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ďWithout Guru We Are Simply a Street DogĒ

Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 4.29.71

   at Laxmiís house,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
 on May 29th,2005 

(Lecture begins with call and response of : ďOm namo bhagavate vasudevayaĒ three times.)

Srila Gurudeva: Do you have a particular verse you are studying today or just any verse? (Guru Mataji speaks with Laxmi Mataji in Hindi) Supti.

 (Again a call and response of ďOm namo bhagavate vasudevayaĒ three times followed by word for word and chanting the verse.)

nehate 'ham iti jŮānaḿ
mṛtyu-prajvārayor api

ďWhen the living entity is in deep sleep, when he faints, when there is some great shock on account of severe loss, at the time of death, or when the body temperature is very high, the movement of the life air is arrested. At that time the living entity loses knowledge of identifying the body with the self.Ē

Purport: Foolish people deny the existence of the soul, but it is a fact that when we sleep we forget the identity of the material body and when we are awake we forget the identity of the subtle body. In other words, while sleeping we forget the activities of the gross body, and when active in the gross body we forget the activities of sleeping. Actually both states ó sleeping and waking ó are creations of the illusory energy. The living entity actually has no connection with either the activities of sleep or the activities of the so-called wakened state. When a person is in deep sleep or when he has fainted, he forgets his gross body. Similarly, under chloroform or some other anesthetic, the living entity forgets his gross body and does not feel pain or pleasure during a surgical operation. Similarly, when a man is suddenly shocked by some great loss, he forgets his identification with the gross body. At the time of death, when the temperature of the body rises to 107 degrees, the living entity falls into a coma and is unable to identify his gross body. In such cases, the life air that moves within the body is choked up, and the living entity forgets his identification with the gross body. Because of our ignorance of the spiritual body, of which we have no experience, we do not know of the activities of the spiritual body, and in ignorance we jump from one false platform to another. We act sometimes in relation to the gross body and sometimes in relation to the subtle body. If, by Krishna's grace, we act in our spiritual body, we can transcend both the gross and subtle bodies. In other words, we can gradually train ourselves to act in terms of the spiritual body. As stated in the Nārada-paŮcarātra, hṛṣīkeṇa hṛṣīkeśa-sevanaḿ bhaktir ucyate: [Cc. Madhya 19.170] devotional service means engaging the spiritual body and spiritual senses in the service of the Lord. When we are engaged in such activities, the actions and reactions of the gross and subtle bodies cease. (end of purport)

om ajnana-timirandhasya
caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah

So we are reading about three different types of body. Thereís the gross body, this lump here. You see. Blood flesh, etc. Mustache, whatever. The gross body and there is the subtle body which becomes active in which we, we are very active in, in our dream state. Of course the subtle body is also active now. Itís the mind, the intelligence, and false ego. But now we are especially plugged in, in an awakened state of this gross body. And in the subtle platform, the dream state we are especially plugged into the subtle body, the mind, the intelligence and the false ego. But both states are dreams. This awakened state of thinking ďI am this bodyĒ is a dream.  The dream state of thinking ď I am this subtle bodyĒ that is also a dream state.

 In both states there are so many anxieties. So many anxieties occur in both states. If we want actual happiness we must come to the spiritual platform.  The spiritual body; hrsikena hrsikesa sevanam bhaktir ucyate [CC Madhya 19.170] We have to come to that platform where we are simply engaged in Krishna consciousness. This Krishna consciousness process is so nice it reconnects us with our actual identity. Do you realize why you are suffering in this material world? Do you know why you are suffering here? You are suffering due to false identification with the gross body and false identification with your subtle body. Thatís why you are suffering here. If you want to get out of suffering all you have to do is engage yourself under the direction of the bona fide spiritual master in the service of the Lord and then magic happens. You actually become situated in your spiritual body. Your spiritual body becomes revived. Itís been in a dormant state for millions and millions of lifetimes. You see.

