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Lecture: Srimad Bhagavatam 4.25.45

Bhaktivedanata Manor, UK, 03/24/2004


(Sings Jaya Radha Madhava, Invocatory prayers. 10 minutes) 

SDA: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. (devotees repeating). Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. 

saptopari krta dvarah
puras tasyas tu dve adhah
tasyam yah kascanesvarah


sapta―seven; upari―up; krtah―made; dvarah―gates; purah―of the city; tasyah―that; tu―then; dvetwo; adhah―down; prthak―different; visaya―to places; gati-artham―for going; tasyam―in that city; yah―one who; kascana―whoever; isvarah―governor. 

SDA:  Translation and purport by His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Gosvami Maharaja, Prabhupada.   

"Of the nine gates in that city,
seven were on the surface, and two were subterranean.
A total of nine doors were constructed, and these led to different places.
All the gates were used by the city's governor."

om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

I offer my respectful obeisances to my beloved spiritual master, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, who has so kindly come to me, in the darkness of ignorance, and is forcing my eyes open with this torchlight of transcendental knowledge.  Srila Prabhupada ki jaya.   

It is very wonderful to be here with you all today.  I just feel as a pilgrim, someone crawling in the desert, dying of thirst, coming to an oasis, to be revived from the death-like sleep of kali-yuga.  London is a very significant place for me in my spiritual life because it was here that Prabhupada gave me diksa, even though I wasn't here.  I was one of those mail-order disciples.  I got a letter from London, and with beads chanted in London, and mailed to me in Austin, Texas, where I'm based now, trying to serve Prabhupada's order to make that center a success, but we have started traveling.  We've started something on the internet called The Ultimate Self-Realization Course, which is gathering thousands of students all over the world so we sometimes go traveling to visit them.  We've just been in Daven (?) and Helsinki and are coming now also to London, to be with some of our students who are signed up for the course to encourage them to move forward in there spiritual life.  I feel very, blessed to be here with such exalted Vaisnavas.  I'm just praying for your mercy that I can someday become a Vaisnava also.   

This is a very nice verse here, because it gives us so many varieties of information.  Every single verse of the Bhagavatam is like that.  Its just so potent.  Its just full unlimited shades of meaning, practically in every word of the Bhagavatam.  So, here all kinds of lessons can be derived.  One thing is, there are two gates that are covered: Subterranean gates, .  Of course, that's the genitals and the rectum.  So, the animals, they do not cover, .  For them, those gates are not subterranean, but for human being they are subterranean, .  Nowadays, everyone, they all want to become naked, .  Ever since the hippy movement especially, this being naked is considered a very good thing; you can become naked.  But that is not human life.  That is animal life.  Human life means they are kept subterranean gates.  They are covered up.  So, we know that if we indulge in the sensual activity centered around these subterranean gates, then we are very low-class animal.  Sva-vid-varaha-ustra-kharaih samstutah purusah pasuh, na jata...  That dogs, hogs, camels and asses, they praise those men who do not listen to the transcendental pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna the deliverer from evils.  So, we have to come out of this animal mentality.  That's what what we're born into in this kali-yuga.  We are born in an animalistic culture.  We are trained to be animal, .  Perfection is to become a first-class animal.  Big pasu.  In a world of dogs, hogs, camels and asses, if you become a big dog, a big camel, a big ass, you're considered successful.   

They struggle so hard, day in and day out, just to become a big animal.  Prabhupada is saving us from this hellish mentality.  It is hellish mentality.  We were driving into London this morning, seeing how the people in the cars, are spending so much time going back and forth, just to earn a little money.  Just like the example of the ass, given in that verse, sva-vid-varaha-ustra-kharaih.  In India, that poor little donkey, the washer man, he loads him very high. With a huge burden of laundry on his back.  His back is bending down like this.  He's hunched under this huge bundle of laundry, and he's struggling so hard, carrying that laundry.  He's thinking, if I don't carry this laundry, I'll starve to death.  But, all that he gets at the end of his hard day's labor is some little grass!  There's so much grass on the side of the road! 

