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 Srimad Bhagavatam 1.17.14

Chicago, Illinois (21 May, 2005)


om namo bhagavate vasudevaya


jane nagasy agham yunjan
sarvato Ďsya ca mad-bhayam
sadhunam bhadram eva syad
asadhu-damane krte


jane Ė to the living beings; anagasi Ė those who are offenseless; agham Ė sufferings; yunjan Ė by applying; sarvatah Ė anywhere and everywhere; asya Ė of such offenders; ca Ė and; mat-bhayam Ė fear me; sadhunam Ė of the honest persons; bhadram - good fortune; eva Ė certainly; syat Ė will take place; asadhu Ė dishonest miscreants; damane Ė curbed; krte Ė being so done

Translation and purport by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Goswami Maharaj Prabhupada. 

Devotees : Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya 

Whoever causes offenseless living beings to suffer must fear me anywhere and everywhere in the world. By curbing dishonest miscreants, one automatically benefits the offenseless.


Dishonest persons flourish because of cowardly and impotent executive heads of state. But when the executive heads are strong enough to curb all sorts of dishonest miscreants, in any part of the state, certainly they cannot flourish. When the miscreants are punished in an exemplary manner, automatically all good fortune follows. As said before, it is the prime duty of the king or the executive head to give protection in all respects to the peaceful, offenseless citizens of the state.

The devotees of the Lord are by nature peaceful and offenseless, therefore it is the prime duty of the state to arrange to convert everyone to become a devotee of the Lord. Thus automatically there will be peaceful, offenseless citizens. Then the only duty of the king will be to curb the dishonest miscreants. That will bring about peace and harmony all over human society.

om ajnana-timirandhasya
caksur unmilitam yena
tasmai sri-gurave namah

ďI offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who has so kindly come to me, who in the darkness of ignorance, he is forcing my eyes open with his torchlight of transcendental knowledge.Ē

So this is a very, you could say, political or at the moment sort of verse today in the world situation. When you see that everywhere, of course they talk about, there were some mentioned by the President here by the excess of evil he named three countries as if everybody else was good. Every other state is good except the three countries. But actually we can see that practically we donít know any state in the world we can actually say itís not a rogue state. Every state is a rogue state, itís being managed by rogues and rascals. There is one very nice lecture Prabhupada gives in Bombay. He said actually the whole world now is being managed by rogues and demons. He said now you make your life successful and you take the management. 

So I ask you my dear Prabhus, are you prepared to follow Prabhupada instructions to become a Sadhu and actually take the leadership role in this planet or we also rogues? You know what Prabhupada told Tamal Krishna Goswami, in early days Tamal Krishna Das brahmachari, he said" Krishna can give you all of America within one minute but what you will do with it?" Ever wondered why the whole world hasnít become Krishna conscious yet? Prabhupada actually told us in eighteen days we can make the whole world Krishna conscious. Ever wondered why it hasnít happened.?Well ! I hate to say it Prabhu that we are rogues still. Thatís the problem. We are still holding on to our own roguish mentality and thatís why. So it is up to us actually to purify our own hearts and come to the point, for we will become so pure and so perfect in our Krishna conscious practice that all the leaders of the world come running to the ISKCON devotees, please guide me on how can I run my country. 

Just imagine if somehow or other you are the only devotee left in the planet, that everybody else went back to Godhead, you are the only devotee left in this material world, it is your responsibility to deliver the entire planet. How pure would you have to be, not to become overwhelmed by material desires? So this is how we have to think. We have to think how to make myself so pure that I can actually do my service for Srila Prabhupada, and my Guru Maharaj for pushing forward this movement in a very pure way by every word, by every thought, by every deed that I perform. It is not that it is somebody else responsibility to push forward the movement. Itís my responsibility, each one of us has to think like that. Itís my personal duty to see that this movement is going forward because right now we have a horrible, deplorable situation on this planet. Itís horrible whatís going on. We have offenseless living beings who are suffering in so many ways. The cows, what offenses they are committing? They are being mercilessly slaughtered every day, thousands and millions of cows. Look at all these poor children in the womb who are being aborted. 