You have an original spiritual form. It is called svarupa. You have an original spiritual form in the spiritual sky. You are actually an eternal associate of Krishna. Did you know that? You are not a Gujurati. Youíre not a woman. Youíre not a man. You see. Youíre not some American guy. You see. Youíre eternal spirit souls. You have an identity in the spiritual world but, you forgot it. You wanted to play with fire so now youíve got your hands burned. Youíve got stuck in this material body; lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. Youíve got yourself entangled in this karma chakra. Performing one activity having to take the reaction for that and then in doing that youíre performing more activities, taking more reactions. In this way you are just handcuffed, youíre, youíre, you know completely bound up in the modes of material nature. But if you can come into contact with a bona fide spiritual master;

Brahmanda bhramite kona bhagyavan jiva

Guru Krsna prasade paya bhakti lata bija

                                                                [CC Madhya 19.151]


After wandering through millions and billions of species; you see, sometimes a human being, sometimes a demigod, sometimes a dog, sometimes a pig, sometimes a monkey, sometimes a snake, sometimes a tree, sometimes a weed growing in the lawn that they cut. You see. So many species of life weíve been through. Some how or the other weíve come to this human form in due course of time and in that human form if you can come into contact with a bonafide spiritual master then by the grace of guru and Krishna the seed of bhakti will be planted within your heart. Now what you do with that seed, thatís up to you. Just like if I give you one very nice seed, Laxmi, to put in your garden. You see. You can neglect that seed. What will happen? It will die. Or you can water that seed very nicely and you can have a wonderful plant giving wonderful fruits and flowers. You see. So the spiritual master comes and he plants the seed of bhakti within your heart. Now what you do with that seed, thatís up to you. You can water that seed and what is that watering process? That is hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord. Especially chanting:


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


 How much water does it take to keep the plant alive? At least sixteen rounds everyday. You see. Anything less and the plant will die. If you can chant at least sixteen rounds everyday thatís enough water to keep the creeper alive. You see. You can chant more or you can engage in hearing and chanting in others ways by kirtan, by reading, by preaching and this will give more energy to that devotional creeper. But the minimum is you must do at least sixteen rounds everyday to keep the plant alive and you have to avoid the activities which will choke the weed up. They are called weeds. Thatís why we have our principles; no illicit sex, no meat eating, no intoxication, and no gambling.  Because these things if we indulge in them, they are weeds which will choke out that little creeper.


So therefore we strictly avoid illicit sex, meat eating, intoxication and gambling. And what else do we do? We build a fence around our garden. You know what that fence is? Thatís to prevent usÖ thatís to prevent the mad elephant from coming into your garden. If a mad elephant comes into your garden he will go ďStamp, stomp ,stomp!Ē and youíre creeper is finished. They have those big feet, those elephants and they go (imitates sounds of elephants feet stomping) and everythingís finished. Your garden is finished if the mad elephant gets in. So you know what that mad elephant is? Thatís when you criticize guru or you criticize Vaishnavas. You have a Ö.If you have a bad attitude against the guru, a bad attitude against the devotees then thatís the mad elephant that comes into your garden and just destroys everything. 


So we have to always worship guru and we have to always worship the Vaishnavas. Anande  bolo hari bhaja vrndavan sri guru vaishnave pade majiya man [Nama Sankirtan] Ecstatically chant Hare Krishna, worship the Holy dham, Sri Vrndavan and always meditate with love on the lotus feet of your spiritual master and the Vaishnavas because this will prevent us from having our creeper stomped out by the mad elephant. Hati-mata, the mad elephant offense. So if we do this simple program once we come into contact with Guru who will plant that seed of bhakti in our hearts. If we then will chant Hare Krishna mantra:


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


And follow these wonderful regulative principles of freedom which liberate us from unlimited anxieties actually. If we will follow this simple program then our spiritual body will become revived and you will no longer feel that you are that aging, gross body that is full of so many pains. You see. Or that subtle body which has so much mental disturbance. You see. You will actually feel yourself as that spiritual body engaging in the service of Krishna which is eternal. Do you realize that at the time of initiation that one actually enters into immortality? When you take initiation from the bona fide spiritual master you actually revive your eternal identity.You are now living in your spiritual body performing spiritual activities eternally. If you stickÖ if you take initiation and you stick to your vows then you are living in immortality. Deathlessness begins at the moment of initiation. So itís a very valuable thing. We encourage everyone to get ready and get initiated because thatís when your spiritual body actually becomes revived. Thatís when you become resituated in your spiritual body when you become initiated.


