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Lecture: Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.2

Istanbul, Turkey (27 April, 2005)  

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

So today we will be studying what is truly the most revolutionary, in the spiritual sense, book.  Since we don’t have a hard copy but I do have in my computer, we will read out of the computer today. This is an ancient text which was actually a spoken conversation which happened 5000 years ago in India on the bank of the sacred river. Actually it is a very voluminous work, so there is no way we can cover the whole text in one half hour talk. 

What we will do, however, is study the second text in the work which gives the whole nutshell view what the Srimad Bhagavatam is all about. So we will study that verse. It’s a very beautiful verse, beautifully composed in Sanskrit poetry, just beautiful. So I will sing the verse and then we will discuss it. 

dharmah projhita-kaitavo ‘tra paramo nirmatsaranam satam

vedyam vastavam atra vastu sivadam tapa-trayonmulanam

srimad-bhagavate maha-muni-krte kim va parair isvarah

sadyo hrdy avarudhyate ‘tra krtibhih susrusubhis tat-ksanat 

which means in English language : 

Completely rejecting all religious activities which are materially motivated, this Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagvata Purana propounds the highest truth, which is understandable by those devotees who are fully pure in heart. The highest truth is reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all. Such truth uproots the threefold miseries. This beautiful Srimad Bhagavatam, compiled by the great sage Vyasaadeva in his maturity, is sufficient in itself for God realization. What is the need of any other scripture? As soon as one attentively and submissively hears the message of the Bhagavatam, by this culture of knowledge the Supreme Lord is established within his heart. 

om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

Of course certain sages say that it’s the only scripture, just like there are many scriptures in most part of the world.  In the Christian world they have the Bible, in the Muslim world there is the Koran and also in India there are actually hundreds and thousands of scriptures. But this particular verse is actually the essence of all scriptures of the world, whether it is the Bible, the Koran or the Vedas. This particular work is the essence of all scriptures. So in other words, if one masters the understanding of this book, the Srimad Bhagavatam, then automatically you become a master of the Koran, you become a master of the Bible, you become a master of the Bhagavad Gita, of all the great scriptures of the world. If you understand the Bhagavatam then you actually master all the scriptures of the world automatically. So it’s a very worthwhile study, to say the least, to study what is the Srimad Bhagavatam.  

It’s actually, in the prior verse it is mentioned how it came into this universe, in the very beginning of the universe, the first created being, his name was Lord Brahma. We are talking trillions of years ago actually, very beginning of the universe. Lord Brahma was the first created being in the universe. He received this knowledge from within his heart. Krishna or God or Allah revealed to Lord Brahma within his heart this wisdom “tene brahma hridaya adi kavaye muhyantah yati survayah”.  This knowledge is revealed from within the heart to Brahma and then Brahma revealed it to Narada Muni his disciple, who revealed it to the great sage Vyasa. So this great sage Vyasa, he has compiled it for us.  

Actually also Vyasa revealed it to his son Sukadeva, who revealed it in a very famous conversation. This is when the whole thing was spoken in a very big outward way in a public assembly. There was a great king, his name was Pariksit.  That time the Indian kings had great power, they ruled the entire Earth.  So Pariksit had been cursed to die within 7 days. Actually he had the power to counteract the curse. He had great mystic powers; he was not just an ordinary politician. He was a great self-realized saint. He had the actual power to counteract the curse. But he actually took it as a blessing. A great saintly person actually sees everything as a blessing. So he thought, “Well, I have been cursed to die in seven days, this is great. Let me just sit down, renounce my kingdom. I will sit down at the bank of the sacred river and invite the sages to come and I would simply absorb myself in thoughts of God for these last 7 days, not worry about managing my kingdom. Let my son take over the kingdom and I will simply sit down and prepare for death in a very auspicious way. I’ll have 7 days to prepare myself to enter the kingdom of God” and he did that. So Vyasadeva who received this knowledge from Narada, he imparted it to his son Sukadeva  and Sukadeva  just happened to show up there when the king was sitting down at the bank of the river.  

It was being decided what the king should do now for these last 7 days because so many different gurus were there, so many different sages and spiritual teachers were there. Any one of them could have enlightened the king with so much great spiritual knowledge.  So it was decided that Sukadeva could speak to the king. Even though he was a young boy only 16 years old… because spiritual knowledge has nothing to do with age or the body, you can be a 5 years old person, you can be 85, it does not matter. A spiritual enlightened being is spiritually enlightened. It has nothing to do with the body, whether it’s a man’s body or a woman’s body, an American body or Turkish body, it doesn’t matter what kind of body you have, because it’s all on the level of the spirit soul within the heart. So it was decided then that Sukadeva would speak and that is in fact what happened. For 7 days Sukadeva sat there and enlightened the king with this great work, the Srimad Bhagavatam. He went on for 7 days describing it. The whole conversation was recorded and 5000 years later we can actually sit down and read the entire conversation that took place over 7 days and take advantage of the same wisdom which was revealed to the king to enable him to achieve spiritual perfection. We can ourselves listen to that same conversation and we can achieve the same perfection that Pariksit Maharaja does.  