This is our mentality.  In this kali-yuga, we think we have to work like an ass if we're going to live.  We do not know that there is Krishna, and He is our loving Father.  Why will the father not take care of us?  The only reason we exist is to have a loving relationship with Krishna.  That's the only reason we even exist at all.  Krishna is eternally emanating innumerable numbers of living entities from Himself simply for the purpose of loving relationship.  Each and every one of us exist just to exchange love with Krishna.  So, why will He put us into difficulty?  We simply put ourselves into difficulty.  All the problems we have in our life are simply our own doing, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves  We are rascals!  We exist to love Krishna, instead of wanting to love Krishna, we want to be Krishna.  What a foolish thing (chuckles) we want to be Krishna.  So stupid a thing.  He says, alright.  You want to be Me, but no no no, you can never do that.  So, don't even try.  Just serve Me.  But we were stubborn.  No, no.  I want to be the Supreme.  We become infected with this, so Krishna says alright.  You try it.   

A little girl, she's looking at the moon out the window at night.  She's saying mommy mommy, give me, give me.  How can the mother give the daughter the moon?  Is that possible?  No, of course not.  But the mother wants to pacify the daughter.  Alright, my dear beloved daughter, here.  She takes a mirror, and gives it in the little girls hand.  The little girl thinks, oh my mommy is so nice.  Now I have the moon, in my hand.  So, we wanted to be God so badly, we were so envious of that position of supremacy.  We became infected with that desire to be the Supreme.  Alright.  You can have it.  You can consider yourself the Supreme.  Here's your mirror in the hand.  Go ahead, try to enjoy the mirror in the hand, that you are God.  I'll give you a place where you can think that you are God.  It's called London.  Of course, there's a famous pastime of Prabhupada and Tamal Krishna Gosvami.  Maybe some have not heard it.  He was the leader there in L.A. temple.  Tamal Krishna dasa brahmacari.  Very fired up leader.  So, Prabhupada was one day explaining to him that there are so many millions and billions of planets in the spiritual world.  And in one little tiny corner of the spiritual world, there is the material world, and there are innumerable planets and universes in that material world, and in one of those universes, there are millions and billions of planets, and on one of those planets, called the Earth planet, there are so many continents, and so many countries, and one country is called the United States of America, and there are so many states in that United States of America, and California is one of them, there are so many cities in that state of California, Los Angeles is one of them, there are so many streets in that Los Angeles, La Cienega Blvd. is one of them, and there are so many buildings up and down La Cienega Blvd. and the Hare Krishna temple is one of them, and there are so many persons who live in this temple, and Tamal Krishna dasa brahmacari is one of them, and he thinks that he is so big.  So, Prabhupada has mercifully whittled us all down to size.  He's carved us down to understand who we actually are, that we are simply the eternal servants of Krishna, and we have no other identity, we have no other role, we have no other function to play in existence save, and except to be, not even the devotee of Krishna, but to be the devotee of the devotee of the devotee of Krishna.  This is one point that George Harrison very much appreciated from Prabhupada.  He said,  that Swami  Bhaktivedanta, of the Hare Krishna movement?  He says that he is the servant of the servant of the servant of God.  He said, what does that make me?   It makes me the servant of the servant of the servant of God.  So, actually George said it five times, which meant that he was placing himself as the servant of the disciples of Prabhupada.  So it was very nice sentiment, because the more we become the servants of the servants that's how much we become recognized by Krishna.  

I remember when I first joined the society.  Wherever I could get nectar, I would find it.  We had no Vedabase, and somebody would have a letter from Prabhupada.  Anytime I got a hold of something, I'd just copy it down.  I didn't have a Xerox machine.  There were very few Xerox machines in those days, and the copies were not very nice quality.  So, I was just copying down in my notebook, and I came across one letter that Prabhupada had written.  We normally have the six ways of surrender.  But there was one list that Prabhupada gave that I've only seen it that one place.  One of the six items of surrendering to Krishna was to become a part of a spiritual family.  That is a very important point.  We have this world-wide network, this world-wide family, of Krishna conscious devotees: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, and to actually learn how to enter into that family, in the proper spirit, that is one of the items of surrendering.  Its a very important thing.   

Its become a great problem since Prabhupada left.  In so many ways, these fragments are splitting off into this thing and that thing.  There is so much division.  We absolutely have to master this art of how to develop very strong loving relationships amongst the devotees, because, as that astrologer said when he saw that picture of Prabhupada, he has built a house in which the whole world can live peacefully, and Prabhupada said yes, that is my mission.  So, this is what we are duty-bound to do, as Prabhupada's disciples, grand-disciples.  We are duty-bound to establish such a strong, tightly knit network of devotees.  That strong unified family spirit can gradually engulf the entire world.  Every human being on the face of this planet can feel themselves a part of that family of Srila Prabhupada.  Prabhupada, I was doing some research this morning, Prabhupada actually said there should be one world government, and he actually predicted that the day would come when the world leaders would come to ISKCON, concerning how to manage their countries.  

