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Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.11

Montreal, Canada 6/3/2005

satre mamasa bhagavan haya sirasatho
sa yajna purusas tapaniya varnah
chandomayo makhamayo khila devatatma
vaco babhuvur usatih svasato asya nastah


“The Lord appeared as the Hayagrīva incarnation in a sacrifice performed by me [Brahma]. He is the personified sacrifices, and the hue of His body is golden. He is the personified Vedas as well, and the Supersoul of all demigods. When He breathed, all the sweet sounds of the Vedic hymns came out of His nostrils.”


The Vedic hymns are generally meant for sacrifices performed by fruitive workers who also want to satisfy the demigods to achieve their fruitive result. But the Lord is the personified sacrifices and personified Vedic hymns. Therefore one who is directly a devotee of the Lord is a person who has automatically both served the purposes of sacrifices and pleased the demigods. The devotees of the Lord may not perform any sacrifice or may not please the demigods as per Vedic injunctions, and still the devotees are on a higher level than the fruitive workers or the worshipers of different demigods. [End of purport]

om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya 
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

sri-caitanya-mano-'bhistam sthapitam yena bhu-tale 
svayam rupah kada mahyam dadati sva-padantikam

This material world as we are reading here, people are very eager to make material progress. Why? Because they think that I am this body. Therefore their conception of happiness is to satisfy the bodily senses. If I give you a pakora where will you put it? Will you put it in your mouth or will you put it in your pocket? Karmi means he is putting it in his pocket instead of in his mouth, because this body is just the garment. It’s not the self. So they are giving everything to the garment, not giving anything to the self. So, is there any wonder why they are so frustrated and miserable?

They may do all kinds of elaborate Vedic sacrifices and demigod worship in order to enhance their sense gratification but it is simply for the garment. It is not for the self. [Aside: Stay awake. No sleeping]

This Krishna Conscious movement is giving a wonderful, wonderful formula! How you can have your cake and eat it too. In other words you can satisfy the demigods, you can get all the results of Vedic sacrifices. At the same time you can achieve the supreme perfection. You have to be completely nuts to not want to join the Hare Krishna movement! We have it all. We can satisfy Bramha, we can satisfy Indra, we can satisfy Candra, we can satisfy Durga, Saraswati, everyone.

At the same time we can become perfect and happy and go back to Godhead. So we have something really special in this Hare Krishna movement that nobody has what we have. We have absolutely the best of everything. We have the best food, the best books, the best music, the best festivals, the best hair styles, the best fashion, the best architecture. We have absolutely the best of everything. Krishna Conscious means going first class, in every way in your life, and karmi life is simply a last class.

yan maithunadi-grhamedhi-sukham hi tuccham

This word tuccham literally means insignificant, when Prabhupada translates it as tenth class at best. So what is that pleasure which the Vaisnavas see as 10th class pleasure? That is maithun, sexual intercourse. That pleasure of sexual intercourse which is considered number one pleasure for the materialistic people.  But devotee simply spits on it, tenth class pleasure! The whole world is running mad after that sex pleasure as Sigmund Freud has pointed out. Prabhupada agreed that Freud was correct actually about the material world. But the devotees simply walk away, not interested.

Just like we see in Haridas Thakura gracing the wild woman in his past times of converting the prostitute, he made this beautiful young woman in to a devotee. She was completely surrendered unto him. He could have thought, “Well, now I can have a nice Krishna Conscious household life.” But he completely walked away. He is leaving her behind, giving her the hut and going off somewhere else to chant Hare Krishna. Why is that? She’s a beautiful young woman. Why is he walking away? She’s so beautiful. She has become completely pure, there is nothing contaminated with her at all. She has simply the love of God manifested in her body. They could have had so many nice Krishna Conscious children.

Why is he walking away? Because the nectar which one can experience in chanting even one pure utterance of Hare Krishna exceeds all the nectar that is available in the entire universe. Just like a gulab jamun, if you squeeze it oozes out all the sugar water. So in whatever universe the holy names of the Lord is being purely chanted, that universe oozes with nectar. So we can just try to understand how much nectar is available in this universe of the four-headed Brahma. Lord Chaitanya has just recently come here and chanted Hare Krishna all over India.