There are actually nine different ways that you can become spiritual enlightened, it is not just one way. There is hearing, there is chanting, there is remembering, there are many different ways… to do service, to become friends with God, to offer everything for the Lord, to offer puja to Lord, worship.  There is nine different ways that you can become spiritual enlightened being but out of all of them the easiest one is you find out a person who is realized. You find a realized person who is realized, who is a spiritually enlightened being, you find a spiritually enlightened person and you hear from him.  

It’s actually a simple thing, you just sit down peacefully and hear.  Absorb yourself in hearing, you don’t have to stand on your head. You don’t have to undergo great austerities and penances. Just find out a realized person, sit nicely and hear from him. So that’s all you have to do and that was Pariksit Maharaj did.  He found a realized person Sukadeva  and he said “Ok, here I am. Just fill my ears, I am all ears. Just fill my ears with this wisdom.” And that’s what he did. So He became a great acharya or one who teaches by example. Acharya is a great spiritual master; he shows the way by his example. So the acharya of hearing is Pariksit Maharaja. Actually by his example of being a perfect hearer, he has taught the whole world how to achieve perfection, without even saying a word.  Of course, he asked some questions but just by sitting there, enquiring and hearing from Sukadeva , Pariksit Maharaj is the greatest teacher or Guru for the world, teaching the whole world simply by his act of hearing from Sukadeva . So we can see how important this hearing is.  

And here now, we are getting some very, very enlightening understanding of what actually is the philosophy, the knowledge which is being given in the Srimad Bhagavatam. What is actually that knowledge?  It’s described here…  The first thing is completely rejecting all the religious activity which is materially motivated. Well, the sad reality is this is going on everywhere in the modern day world.  It’s going on in the Hindu world, the Christian world, the Muslim world, the Buddhist world, the Sikh world, the Jain world and in every religious tradition.  Of all the wonderful religious traditions in the world, unfortunately this is going on everywhere. People take religion as some means of satisfying their material desires. The Muslims do it, the Christians do it, the Jews, the Hindus, and everyone is guilty of this... cardinal sin actually, which is taking religion as some means of material advancement.  

Because science has become so powerful and material advancement nowadays, that’s why atheism has become so popular because if science can do it, who needs religion? But the problem is people are taking religion for the wrong purpose. Actually the Bhagavatam begins from the point of completely rejecting all kinds of religions which are based on material progress, completely rejecting all religious activities which are materially motivated.  That’s the first line of this verse… 

dharmah projhita-kaitavo 

Projhita means completely rejecting, kicking out completely kaitava dharma, cheating dharma.  This is called kaitava dharma, cheating religion.  All religion now, in fact 99% what’s called religion on this planet right now today is cheating because it’s motivated on material principles.  Religion is meant to get us purely on the spiritual platform. It’s meant to get us off to the material platform but we take religion as a means of becoming more entangled in the material consciousness.   

“Give me this, give me that, give me, give me, give me.” We go to the Temple, we go to the synagogue, we go to the Mosque and we have a big want list:  “God give me this, give me this, give me this, give me this, this, this, this, this, and then I will bow down to you. My Lord, my dear lord because you are the one who gives me what I want, therefore I bow down to you.”  You may get your material desires fulfilled, you certainly will, God is very kind but one thing you won’t get.  You won’t get Allah, you won’t get Krishna.  Allah or Krishna would give you so many material things, that’s a fact, but you never get Him. You will never get Allah or Krishna, so you will miss the sweetest, the greatest achievement of all.  

In the Vedic history we have one wonderful example. His name was Dhruva.  Actually, he was a young boy at that time and his father was the emperor.  In those days the Kings were very powerful, they ruled not only one planet, they could rule the entire universe.  We cannot imagine what kind of kings existed in former time.  One king, he can rule the entire universe. Every planet was under his domain.   

So, anyway he was very powerful king and he had two wives, Suniti and Suruci, his two queens.  So the king, he had a son by each queen. So there were two boys, two princes, Dhruva and the other, I don’t remember his name. So Dhruva he was the son of Suniti and the other boy was the son of Suruci. So one day, the two boys, Dhruva and his brother, they were sitting on the lap of the king, one boy on each knee.  Suruci comes in and she sees the other queen’s son sitting on the king’s lap. She said, “You cannot sit on his lap because you are not born from my womb.” Just see what a materialistic mind she had. She wanted her son to inherit the kingdom and nothing would go to the other boy.  She was so greedy queen. But the problem was Suruci was the favourite queen. He felt more love and attraction for Suruci than he had for Suniti. He said, “Ok, you go.” 