Just see what kind of burden of responsibility we have inherited from Srila Prabhupada on our shoulders, each and every one of us.  It doesn't matter if we're a man, woman, child, temple leader, pujari, bathroom cleaner.  Each and every one us have this responsibility, to manifest this sort of cohesive loving tight-knit, family relationship in all of our dealings.  We must create that spirit, by our own example in the society, so that when the acarya leaves, the tendency for fragmentation to take place will be overcome.  Prabhupada says those who are faithful to the orders of the spiritual master work to rectify the situation.  We have to all manifest this sort of sweet loving relationships.  We should carry ourselves around like the dirt under the dirt, under the dirt.  That's how we feel about ourselves, but the other devotee's practically they are worshipable Deities for us, because they connect us with Krishna.  We should feel that I am low scum Naradhama, the scum, I am one of the scum of the Earth, Naradhama, but somehow I have been blessed by the association of a devotee or a number of devotees in my life, and that they can save me from my hellish indriya-seva service to my senses.   

So, here we are making a little study in an analogous way about these different senses:  The eyes, the ears, the nose.  Its described how these things are the gateway to hell.  We all have these bodily holes, and for the most part they're a big problem for us, in many ways.  Sometimes you're doing something and you have to go to the toilet, and its a problem.  You have to go to pass stool, pass urine.  Its an interruption.  The subterranean holes can be an interruption, and these other holes too, the other holes which are not subterranean, they are a problem because they keep dragging us away from Krishna.  The eyes want to look at a beautiful member of the opposite sex.  The ears want to hear some cinema song.  The tongue wants to taste some rascal bhoga.  But, if theses senses are properly engaged, then, they become liberated through this.  So, we have to master this art of engaging the senses properly.  This is very important.  That's why facilities such as Bhaktivedanta Manor are so absolutely essential for the sanity of the world population.  Each and every one of you are helping to maintain this center, you deserve the greatest credit, and I absolutely can tell you that Prabhupada is just showering his mercy upon you, for maintaining this center so nicely.  This is absolutely awesome to see Radha-Gokulananda this morning.  It is just overwhelmingly awesome to see Their superb beauty.  I can easily see how Prabhupada is very much pleased with your wonderful service, and very much blessing each and every one of you for helping.  So, whatever difficulties that are there, and we all have difficulties in our own, with our own senses, with our own minds, we have difficulties dealing with each other sometimes, we have to be a little tolerant.  With ourselves, we should be very strict, but with others we should be very tolerant, lenient and forgiving, and we shouldn't feel bad if our movement is going through difficulties now.  We should see it as a very good opportunity.  Just like the  ksatriya, when some aggressors come, he sees that this is a very good opportunity.  I have learned how to fight, and now I can fight.  So, whatever difficulties are facing our society, we shouldn't become discouraged, we should become enlivened, because, if everyone is a pure devotee of Krishna, we have no opportunity to preach.  Prabhupada was speaking like that.   

When there's problems, and people don't accept, that's when the preacher has to rise to the occasion.  Then it becomes a great challenge.  We have a very difficult situation.  Now we have to rise to that challenge.  One really has to preach with great expertise, and with great dependence on one's spiritual master, and the previous acaryas.  When there is difficulty, we should not become discouraged.  We should become happy.  Now is an opportunity to become even more surrendered to serving this preaching mission, become even more fixed, more focused on doing the needful to establish Prabhupada's movement, as the leading educational institution on this planet, and indeed, in the entire universe.  If we ever had that opportunity to open up branches of ISKCON in the higher planets.  (laughing)  Prabhupada sometimes spoke like that, I don't know how that's possible, we'd have to probably take birth again in different types of bodies, to fulfill that prediction of Prabhupada about it spreading all over the universe, but, at least on this planet, we have full facility to dedicate our whole life for pushing forward this movement.  The whole world is in the darkness of kali-yuga.  Its actually getting worse and worse, practically every day.  The social fabric is rotting.  Its moving closer and closer towards total collapse, just rotting away.  Just like a house, if the wood is rotting, the house is standing but the wood is rotting, one day; phough.  So, this materialistic civilization is rotting.  Its moving towards collapse.  The only people who have a clue as to how to actually solve the problem are you.  You are the only people who know what to do to solve the problems of the world.  Just see how much responsibility we have.  We have the greatest responsibility.  (aside:)  Sri Sri Radha-Gokulananda ki jaya. Sita, Rama, Laksmana, Hanuman ki jaya.  Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, ki jaya.  He predicted that this movement would go down in history for saving the world in its darkest hour.   