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupadas even more recently came here and spread Krishna Conscious all over the world, even set his lotus feet down right here at Montreal and now the wonderful disciples and grand-disciples and followers of Srila Prabhupada are chanting more and more.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

So, the gulab jamun of this universe is just oozing with unlimited nectar. Those who take shelter of this movement, they are swimming in that nectar at every minute, from the moment they get up in the morning, till that moment they take rest at night.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

One may say, “But I am not tasting that nectar!” Well, this means you are not Krishna Conscious, that’s all! If you are not tasting the nectar, then you are not Krishna Conscious. So, you may say, “What’s the hope for me? I am not Krishna Conscious.” So how do you become Krishna Conscious? You simply chant-

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

We invite them to chant. We say, “chant, chant, chant” and they say, “can’t, can’t, can’t.” So, if one thinks that I will just remain asleep in the lap of the maya witch then what can be done? We can shake them, we can say, “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” But they pretend to be asleep, so what can be done? But one who agrees to be aroused from the sleep of the lap of maya, they can taste the sweetest nectar at every minute. Just remember, the most wonderful prasadam you ever honoured in your whole life, how ecstatic that was to take that prasadam!

I remember one time we were in Navadvipa Dhama Parikrama and we had done a lot of walking. Then it was time for breakfast Prasadam on the banana leaves and there was just some simple Kichdi and that Kichdi was the sweetest nectar, every tiny morsel was just like pure ambrosia. So we can be in this mood of pure devotion, struggling at every minute to conquer our rascal mind. Then we can indeed taste that sweetest nectar at every minute and here it’s actually very easy in Montreal to do that, you know why?

Because here you have a very special Deity! Radha-Manohar, He steals the mind. Now our mind is captured by maya. Manohara, He is butter thief but He is also the mind thief. He will steal your mind. Your mind has been kidnapped by Mayadevi. But He will come and He will steal it away from Mayadevi and keep it in His possession. So if you are ever in anxiety, if you are ever in distress, you simply have to fall down at the Lotus feet of Manohara and beg him: “My dear Lord! Please, steal my mind and keep it always at your Lotus feet between those toes!”

Here you have a very Special Deity, He is very expert at stealing the mind. So we want that He will simply keep our mind as His eternal Booty. When the thief plunders something, like he robs one bank or he robs some merchant then what he steals, it is called the booty. B O O T Y means the wealth plundered by the thief. So, we are simply begging Manohara that you keep my mind as your eternal booty.

So in this connection we can say that when your mind is Manohara booty, then you have true buddhi. So buddhi means intelligence. And we have one yoga; it is called Buddhi Yoga which really means the yoga of the intelligence. So you can say: “Oh, very good! I will become a buddhi yogi.” I will tell the temple president that I am a buddhi yogi.  When he asks me to do some service I will just sit here and intellectualize all day because I am a Buddhi Yogi.

But then the temple president will point out from the Bhagavada Gita purport that Srila Prabhupada defines Buddhi Yoga as action in Krishna Consciousness. So my dear Prabhu or Mataji if you want to be a Buddhi Yogi then you must act twenty-four hours a day in Krishna’s service. So then you may ask: “Well, how can yoga be intelligence possibly by any stretch of imagination mean be action in Krishna Consciousness? And the answer is that if you are intelligent, if you have your brains, you become very active in Krishna’s service. Srila Prabhupada says, “I do not want sit-down Vaisnavas! I want fighting Vaisnavas like Hanuman and Arjuna!” So this should be our mood.

 How we can push forward this Krishna Consciousness movement? Spiritual revolutionaries, ‘Long lives the revolution,’ or ‘Viva la revolution.’ So, how do we get out of this lower modes of nature and get into this revolutionary mood? How do we do that?

We have to see where are those devotees who are the most enthusiastic for pushing forward this movement. And we have to learn from them. We have to inquire from them. We have to serve them with love then those qualities will come to us. Sometimes we see that a devotee is serving with more enthusiasm than I am he is becoming more recognized than I am, then what do we do? We become envious. We try to find some fault with that devotee. “I saw him eat two sweets the other day instead of just one.” We try to find some fault in that devotee. But do you know what are we doing when we do that? We are simply cheating ourselves! Because when there is a devotee who is serving with more enthusiasm than you are, if you will worship that devotee then you will inherit his qualities.

