We have brought some prayer beads with us.

So you can give contribution to help us cover the cost for bringing them to you from Vrindavana, India and then you can take and chant.

So who would like to take up chanting on japa mala every day?

Anyone would like?

You would like?

Anyone else would like to begin chanting on Japa mala on daily basis.

Alright, so we will talk to you individually. We will do that before the evening is up. We will meet with you, get your mala and show you how to chant nicely. So that’s very nice.

 Does anyone have any questions? Or may be does anyone feel that what I am saying is not correct? If someone actually feels that way then they should speak up because many times I have stated that I am lover of truth. If you can show me higher philosophy then what I have understood then I will accept that I am wrong and I will take up your pathway. If someone has some point that I am not speaking correctly according to what is true then I am willing to be corrected.

So if I have made any points of error in my presentation. Everyone agrees with everything what I have said or not? Anybody disagrees? Has some question that you couldn’t understand how it can be true to what I said? Does anyone have any question? Because I am hoping that you can understand the logic and the scriptural authenticity for what I am saying and if it doesn’t make sense to you to what I have said, then I do hope you will inquire from me because we have driven all the way from Austin, Texas to Guelph, Ontario just to give you this knowledge and hope that you can understand it.

Amal: Why there are so many religions?

SDA:  There are not so many religions actually. That is the invention of man. It is stated in Srimad Bhagavatam;

Dharman tu saksad bhagavat pranitam

“That religion is given by God,” notice it didn’t say religions. The Sanskrit word is dharma. Dharma is one. Religion is one to love God.

Amal: Because now everyone is saying, “Ok Christianity is saying, “Mine is the best one.”  

SDA: That is called sectarianism. That means they have invented some idea that there is only one name for God. That is not true.

How many names are there for the Sun?

In Hindi what is the name, “Surya”. In Bengali is it also Surya? It is same thing Bengali and Hindi. In English we call the Sun. Also in Spanish called Sol. We are going to Montreal next week. Do they have another name for sun in French Language? I don’t know what it is. There are so many names for the sun. But how many suns are there? There is only one sun. So how we can say, there are so many names. This name is the only name I mean. Yes there are so many names. That’s alright, but how we can say that this is the only name? Unless you call the sun you are wrong. This is called sectarianism, unless you accept Jesus, unless you accept Allah, unless you accept that Krishna is the only name for God. These are all sectarian conceptions.

So enlightened spiritual being does … any intelligent person first of all he does know there are many names for the sun. I had a Hindu gentleman who wrote me an email. He said, “If you introduce this Hare Krishna chant then you are being sectarian. You should give some other name like the universal consciousness.” But that is an erroneous conception, because that’s like saying, “if you call the sun, any particular name then that’s incorrect.” No, they are all correct. Do I have to call universal fiery ball in the sky to be correct? No. I can call the ‘sun’, I am correct. I can call ‘surya’ I am correct. I can call it so many names and be correct.

But if I say the sun is the only name then I am being sectarian. If I say that surya is the only name I am being sectarian. So I can call God Christ and I am correct. I can call God Allah and be correct. I can call God Krishna or Buddha and be correct. But if I say only Krishna, only Buddha only Christ only Allah then I am sectarian. I am incorrect. So the religions in the world generally speaking, they say, “Our name is the only name.”  That’s wrong.

Amal: You are teaching in Istanbul. They are Muslim people. What’s wrong with them? They are praying to Allah. So why we want them to chant Hare Krishna why not what they are doing? 

SDA: No, if the Muslim people want to chant the name of Allah and give up their sinful life then we will accept them as great saints. They don’t have to chant Hare Krishna. So you may ask, why did I introduce Hare Krishna to the Muslim people?  Because the Hare Krishna mantra is the most powerful mantra for spiritual elevation according to the Kali Santarana Upanishad and it is a fact. The names of Krishna, we don’t say the only, but they are the most powerful names. In the drug store there are so many medicines, isn’t it? But when you go to a drug store what medicine do you take? You take what the doctor has prescribed. So, especially this Hare Krishna mantra is prescribed in this age. We don’t say, “This is the only medicine.” But it is the most powerful, the most efficacious medicine available in this age.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

 So I engaged these people in chanting Hare Krishna and they loved it. You will see on the DVD, Mataji was doing the filming. You can see by their faces how deeply they were going in to the mantra. They were in total bliss. So this particular mantra is very powerful and effective. But if someone wants to chant the name of Allah and lead a saintly holy life, we have no objection.