We may think, well that's a nice idea, but, how's it possible?  We can't even keep it together within ourselves right now.  How's it possible?  But, no.  Whatever the pure devotee says, it has to come true.  As Krishna had Arjuna say, you declare it boldly that My devotee is never vanquished.  , Krishna, He's known for being a liar.  No! I didn't steal the butter! (chuckles)  Krishna's known for being a liar, but if Arjuna says, then it has to happen.  You declare it boldly that my devotee will never perish.  It must happen because Arjuna has said.  So, Prabhupada has said this movement go down in history for having saved the world in its darkest hour.  So, it has to happen.  Now, we don't know when its going to happen, or how its going to happen, but it will happen.  Sometime, in the future, it will happen.  So, let's try to make it today.  Wouldn't it be neat, if we could see it happen in our lifetimes?  I mean, it could be, , two or three generations down the road, but wouldn't it be nice to see it happen during our lifetimes?  To see the whole world take up Krishna consciousness, as Prabhupada established it, through the medium of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.  That would just be so awesome, if , all these problems could be brought, and all the terrorism problems, the ecological problems, the abuse problems, , child abuse, women abuse, all these problems can be solved.  Everybody's just, , drowning in an ocean of Lord Caitanya's mercy.  Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Räma, Hare Räma, Räma Räma, Hare...  and every street, and every town and every village throughout the whole world, everyone has their arms raised, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Räma, Hare Räma, Räma Räma, Hare Hare, and everywhere they're glorifying Prabhupada, everywhere you go, on every, in every building there's Prabhupäda's picture, .  Just imagine how wonderful it would be, and every, , house of government, throughout the world there is Prabhupäda's picture.  There is Prabhupäda's books.  In the Parliament there is Prabhupäda's books.  In the House of Representatives, and the Senate, there's Prabhupada books.  In the White House, , in the Kremlin there's Prabhupäda's books.  Everywhere they're reading Prabhupäda's books and they're asking the ISKCON Brahmanas to come and give lecture to all the Parliament members, and the king and queens, and, wouldn't that be wonderful to see that happen during our lifetimes?  So, we should try for it, then.  We should try for it.  I mean, , as Prabhupada said, if you're going to go hunting, you should shoot for the rhinoceros, .  If you miss, they'll say, well, , nobody can get, bag a rhinoceros anyway, but if you can get that rhino, wow.  You'll become the most famous hunter.  (Laughter.)  So, we should try for it in our lifetime, to see the whole world become Krishna conscious.   

We should preach with such intensity, with such purity, we should have such sweet loving relationships between ourselves that, , that we become faultless in the way we treat each other, absolutely faultless, .  We should create that atmosphere of pure bhakti.  Where there's just pure love between the devotees, there's no more fault finding, no more gossiping, no more politics, nothing but pure loving relationships.  If we can actually manifest that degree of purity in our relationships Prabhupada told us, in 18 days, we can make the whole world Krishna conscious.  So, just calculate it.  Today is, what?  March 24th.  That's sometime in April.  Just imagine, by mid-April, all the leaders of the world were coming to us for guidance.  Our whole country should become Krishna conscious.  You guide us, how to make U.K. Krishna conscious, how to make Russia Krishna conscious, how to make Latvia Krishna conscious.   