So this is a very, very nice process and we encourage everyone to become pure devotees of Krishna. If youíre not a pure devotee of Krishna then you are doing nothing but cheating yourself. Youíre just cheating yourself. If youíre not a pure devotee, youíre cheating yourself.  Why? Because youíre causing yourself to suffer so many unnecessary anxieties. If you will simply fully surrender yourself unto the lotus feet of Sri Guru and Sri Krishna, fully surrender yourself under the authority of your Guru then you will find that you enter into the wonderful dimension of consciousness where it is simply bliss at every second. Sweet unlimited nectar at every minute of your existence; from the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night and even in your dreams you will be Krishna conscious.


So we encourage you all to seriously take up this pathway of pure bhakti donít loiter here in the suffering of Brampton, Ontario. Come to the transcendental platform. Live in Vrndavan at every minute with Sri Krishna. That is our request to you all. We appreciate very much how you are rising early and worshipping the Lord. This is wonderful, very nice thing. So now continue on in this way and make your life perfect. Are there any questions? (pause where no one asks questions) Of course you know all the answers already donít you? Therefore you have no questions. You are already fully self realized liberated Vaishnavas, right? Dwija, youíre already on the liberated platform? Do you know everything already? Thereís no questions. You see. Actually when the spiritual master is present, one should take advantage and think, ďokay I have many, many obstacles in my heart at this present moment which are preventing me from achieving pure bhakti? So let me inquire from Sri Guru how I can remove those obstacles. You see that is how you should inquire. You should try to take advantage of the spiritual masterís association.


Guru Mataji: Oh, I have a question.


Srila Gurudeva: Okay


Guru Mataji: Okay you talked about obstacles. If I donít want to remove the obstacle how can I remove?


Srila Gurudeva: Thatís an obstacle itself.


Guru Mataji: How can we remove it?


Srila Gurudeva: If I donít want to remove the obstacles.  Letís say I have the obstacles but I am happy with them. Itís like, itís like you can take. You know the worm living. You every seen a worm who lives in the stool? If you take the worm out of the stool you know what he will do?  He will go crawling back into the stool. You see. You give him a chance to release him from the disgusting life of living in the stool. And you say, ďMy dear worm I Ďm going to free you from the life of the stool.Ē Of course you have to wash your hands after doing that. But then he goes crawling back in the stool because he doesnít want to become free. Heís attached to his stool existence. 


Guru Mataji: So how can we remove that?


Srila Gurudeva: So one, yes, So one may think, ďWell, Gurudeva has come. Heís giving me a chance to get free of my obstacles but actually Iím very attached to living in my world of obstacles. I donít really want to get out of it. So therefore I have no questions. Iím quite content and happy. Thank you. In my world of obstacles. But that means poor fund of knowledge. You donít realize that death is coming. You see. At any minute death can come and take you away.


Guru Mataji: But how can we remove that?


Srila Gurudeva: Remove theÖ.


Guru Mataji:  Obstacles. The obstacles of the obstacle.


Srila Gurudeva: The obstacle of not wanting to get rid of the obstacles.


Guru Mataji:  Uhíhuh.


Srila Gurudeva: You have to realize that youíre in aÖ.that what kind of precarious position you are in right now in this material existence; that any minute death can come. Itís a matter of intelligence. Itís, itís a matter of becoming a little intelligent and maybe youíre not ready to become intelligent yet. Maybe you want to remain in illusion. But the material nature will arrange for you those opportunities when you can actually realize whenÖ. For example the moment of death. But the best thing is to prepare yourself now. Donít be attached to your bodily conception of existence. You may feel, ďwell,Iím quite happy in my bodily conception, I want to stay here.Ē But you will not be allowed to 

stay in that bodily conception.


 The best thing is to give it up voluntarily now in a peaceful happy way then to be forced out of it at the time of death. You see. You may be very attached to thinking I am this body, I am a Gujarati, Iím aÖ.my bodily relationsÖIím very attached to this identity and Iím very happy with it. But at the time of death you will be ripped out of it within a second. You see. I am the husband. I am the wife. I am the child. Iím this. Iím that. We may be very comfortable in these bodily identifications but, at the time of death it will all be finished within one second. And then you will be forced to take another bodily identification, another bodily one, after another one. So if one person who is your enemy in this lifetime, you may be forced to live with them as an intimate family member in your next lifetime as punishment for all of your sins of this lifetime. You see. So we have to be intelligent and realize that if we donít take advantage of the opportunity to become Krishna conscious we are actually putting or setting ourselves up for so many varieties of suffering in the future. 