So Dhruva had to go away from his father’s lap.  He could not play on his father’s lap. So he was very disturbed.  You can understand how he would feel, specially a prince.  He was born a prince, so  aprince has a tendency to want to rule naturally, by his blood he had that kshatriya or ruling prince blood, so he knows, “I won’t get my father’s lap and I won’t get a kingdom either.”  So even though he was 5 years old boy, he had really good intelligence.  So he understood what this means for his future life, he is a prince means he is out, he is completely outcaste, no position. So he was very upset. And he went to his mother Suniti. He said, “My dear mother, father won’t let me sit in his lap, that means I am nowhere, I am nowhere, what to do, what to do.” So the mother was so upset.  “Oh my dear boy, what can I do.  He loves the other queen more than me, what can I do, what can I do.  But my dear son there is one thing I know.  The sages, they go to the forest.  They give up the kingdom, living in the city, they go to the forest and they pray to God, to Lord Vishnu, Krishna or Vishnu. They pray to Him and you now they get all their desires fulfilled.  So my dear boy why not you just pray to Vishnu, to God to get your desires fulfilled.” 

So Dhruva, he was very determined.  Immediately he gave up the royal life in the palace to go and live in the forest as a sage, a person totally renounced just living under a tree with no material facility.  So one great enlightened sage, his name is Narada Muni. I mentioned him; he was the Guru of Vyasadeva also who compiled the Bhagavatam that we are studying this minute.  So this sage Narada Muni, he came to the forest and he saw the boy Dhruva, little 5-year old boy, the little prince sitting there trying to meditate in the forest and he said, “My dear boy, I can see that you are of the princely order.  Why are you living here in the forest?  You should go home, back to the palace from where you came.  You go home, my dear little child, you don’t belong to this dangerous forest.  You are only 5 years old.”   

So the boy Dhurva, he was very determined.  He looked to the sage and said, “If you are telling me to go home, I am telling you to go home. You go home. You don’t tell me to go home, you just go home. Leave me alone.” The boy was so determined.  Actually, Narada was just testing him.  Narada was simply testing him and he saw the boy’s determination.  He said, “Alright, I will give you one mantra. You chant this mantra and you will see Vishnu.”   

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 

Actually, it is the mantra we chant at the beginning of this class: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.  So he received this mantra and he began doing severe austerities. He was chanting this mantra, meditating on Vishnu.  He stopped eating, no more eating. And then he did that for some time. He became fixed in not eating anything and then he stopped drinking water also. He became fixed in that vow too. And then he stopped breathing also. He was so advanced in his meditation. He was so determined that he stopped breathing also and by the power of his austerity… Actually in the higher regions of the universe there are great controllers they are called demigods: they control the sun, the moon, they control the tides of the Bosporus, the Marmara Sea; it is all controlled by demigods.  So when he stopped breathing, it had such a powerful effect, the controllers of the universe they were suffocating by dint of this young boy’s austerity, so they ran to Vishnu.  “Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu save us, we cannot breathe. This boy is choking us up by his austerities.” So Lord Vishnu said “Alright,” He came to see what’s going on with this young boy. “What is he doing here, this meditation, what does he want.”  

So the young Dhruva when he sees Lord Vishnu… remember why he was meditating. He was not meditating for spiritual enlightenment; he was meditating for a kingdom. He had some material desire. So when Lord Vishnu comes, this boy Dhruva, he looks at Lord Vishnu.  He sees how beautiful Lord Vishnu is with His four arms holding the club, the lotus flower, the disc and the conch shell. He is just completely captivated by the beauty of Vishnu and he immediately realized, “What a fool I was. I was hankering after some material kingdom.”   

He realized “What a fool, complete fool I was” and he prayed, “My dear Lord…” Actually the Lord appeared in a form called Prishnigarbha.  “My dear Lord Prishnigarbha [Vishnu] I was hankering after simply some broken piece of glass. But now seeing You, I have achieved the rarest gem. So all I want is to serve you, I want nothing else.”  So Vishnu is very, very pleased that he became a pure devotee. As soon as the boy Dhruva gave up all material desires, he became a pure devotee just by seeing Lord Vishnu. And you know what Vishnu did? He gave him the kingdom anyway. He was so happy with the boy that He gave him the kingdom anyway. He got pure devotion which is the topmost achievement. There is no greater achievement than pure devotion, pure love of God and at the same time he got the kingdom.  