And then all of our old former full-time preachers, who are working jobs, will come out of preaching retirement, and go back into preaching again.  You go to that country, you go to that country, train up the leaders how to manage their country, Krishna consciously.  Wouldn't it be great if they could all come out of their preaching retirement, put on their preaching shoes, go back out and do full-time preaching again?  That would be a really enlivening thing.  Then we have to train up so many new preachers also.  It is possible.  Of course you could say, come on Sankarshan prabhu, how can you say its possible?  Don't  the Bhagavad-Gita verse:  

manusyanam sahasresu
kascid yatati siddhaye

What kind of nonsense are you speaking anyway Sankarshan prabhu?   Only 1 out of a thousand, will take interest, and then out of those thousand that take interest, hardly even one will be capable to understand.  That's true, according to Bhagavad-Gita, but by the mercy of Lord Caitanya, its possible.  It is possible.  This whole world can be inundated in 18 days in a tidal wave of Krishna prema.  We just have to manifest that wave within our spiritual family of ISKCON.  We just have to manifest that transcendental wave of ecstatic Krishna consciousness amongst ourselves, and then invite people to come on in, the water's fine.  Come on in.   

Prabhupada told us, in San Francisco, it was a wonderful lecture he gave in Golden Gate Park.  That was the first place I saw Prabhupada.  I laid my eyes on him in Golden Gate Park.  First at the airport, then a few minutes later, in the park.  He said that I'm traveling all over the world, and everywhere I go, I see, they are building the skyscraper buildings imitating your country.  Now, you can simply chant and dance, in emotional love of God, and the whole world will follow you, and there will be no more trouble.  You've probably all seen that video, but isn't that sweet?  Prabhupada says emotional love of God.  So, that means that a kirtana, even though it certainly has its academic aspects, we can study it intellectually, from the standpoint of sastra, the kirtana.  But, actually, it goes beyond jnana.  kirtana means bhakti.  It means emotion.  It means transcendental emotion becomes stimulated by the sweet holy names.  As Prabhupada mentioned in his letter that is quoted in our Vaisnava song book, he said there is no safe position in this material world except for kirtana-rasa.  kirtana-rasa.  So, we have to awaken that kirtana-rasa, in the heart.  That is our natural constitutional position.  We are pure devotees by constitution.   

We are pure lovers of God, who can experience unlimited nuances, and subtle varieties of flavors in relationship with the Supreme Person, but, due to envy we have lost that sweet, sweet, unlimitedly nectarian position, and we are drowning in this stool, this urine, this puss, this blood, this lust, this anger, this greed, which is consuming our hearts and causing us so much misery, and anxiety, but the kirtana is the way out.  It is vaikuntha-dvara.  The door to vaikuntha is through the kirtana.  It is subtle dimension.  (Aside) Wake up (clapping)  Krishna wants you to awaken to your eternal constitutional position.   

So, it is very very nice to be here with you all today, and I'm indebted to each and every one of you because for me its the hearers, because I'm not very enthusiastic for speaking actually.  But, when I see the hearers are enthusiastic to hear, somehow it just comes out, by the mercy of the hearers.  (Conch blows)  If I was sitting in this empty room, I could not speak like this.  Prabhupada could do it, but I can not.  (Chuckles)   the introduction to the Bhagavad-Gita was when nobody showed up before Prabhupada moved down to the lower east side, he had a little office in Manhattan, and he had his tape recorder.  So, the whole introduction to the Gita was spoken when no one showed up for the class and Prabhupada just spoke into the tape recorder.  I am not like that.  I am very dry person.  But, when I am in the association of so many wonderful devotees of the Lord, who have dedicated their lives completely to serve Prabhupada's mission, when I'm in such an august assembly as this, then I become a little excited to talk about Krishna.  So, I have to thank you all for your mercy of being such nice hearers, that you have been able to extract some nectar out of this otherwise desert-like heart.(Chuckles)  So, anyway, does anyone have any questions?  I'll try to answer them. 

Yes, Kripa-moya prabhu. 


KMP:  We're interested to hear that of the six symptoms of surrender, that one is to join a spiritual family. 

SDA:  Yes. 

KMP:  And, you said that's the only place where Prabhupada expressed that.  Do ... 

SDA:  There may be other places, but that's the only one I'm aware of.   

KMP:  (Indistinct) he expressed it in other places? 

SDA:  How is that expressed in other places?  Well, certainly, there is the famous quote, about your love for me will be seen by how much you cooperate. 

KMP:  Those six.  That list of six.   

SDA:  How is that list given elsewhere, the other varieties of the list?  Six symptoms of surrender?  Some of you are, we have many learned panditas here.  I don't have it on the tip of my tongue, just now.  The six symptoms of surrender.   

KMP:  Just that one point.  Joining a spiritual family.  In other places, how would Prabhupada say that?   