Guru Mataji: But if one is intelligent they will realize the obstacles. But if I donít think they are obstacles thenÖ


Srila Gurudeva: Then the material nature will come and take us away from it. We may feel very comfortable but then all of the sudden a horrible traumatic experience of death will come and weíll be forced to get out this position and according to our karma weíll take up another position of illusion within this material existence and again be forced to suffer in so many ways.


Guru Mataji: How can we remove that, again?


Srila Gurudeva: You have to want to. You have to have the desire to get free from illusion. If you are quite happy to remain in the state of illusion then Krishna will facilitate you. He will let you remain in illusion. What do you think Dwija am I right or wrong? Am I right or wrong? So if you want to be in illusion Krishna will allow you to stay in illusion , you see, and if you want to come out of that illusion then Krishna will facilitate you coming out of it. So one has to decide, Iíd rather be in illusion and experience a very limited degree of happiness mixed with so much unhappiness and anxiety or Iíd rather have unlimited happiness completely free from illusion and anxiety. You have to decide what you want.  So what do you want Laxmi? Do you want, do you want  limited happiness mixed with so much suffering  or do you want unlimited happiness? What do you want ? Tell me.


Laxmi: I like to be free from this world, but I have toÖ.


Srila Gurudeva: Do you want limited, do you want suffering?


Guru Mataji: She says she wants to be free from this world, but there is a big but.


Srila Gurudeva: But what? But what? Whatís the but?


Laxmi: I canít continue the chanting and this and that.


Guru Mataji: I canít continue chanting.


Srila Gurudeva: Canít? Huh? She cannot continue chanting?


Guru Mataji: Yeah


Srila Gurudeva: Why not? Why canít you continue chanting?


Laxmi: Iím trying and missed again, Iím trying and missed again.


Guru Mataji: She says Iím trying and I fall again, I fall again, fall short.


Srila Gurudeva: Do you have a hard time eating?


Laxmi: No.


Srila Gurudeva: Do you miss eating?


Guru Mataji: Not only is she eats but, she feeds everyone else as you can see.


Srila Gurudeva: So not only are you able to eat but you are able to make sure everyone else is eating also. So if you can eatÖ.it takes so much endeavor for eating.  You have to go to the grocery store. You have to buy the vegetables. You have to make the money to buy the vegetables. You have to get into the car and go to the store and take the shopping basket go up and down the aisles. Itís such a big endeavor, just to eat. You see. Cooking, spicing, stirring the vegetables, you know, serving it onto the plates, washing the dishes. Itís a huge endeavor but, you still eat every day donít you? Even though itís so hard, all the work. You eat every day very nicely,


 I know I take your cooking. You make the best pakoras in the whole world. So, so youÖ.even though thereís so much endeavor and thatís for feeding the temporary material body. So why youÖwhy do you want to feed your temporary material body and starve your soul, your eternal existence? If youÖfeeding the body is a very nice thing then why donít you feed your spiritual body? Why are you starving your spiritual body? Isnít that foolish? Youíre feeding your gross body and your starving your actual spiritual body. Youíre letting it go hungry. Youíre not feeding it. It needs at least sixteen rounds of japa everyday to stay well fed. The spiritual body. Your material body is here today and gone tomorrow but your spiritual body is there eternally. Why are you not feeding your eternal spiritual body by at least sixteen rounds everyday?


Guru Mataji: She wants to make money.


Srila Gurudeva: For what purpose? Money is just for the gross body which is going to day today or tomorrow. Whatís the point? Some money is required, thatís alright. But you cannot neglect the spiritual body. The spirit soul. That is foolishness. So if one chooses to remain fool then thatís, what can we do? 


Guru Mataji: You can not do anything.


Srila Gurudeva: What can we do? We can lead a horse to the water but we cannot force the horse to drink. We have explained everything to you but, if you do not take it; what can we do? We are traveling and preaching all over the world to give everyone the opportunity to come to the liberated platform of Krishna consciousness. Some take it, some donít . Those who take it they get the advantage of going back home, back to Godhead. Those who donít take it they remain caught up in samsara the wheel of birth and death and they have to suffer again and again and again. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. So if you are intelligent you will take this opportunity to become Krishna conscious.