There are standards of saintliness- cleanliness, austerity, mercifulness, and truthfulness. Those are four religious principles that you have to adhere to be truly religious. You have to be austere. You have to be clean. You have to be merciful and you have to be truthful.

Q. Could you please explain austerity?

A. Austerity means you have to rise early in the morning. You have to give up your sleep and rise early in the morning to worship the Lord before you begin your day. That is an austerity to get up early in the morning and you have to take your bath. You have to be clean and then you have to be merciful, external cleanliness and internal cleanliness. By chanting the names of God you become internally clean. Then there is mercifulness that you do not cause any unnecessary suffering to other living beings by killing them and eating them. Our four-legged brothers and sisters’ one should be merciful to them or ones that fly off, the winged ones and the ones with the fins or the ones they swim. We should be kind to them.

Why we should be so cruel to these creatures? They have emotions like we do especially cows, especially the four-legged ones. They have emotions like we do.

Amal: But many people think those animals are created for our sense gratification.

SDA: That is not stated in any scriptures that the animals are created for our sense gratification.

Devotee: Because Muslim people they are killing cows by the name of God.

SDA: Yes. But there are Muslim people who I have met just recently in the Muslim world who feel that in the Koran the spiritual ingredient is missing. There are many Muslims who are vegetarians now who feel that there is some element of the Koran which is on low levels. It is a very low level scripture, Koran. Bible also, very low level.

Amal: But if I say this to any Christian they will kill me.

Devotee: (chuckles), they will argue, but they won’t kill you.

Amal: Some of them may…

SDA: Actually the Bible in the New Testament. The Bible gives concession and that is also in the Vedas there is concession for killing the goat. But you have to whisper a mantra in the goat’s ear that, “I will kill you now and in the next life that you will kill me and eat me. I will become a goat and you will be human being.” There are injunctions in all the scriptures that sanctions meat eating. But there are also injunctions which tell you to give it up. To actually become spiritually perfect you have to give it up.

According to Vedic injunction, you can kill a goat but you have to do at the certain time of the month, on the dark moon night. You have to whisper a mantra in the goat’s ear. You can’t just kill a goat saying, “oh Kali puja.” You have to do it according to the injunctions. So, if they are following some injunctions, well, there is something there. But they should also see, what are all the injunctions? The real injunctions are you give up all this and become a pure soul who doesn’t unnecessarily cause sufferings to other living beings. That is the highest level of injunctions. Why should I follow injunctions which will still keep me entangled in the suffering condition? Is that intelligence? Follow the injunctions that will get me out of suffering. That’s intelligent.

Amal: Because nowadays many people think that without taking meat and fish and eggs they cannot survive. They cannot have good health.

SDA: That means they haven’t read the latest state of the art nutritional books which are out in the market right now and the ancient Vedas they are saying the same thing. The fact is that, I remember in Time Magazine, they had a picture of all American breakfast of Bacon and eggs and they made a face. The eggs were the eyes and the bacon was a frown. The Time Magazine was saying how unhealthy the all American breakfast of bacon and eggs it is.

The fact is if you can give up meat fish and eggs and eat a simple diet composed of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains you will live longer. You will be more healthy. You will have more energy and you will save lot of money at the checkout stand too. That’s a fact. This is very practical. It is much cheaper. When we go to the grocery store with our basket we look at the people filling up their basket with meat and we see how much our bill comes to and how much theirs comes to. We are saving so much money and there are so many evidences.

 The human body is if you compare it with the animal creatures, there are certain animals they are vegetarian, and certain they eat meat. Your human body the digestive juices, the intestinal system, it is same as the animals that eat vegetables. Our human body is lined up with the herbivorous animals in its qualities not with the carnivorous animals. For us to eat meat is a very artificial thing. It is very artificial and it leads to so many diseases, it leads to heart diseases, it leads to cancer of the colon, it leads to so much unnecessary anxieties and it also affects the mind.