SDA:  You've seen it in other places?  You're asking if I've seen it in elsewhere?   

Devotee:  He wants an example. 

SDA:  What's that? 

Devotee:  He wants an example.  Where to see? 

SDA:  Where did I see it?  OK  It was a letter. I have it in my notes.  When I was a brahmacari, I just kept these notebooks.  I still have them, I put them in a treasure chest, from my brahmacari days.  When I get back, I can email you that.  I'll give you the whole list via email.  I'd be happy to do that.  Yes, its very nice quote, that we have to become a part of a spiritual family.  Yes prabhu, nice to see you again.  You hosted me so nicely when I came last time.   

KPM:  Long time since then. 

SDA:  Yeah, its been '98 or something... 

KPM:  Is your wife here? 

SDA:  Yes.  Visnupriya Mataji is here.  (Chuckles) 

Devotee:  So, I have a question.  It was very nice, what you said.  Wonderful.  To see the world Krishna conscious.   

SDA:  Hmm.  What is it? 

Devotee:  To see the world Krishna conscious.  Its a very wonderful, but we have a prediction, in the Srimad-Bhagavatam 

SDA:  Yeah. 

Devotee:  In the 11th Canto. 

SDA:  Right.   

Devotee:  Its very pessimistic.   

SDA:  Oh, yes.   

Devotee:  That, uh, things aim to get worse.  That society will get... 

SDA:  Absolutely.  Oh yes, those things will happen. 

Devotee:  There will be very very few devotees around, the future of Kali tends to get worse and worse and worse.  Now, I tend to believe in the prediction of the Srimad-Bhagavatam.  But I like also to believe in the prediction of Srila Prabhupada on the other hand, that you were reporting, about a golden age, and that things will improve.  So, I'm a little bit puzzled,  because these... 

SDA:  They're both true.  There's sometimes, what is called an Indian Summer.  Its not referring to India, Indian, but the American Indians.  Its called Indian summer.  The winter comes, its cold.  All of the sudden, out of the blue, an Indian Summer manifests, and a brief period where everything becomes very warm and pleasant.  I heard recently that that happened in England also.  Its a rapid shift in the weather, between warm and cold.  So, that is predicted as the 10,000 year period within kali-yuga when Krishna consciousness will gradually take over everything.  And then it will go back.  Its a special period of Caitanya's mercy in the middle of kali-yuga.  Its a 10,000 year period of Krishna consciousness, within the kali-yuga, and we're at the very beginning of that, right now.  So, we are in a very great advantageous position in terms of world history.   

Some people like to study world history.  They read about British History, or Scottish History, or American History, but by the grace of Prabhupada, we are in the position of making history. 

Devotee:  I heard a similar statement in India.  I think it was Dhananjaya prabhu.  That, in Vrndavana said that the GBC's now have to prepare themselves to run the world.   

SDA:  Yes, absolutely.   

Devotee:  Are we really ready for that?  Because... 

SDA:  We're very ill-prepared for that, to be quite honest.  We can't even keep it together in ISKCON.  We have this split-off group, that split-off group, we are miserably ill-prepared for such a thing, but that's the whole point of my class.  I was a Boy Scout, and in the U.S., we used to have a motto, Be Prepared.  We have to be Krishna's Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.  We have to get prepared, to actually do our duty to lead the world by studying Prabhupada's books, by chanting good rounds, by rising early, by bathing, by taking nice care of the Deities. We are very ill-prepared for that.  We're still a rag-tag band of followers.  Just practically off the streets.  We haven't advanced that much in all these years of chanting unfortunately.  We're still a bunch of rough characters, who can't even get along with each other half the time.  (chuckles)  But, its time to get serious.  There was a wonderful lecture, I remember Tamal Krishna Gosvami gave in Dallas.  I used to run his tape ministry when he first started initiating , the god brothers were all working with him to help him build up his preaching.  So, I was running his tape ministry, and I remember we had one lecture that he very much thought was very important.  And it was indeed.  It was called Its Time to Get Serious.   

So, we still have to learn how to do that, and we have to get serious. Serious doesn't mean, morose.  I mean, look at our Sridhara Swami Maharaja.  Who could be more jolly than Sridhara Swami, yet he's very serious about Krishna consciousness.  Very serious, but so jolly.  So, actually, the more we become sober in Krishna consciousness, the more we become happy.  