Indian Gentlemen: I see so many people,


Srila Gurudeva: Huh?


Indian Gentleman: Ödevotees, so many devotees, Krishna devotees they in the temple, they used to come and they fall


Srila Gurudeva: Yes, yes.


Indian Gentleman: From the Krishna consciousness.


Srila Gurudeva: Yes, yes thatís right. So what is the question? 


Indian Gentleman: My question is that.


Srila Gurudeva: Why do they fall? Ok. If someone falls down from the Krishna conscious platform that means they are not properly engaged in the process. Just like on the highway also there are not many accidents. Why do people have accidents on the highway? Because they are not driving carefully. You see. If one drives very, very carefully then you can avoid accident. Someone may be, you know, they may get in an argument or they may fall asleep or they donít focus their mind on what they are doing then they have accident.


So we see, thatís a fact, that many devotees have had difficutlties. Even some big leaders they had accident, why? Because they werenít carefully following the process. They got diverted by their mind got interested in something else. Maybe they wanted to become famous, maybe they wanted to become influential. They let some material desire get in the way of surrendering to Krishna and therefore they fell down. So itís just a matter of driving carefully. You can say well how can I possibly do it because so many people fell down. Well, thatís like saying well how can I possibly get out on the highway with my car? I donít want to drive on the highway because thereís so many accidents. You see. If you say well I can not take up Krishna consciousness because so many devotees have fallen down, then you canít, then you canít drive the car either. Because so many peopleÖ


Indian Gentlemen: I am not saying that.


Srila Gurudeva: Because so many people


Indian Gentlemen: I am not saying that.


Srila Gurudeva: Yeah but some people give that argument. Iím not saying you but thatís a philosophy we see sometimes. Someone says, ďwhy should I even try because so many people fell down therefore  howís it possible I could be successful? Thatís like saying well so many people have accidents with the car therefore I will not drive.


Guru Mataji: Or the Krishna consciousness is not good enough?


Srila Gurudeva: Krishna consciousness is not good enough?


Guru Mataji: Yeah thatís why they fall down.


Srila Gurudeva: Thatís like, they fell down because Krishna consciousness is not good?


Guru Mataji: If Krishna consciousness is so good? Iím just.. (Indian gentlemen speaking in background) Iím  putting my argument.


Srila Gurudeva: Sheís puttingÖSheís not putting your argument. Sheís putting her own argument

Guru Mataji: If Krishna consciousness is so good then how can anybody fall down?


Srila Gurudeva: If Krishna consciousness is so good then how can anybody fall down?


Guru Mataji: Yeah.

Srila Gurudeva: Actually nobody falls down whoís actually fixed in Krishna consciousness.  The only people who fall down are the people who approximate Krishna consciousness, who donít really get into Krishna consciousness. Someone who really gets fixed in Krishna consciousness does not fall down. You see. Itís only those who, who become, you know approximately Krishna conscious or pseudo-Krishna conscious that have difficulties. Anybody who actually becomes fixed in Krishna conscious they become, they achieve stages which come one after another. Sadhu sanga, first of all sraddha, faith, second of all sadhu sanga, association with devotees, thirdly bhajana-kriya, taking shelter of the guru and engaging in the regulated activities of devotional service then anartha-nivritti, all the dirt comes out of the heart, then nistha they become fixed up Vaishnava, then ruci they get a sweet, an incredibly sweet taste while chanting the holy name and engaging in Krishnaís service, and then ashakti that taste turns into an absolute addiction, and then bhava they have volcanic eruptions of ecstacy within the heart and then prema, they become resituated in their original relationship with Krishna. So any body who sticks to the pathway they actually donít fall down.

Guru Mataji: So now the question is this now if Krishna consciousness is good but I do not want to fall down thatís why I donít want to take up. Iím going forward but, I donít want to fall down so I donít take it up.

Srila Gurudeva: I donít wantÖ But youíre already falling down. You say well I donít want to take it because I donít want to run the risk of falling down.

Guru Mataji: Many times the people say that:

Srila Gurudeva: Therefore Iím not going to do it because I donít want to fall down.

Guru Mataji I want to be sure that I will not fall down.