This is one of the secrets of success in ISKCON. Never be envious of any other devotees who is serving better than you. In your heart of hearts you simply worship that devotee and all of his wonderful qualities will become your personal property. Sometimes we are envious. I know I had that difficulty. So I wrote to Prabhupada about this, because I was there in the small remote outpost temple and I would hardly ever see Prabhupada and sometimes devotee would come through and they would say, “I was with Prabhupada and he said this to me and he did that!”

I was thinking these devotees they get to be so close to Prabhupada and get all this intimate nectar from him and I am just way out here, in a remote outpost temple somewhere, I don’t get to see him once a year, for one day. I was feeling so envious that my God brothers who were close to Prabhupada, travelling with him going on walks, riding on the train with him. It is so frustrating to feel envious. Isn’t it a frustrating feeling when you are envious?  My envy of my God Brothers who were getting all that intimate nectar with Prabhupada, it was just eating my heart out. I couldn’t stand that envy. So I just had to write Prabhupada and ask him what to do to get over it. “How can I get over this envy, Srila Prabhupada?”

He wrote me back with a very interesting answer. He didn’t tell me to get rid of the envy. He said, “Spiritual envy means, when you see that some devotee is serving Krishna better than you then you should try harder to serve Krishna so that Krishna will be also pleased with you.” So basically Srila Prabhupada was telling me that if you want to have my close association then become more absorbed in serving me and naturally Krishna will reward you for that.

Finally in 1975, I had another opportunity to come face to face with my feelings of envy. I was there in Atlanta with Srila Prabhupada and there I saw his personal servant, Sruta Kirti Prabhu. These were the people that I was most envious of, Prabhupada’s personal servant, that they get to be with Prabhupada at every minute, simply drinking in the nectar of Prabhupada’s sanga at every minute. And there I was face to face with Sruta Kirti Prabhu. Prabhupada was sitting on the Vyasasana; I was on Prabhupada’s right side and Sruta Kirti was on Prabhupada’s left side. I was looking right at Sruta kirti over Prabhupada’s lap. Prabhupada is right here and I am looking at Sruta Kirti and here’s Prabhupada. And Sruta Kirti Prabhu gave me the most warm loving smile that you could ever imagine.

It was like he was a mirror and Prabhupada’s mercy was just beaming on Sruta kirti and bouncing off him and coming to me. And I was just swimming in that ocean of bliss feeling the mercy of Sruta Kirti which was actually the mercy of Prabhupada coming through Sruta Kirti. All my feelings of envy just melted away, because I could see that even though Sruta Kirti prabhu was there in the most prestigious, the most nectarean position than any disciple could ever imagine of being Prabhupada’s personal servant. I couldn’t detect even a slight tinge of pride in his mentality. His only desire was to share the nectar with everyone. Whatever nectar he was getting from being that close to Prabhupada, he was willing to openly share it with me. So there was no question of envy at that point.

This Krishna Conscious Movement is perfect. We may feel that we have so many psychological problems. But all of these problems they can all be conquered. How do we know Krishna Consciousness is bona fide? There is a very simple two word slogan which answers that question, ‘TRUTH WORKS.’ By actually applying the science of Krishna Consciousness, we are able to conquer over all of the anxieties of the material existence. Is there anybody here still feeling the anxieties of the material existence?

[Aside: Let’s see, you show up your hands. Who still feels the anxieties of the material existence? Everyone, Janaki you don’t? Do you feel the anxieties of the material existence? We have to learn from her.]

The anxieties in the material existence are problem. We have been experiencing them for uncountable eons. Everybody is trying to solve over the anxieties of the material existence. Everyone has their own way to try to conquer over the anxieties. Some people try by making money, or becoming famous or becoming learned, jnanis. So many people, they try to become free of anxieties with so many methods. But the fact is that nobody is successful in doing that, except for those who take up this process of Krishna Consciousness seriously. We even see that many people who have taken the process of Krishna Consciousness also are not successful in doing it. They come and they go. I have been in this movement since 1971. I have seen so many people come and go. They have taken up the right process, why they were not successful?

You know what Prabhupada says is the secret of success? Does anyone know, what is the secret of success?

Devotee: Pleasing spiritual master.