Actually he did not only rule what was his father’s kingdom, he was given the ownership of the entire universe; he got a far bigger kingdom than his father.  His father ruled a major portion of the universe but he was given the entire universe. He was given a planet called Dhruvaloka that doesn’t even get annihilated when the universe is destroyed. So actually he got a kingdom greater than his father’s.  He got even more material desire than he wanted.  And the same time he got the greatest achievement of all which is called bhakti or pure love for God.   

So this Bhagavatam begins from the point of rejecting all desires, material desires and simply begins from the point of pure bhakti or pure devotion.  And how is it understood? How we can realize this knowledge so we can also get the advantage of it? That is described here.  It’s understandable by those devotees who are fully pure in heart. So you have to learn how to become a pure devotee who approaches God simply to love Him, with no other desires.  

So in our Krishna consciousness movement, founded by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada... You have read the Bhagavad-gita As It Is?  So we have that book. We kindly request that you take one and give something to cover the printing cost and take this book and read very carefully. This lecture, a few words may stick, but mostly we forget things.  You will hear so many words, go one in one ear and out the other. By taking this book, you have a copy of the Bhagavad-gita.  By taking this book and giving some contribution to help us cover the printing cost,  and then you can carefully study, you can read and you can always inquire from Adi-Radhika.  Any questions also for me via email, you can inquire to learn this science.   


So this science is understood by those who cultivate bhakti or devotion.  And then this truth is also described in this verse from the philosophical prospective.  In these wonderful words “The highest truth is reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all.” It’s a very simple definition.   

There is a reality. Everyone can understand that reality exists. There is reality. But that reality… just like the sun is reality.  Earlier this morning when you came, was not the sun covered by clouds?  When you came it was cloudy.  Now that we’ve began the Bhagavatam class, the sun has come out.  So the Bhagavatam is a brilliant sun of wisdom. The Bhagavatam actually is the highest truth. It is the reality of existence.  But presently we are covered by the cloud of illusion, so we are not able to see that reality.  But by hearing from a person who has realized the truth of the Bhagavatam, that same knowledge, that same wisdom will become awakened within our heart, and then what is the result? ‘The welfare of all’.  In other words, everyone is actually suffering in an illusioned state where they don’t really see the reality that exists.  But this Bhagavatam brings that reality, so that one comes out of the illusion and one can achieve a state of supreme unlimited happiness.  

And then the Bhagavatam further elaborates, “such truth uproots the three fold miseries.”  So what are the threefold miseries?  Those are miseries caused by your mind and the body, those are miseries caused by other living beings and those are miseries caused by natural disasters like you had the earthquake here in Turkey.  This is called adhidaivika misery. Miseries caused by other living beings is called adhibhautika miseries. Miseries caused by the mind and body, that is called adhyatmika miseries, just like we may become sick sometimes.  So all types of miseries they are aflicting us.  Sometimes we are having adhyatmika miseries, sometimes adhibhautika miseries, sometimes adhidaivika but actually we always have one of these three miseries harassing us. That’s the position we have in this material world.  We are always being bothered by one of the three miseries at least, maybe even two or three. But at the minimum, always at least one of these miseries is always harassing us. But if one becomes fixed in the knowledge and the practice described here in this Srimad Bhagavatam then that truth uproots all the miseries and he becomes free from them. He becomes ecstatic; he becomes free from miseries.   

And then it continues here, “This beautiful Bhagavatam compiled by the great sage Vyasa in his maturity is sufficient in itself for God realization.” What is the need of any other scripture.  As soon as one attentively and submissively hears the message of the Bhagavatam, with this culture of knowledge the Supreme Lord is established within his heart.  Of course one may argue, “But isn’t God already in my heart.  Isn’t He in the heart of everyone already?  How can the Bhagavatam say that by hearing the Bhagavatam He becomes established in the heart?”  Actually God is there already but the problem is we don’t experience His presence because we are covered by the cloud of illusion.  That’s why we don’t experience that “God is sitting in my heart right now.”  The Bhagavatam when it says that the Bhagavatam establishes the Supreme Lord within the heart, what that means is that the Bhagavatam clears away all the illusion, clears away all the clouds of illusion.  So you actually fully realize Krishna, Vishnu or Allah seated within your heart. You actually experience His presence. And not only you experience Him within your heart and your heart within Him, you experience Krishna, Allah or Vishnu within everything and everything within Krishna, Allah or Vishnu, everywhere you go. Whether you are in your office, whether you are in your home, whether you are gazing out across the Bosporus, it doesn’t matter.  You will experience Krishna within everything and everything within Krishna or God.  So this Bhagavatam is very, very well worth the study, which is not available in Turkish yet, but the good news is this Bhagavad-gita of 700 verses is the introductory study to the Bhagavatam.  So by studying this book the Bhagavad-gita you will get the same benefit.  This is your doorway to the knowledge of the Bhagavatam.  By getting a very well grounded in this knowledge then you naturally would be able to enter into the Bhagavatam philosophy because Bhagavatam is simply the result of one who understands Bhagavad-gita.   