Srila Gurudeva: I want to make sure that I wonít fall down therefore if Iím not sure if I wonít  fall down Iím not even going to try but, youíre already fallen right now. If you think being fallen is bad then why do you remain in your fallen position?

Guru Mataji: I remember that argument of Abhay Charan used to give me that.

Srila Gurudeva : So if being fallen is bad, you donít want to fall then why are you fallen right now? You get out of your fallen position right now. Thatís simple. Any other counter arguments of why people donít want to. Why do people not want to surrender to guru? Do you know? Do you know any? Can you give any reasons why some people do not want to fully surrender to guru become initiated disciples? Give some reason.

Laxmi: Maybe they are busy in the material world.

Guru Mataji: Maybe they are busy in their material activities in the material world.

Srila Gurudeva: They are very busy. Material world means basically making money and spending money. Thatís the meaning of material existence. Make money and spend money. But in the middle of making money and spending money again I bring the point; do they give up their eating? No. Why? Why they donít give up their eating? Why people donít give up eating? They have. People are very busy. Material life means make money and spend money. So why they take time out to eat. Why they do that? Tell me.

Guru Mataji: Eating is essential.

Srila Gurudeva: No,no I am asking her.

Guru Mataji: Oh, Iím  sorry.

Srila Gurudeva: Why do they eat?

Laxmi: They donít want to starve.

Srila Gurudeva: They donít want to starve. So as we were mentioning earlier the gross body requires food to survive, thatís alright. So your subtle body, I mean, your spiritual body actually also requires food for your survival. So why put all your energy into the temporary material body? Why not put some of your energy at least into your eternal spiritual body? You see. Busy with material life they still they donít neglect their material body. Making money, spending money they still take time out to feed their body and to go take sleep at night because the body requires.

So you have to see your spiritual body also has requirements. In whatever, whatís the use of being so busy, busy, busy busy, busy in this material world when tomorrow the whole thing will be finished. Tomorrow you will be forced to not be busy anymore at the time of death. Where did your busyness get you? It got you into a cremation fire, thatís all. Thatís were all your busyness got you. Youíre now in theÖ youíre laying down for a nap in the cremation fire. Thatís where all your busyness got you. So try to do some busyÖ.That sort of busyness will take you to the cremation fire. Why not take the other kind of busyness which will give you an eternal life full of bliss and knowledge?  This is intelligence. You see. Take up that busyness which will get you an eternal life full of knowledge and full of bliss. That is intelligence. This is the one class. Actually weíre going to go give class at the temple tomorrow, the next two mornings. So this is your one Bhagavatam class. Take full advantage today. You can ask as many questions as you want because this is the one class you are going to get this year.

Guru Mataji: We talk about..

Srila Gurudeva: This is it. Once a year, Bhagavatam. Yes?

Guru Mataji: We talk about we are busy with material activities. Yeah, we make ourselves with activities which are even not needed. Food we may need for the body. But there are certain things, material activities which are not even needed for the body and we are busy with those things.

Srila Gurudeva: You mean like going to Disney World? 

Guru Mataji: No, something like watching the television.

Srila Gurudeva: Oh, watching television. Oh yeah we have so much time. I remember one lady said, ďI donít have time to chant my rounds.Ē I said, ďWell, do you watch television? ď She says, ďOh yeah I have some shows I have to watch every evening.Ē You know I spend two hours every evening watching my favorite shows but, I donít have time to chant my rounds.

Guru Mataji: Reading the newspaper and all those things.

Srila Gurudeva: Yeah, so.

Guru Mataji: Those are not even food. Making money is one thing. Making money is needed. Eating prasadam, food is needed.

Srila Gurudeva: Yeah.

Guru Mataji: But all these excessive unnecessary things.

Srila Gurudeva: Yeah thatís right. Thatís right. Thatís a fact. How much?  We ask you? Well you say Iím so busy making money I donít have time to chant. Well how much time do you spend at your job anyway? How many hours a day? Well ten hours a day, someone may say. But including my commute time it takes me ten hours a day to earn my living. Okay. How many hours in the day are there?

Guru Mataji: Twenty-four.

Srila Gurudeva: Thereís twenty four. So that leaves fourteen hours. Now how much time do you need to sleep? Well some may say..

Guru Mataji: Six,seven.