And so many people who are trying to be good. They may not be devotees but they are trying to be at least good and honest people, satvik. Many people trying to be satvik but they are being so much exploited and abused. So as Krishna says, mad-bhayam , these people they should fear me, they must fear me and of course how do they fear Krishna? In the form of death! These people must be afraid of death. Anyone who has a roguish mentality must be afraid of death. Look at Kamsa, he was so afraid of death. He was so paranoid about dying. The devotee is detached. Just like we can see our beloved Bhakti Tirath Swami Maharaj. Even though death is coming, he is so brave at the face of death, for Krishna consciousness makes us Abhaya, fearless. Abhaya charan, we become abhaya charan, fearless by having taken the shelter of the Lordís lotus feet but those who do not take shelter of Krishna by their nature of that not taking shelter of Krishna, they must cause distress to offenseless lving beings, by nature. Even someone in the mode of goodness, they sometimes slip down in the passion and ignorance and do something they should not have done. Just like we hear about these mass killing, some employee comes to the office and he shoots his manager and all his co-workers. They say but he was such a good person, we donít know what happened. He was so nice and friendly and something happened. So even if somebody is in the mode of goodness. 

That actually a case of some famous killer in Kansas, he was the President of this Church, Methodist Church. He was a lay member but he was elected to be the President of the congregation. And he was doing these mass killings. He was the one who for years had done these killing. He was a secret killer. They could not figure out who he was. They finally figured out who he was. He was the president of the Church. So even though he was trying to go on in the mode of goodness, he had this other side like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He had this other side which was coming out, this evil demoniac side. So even if someone who was going on in the mode of goodness, they can slip down and do something very horrible. It is only when we come to pure goodness, sudha sattva i.e. the platform which is called Vasudeva stage. That platform of Krishna consciousness, that is where if we become solidly situated, sadhu saintly persons, we donít slip down into roguish mentality. So our purpose of this movement, we want to create a society, where the leaders are actually saintly. In the Vedic times that was certainly the case, you had Rajarsi, Raja and Rishi combined i.e. Rajarsi. So they were saintly kings. They were great Sadhus. This Parikshit Maharaj is here. Where do we have such leaders today? Where the Parikshit Maharaj is? Where the Yudhistar Maharaj is? They do not exist. 

It is our duty in this Krishna consciousness movement to become such pure and perfect brahmana Vaishnavas. That by our preaching we can create Parikshit Maharaj, Maharaj Yudhistar to rule the countries of this planet. That is our responsibility. We are not meant to simply sit in some temple and eat some chappatis and get so called Brahmin belly. We are meant for making a revolution on this planet, Viplavah. We are meant for bringing about a revolution to turn the tide of history.  

So as people say why you Hare Krishna people are not into reading newspaper, not watching the news, why are you not interested in keeping up the cart advanced. So they ask like that but the real practice is much more exciting to make history than it is to study history. Much more exciting to be the news than watch the news. So actually by taking up this service of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, becoming soldiers of the army of Srila Prabhupada, we are actually making history on this planet. We are making history. We are the news but just the media has not picked up on us yet. They are covering all this nonsense rubbish activity, they should be covering ISKCON.  

In every day Chicago newspaper the front page should have Kishore Kishori in full color, so those who could not make to the temple they could get their morning newspaper to see how the Lord is addressed this morning. That should be the morning news, the transcript of the Bhagavatam class, this is actual news. Karmis, they are so much into this mundane news. 

Actually Prabhupada gives one story. You may have heard this story. There was one Christian preacher. He was preaching in Sheffield, England, the coal mining town. And he was thinking how to convert these coal mining towns to accept Jesus. She he said you have to accept Jesus or you go to hell. And one miner raised his hand and said what is his number because in the mine everyone had a number, miner no.1, miner no.2, on the little cap they had a number. So he was thinking that Jesus was one of the workers in the mine, one of the miners. They wanted to know what shift He worked on, we have to accept Him as our Lord. So the Christian preacher knew he was up against the real tough bunch, they thought that Jesus was one of the miners. He said no no he is not a miner. He is a son of God and you have to accept Him or you go to hell. Another miner said ok what is hell. And so the preacher said well it is very dark, itís very cold, itís very damp, itís horrible.

There is no fresh air to breathe. There was no response from the miners. There is no big deal, thatís where we work every day. We are used to that. That does not scare us. Dark, cold, damp, no fresh air, thatís where we work every day, No big deal. 

So the preacher wondered how I am going to convince these people to accept Jesus. They think He is one of the miners, hell does not scare them. What in the world I can tell them to get them to accept Jesus. He got an idea, oh yah, there is no newspaper. They said oh horrible, no newspapers!