So I might ask if there are any questions. You all have discussions on these points. Yes...  

Q.1. What is the reality distinguished from illusion?  

Ans: This is a very important question. We can look at the details of that reality. The first thing is to understand that you are not that body.  We are not these bodies. That’s the first thing we have to understand. I am not male, I am not female, I am not Turkish, I am not American, I am not white, I am not black.  My actual identity is I am an eternal spiritual being.  The spiritual being in Sanskrit is called atma. The atma, actually, in its present state is like a small particle, a very tiny particle; you can’t even measure it materially.  In geometry… Have you have studied geometry? In geometry there is what is known as a point, it marks a location but it has no physical dimension whatsoever.  In geometry, if you try to analyze what is the dimension of a point, it doesn’t have any dimension.  A square or a cube has dimensions.  But a geometric point has absolutely no material dimensions whatsoever; it simply marks a location.  So the atma, even though it is described as being 1/10,000th tip of a hair, that’s simply an approximation.  It is actually more accurately just like a geometric point.  It has no physical dimensions whatsoever. You cannot see it with a microscope, even through an electron microscope.  You cannot see the atma but you can be aware of the presence of the atma by the mere fact that you are cognizant.  You can hear me speaking to you right now.  You can see me looking at you right now. You can see the sunshine.  You can feel the wooden floor under you on which you are sitting on right now.  You can feel the wall that you are leaning against.  You have cognizance; you have awareness.  This proves the presence of the atma because the symptom of the atma is consciousness or awareness.  That’s the symptom of the atma.  

The body, we may have a body of a small child, we may have a body of an old man or an old woman but still the consciousness is present. And actually we have the same consciousness because we can remember when I was a 5 years old child.  Don’t you remember some instances?  Yes, we all remember when we were little children.  I still remember the day I walked away from home wandering out to explore the world, somehow the door was open.   

My parents, they did not know where I was, whether I had been kidnapped. Actually I wandered down the railway track, of all places.  Luckily a train didn’t come as I didn’t know what to do.  I wandered down the railway track and I turned around and wandered back to my home. They were very happy I somehow came back.  So I remember that experience.  The chemicals that made up that body are not the same chemicals I have today here on April 27, 2005 sitting here in Istanbul, Turkey.  It’s not the same chemicals but yet I remember, I have consciousness of that day I wandered down the railway track. I can still in my mind see the railway track, the ties, the gravel, the rails and I can see my mother’s joy when I came home again as well.  That still there.  I can see that.   

So you also can do the same thing with your memories of your childhood just like I can do.  So that means we actually have an existence beyond these chemicals that make us up.  We have a spiritual identity.   So we have perceptions within this body, each of us.  I can feel the pains and pleasures of my body.  You can feel the pains and pleasures of your body.  But I cannot feel the pain and pleasures of your body nor can you feel the pains and pleasures of my body.  But there is a Supreme consciousness who is conscious of the pains and pleasures of everyone’s body and of everything.  That is God,  Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Vishnu.   

There is that Supreme Being who has universal consciousness and each and everyone one of us, being part of Him, have relationship with that universal consciousness.  We are meant to live in a state of harmony with that universal consciousness.  The present day materialistic world is so much in chaos, so much in conflict, so much in anxiety, so much in distress because they have lost the art.  They have forgotten the ancient art which was formerly known by everyone in the whole planet.  They have lost the ancient art of how to live in harmony between the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness.  That art is the subject matter of the Srimad Bhagavatam.  It is called the art of Bhakti, Bhakti yoga, the science of devotion; that is the art of how to live in harmony between the part and the whole.  Just like your hand serves the complete whole of your body.  Your hand requires nutrition to be healthy, doesn’t it?  But when you eat, do you simply squeeze the food in your fingers?  No, you feed it to the mouth, the mouth goes to the belly, and the belly then distributes it to go to the intestinal system and then the nutrition is in pumped out to the blood stream.  So your hand gets the nutrition it needs by acting in harmony with the whole body.  If the hand tries to act out of harmony with the body in a greedy way, “Why should I share this food with anybody else?  I am just going to take it all for myself.” So the hand says “I’m going to eat my breakfast.”  It is chewing away trying to eat its breakfast and he wonders what’s going on.  “Here I am chewing the food, and I am not getting any energy.”  Just try to chew your food in your fingers like this and see if it satisfies your appetite.  See if it gives your hand any energy.  Your hand will get tired after a while because it is not getting any nutrition.   