 Srila Gurudeva: Well, eight hours. I sleep a lot. I sleep eight hours. So thatís eighteen plus ten thatís eighteen thatís six. That still leaves six hours. You see. And how much time does it take you to eat, to take your meals and to take your bath? Well, I take two hours. I take, you know, an hour for my meals, a half hour for breakfast, half hour, an hour and a half letís say for three meals. That still leaves four and a half hours. You see.  And thatís plenty of time to chant sixteen rounds. Itís a matter of making your priorities. Thereís actually plenty of time, even if someone is working ten hours a day, even twelve hours a day, thereís still enough time for them to chant sixteen rounds. Itís just a matter of realizing the absolute necessity of taking shelter of Krishna and doing it. Itís just a matter of realizing the necessity and putting aside other frivolous activities which are not helping me to advance in Krishna consciousness. We have to be willing to give up frivolous activities that are wasting our time and focus on Krishna. Thatís the reality.

You may not want to take it but, you will have to take the cremation fire. So Iím coming today to save you from the cremation fire. WhatÖDo you want to be saved from the cremation fire or do you want to just surrender to the cremation fire? Thatís my question. What do you want? Do you want to be liberated from the cremation fire or do you want to just have a nice nap in the cremation fire? What do you want? Your choice. Iím giving you an option now. Iím coming to save you from the cremation fire. Now you can take it or you can leave it. Itís up to you. Iím not going to force you. You have to give your heart.

 I could say , ď oh you have to become initiated.Ē I could give youÖ I could make you sit down for the yajna. But thatís meaningless unless youíre giving your heart. Unless your giving, actually giving your heart out of your own free will. Simply telling you to sit down in the yajna has no meaning, has no meaning whatsoever. I donít want such disciples, artificial disciples. I want someone who is really serious to get out of the cycle of birth and death and that person can be initiated.

And oh by the way IímÖthis is a special announcement. Weíre inviting. Iím doing a yajna. Iím initiating three disciples in Montreal next Saturday at four oíclock in the afternoon. Youíre invited to come and attend the yajna. If you want to come up and see the Montreal temple and see weíre initiating three disciples. This Bhakta Scott is becoming initiated and thereís one, two other ladies. One lady is coming up from Maine to become initiated and one girl whoís living there in Montreal is also becoming initiated. So if you want to attend you, youíre welcome to come to the yajna. The whole family can pack up and have a little outing, Montreal. Get out and see theÖ Get out of Toronto for a while and see the sites and see, come for the yajna next week. So anywayÖ

Guru Mataji: Thatís it.

Srila Gurudeva: This is our once a year Bhagavatam class. We have to make it strong and heavy. Give you a good dose of the medicine, so hopefully youíll recover from your dream state of thinking I am very comfortable in my illusion. Dwija, you think you are very comfortable in your illusion? Huh?

Dwija: Iím not very comfortable in this world. Iíd like to come to the Krishna consciousness.

Srila Gurudeva: We want to bring you out of your illusioned state. Youíve done such. Dwija youíve done so much nice service that we feel indebted to you. So much loving service that you have rendered to us over the years. We feel indebted. You have giving me so much loving service, now  I have to give you the loving service of saving you from birth and death. Those shoes you bought me, theyíre the best shoes Iíve ever had. Iím wearing them everywhere, those shoes you bought for me. You got me two pairs actually. So when this wears out I have another. These are the best shoes. They goÖthey match the color of my cloth. Theyíre the nicest shoes Iíve ever had and they were your personal gift to me.

So when youÖwhen someone gives you love you want to reciprocate their love. So you give me such nice loving service I want to reciprocate by delivering you from this material existence. That is my strong desire of the heart, Dwija. I want to save you from this material suffering of birth and death. So I am begging you to kindly surrender. Kindly surrender yourself to Krishna, Krishna and Guru.  So my heartís desire to fully reciprocate your love can be gratified. You see. I want to fully reciprocate the love that youíve given me, by giving you my love completely, by delivering you. But I am not able to fully give you my love because you are hanging on to this material existence still. So kindly let go of this material existence now, so I can actually liberate you now, take you back to home, back to Godhead. Is that alright?

Dwija: Yes.

Srila Gurudeva: Any other questions?

Bhakta Scott: Srila Gurudeva?

Srila Gurudeva: Yes?