We will accept Jesus, donít take our newspaper. So for a Karmi that newspaper is a very special thing. You can see them on a commuter train, they just keep the newspaper, very precious, holding it under their arms in the commuter train to work. My newspaper! 

So we do not need this rubbish newspaper. We have Srimad Bhagavatam. Srimad Bhagavatam is the sweetest most nectarean unlimitedly relishable news. The other newspaper you read it now and you throw it, it gets old very quickly. You put it in the litter box for the cat to pass stool. But

the more you read this news, why is that the more you read this Bhagavatam the more it becomes exciting and enlivening, why is that? Because Krishna is nava yauvanam. He is an ever fresh youth. 

Just imagine one flower, you picked up that flower. Normally you pick a flower, you offer to Krishna, it smells very nice. It is so beautiful and fresh. Just like we are given one nice fresh garland but in two days from now it will be all rotting. So just imagine a flower, you can pick that flower and the longer you hold it in your hand, it becomes more beautiful, more fragrant and more fresh, just goes on becoming more beautiful, more fragrant and more fresh. 

Just imagine a flower that has just become unlimitedly ever increasingly fragrant. That is Krishna. So the more you hear about Krishna, the more we talk about Krishna, the more we think about Krishna, it becomes sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter.  That is Krishna consciousness. So therefore every day we can read the same Bhagvatam instead of bringing in the morning newspaper to discuss todayís morning news, the stock market of Chicago, what happened between the cops and the White Sox. Whatever it is, that is not very interesting to us. It is boring. Ďpunah punas carvita-carvananamí that is simply chewing the chewed. 

What is exciting to us is what did Parikshit do. That is news, that is exciting. This Bhagavatam is so wonderful that the more you study it, the more you read it, the more you apply it, you actually come to the point where you practically speaking, living in the Bhagavatam. You may say how it is possible but actually we have two types of Bhagavatam, the book Bhagavatam and the person Bhagavatam. So my question is, does Prabhupada want all us to become personal Bhagavatam or not? He wanted us to become highly advanced Vaishnavas. Each and every one of us is person Bhagavatam where every thought is Bhagavatam, every word is Bhagavatam and every action is Bhagavatam. Thatís what Prabhupada want us to come to that position. He wants a whole society of acaryas, he said in Mayapura. He told us he wants 10,000 acaryas. So this is the actual sweetness of life, to become so merged in this Bhagavata culture, Krishna consciousness. They were just oozing with Krishna consciousness at every minute. 

Anybody who comes in contact with us they get Krishna juice all over them. Prabhupada is like that, he is like gulab jamun just oozing out all the sugar water. Prabhupada just like the ultimate gulab jamun, oozing out Krishna consciousness. Anybody who came close he got inundated with Krishna consciousness. So we have to be like that. We see so many senior devotees in our movement who have really taken this process very seriously. Just to see them is enlivening, to hear them speak is even more enlivening because they are so deeply immersed in Krishna consciousness, oozing it. They are like a radio tower, TV tower sending out all these vibrations in all directions of Krishna bhakti. So we see that many senior devotees in our movement are like that and actually everyone can become like that. Senior does not necessarily mean a Prabhupada disciple or a Sannyasi or a Guru. Anyone can become a senior advanced devotee just by taking very seriously this process of nityam bhagvata-sevaya, hearing the Bhagavata or serving the person Bhagavata, the spiritual master. 

Anyone who dives deeply into this, doesnít matter whether you are living in the temple, you are living in the home. ĎGrha tako vane tako, Sada hari bole takoí Narottam says, anyone and everyone who takes seriously the chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, they can become a Sadhu. They can become a storehouse of love of God just by dent of their intense absorption in Krishna consciousness. Anyone who comes in contact with such a person will be blessed by their association and uplifted in their spiritual life. So the more and more we can create this mood of pure Krishna bhakti here in our society, then we will see that gradually, gradually the viniculture of ISKCON becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. 