When I was first coming around this movement, checking it out, associating with His Holiness Visnujana Maharaja, who was actually my vartmapradarsaka-guru, I eternally offer my obeisances at his lotus feet, I was a hippy boy, there in Austin, going to his programs to hear.  So, anyway somehow or other, I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water, he was also in the kitchen.  Everyone else was in the other room.  He told me just three words, and I've never forgotten them.  They were very powerful, the way they affected me.  He said, you have to become sober.  He said it with such sobriety, with such gravity, and out of such an ecstatic enlivened Krishna conscious mood that he was tasting, that those word will eternally reverberate in my heart.  You have to become sober.  That's why we're not prepared to lead the world; we're frivolous  (Aside) I'll get to you in a minute.  Don't forget your question.  Its very valuable.  I want to hear it.  Prabhupada told Tamal Krishna dasa brahmacari, back in the old days in San Francisco, in a letter, Krishna can give you all of America within a minute, but what will you do with it?  As long as we are frivolous, we're not fit to manage the world.  

We will not be managers, we will guide the managers, actually.  But Prabhupada did actually say like that.  There's one cassette I listen to, when I brush my teeth (Laughs)  Prabhupada is saying that this world, right now, is being managed by rogues and rascals.  He says, now you take the management.  Can you imagine?  Prabhupada has ordered us to take the management of the world.  That means in the brahminical sense.  Of course, we may have some devotees, who actually become in that ksatriya-type position, but, we are mainly meant, as an institution, to manage by guiding the managers.  Some of our members have run for office, and they may still be doing, I don't know.  That also can be done, but we are mainly meant to guide the managers.  But because we're not completely sober like Prabhupada, therefore, we're not qualified.  They won't, they can't put that much faith in us, because of our own frivolity.  But, if we become very very sober, we're always fixed in sober Krishna consciousness, then they must come to us, because they need it.  They need our guidance.  They have nowhere else to turn to, as the world begins to fragment more, and more.  More and more terrorism, fears are there.  We have Madrid.  Who knows what's going to happen next?  So, we really have to rise to the occasion, by becoming very sober and fixed in Krishna consciousness.  Yes, Prabhu. 

Devotee (2):  I was thinking that, when you think about it, ruling the (indistinct) world; That's too daunting.  But, to influence the leaders of the world, that actually is not daunting.  That we are already making influence, influential people anyway.  Its like Buddhism spread because the emperor of that area he embraced it, and therefore it spread through the country. 
SDA:  You're talking about Buddhism?  What, my hearing's a little shot, so I'm catching some of what you're saying. 

Devotee (2):  What I'm saying is that we don't necessarily have to be the leaders or the fighters of the world.   

SDA:  That's right.   

Devotee (2):  As you made that point.  But its not so daunting to think that, we actually could influence the leaders of the world.   

SDA:  That's right.  Just like, when Buddhadeva influenced the emperor Asoka.  Then Buddhism became predominant.  That's right.   We  are not a managerial organization, we are the world's leading educational institution.  That's what we are.  We are the world's leading educational institution.  So that has to be known.  That has to be understood by all the leaders, so they'll come to us for training.  So, each and every one of us, has to become learned brahmanas.  We have to know the books very well, be able to cite the scriptures authoritatively, and have realized knowledge based on our practice of Krishna consciousness, and then as we manifest this more and more, and enthuse our the younger members to also become like this, then we will see.  It will happen.  So that it will gradually spread more and more.  So, are there any other questions?   

Guest: (indistinct) 

SDA:  The example of the buildings?  The skyscraper buildings?   

Guest:  We seem to see this a lot more, especially in The States, where there's places where they're taking little communities and people are inspected on what kind of jobs they have, and what religion you believe in, and things like that. 

SDA:  Are you talking about some, like alternative communities that are forming around the world?   

Guest:  Well, yeah.  You have The States, where it depends on your job, or who your associates are to get into these communities, in different areas.   

SDA:  You're saying, should we try to infiltrate different sort of communities?   

Guest:  Yes. 

SDA:  Absolutely.  We want to infiltrate everywhere.   

Guest:  Also, what I experienced by helping one of the ladies move, that the lady lived in an area that was being picked on because she was a Hare Krishna.  Because she was a devotee. 