We see now the kids, because they are being fed violence, in the form of meat; now they are taking guns and shooting their teachers and their fellow students in the schools. If you eat the product of a slaughter house then that affects your consciousness. You are eating violence. So you are developing a violent nature by eating violence. So, there are many reasons actually why vegetarian diet is much better. And those foods should be offered to Krishna with love that makes them pure prasadam.

The trouble is we get addicted to the taste of meat. We are thinking this is very nice. We went to one house they were the chicken eaters. As soon as we said, “chicken,” children all giggled. They giggled because they really love their chicken. They loved it. Chicken, chicken jumping up and down because they became addicted. Parents fed them chicken and now they are addicted to the taste of chicken.

Amal: I have one question, because when you say that they are Krishna consciousness, ISKCON, many people I have a feeling even some Hindu they are confused, they are thinking, that this ISKCON is different from Hinduism or from Sanatana dharma.

SDA: We are not interested in this ISKCON or that con or this con. We are interested in what is being passed on by great sages of India. That’s what we are interested in. I am not interested to promote any this ‘con’ or that ‘con’. I don’t care about ISKCON or this ‘con’ or that ‘con’. We are simply interested to understand what is the version of the Vedas? That’s all. I happen to be a member of ISKCON because ISKCON is following the original Vedic version. But I am not here to promote some particular organization. That’s not my purpose. I am simply here to say, “Ok what is actually being given in the original Vedic wisdom.”

 What is coming from Krishna, Brahma, Narada, Vyasa the great sages of India? What is the actual position and duty according to them that we are supposed to be following? I am not saying you have to follow some organization on this planet right now. I am not saying that. We have to know, what are the original sages of India actually telling us what we should do? That’s what I am saying. That’s what we have to understand. Krishna is the original authority and He describes whatever we eat should be offered to Him and then He prescribes what those eatables should be.

Patram pushpam phalam toyam

“A leaf, a flower a fruit or water,” He doesn’t say flesh. He doesn’t mention mamsa. He doesn’t mention flesh; “you can offer Me a leaf, flower fruit water or flesh.” He purposefully leaves out flesh. He doesn’t include in the list of offer able items, because they are not offer able and they are eatable. That’s the point. I am not saying you have to join some organization. I am just saying learn how to actually follow what is pleasing to the Lord. That is the important thing, that’s what we are saying.

 Learn how to do that which is pleasing to the Lord and the result will be your pleasure will explode; you will have so much bliss. If you can align yourself every thought, word and deed and obey what is pleasing to the Lord then your enjoyment will be unlimited. You won’t imagine that there could be such happiness available for human being in Guelph, Ontario.

You will actually feel you are living in the kingdom of God. When you can purify your habits, chant the holy names, you will wake up every morning and feel as if you are waking up in the Kingdom of God. Can you imagine that? And even you can reach a point, when you go to work you will still feel that you are in the Kingdom of God. You will see Krishna within everything and everything within Krishna. That’s why we are encouraging you learn how to align your activities with the Lord’s pleasure. I am not saying you have to join an organization, not at all.

We just want you to know the science of how you can reconnect yourself with your original eternal identity. “Know who you are and be who you are.” That’s all really we are saying. We are not saying that you have to join our organization. No.  Know who you actually are. What is your actual identity and learn how to actually be that person who you really are. That’s all we are really saying.

Why try to be someone that you are not. That’s what we are doing. We are trying to be a male. We are trying to be a female. We are trying to be a Bengali or a Texan or an American or a Canadian or a little girl. We are trying to be something that we are not. We just have to learn how to be the eternal servants of God. That’s all we have to do. We have to learn how to be God’s servants at every minute, the way I care for my children or just the way I do my job at the office whatever it may be. We have to learn to do everything in such a way that I am actually pleasing and serving the Supreme Lord by that activity.

Do your children have any questions? We were just recently in Lithuania and the best questions came from one of the children. Every time I would say, are there any questions? Immediately, his hand went up every time going up, again and again and again. I saw you, don’t worry, I will get to you just be patient because other questions were there but he was more enthusiastic than anyone else. So, you children I don’t know, have you been trained to ask questions from the teacher.