SDA: That is the correct answer there is no doubt. Prabhupada said, “Sincerity.” So if one who is actually sincere that means you have no motives, nothing up your sleeve, some hidden motive that, “ I want to become famous, or I want this or that out of Krishna Conscious Movement for myself.” You just come in the mood of service. You have no desire to be served then you will actually become successful. You will become very fixed up enlightened, enlivened Vaishnava.

It’s only when we are thinking, “I have to have this, I have to have that, I have to have this, I have to have that,” that’s when we can’t make progress in Krishna Consciousness.  Krishna knows what you need better than you know. If you simply fully surrender as Mataji pointed out by pleasing the spiritual master, fully surrender to Krishna and guru with full faith that whatever I need to be happy, they will supply. Then our happiness will be our possession. Krishna Consciousness is the natural, original energy of a living being. You already have pure Krishna bhakti in your heart. Unlimited nectar, unlimited wisdom, eternal existence, these things are already your rightful property at this very minute.

So if you are not experiencing the eternality, knowledge and bliss at every minute that simply means you are not being who you are. Our philosophy is very simple. Know who you are and be who you are. Will any intelligent person object to knowing who they are and being who they are? If I ask you, “My dear sir, would you like to know who you are?” Will you say, Yes or No? You would like to know who you are. ‘Oui’, yes I would like to know who I am, Yes! So in this Krishna Conscious Movement all we are asking the people in the world to Kindly find out who you are and be who you are, that’s all we are asking!

Is that too much to ask? “My dear Mr Karmi?” “No, I don’t want to know who I am! I don’t want to be who I am! I would rather have a false conception of who I am.” How ridiculous the material world is! People would rather have a false conception of, who they are than understand who they actually are. So how will we possibly wake up these people who do not want to wake up?

First of all we have to wake up. That’s the first thing. If we are asleep how can we wake anyone else up? First we have to wake up. Physician heals thy self. If you were sick how you can make someone else well?  They say that charity begins at home. So our first act of mercy is to be kind to ourselves by allowing ourselves to become Krishna Conscious. If you truly love yourself then you must surrender to Guru and Krishna. If you don’t surrender to Guru and Krishna then you hate yourself. You are cutting your own throat if you don’t surrender to Guru and Krishna.

 So this wonderful Krishna Consciousness Movement will gradually sweep the entire world because becoming Krishna Conscious is just common sense. It’s the most logical common sense thing that you could do with your life that is to surrender to Guru and Krishna is. It is just the people are so deluded by the material energy they take absurdity to be logic and they take good logic to be absurdity. But if our conviction and our realization are strong then they will gradually join this Krishna Consciousness process.

Just like recently we were preaching in ISKCON world Turkey. There was one hall packed with Muslims. So we went to that hall and we invited them to chant Hare Krishna with great enthusiasm and very ecstatically we gave them a very nice, warm invitation, very enthusiastic invitation to chant Hare Krishna. And that whole room full of Muslim people, they ecstatically chanted Hare Krishna, diving very deep into the nectar.

And if you would like to arrange sometimes we have a DVD we have made. Visnu Priya Mataji who is very smart, she captured it on the camera what was going on. So if you would like we can show that sometime when it’s appropriate time and most people can see that. It’s a half hour show. So we have one TV show in Austin Texas, half hour program, going on Television tomorrow. Some of you can see in here and not having to go to Austin.

So anyway, we would like to ask now if there are some questions. Maybe some of you are not yet fully realized, you are not on the level of Uttama Adhikary yet, maybe you are not even madhyama Adhikary yet some of you, so maybe you would like to learn how you can advance to the perfectional stage in Krishna Consciousness and overcome anarthas.

Devotee:  Is it natural to be engaged according to our nature or for everybody is it the same to chant Hare Krishna, distribute books etc

SDA: So let’s see one scenario here. Spiritual master says to the disciple I would like you to do this service. And the disciple says, “But Guru Maharaja, that’s not my nature.” (Laughs) So actually the situation is this it is the duty of Guru Maharaja to engage the disciple according to his or her nature. Guru Maharaja always tries to do that because that’s very effective way to engage one. So the Spiritual master is always trying to engage the disciple according to his/her nature. That’s what he is trying to do.