In the Vedas there is a nice story actually.  You know how people, very common now, people, they go on strike.  In America it’s very big thing, the labour movement, labour union.  There will be a big strike, striking for better wages.  I don’t know whether they allow that in Turkey.  It’s a big thing in America.  They go on strike for better wages.  So they refuse to work until the master pays them more money per hour.  So the parts of the body they went on strike.   

They say, “We don’t want to feed the stomach, all he does is just sit there and enjoy the food.  We do all the work and that rascal just sits there and enjoy.  This isn’t fair.  We’re not going to feed the stomach any more.”  So they made all those signs, they are marching back and forth, “Don’t feed the stomach, don’t feed the stomach, the stomach is the fascist pig, don’t feed the stomach, don’t feed the stomach.”  They went on a big demonstration, they are on strike.  So they were chanting with great enthusiasm “Don’t feed the stomach, don’t feed the stomach” but the second day of their strike, they started feeling weak, “Don’t.... feed.... the stomach, don’t..... feed..... the..... stomach...”  They wondered, “What’s going on here?  We are losing all of our energy.” They said, “We need to have another meeting of the Union to decide what to do about this.”  They finally realized, “If we don’t feed the stomach we are going to die.  So we better start feeding the stomach again.”  So they called off the strike and started feeding the stomach.  So we are the bodily parts and the stomach is God, if you didn’t understand the example.  We have to serve God, otherwise we die.  God may give us our material needs out of His kindness to encourage us to come back, but spiritually we become dead.  We lose our lustre; we lose our happiness if we don’t serve God.  So that science how to approach God without any material desires that “I want to serve You for this, this, this...” That’s not service, that’s business.  We have to learn… harmony with God means come in the mood of complete submissive service to Him.  So that’s the science, this described in detail in the Bhagavad-gita.   

The Bhagavad-gita will tell you how to approach the Lord in pure devotion, completely subservient to Him.  This is a non-sectarian book. It applies to everyone, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew because God is one.  Whether I address Him in Arabic or in Sanskrit as Allah or Krishna, He is still the same person.  So to learn how to be fully surrendered unto Him, that is the perfection of religion.  That’s the knowledge we have come to introduce here into the Muslim world. We want to create a spiritual revolution here in the Muslim world, to awaken people to the science of God of how to perfect their relationship with their Lord, actually all over the world, not only the Muslim world. We just travelled in Finland, also in the Baltic States.  Now we are going to the Netherlands. We are going back to make a revolution in America and Canada, a spiritual revolution.  So this is our mission given by our spiritual master.  We want to solve all the problems of the world.  We want that everyone throughout the entire world should become peaceful and happy.   

Why should we unnecessarily suffer?  It doesn’t make sense - adhyatmika, adhibhautika, adhidaivika.  Do you like adhyatmika, adhibhautika, adhidaivika?  Just like Mataji and I are suffering from adhyatmika miseries.  We do not like it.  We want to stop all these miseries.  Just like there is so much terrorism thing, that’s adhibhautika miseries.  Then adhidaivika like tsunami, these are called adhidaivika.  So all these miseries are there, but if we can just learn how to live in harmony with the Lord, then all these miseries will be uprooted, pulled out of our heart and out of the heart of the whole world society if we can educate everyone.  So this is our mission and that’s the answer to your question. 

Are there any other questions?  I would be happy to try to answer.  You are very nice audience.  You are listening very nicely.  Actually I would like to just take you with me all over the world.  And you can continue to hear wherever I go.  When I go to Holland, you can be there.  When I go to America, you can travel with me all over America, be my audience, travelling audience.   

Q.2. I get the picture, it’s in line with what I have been trying to establish within myself. 

Answer: Obviously you must be, otherwise you would not be attracted to come.  That’s very good. This is a universal science actually.  There are three different types of people in this world.  They are called satva guna, raja guna, tama guna.  Tama guna means people who are in very ignorant stage, spiritually ignorant and materially ignorant also.  Then Raja guna means people who are very materially intelligent.  You see they know how to make money, they know how to run the government.  They are called raja gunis, materially very intelligent people.  Then satva guna also people who are spiritually intelligent.  They also have material intelligence automatically because wherever spirit is there, matter automatically follows.   