 The trouble is when they watch the television, you have a dull brain. TV makes the brain dull. Does anyone know how to inquire intelligently? Because this television does that, it makes you a mental vegetable. But actually we should learn how to inquire. There is one very nice Bengali boy about your age in Austin and his name is Goutam and he is so many nice questions.

 VPM: Gourava

SDA: Gourava

He has so many nice questions. He has very, very nice questions. Of course, there are different reasons we don’t ask questions. Some people will say, “I don’t know what to ask?” Or “I have so many questions I don’t know where to focus or begin.”  So does anyone have any questions? We do have one policy and that is if you don’t have any questions for me then I can start asking you questions.

VPM: I have a question. When we talk about dharma someone says I am a Hindu dharma or you are following you are different from Hindu. Is there place here?

SDA: We should ask the children some questions. You come here I am going to ask you a question. If I ask you who you are what would you say? Who are you?

Child1: name

SDA: He gives his name.

VPM: Ask another one see what they have to say?

SDA: I ask you, “Who you are” what would you say?

Child2: I would say, “I am a human being and I respect God.”

SDA: You are making some progress there. That is a little higher level.

SDA: If I ask you, “Who you are” what will you say?

Child3: I would say the same thing.

SDA: But how would you say it? That is easy to say, “ditto” but I want to hear you say it in your own words.

Child3: I am a human and I respect God.

SDA: That is some advancement. If I ask you who you are, little girl, what would you say? Who are you?

Child4: her name

SDA: You give your name, Ok. And there is one hiding behind his father.  He is shy. If I ask you, “Who you are” what will you say?

Child4: I am a human.

SDA: No dittos allowed. You have to give your own words. On the test you have to give your own words. You can’t copy answers. So if I ask you who you are what would you say?

Child 4: I am Sony.

SDA: What did he say?

Parent: He said, “I am Sony Dotson.”

SDA: Alright! So, the answer is you are all wrong. You all just flunked the exam F, F, F, F. but I am going to give you how to answer correctly now. So listen carefully.

 If you say that you are ‘your name’, of course the children don’t know, but the adults know, you can always legally change your name. So that can’t be your eternal actual identity because your name can be changed. Or you may have a nick name also, nick names are also there. The name isn’t who you actually are. If I say who are you? You give your name. That’s not really who you really are. And if you say you are a human being, you are making a step.  You are getting on the higher level, but I still had to flunk you. Their answer was like 10 and yours was 69, you still flunked, but you were closer, 69 and respecting God will give you 69.5. That’s better, but the thing is human being is still your material body.

 Do you know that in many life times and sometimes you were an animal, sometimes you were a plant. Human being is just a body that you have right now but that’s not you. That’s the thing. You are actually not that body. That’s the first point.

So who actually are you? Here is the best answer.

“I am an eternal spiritual being in quality one with God and I am His eternal servant.”

That’s the answer.

 “I am an eternal spiritual being in quality one with the Lord and I am His eternal servant.” That’s the correct answer. “I am not this body. I am eternal servant of God. I am eternal spiritual being in quality one with the Lord.”

So this is actual education. This education is not given in the school. Even nowadays even parents don’t know. Most parents don’t know how to give this education to their children. But this is the most important thing. We go to college and they say, “What you want to be?” but they don’t tell you what you are. What college can tell you, the difference between the living body and the dead body?  The presence of the atma is what makes the body alive. What college or University will give that? Guelph University has courses that will tell you the difference between the living body and dead body? They don’t.

So it is not surprising that people are frustrated and unhappy because they don’t even know who they are. No one knows who they are.

Amal: But that concept is not available in other sectarian, in like Christianity and Islam.

SDA: They don’t have a scientific understanding. Outside of the Vedic culture, religion is sentimentalism. They don’t have as deep scientific understanding. This is why everyone should take advantage of the Vedas. They don’t have to switch their religion if they don’t want to, but they should take advantage of the scientific knowledge of the Vedas to understand who they actually are.

VPM: But they cannot understand also because in their scriptures much knowledge has been purged out of it.

SDA: Yeah! But this science has been lost outside of the Indian culture. The science is practically lost and now even in India. Everyone is running after Western culture, very difficult to find that now. Say eighty years ago in India, everyone went in the evening to hear Ramayana and Mahabharata. But now everyone is going to the cinema or watching Videos at home now that is the next thing, DVDs at home, television, the culture has finished. This Western culture just bomb flooded the whole world; Bollywood is now become even bigger than Hollywood and pumping out all this garbage.