From the disciples position however, the disciple is thinking I just want to be surrendered fully to my spiritual master. I want to go transcend my nature to please my Guru. I want to show him that I am willing to do anything to please him even if it is against my nature. Just like Uttama Sloka Prabhu, my wonderful God Brother, he was given the service of cleaning the toilet and quite honestly it was not his nature to clean the toilet. But he thought let me clean this toilet with great enthusiasm. And he did that! He got cleaning the toilet down to the science. He was just ecstatic cleaning the toilet. So in this way he conquered over his tendency of “Oh I have to serve according to my nature.” 

But I have a little insider secret for you here, Mataji. We have certain things that we are inclined to do that we would enjoy doing, and certain things we would not be inclined to do and not enjoy doing at this present time, that’s a fact. But if you will take the surrendered mood of doing anything and everything to please your spiritual master, then you will develop a transcendental nature which is completely beyond the modes of material nature and you will become the happiest woman in the universe. Is it worth it?

So this is an insider’s secret. If you want to really get the real inside nectar then when you are asked to do something which is not of your nature, take it as a special blessing to expand your nature beyond the material modes of nature to the transcendental nature. But still the spiritual master is very kind and he doesn’t want to make it too hard on the disciple. Sometimes the disciple has to learn to do things that are not according to the nature to help them come to that higher platform.

VPM: Sometimes even though we are given the service according to your nature we have difficulty accepting it, such as Arjuna.

SDA: That’s true. Actually even though he was engaged in according to his nature he had difficulty even doing that. That’s an interesting point.

VPM: Krishna steals away the mind but we are fallen souls in this material world with full of lust, anger and greed. So how can Krishna steal our mind in that situation?

SDA: By the method of Rukmini. Rukmini’s method works. You know Rukmini’s method?

The question is if we are so ridiculously ensnared by lust anger and greed how Krishna [Manohara] will ever be able to steal our mind? It’s like a thief who wants to rob the bank but the bars are too thick.  So the answer I gave is according to method of Rukmini. She was stolen by Krishna, away from the hands of Shishupala. And how did that happen? She begged Krishna, she wrote a love letter to Krishna and said, “come and steal me, I am yours.” So we have to beg Krishna, just like Rukmini begged Krishna, “You come and steal me,” we have to beg Krishna to steal our mind away from maya. We have to beg Him, such a wonderful touching love letter by Rukmini and Krishna will say, “Yes, That person is ready, let Me come and steal the mind away from Maya.” We have to beg Krishna like Rukmini begged Krishna.

VPM: We have independence. Rukmini gave up her independence

SDA: In United States, they are very proud of their declaration of independence. So this is our nature in the material world. We want to declare independence and we are very proud, “Yes, I am very independent”. But these fools and rascals do not realize that they are completely dependent at every minute. If you want actual independence then you will only get that within spiritual nature. You are very proud of being independent. But when nature calls you have to run to the toilet. What is your independence? It is rascal so-called independence! If you want independence then you must follow the pathway of Narada Muni. He’s free to move within the Spiritual and material worlds. We are in the Narada Muni sampradaya. There is Brahma, Narada, Vyasadeva, we are in the line of Narada Muni. So if you we want independence, then you have to learn from our spiritual master Narada muni, how can you be completely independent?

Devotee: To become very sincere in Krishna consciousness there are four things that can bring us to Krishna such as fear, misery, curiosity, spiritual knowledge things like that. But after we get it, most of the time we go away, so, where is that joy? When you reach something it will give us impetus to do more and more.

SDA: Actually the real secret is that you have to connect with a bona fide spiritual master. Prabhupda actually says that in the nectar of devotion, “Unless you become initiated by a bona fide spiritual master, the connection with Krishna has not taken place.” It’s right there in the Nectar of devotion. To have a strong relationship, that this is my spiritual master, that’s absolutely essential. Because once you have that, then that will pull you over the material ocean into the spiritual existence. Prabhupada actually says that, deathlessness begins at the initiation. When you take initiation you enter into the immortality at that point.