Bhakta Scott: You had mentioned, you asked why are some reasons that people would not submit        to this (inaudible) Some one may say well there are so many gurus who have fallen down, why should I submit myself to a guru in case of his fall down?

Srila Gurudeva: Oh, ok. Thereís so many gurus who have fallen down. Thatís like saying, well, thereís so many marriages that have failed so why should I get married, for example. Iím not going to get married because Iíve seen that so many marriages that have ended in divorce, so Iím just not going to get married, period.

Guru Mataji: That would be a good reason. That would be a good reason not to get married. (laughter)

Srila Gurudeva: Of course youíre a brahmacari, this is a bad example but, Iím just. This isÖstill the marriages are going on why? Because they find a suitable girl or a suitable boy and they do get married and they have happy marriages. So the point is just because some gurus turned out to be bad doesnít mean that every guru is bad. Just like even, probably a better example is this if you ever have gotten a counterfeit note, I mean I havenít but I am sure it wouldnít be a very happy experience. You know you get a counterfeit note and it has no value, itís like getting ripped off, cheated. So there is counterfeit money circulating in the economy, thatís a fact. Now does that mean that all the money is bad? Counterfeit money means somewhere there is real money which is the imitation.

Guru Mataji: So I wonít deal with the money.

Srila Gurudeva: You say well I got some counterfeit money therefore I wonít deal with money, period.  Well you wonít be able to function in society without money, Iím sorry. The modern day society you, unless youíre a completely self-sufficient farmer, but, even then youíll end up dealing with money. Youíll have to pay taxes on you property. Youíll have to somehow get money to pay the taxes. You cannot avoid dealing with money in this society. So just because thereís counterfeit money out there doesnít mean you have to, now you have to give. So there are counterfeit gurus, I agree. I was initiated by a counterfeit guru. I donít want to mention his name here in this exalted assembly but I wasÖ there was one bogus guru who initiated me as his disciple. So does that mean well I got cheated. Actually I was a siksa disciple of another guru who cheated me and.. So I mean I went through a number of gurus who didnít properly guide me. I took siksa from several of them and I took diksa from one and none of them actually gave me the actual position or the formula for becoming liberated.

So this argument that well there are so many gurus, so many bogus gurus out there, therefore I wonít get initiated. Itís a bogus argument. Itís like saying thereís so may counterfeit dollars out there, therefore I will not deal with money. No, you have to have intelligence. You have to have discrimination to distinguish between who is a bona fide guru and who is not. Guru is required. Tad-vijnanartham sa gurum evabhigacchet samit-panih srotriyam brahma-nistham (MU 1.2.12) Tasmad gurum prapadyeta jijnasuh sreya uttamam (SB11.3.21)

Guru is required. Without guru you are nowhere. Actually you are simply nowhere without spiritual master. Youíre a street dog. We see if the dog has a master heís in a very good position but, if he has no master heís a street dog. In India the street dogs are in a horrible position. There bodies are all mangy. There bodies are all wounded from dog fights. They have other dogs whoís going to be the supreme dog on the block. The street dogs are in a horrible situation. People throw rocks, get away from me. So without a guru you are simply a street dog, thatís all. Youíre simply a street dog. Master is required for a dog to be properly situated. So for the personÖOne has to have a guru otherwise you are nowhere. You are not making, you are not connected with Krishna. Prabhupada explains that without initiation there is no connection with Krishna. Guru is the connecting link with Krishna. So we have to have guru. But you have to, you have to become learned to understand what is the bona fide guru and what is not so you can carefully choose that person who is a qualified spiritual master and not be misguided by the counterfeit gurus, whichís thereís so many nowadays.

Guru Mataji: Ok.

Srila Gurudeva: Any other questions?

Guru Mataji: We have to get ready.

Srila Gurudeva: We have to get ready?

Guru Mataji: Because eleven oí clock is the program. We have got three hours.

Srila Gurudeva: What time are we leaving?

Guru Mataji: Maybe around ten oíclock.

Srila Gurudeva: Weíre leaving here at ten in two hours.

Guru Mataji: Yeah

Srila Gurudeva: Alright weíll stop here. Grantha-raja Srimad Bhagavatam ki jaya! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya! Thank you very much. Hare Krishna.


Transcribed by Her Grace Radhapriya devi dasi

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