Amal: But you know nothing happens in this world without God’s intention so is this God’s intention?

SDA: Yeah! Because you wanted to be in ignorance so He is saying here, “Ok, if you want to forget Me alright, I will give you facility to forget Me.”

VPM: He says that in Bhagavad-gita.

SDA: Yes, He says:

sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto
mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca

“I am the source of remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.”

 So those who want to forget the Lord He gives them full facility to completely forget Him. Krishna plays a neutral role, “but if you want to remember Me I will give you facility. But if you want to forget Me also, I will facilitate you to forget Me. I give you the freedom to act as you like. If you want to forget Me alright. You can do that.”

Amal: But we have to pay the consequences?

SDA: We have to pay the consequences. If we want to forget the Lord we have to pay the consequence which is the repetition of birth and death.

Amal: So where do people go, so as not to come back in this world?

SDA: How or Why?

VPM: where?

SDA: Where does one go?

Amal: Where does one go after they are uplifted?

SDA: There is a spiritual dimension beyond this world of birth and death which is full of Lord’s eternal devotees who serve Him eternally. That is described in the Bhagavad-gita. “If one becomes a lover of God, you return to that eternal Kingdom.”

a-brahma-bhuvanal lokah punar avartino 'rjuna
mam upetya tu kaunteya punar janma na vidyate

“From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place but one who attains to My abode O son of Kunti does not take birth again.”

So, there is a transcendental abode. There is the Kingdom of God where life is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss, and one who develops saintly qualities becomes a lover of God, then they return to that abode when they leave this body.

Amal: So, it is different than what Buddha said about Nirvana

SDA: It is actually higher level than Nirvana. Nirvana is in between the material world and the spiritual world. Nirvana is the junction between the spiritual and the material worlds. A lover, a Krishna conscious person actually goes beyond Nirvana. It is higher. There is this Sanskrit word nirvana vilambitani, which minimizes the value of nirvana. Krishna bhakti is called nirvana vilambitani because it goes far, far beyond the position of nirvana. It’s much higher position. Sometimes it is called paramam nirvanam- the supreme nirvana. The Buddhist nirvana is not the supreme nirvana. It is lower form of nirvana. The supreme nirvana is Krishna bhakti. That is the supreme nirvana.

So if there are no more questions then we can do one more time chanting and have prasadam.

VPM: Now you can ask these boys again the first question which you asked?

SDA: Ok, now who are you?

Child1: I am a spiritual being and I am a servant for God.

SDA: That is very good. (Clapping hands) A+, very good! That is really good; you get an A+ for that.

VPM: Next question is what does servant mean?

SDA: you ask that, my hearing aid batteries are blinking I have to put new one.

VPM: What does servant mean? What they do?

Child: You obey God and also create a better world.

VPM: How do you create a better world?

Child: We can stop eating meat and living creatures.

VPM: That is very good, that is the first step. That is very good!  You eat only Krishna Prasadam. Eating vegetable is also papa. You offer it to Krishna. Servant means you feed the master first. Right!

Child: yes.

VPM: You feed the master first and then you take it. That way you are free from doing papa. You can train others also.

Who are you?

Child2: I am a servant of God. I am a spiritual being and I am a servant of God.

SDA: Are you that body?

Child2: No!

SDA:  Are you a spiritual being?

Child: Yeah!

SDA: Very good!

VPM: What is the duty of the servant?

Child: respect God.

VPM: respect what is that? servant means service.

Child: yeah! Serve the God.

VPM: Serve the God and respect the god. Then how are you going to serve Him?

Child: Chant Hare Krishna, not eat meat. That’s all I can think

VPM: You can think more. What else, how are you going to serve Him? You offer everything that you eat.

Child: yeah!

VPM: First you offer it to Him.

SDA: So maybe we have some more kirtan now.

Child: prasadam.

SDA: just take prasadam now. Ok, we can serve prasadam now.

So we thank you all for coming tonight. It is very nice that you have come. May you all blessed on your pathway to spiritual perfection.


Transcribed by Sulaksana devi dasi

Revision by Prema Bhakti dasa


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