Srila Prabhupada was very fond of quoting one English maxim. “If you love me, love my dog.” Prabhupada explains that the spiritual master is the dog of God. If there is some big man, it is very difficult to approach him. Just like let’s say you are going for a walk in the park here in Montreal and you look up and you go, “Wow! Bill Gates is here in the park, he is taking a walk in this park this morning. Wow! I would like to meet him.” But he is surrounded by body guards, you can’t approach Bill Gates. But he just happens to be walking his dog also. And somehow you attract the attention of Bill Gate’s dog. You are patting his dog on the head and Bill Gate’s dog likes you. Now you have your connection, because if his dog likes you then he will be interested to talk with you: “Oh how do you like my dog?” “Oh, he’s very nice.” “He likes you.” “Oh yes,”

In this way you can make a relationship with a big man, if you can make a relationship with his dog first. So by the mercy of the spiritual master one receives the blessings of Krishna. It’s through the medium of Guru. You can actually enter that spiritual existence by the medium of the spiritual master. As long as you remain proud that, “No, I will not accept the spiritual master.” I was like that I remember, I would just be a devotee. I don’t want to be a disciple because then I really have to surrender. So I was holding on to my independence but then I realized that actually there is nothing sweeter than becoming a disciple. That’s the sweetest nectar. That’s when you really start getting the real nectar when you become a disciple. Not just an official Hare Krishna chanter but you actually become a disciple then you really get the nectar, real nectar.

That’s how when you really enter into Krishna Consciousness then you really get into. Before that you are just auditing the course. Now you are registered in the university, you have taken the initiation. That will help you. That will bring you to the point where you can become very solid initiation. In the beginning, you just qualify yourself. You become fixed in your rounds, become fixed in the principles, become steady and then once you are qualified, you have shown your steadiness then we have so many nice spiritual masters in our society, you can see which one inspires you the most, which one gives the strongest connection with Prabhupada, then you take shelter of him. And then you become very solid.

Devotee: And in my case where Jayapataka Swami

SDA: You were initiated by him? Yes. So, you are strongly fixed in Krishna Consciousness now.  Or you are having difficulty?

Devotee: I can say I am very fixed because I am very sincere.

SDA: So, you are fixed up?

Devotee: Yes, but I don’t come early in the morning.

SDA: Do you feel that you are solidly making progress to get the anarthas out of your heart?  Are you are slowly moving forward towards pure Krishna bhakti on a daily basis? Or still struggling?

Devotee: I am going through difficulties.

SDA: Yes, you are going through some struggles. Well, you can then take shelter of the senior Vaisnavas since you are already formerly initiated and connected in our Sampradaya. You are still feeling difficulties, so you have to take very serious shelter of senior devotees, whichever one’s you can most easily connect with and by their advancement they have, we give an example, just like in India so many people ride their bicycles, they don’t have an automobile and sometimes they live 30kms away from where they work and they have to go on bicycles and it is so difficult. What do you think they do in India? The bicycle riders they hold on to the bus or one truck.  They just go for a free ride on their bicycle no problems. So you have to find senior association Prabhu.

Devotee: Three weeks ago we had Jaypataka Maharaja after that we had Bhakti Marg Swami Maharaja and now we have you.

SDA: You just have to plug into senior devotees and have a very strong relationship with devotees who are very fixed up and by their mercy then you will get that extra push that will get you out of the modes, and it will get you solidly situated beyond the platform of always battling it out with the mind to where you are just really in the groove, solidly, smoothly going back to Godhead that’s where we want to be. Who wants to be struggling with the mind day after day, week after week, year after year? We want to get to the point where the mind becomes our friend and not our enemy. So you have to find devotees who have fully conquered over their minds. The mind is no longer a problem for them, whose mind is completely fixed in Krishna Consciousness. And you have to serve those Vaisnavas, learn from those Vaisnavas and then you will become like them.

Devote: they say they are all like cintamani.

SDA: That’s right! A senior devotee or an advanced devotee is like a touchstone, he can turn iron into gold. So the contact of such devotees will actually transform our iron like hearts, make them golden with Krishna Bhakti. That’s a fact.

Devotee:  How do we get out of this tendency of bhoga and tyaga?