So people who have spiritual intelligence, they also have material intelligence.  They know that it’s not more important than spiritual intelligence.  So you are a man of spiritual intelligence, that’s why you are attracted to here.  You are rare number.  The satva guna people they are very small number in our population.  They are rare numbers, those who have spiritual intelligence.  So you are in that category; otherwise there would be thousands of people here to hear this class.   If this would be a seminar on how to make money, we could immediately fill a whole auditorium.  The Raja gunis will come in big numbers.  They will flood the auditorium, raja gunis.  Those who are materially intelligent.  But the spiritual intelligent they are very, very rare people.  Krishna says, 

manushyanam sahasreshu
kascid yatati siddhaye
yatatam api siddhanam
kascin mam vetti tattvatah

Out of thousands among men, only one will endeavour for spiritual perfection, and out of thousands who endeavour for spiritual perfection, hardly even one will know me in truth. (BG 7.3) 

 So there is the higher level, out of those who are sattva-guna people spiritually intelligent, there is another that is called visuddha-sattva those who are in the state of pure goodness.  That is even a rarer number and that we are trying to elevate.  Our Guru Maharaja, he is in that category, visuddha -sattva, pure goodness.  That is one who is not just seeking the truth, but he has fully realized the truth.  So we are fortunate to have such a Guru and therefore we have been empowered by him to give this knowledge.  Those who are in your category sincerely seeking knowledge, we have it, we can give it to you.  We can train you in it in the perfection of knowledge, Raja-vidya. 

Any other questions? 

Q.3. Dhruva Maharaj made lot of austerities.  The demigods, how do they feel distressed by these austerities? 

Answer:  Prabhupada elaborately said in one purport, we actually have to look that up.  Prabhupada gives a very detailed description in terms of laws of physics actually.  Honestly, I do not remember the details of that description but it’s a very interesting discussion, how one object even physically can affect an entire larger area. Prabhupada actually gives a description of that which we can study.  I will show you in the Bhagavatam, you can study.  The demigods were suffocating because he was holding his breath.  His meditation was so powerful that when he stopped his breathing, the whole universal life air was suffocated.  In other words Dhruva’s meditation impacted the entire universe.  The entire universe was affected by his meditation.  He was so powerful.  Actually a pure devotee can do a similar thing.   

Prabhupada explains that if a person can chant the Hare Krishna mantra without any offense, this is right there in his book Caitanya Caritamrta, you can read yourself the quote. Prabhupada is saying in that quote that if one person can purely chant the Hare Krishna mantra without any offense, then he becomes a pure devotee, he becomes jagat guru, spiritual master of the entire universe.  And under his or her influence, the entire world then will take up chanting Hare Krishna.  So what that means is even sitting right here in your apartment,  if you become a completely pure chanter of the Hare Krishna mantra, you personally can revolutionize the entire universe, if your chanting becomes completely pure, absolutely pure, without any tinge of material desire.  So when you chant Hare Krishna you should try to become a pure chanter.   

We have the ten offenses… You know the ten offenses?  You have to become absolutely pure in your chanting.  You must strive to become absolutely pure.  To the degree of your purity in chanting, to that degree you will have an impact on the entire atmosphere of this universe.  So we, in our society, we want to create a whole army of pure chanters.  If even one pure chanter can save the whole world, just imagine a whole army of pure chanters.  How much more powerful they would be in saving the whole world consciousness.   

Any more questions? 

Q.4. Abundance is a natural state of acting but I hear today against abundance.  I feel something against abundance. 

Answer:  Alright we will discuss.  Actually abundance automatically comes.  Krishna describes in the Bhagavad Gita,  He says, “those who exclusively worship Me with devotion, whatever abundance they currently have I protect that abundance, and whatever abundance they may be lacking, I personally provide that abundance” (BG 9.22).   

So abundance is a natural by-product of someone who is Krishna conscious.  It’s a natural by-product but Krishna conscious person is not after abundance.  He has no desire for abundance.  He simply wants to satisfy Krishna, that’s all.  But to such a person Krishna gives all abundance.  Just like an example is my own spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada.  He was a pure devotee of Krishna, completely pure.  When he came to America, he only had 40 Rupees.  It’s only like 8 Dollar at that time, very little money.  But because he was fully dedicated to Krishna, Krishna gave him unlimited millions of dollars. He had 10,000 disciples, he had a hundred temples all over the world and millions of dollars at his disposal.  He did not use anything for his personal enjoyment.  He spent every penny on missionary activities for educating the world; nothing for personal enjoyment.  He took off on a little vacation somewhere to enjoy his money, no!  He always simply remained purely absorbed 24 hours a day in teaching the science of Krishna all over the world.  But Krishna gave him unlimited abundance.  In fact in the Indian Parliament, the politicians could not understand how AC Bhaktivedanta Swami became so wealthy.  In the Indian Parliament someone said “Oh! He must be CIA agent. The US Government is giving him money, otherwise how an Indian swami can get so much money.”  They thought, “The Hare Krishnas must be CIA agents from the US government otherwise how the Hare Krishnas can have so much money.” So we are not against abundance.  But we want to see that all abundance is used in service of God.   