SDA:  Oh, then she has a very good opportunity for preaching.  Wherever the opposition is very strong, that's when we have a golden opportunity for preaching.  We're not afraid of strong opposition at all. Actually, like in American football, for example, when the opposing team is very weak, and they're an easy pushover, then the game is very boring, but if the opposing side is a formidable foe, then you have to really work hard to win, and when you do win, no one ever forgets that game.  Wherever the opposition is very strong, that gives us a very good opportunity to rise to the occasion.  Of course, we look to where the opposition is not strong, where its easier to make inroads, but we are not afraid of strong opposition.  As Prabhupada said,  there's no question of glorious victory without strong opposition.  So, we're not afraid of strong opposition.  Prabhupada had to fight very strong opposition with Mr. Nair in Bombay, but Prabhupada never gave up the fight, in spite of the fact that the disciples sometimes royally blew it, and the struggle was almost lost, not because of Prabhupada's mistakes, but because of the disciple's mistakes.  We should never become discouraged. Of course, we always look for the easiest places where we can establish Krishna consciousness.  Lord Caitanya would sometimes leave a place if it was too difficult to preach there.  We look for the easiest places, but it is not that I can't preach at all.  No, we never come to that position.  We must dedicate our lives for preaching and establishing Krishna consciousness.  So, if somebody is living in a community and they're not accepting it, one should try to work harder to make them accept.   

Prabhupada gave the whole example, when the devotees came to London.  When the sannyasis had come here, from the Gaudiya Math, and they had no success whatsoever in establishing Krishna consciousness.  They just posed for some photographs, with some British Lords and Ladies, and lived off of Indian Rupees coming to London.  Can you imagine, what a struggle that was for Bhaktisiddhanta to maintain these preachers in London with Indian Rupees?  I don't know what the exchange rate was in those days, but I'm sure it wasn't very favorable for India, and all they did was pose for some photographs, When Prabhupada sent his original devotees here, Mukunda, Janaki, Gurudasa, Yamuna, Malati, Syamasundara, and also little, that little daughter, Sarasvati, and they came here, he  gave the story of that Charlie Chaplin example.  Prabhupada, as a boy used to see the Charlie Chaplin movies sometimes.  So, he saw that movie, where Charlie Chaplin was at the ball dance, and he had his date.  Everyone was attired very formally, tuxedo, and fancy dresses, and some mischievous little kids thought, oh yes, we will have some fun.  They painted some glue all over the bench.  So, Charlie Chaplin, he sits down on the bench, and he gets up and his tuxedo rips.  Oh no.  What to do?  How can you be at a ball dance with a ripped tuxedo?  Everyone will laugh.  What to do?  So, then he got a bright idea.  He went to the men's room, and he ripped his tuxedo all the way up (Makes tearing sound. Laughing)  Then he took his date, in the middle of the ballroom floor, and he just danced with great enthusiasm.  Spinning around, twirling around, and dancing flamboyantly.  He was dancing with such enthusiasm, everyone stopped, and they were just looking at Charlie Chaplin, and his date, dancing, twirling around, flying around the ballroom, with his ripped tuxedo, and all the men took their tuxedos and, rip, to imitate his tuxedo.  He established a new fashion.  So, Prabhupada told the devotees coming to London to be like that.  That mood of, like Charlie Chaplin.  They will think you're weird.  Hare Krishna weirdo.  Brainwashed zombie!  But you have to be so enthusiastic that all these dead lifeless people will think, well, he may be crazy, but he's a lot happier than I am.  He has a lot more life, a lot more compassion, there must be something good about this Krishna consciousness after all.  If somebody can be that happy, can be that kind, and be that enthusiastic, in this way, we can capture the whole world.  That community that's negative, they can be captured.  So, we're probably running out of time, huh?  I don't want to keep everyone.  I know everyone's enthusiastic to engage in their daily activities.  I wanted to thank you for so kindly tolerating this croaking toad in your midst.  Not kicking me out the door.  Srila Prabhupada ki, jaya.  Hare Krishna.   

Gauri dasa:  Sankarshan prabhu ki, jaya. 

Audience:  Jaya.   

SDA:  What is your name prabhu? 

Gauri dasa:  Gauri dasa 

SDA:  Gauri dasa. 

Gauri dasa:  I'm the president here at the temple. 

SDA:  Oh, that's nice.  Let, me stop this thing right now.   


Transcribed by His Grace Jagannatha Dasa

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