SDA: Right now we are going through the old bhoga-tyaga syndrome. Bhoga tyaga, bhoga tyaga, bhoga tyaga. “I want to enjoy. Ah, I am frustrated in enjoying, now let me renounce.” Prabhupada gives the example of one of the Bank of America. Somebody walks into that bank in the mood of bhoga. What does that mean? It means you come with a gun to rob the bank. I am going to enjoy this bank I am going to steal. Load up my attaché, suitcase. In Texas, we had one bandit, they called him Daper Dan. He had a silver pistol and he would come with nice wing tip shoes and a business suit and he would always hotwire and steal sports cars and he would show up in the bank very stylishly he would rob the banks until finally one day he was caught. So that’s one way you can approach the bank, “I am the enjoyer, bhoga”. And the other one is tyaga. You walk in to the bank and what do you say, “I renounce this bank.” Does that make any sense Frita Bhakta? Do you own the bank of America? If you walk in to the bank and say, “I renounce this bank”, then you are a crazy woman. Isn’t it? If you come with a gun to rob the bank then you are a thief and if you come to the bank and say, “I renounce this bank” then you are a mad woman. So either position is not correct to be the enjoyer of the bank, the robber or the renouncer of the bank. Both positions are false positions. So you have to come to the position of seeing

Sarva loka mahesvaram

 Who is the owner of the bank? It belongs to Krishna. So that is the solution. You have to see that everything belongs to Krishna. I have nothing to renounce except for the false conception that I, Bhaktin Frita the owner. You have to give up the false conception that there is anything for you even to renounce because of your enjoying mood you are thinking Bhaktin Frita owns everything and then if you become frustrated of trying to enjoy that and then you say, “Oh, this is all false.” ‘Grapes are sour.’

So either position is a ridiculous position, stop being ridiculous, trying to enjoy everything and then wanting to renounce it. Just understand, nothing belongs to you to begin with, the only thing you possess is the foolish conception that you are the owner. That you must renounce. If you give up the false conception that you are the owner and that Manohara is the actual enjoyer and do everything for Manohara’s enjoyment, you will simultaneously be the enjoyer and renouncer.

In other words, our position is to not enjoy and to not renounce and at the same time to enjoy and renounce, all at the same time. That is the transcendental position. You don’t enjoy and you don’t renounce and at the same time you enjoy and you renounce. We do everything at once. We have it all. In Krishna Consciousness we have everything. So when you do everything for Manohara’s enjoyment then you enjoy on an equal level with Manohara.

In fact, manohara was thinking that Radharani is enjoying more than Me. He says, “What is this? I am the Supreme enjoyer and Radharani is enjoying more than Me! I don’t want to miss out this nectar that she is getting.” What did He decide to do? He says, “I am going to become Hare Krishna.” So Manohara jumps to the other alter and He becomes a devotee. He comes as Lord Chaitanya. And His brother thinks, “I don’t want to miss out on this nectar, I also want to become Hare Krishna!” So we have the Lord and His brother as Hare Krishna members, right here Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai.

So, being Hare Krishna is so cool, that God himself wants to be a Hare Krishna. It’s the ultimate cool thing you can ever do to become a Hare Krishna. Then you get to renounce and enjoy at the same time and not renounce and enjoy all at the same time. You get the real nectar just be a happy Hare Krishna devotee and then you have everything. That person who owns everything becomes your personal property, you cannot be lacking at anything when you fully surrender to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Manohar.

Question or comment-

Devotee: When you are a new devotee you say we have to trust senior devotee how do you know who to trust and who not to.

SDA: It’s interesting, this question was raised by my God brother, he told Srila Prabhupada that, “Srila Prabhupada you are the only person who I can trust” and what did Srila Prabhupada say? He said, “Don’t trust me. I can let you down. Only trust Krishna!”

That’s actually there on the American dollar. It says, “In Krishna we trust” I mean “In God we trust.” Someday we will change it to ‘In Krishna we trust’. You Canadians have to give us little time but we will get it all together down in America. We are going to have then ‘In Krishna we trust’ on the dollar bill.  You just wait and see. But anyway, you have to put your complete faith in Krishna and then Krishna will give you the intelligence. 

tesam satata yuktanam
bhajatam priti purvakam
dadami buddhi yogam tam
yena mam upayanti te

Krishna will give you the intelligence to see where you can put your trust. You have to first of all put complete trust in Krishna, absolute total trust. And if you are confused right now, what does that mean? Honestly speaking, it means you haven’t put complete trust in Krishna yet, because as soon as you do that then you have full intelligence to know exactly how you can apply your trust properly. If you are confused and bewildered right now, I can tell you Gour candra padma. It is simply because you don’t have complete trust in Krishna yet. So you have to fall down at His feet and just beg Him for His mercy that you can completely trust Him. But once you do that then everything else will be revealed to you. Everything will come. When your trust in Krishna is perfect and complete then you will have full knowledge of how to do everything perfectly in all times, all places and in all situations and we will be able to put our full trust in you.