Formally a Guru would never even leave the village except by walking but now here I am, a Guru, I am travelling all over the world in a jet plane.  I am flying here and flying there on a jet plane.  So we are using the abundance.  A jet plane is one of the abundances of modern civilization.  You can fly from all where around the world in jet planes.  So we are using that abundance for Krishna.  We have no objection to abundance.  I am using lot of technology here.  This is  a 40 gigabytes mp3 recorder, it’s huge.  I am recording this conversation right now so we can go on in the internet and distribute it all over the world.  So we are using abundance in the service of Krishna.  We don’t use it for any personal enjoyment.   

You may say “You are against personal enjoyment.” But no, we are into unlimited enjoyment.  Why enjoy limitedly when you can enjoy unlimitedly?  If you focus your life on simply giving enjoyment to God, then your enjoyment expands by millions and billions of times.  Before I took to this Krishna bhakti, when I was a young man in my twenties, I was trying to enjoy but I was miserable.  But when I realized that I have to become a spiritually enlightened being to actually become happy and then by the grace of Guru, my spiritual master, I realized this knowledge.  Now I enjoy like anything, every minute.   

Every moment is a delicious feast of enjoyment at every moment and that comes because whatever abundance is coming to me, and I have so much abundance by Krishna’s grace, whatever abundance is coming to me, I engage everything in Krishna’s service.  Because of that, Krishna gives me more abundance, more abundance.  I have followers all over the world now.  That is real abundance.  Wherever I go all over the world I attract followers because they see I have something that they don’t have.   

So we are not against abundance but you simply use that abundance in the service of God and then you get more abundance and more abundance and more abundance.  Krishna will give you the whole world.   

Gurudeva : Are you a business man?   

Guest: I am a manager. 

Gurudeva : Manager! Yes. Our Guru Maharaja tells us if you are a Krishna conscious business man, you can think, “Let me become the wealthiest businessman in the whole world, so I can use all that money for Krishna.”  So we are not against abundance.  You can become even more abundant than Bill Gates.  There is no problem.  

Guest:  That’s what exactly I had in my mind. 

Gurudeva:  Yes.  So you put Bill Gates out of business.  You put Microsoft out of business and use that money for Krishna.  That is very good. 

Questions more? 

Gurudeva : So anyway I think we have gone quite a bit here.   It is 9 o’clock and you probably have to get back to the office.  You are big manager in some company.  So the manager is not there, the company may have trouble.  Just like when Dhruva held his breath, I guess.  So we will let you get to your office and we are so happy you come.  Thank you very much.  Oh you have another question? 

Guest:  This is somewhat related to what you have spoken about.  It’s about stopping breathing.  That happened couple of weeks ago during meditation.  I stopped breathing, stiffened and I thought I going to die or going to another dimension. 

Gurudeva : How long did it last? 

Guest: May be 30 seconds or so. 

Gurudeva :  Well, actually, unless you are highly advanced if you try… but I have seen it, as there are powerful yogis who can do these advanced techniques.  But without proper training unless you can go to the Himalayas and meet one of the real yogis who live in the Himalayas.  The men are the true masters of these techniques.  It’s probably better you start breathing again because you may actually kill yourself or suffered brain damage.  We have one boy in America who wanted to imitate the advanced yogis who go out into the snow and ice and take their clothes off.  The boy died of hyperthermia.  They found him dead sitting in a meditation posture.   

Guest: This is not that I tried myself, just happened. 

Gurudeva: Yeah. Well, take it as a special sign from above that you are meant to now find a perfect guru who can teach you how to become a true enlightened being.  Take that as a sign, “Now God has given me a sign. I should now find a realized teacher who can teach me how to become perfect in self realization.” You should take that as a sign.  As we said you should take it, special sneak preview from above, a trailer of the other dimension. That “Now I have to find a teacher who can teach me ,not just for 30 seconds.” So for all of eternity we can be situated on the transcendental platform beyond time and space.   

We teach you the easy natural way to do it because it does not require actually holding your breadth.  You simply have to learn how to offer every breath in the service of Krishna and then you don’t have to hold it.  If you try to hold your breath, it will be difficult but if you can learn how to offer every breadth purely in the service of God then you will live naturally and you will actually be able to even go to your office as a manager and remain in that transcendental consciousness.  Even while doing your work in your office, you can remain in the transcendental position.   

Arjuna rejected the yogic meditation system.  He said he was not advanced enough to do it.  So Krishna taught him how to work his job in transcendental consciousness. He was a warrior.  So you learn from Arjuna, that’s why you have to take the Bhagavad Gita because this will teach you how you can actually be a manager in your company and continue to earn your livelihood, and at the same time be situated beyond time and space, all at the same time; how to be acting expertly within time and space and at the same time be beyond it.  Bhagavad Gita will teach you that art.  So you just want to get your copy right now and you have to give something as donation for printing cost.   

Thank you so much.  Hare Krishna.   


Transcribed by Bhakta Harish

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