Then the next step is Prabhupada wanted to create kshatriyas, Krishna conscious kshatriyas. And that comes when the leader recognizes this is the leading institution in this planet not the United Nations or Harvard University or Oxford. This is actually the leading institution to guide the world out of chaos ĎISKCONí. Gradually that day will come when leaders of the world will recognize that ISKCON is the institution that will give the guidance. Just like they hire consultants nowadays, bringing some consultants, experts, bringing some big brains to help you. A company will hire some consultants to help them, starting new division, so many things. The government will bring in expert advice. The government will bring experts to consult how we should do this, how we should do that. So the day will come when the ISKCON devotees will be recognized experts on how the society should be run. Everything should be set up and actually Prabhupada introduced this principle very strongly in Chicago. You study the history of Prabhupada preaching. Chicago was where he introduced this principle very strongly ĎCrime and how to stop ití. He was flying into Chicago, there he picked up a magazine on the airplane, the whole thing was crime and how to stop it. That was the cover. So when Prabhupada came, he gave the whole series of lectures and he met with government leaders that we have a solution to solve the crime problem. So that was introduced here in Chicago. Prabhupada used Chicago as his base pushing forward this principle that Krishna consciousness would solve the crime problem in the human society. 

So actually itís a very appropriate verse today because it comes back to the very same thing that Prabhupada himself pushed very strongly here in Chicago. That when Krishna consciousness becomes predominant in the society the crime problem is automatically erased. The dishonest miscreants will naturally be curbed when Krishna consciousness becomes predominant in society. Unfortunately the government leaders, even though some of them like one Lieutenant from the Chicago police department, Lieutenant Mosi he came and talked with Prabhupada very respectfully, the Mayor of the Evanston also. That was Prabhupada. So they came, they were the official representatives of the police department of the Evanston city and they had their official meeting with Prabhupada. They said very very nice, very nice but they didnít really take it. That was a diplomatic move because they liked Prabhupadaís idea, they very much appreciated that we want to solve this crime problem in the society, they very much appreciated but practically they did nothing. It was more like a diplomatic official thing, to be with a big leader with Hare Krishna movement. We liked very much your idea, we appreciate it but there was nothing practical. But that day will come, we shouldnít think it will never come. That day will come when the leaders will actually come and be willing to take practical steps of action to solve the problems in the society. Actually the more the Kali yuga degrades, that will help our movement to go forward. That will help our movement. 

We were discussing last night in the Bhakti-vriksha meeting that formerly in this country everyone drink the tap water. We thought there is no problem but gradually people became aware that water is not always pure even if comes out of your tap. So purified water became very popular. Who could have ever thought that people would be buying bottled water. We never dreamed. You get free water out of the tap. Almost free, you still pay something. Who would have thought that you pay money for a bottle of water for drinking. Nobody would have ever thought of such a thing. But now it is very common thing, even in remote Indian villages you can find bottled water. And now the new thing is air because the air is getting so polluted. They actually have, just like there are hair salons now, in Tokyo they have air saloons where they put you inside the oxygen tube. You crawl down inside it, lay down and they close it. Itís like space capsule and they put pure oxygen in it. For 40 minutes you can get pure oxygen. You really get surcharged for pure breathing. And now they have little tanks called ĎOpureí. You can buy bottle of oxygen so you can really get some good air. When the pollution gets too heavy, get out your tank of ĎOpureí and get some good breathing. 

As things get more polluted then these things come out, bottled water, bottled air but the next step actually would be pure consciousness. Which is the company, the institution which can provide that to the society? Thatís us Prabhus and Matajis. ISKCON is that society which can give pure consciousness. No one can compete with us. Even the other Gaudiyas, they donít have that degree of realization of Prabhupada. Prabhupada is unique spiritual master, thatís why he was chosen by Lord Caityana to be the one to inundate the entire planet with Krishna bhakti. Prabhupda, practically speaking the greatest spiritual master in the history of the universe. So by his mercy we have the formula. When the world is ready, when they realize the polluted water was there we have to get bottled purified water, polluted air we have to get purified air to breathe and now we realize our consciousness is so polluted, now we need purified consciousness and you Hare Krishna people can give it to us. They will come begging. Please give me, teach me how to have pure consciousness. 

I am seeing it on the internet. I ventured on the internet to see what can I do and I get 20,000 people signed up on the internet from all over the world to learn how to get pure consciousness because there is a need for this in the world. People are looking for something, they realize I donít have it, I will have here. There is something lacking, I need self realization. I need higher consciousness. I need Krishna consciousness. So that day will come when thousands of millions of people will demand pure consciousness and we have to be ready to teach them and guide them. So take your studies very seriously, take your chanting very seriously, take your service very seriously, that you have been given by your authorities and go beyond the call of duty also. Donít think I will do whatever service I am asked. No, you should look for service beyond what you are asked to do. That is first class. 