VPM: When one has received the mercy of the spiritual master still some of them go away. What is the reason that they go away.

SDA: Repeats the question. Why does someone go away? Because they are still holding on to the material desires. This movement is a place where all those material desires are burned out of the heart. They are fried out of the heart. Sometimes in ISKCON we have a saying “Oh! I am just fried out.” But actually that’s what we want to become, all the impurities completely fried out of our hearts. That’s what we are aiming for. That’s what we want.

VPM: My previous question then how does Manohar steal our mind?

SDA: Use that to beg him, “My dear manohara please steal my mind.  Keep me in Your Lotus feet.” You have to beg Him. You have to keep bugging Him. If you keep bugging Him and bugging Him and finally He says, “OK! I agree to steal your mind!” If He hasn’t stolen it yet then you keep asking Him and begging Him plead with Him, “Please, Manohara steal my mind I can’t stand this rascal mind, please steal it away.”

 VPM: The thing is that because of our anarthas we don’t know then where is the question of begging.

SDA: That means you gave in to maya’s begging! So, I the spiritual master is begging you to beg Manohara. When the spiritual master comes as a beggar to you and he begs you that you should beg from Manohara then you should be charitable upon your guru maharaja and give him the alms that he is begging. He is begging alms from you. He is begging that you should pray to Manohara. So when your Guru Maharaj comes as a humble beggar, then you shouldn’t deny him alms. Is that all right?

Devotee: I have difficulty to trust Krishna.

SDA: Why because he is so dishonest?

Devotee: because when I read Bhagavatam, and I see that the gopi’s trusted Him fully and He left them in midnight.

SDA: Ah! But Mataji, you are only seeing from the external position. Do you not know the inside version of the lilas? You are simply on the outside of the honey jar, you haven’t gone inside yet. You have to go inside the jar of honey. Did you not know that Krishna became captivated by the gopis and He couldn’t leave Vrindavana? Didn’t you know that Krishna was kidnapped by the gopis and He never was able to leave Vrindavana.

Vrndavanam parityajya sa kvacin naiva gacchati

Krishna cannot step one foot outside of Vrindavana. The gopis they were relishing sweet nectar when Krishna was externally manifested in Vrindavana. But that nectar in the mood of vipra lambha, that nectar they were experiencing when Krishna apparently left Vrindavana when they captured Him within their hearts, that nectar multiplied by billions and zillions of times.  Krishna never leaves Vrindavana. Only those who are seeing the external way, think that Krishna left Vrindavana. Krishna never leaves Vrindavana. How can Krishna leave Vrindavana?

Devotee: But he said to the devotees how the devotees (not clear)

SDA: That is simply to increase the rasa! It gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter! Krishna never leaves Vrindavana. He is apparently leaving Vrindavana was simply to give more ecstasy to the gopis. He wanted to increase their love. Even in this material world, if a boy is in love with a girl and they are enjoying each other’s company, but then the boy he has to go away for the summer somewhere for summer job or something and he is writing Love letters to his girlfriend. I guarantee you the intensity of love expressed in those love letters is much more intense then when he was sitting with his girlfriend. So actually love in separation is more intense! So Krishna is simply giving the gopis the opportunity to intensify their love and the more that love becomes intense the more it becomes ecstatic. So that love in separation is just incredible ecstasy, Immeasurable ecstasy! So Krishna cannot leave Vrindavana. He can never leave Vrindavana! Although we hear sometimes that Krishna is leaving Vrindavana and it brings anguish to the heart, thinking of the anguish of the Gopis, Thinking of the condition which Uddhava found them. They were worse than dead when Uddhava came.  That’s external actually. Within their hearts they were never, more alive than when Krishna stroked up the fire of their love by thousands and millions of times.

Questions more?

Oh! It’s almost midnight, I mean 9.30. Actually Prabhupada did that one time when he was up so late, he was going late in night. He just kept talking and Prabhupada was leaning over the Vyasasana like this. They just went on and on.

 We will stop here. Thank you very much!

 Grantharaj Srimad Bhagavatam ki Jaya!

 Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya!


Transcribed by Bhakta Shreyas

Revision by Prema Bhakti dasa


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