There are four different types of disciples. Fourth class disciple, he is told to what to do and he does not do it. He neglects the order of the spiritual master. He is fourth class. We see unfortunately thatís happened to many of our ISKCON members they donít chant their rounds any more. Thatís fourth class. They do not follow the principles. They disobey the orders of the spiritual master. Then third class, they serve the spiritual master but sometimes grudgingly. Well I donít really want to do it but I will do it, get it done. I donít really feel like chanting but I will get my 16 rounds done so I can go do something else. Donít really have a taste, donít really diving into it with love. Just get it over it. Thatís third class disciple. Second class disciple, whatever he or she is instructed, they do it with great enthusiasm, great enlivenment. Second class. May say why, it is that for first class. What is first class? The first class knows what to do without it being told. They understand the needs of the spiritual master and they go forward with enthusiasm without even being told what the spiritual master needs to have done. They understand the mood of their spiritual master so well they can do what needs to be done even without being told. That is first class disciple. So we have to come to that platform. 

Just like Prabhupada has given us this wonderful ISKCON center in Chicago. So everyone here we should all become first class not that I have to be told. I can see what needs to be done and I do it with great enthusiasm not that I kind of concoct something which causes chaos. We have to always verify what I am doing is acceptable under our Temple President. But still we have to be very enthusiastic and innovative to see how we can beautify the temple more and more, how we can beautify with more and more jivas to fill it up etc. etc. We should all come under this first class position because when we actually become fixed as first class devotees then we will have great power for influencing the whole world. This is an amazing point that every time I think about it, it is just inconceivable but itís right there in Prabhupada books. So it has to be real otherwise Prabhupada would not have said it. 

Here what Prabhupada says in the Caitanya Caritamrita, it really seems unbelievable but it has to be real otherwise how have Prabhupada said it. He says anyone who chants the holy name of the world without offense becomes Jagat guru and by his influence the entire world takes up chanting Hare Krishna. So we all think, thatís Prabhupada. Itís truth, it is Prabhupada. But let me ask you this, does Prabhupada want you to become pure chanter of the Holy name or not? He wants you to remain an impure chanter or he wants you to become a spotlessly pure chanter. Obviously Prabhupada want us all to become spotlessly pure chanters. Prabhupada wants each and every one of us to become so pure, to become so advanced in Krishna consciousness that even individually we can influence the whole world to take up Krishna consciousness. What to speak of collectively which brings in the principle of synergies which make us even more powerful, he said. So individually or collectively, Prabhupada wants us to become so pure that we can influence the entire world. Chant Hare Krishna. 

He wants each one of us to come to that level and become Jagat guru. It seems unbelievable but itís right there in Prabhupada purports. So we should never think I cannot become a pure devotee. I am just a hopeless rascal case, over mean, fallen for ever. Itís good to feel that way as Prabhupada said in presence of your Guru you should think you are a fool but you should not act like that. Should not act like a fool. Always consider yourself a fool in the presence of your Guru but donít act like a fool. 

So we should always think I am the most fallen, wretched, demon but we should try to come to that platform of pure bhakti. Absolute pure bhakti in every thought, every word and activity at all times, all places and all circumstances and then we can actually by dint of our pure service, Prabhupada acting through us, Lord Caitanya acting through us, we can actually do something to bring actual peace and harmony all over the human society by grace of the acaryas by surrendering to them and acting as their instruments. Then we can actually do something to turn the world upside down. Make a revolution on this planet. 

So are there any questions? 

Devotee1: today is Jayananda Prabhu appearance day. 

Gurudeva: Oh thank you very much Prabhu. You have so mercifully reminded me of my illustrious wonderful beautiful unlimitedly sweet Godbrother Jayananda Thakur. I did not have so much association with him but whatever little I had is very very incredibly sweet. Jayananda is again like a gulab jamun with unlimited juice. Even thought little contact, I had those few memories. There is unlimited nectar there.


Of course I was recruited in this movement by His Holiness Vishnujana Maharaja who was a great admirer of Jayananda. Jayananda was the pillar of our ISKCON San Francisco temple in the earlier days. Everybody else was a little bit spaced out hippy LSD takers who gave it up and joined the Ashram but he had engineering degree, he renounced it to become a taxi driver because he could not relate to the material society. So he was more sober and mature and his taxi driving supported the temple. He drove the taxi, he was the Temple President and the taxi driver. But anyway, I remember we went to San Francisco to see Prabhupada, that was in 1971, my first time to see Prabhupada. I was getting to see Prabhupada for the first time and of course Jayananda, he was out at the Ratha Yatra site getting the carts ready for the festival, last finishing touches as Prabhupada landing at the airport. So they asked the volunteers to go to the Ratha Yatra site and I went. Then there was a announcement later at the site that Prabhupada is now arriving at the airport and there was one van leaving to the festival site. I was thinking oh I had never seen Prabhupada, this is my chance but I was now working with the crew to get the carts ready. I was really _______ but I knew I had to go to see Prabhupada. So I asked Jayananda because I was working under his directions and He said yes you can go. 

So itís by Jayananda mercy that I had my first darshan of Prabhupada, his mercy. So I always remember him for that. He is a practical man. He looked around to see how many helpers he has. He is an intelligent man, he knew how to manage. He made sure he had enough man before he said I can go. I have been eternally indebted to Jayananda, he gave me my first darshan of Prabhupada. He was not a sannyasi, that was a big status on those days, there was only a few. He was not a sannyasi but still he had big big status. I remember in San Francisco temple he was sitting in the hall chanting on his japa with great focus, great intensity of focus ĎHare Krishna Hare Krishnaí. 

He was really a sadhu. Devotees would come up and offer obeisances to him. He was worshipped actually because they knew he is a very special devotee. He is not like us, wild. He is very very advanced, everyone knew this is very special devotee Jayananda. And I remember we were leaving and somehow or other he was on the street and of course I offered my obeisances to him and I was really amazed, he got down right there in the middle of the street to return his obeisances to me even he did not know me. I really appreciate it. That was my only ever contact with him, that Ratha Yatra festival. 

Of course I look forward to, I know there is eternal association in Goloka. Looking forward to be with him again when I leave this body but such personalities are very very dear otherwise how has Prabhupada instructed us to celebrate this disappearance day. Prabhupada ordered to us. He is to be honored as great Vaisnava acarya. So we have to think how to follow his example of complete absorption in Krishna consciousness. Even in the end it was the chemo which was killing him. He was going into great physical distress over the years. The chemo was just taking over his full body, the blood cancer was killing him. But still he pushed forward this preaching, the Ratha Yatra. He was so blissful and so ecstatic that anybody who came in contact with him couldnít help becoming attracted to Krishna conscious. He did attract anyone and everyone. I mean, for example, how many people enlivened to take out the garbage? But he was too enlivened to take out the garbage. Wow! taking out the garbage. They would have a run to the drum, they would take out the trash and load it to the van and take it to some dump ground. He would do that. He was doing all the humble services and devotees who have gone with the garbage drum with Jayananda were absolutely ecstatic. Whatever you did with Jayananda was ecstatic because he was relishing the bliss of Krishna consciousness in any service, did not matter what it was. 

He was going on doing business, selling incense for the temple. Whatever he did, just absolutely enlivened to do it and he was very very humble. He was very sweet in his dealings, how he would wake somebody up and put some prasadam in their mouth. He was very personal and warm with the devotees. He was very humble and just very sweet in the way he would deal. He was a fun person to be with. He made every Krishna consciousness extremely exciting. By his every moment he was just store house of nectar. He had so much love for Prabhupada, he was always glorifying Prabhupada. So by remembering such a great personality Jayananda Prabhu, 

je anilo prema-dhana koruna pracur
heno prabhu kotha gela acarya-thakur

ďWe simply hanker for association of such great personality. In their separation we smash our head against the rocks.Ē We would like very much to see him today but because he has departed from our material vision. Of course he is not actually left but because we are still blind, our eyes are covered by cataract. We not see such great persons. They are actually still here to bless us with their divine presence. 

Jayananda Prabhu ki jaya 

Devotees: Jaya 

Gurudeva: So I guess we run out of our time here. Carry on with your work to the pleasure of Prabhupada and Jayananda and our wonderful temple President Sudhir Prabhu we have to please him. We are all his servants. 

Srimad Bhagavatam ki Jaya 

Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya

Devotees: His grace Sankarshan Prabhu ki Jaya 


Transcribed by His Grace Jagannatha Das

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