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Lecture:  Srimad Bhagavatam 4.28.32

Atlanta, Georgia - 20 May 2004

SDA: (Kirtana and invocatory prayers for 10 minutes.) 

om namo bhagavate vasudeva
om namo bhagavate vasudeva
om namo bhagavate vasudeva

Srimad-Bhagavatam Fourth Canto, Chapter 28, Text number 32. 

(audience repeats word by word)

agastyah prag duhitaram
upayeme dhrta-vratam
yasyah drdhacyuto jata
idhmavahatmajo munih 

agastyah—the great sage Agastya; prak—first; duhitaram—daughter; upayeme—married; dhrta-vratam—taken to vows; yasyam—through whom; drdhacyutah—named Drdhacyuta; jatah—was born; idhmavaha—named Idhmavaha; atma-jah—son; munih—the great sage. 

Translation and purport by His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, savior of the whole universe.   

“The great sage named Agastya married the first-born daughter of Malayadhvaja, the avowed devotee of Lord Krishna. From her, one son was born whose name was Drdhacyuta, and from him another son was born, whose name was Idhmavaha.”


“The name Agastya Muni is very significant. Agastya Muni represents the mind. The word agastya indicates that the senses do not act independently, and the word muni means "mind." The mind is the center of all the senses, and thus the senses cannot work independent of the mind. When the mind takes to the cult of bhakti, it engages in devotional service. The cult of bhakti (bhakti-lata) is the first daughter of Malayadhvaja, and as previously described, her eyes are always upon Krishna (asiteksanam). One cannot render bhakti to any demigod. Bhakti can be rendered only to Vishnu (sravanam kirtanam visnoh [SB 7.5.23]). Thinking the Absolute Truth to be without form, the Mayavadis say that the word bhakti can apply to any form of worship. If this were the case, a devotee could imagine any demigod or any godly form and worship it. This, however, is not the real fact. The real fact is that bhakti can be applied only to Lord Vishnu and His expansions. Therefore bhakti-lata is drdha-vrata, the great vow, for when the mind is completely engaged in devotional service, the mind does not fall down. If one tries to advance by other means—by karma-yoga or jnana-yoga—one will fall down, but if one is fixed in bhakti, he never falls down.

Thus from bhakti-lata the son Drdhacyuta is born, and from Drdhacyuta the next son, Idhmavaha, is born. The word idhma-vaha refers to one who carries wood for burning in a sacrifice when approaching a spiritual master. The point is that bhakti-lata, the cult of devotion, fixes one in his spiritual position. One so fixed never comes down, and he begets children who are strict followers of the sastric injunctions. As said in the Vedas:

tad-vijnanartham sa gurum evabhigacchet
samit-panih srotriyam brahma-nistham

[MU 1.2.12]

In the line of devotional service, those who are initiated are strict followers of the Vedic scriptural injunctions.”  

[End of Purport]


om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

sri-caitanya-mano-bhistam sthapitam yena bhu-tale
svayam rupah kada nahyam dadati sva-padantikam

So, it is my greatest pleasure, beyond any words to describe my happiness to be here, especially with my dear God brothers Balabhadra Bhattacarya prabhu and Vaisnavananda prabhu, with whom I served here back in the old days.  With whom we shared the association of Prabhupada when he came here, in 1975.  So, just coming around this holy, holy dhama, I'm just reliving all those memories, and its very powerful actually.  I can hardly express what I'm feeling this morning, to be in this holy place.  To see where I stood, right there, by Prabhupada.  So many wonderful pastimes were there.  Prabhupada taught us that song Parama Karuna two nights in a row.  The second night we had the song sheets.  The first night there were no song sheets.  Such a nice song, how Prabhupada, he didn't see the Deities.  He saw Gaura-Nitai.  He didn't see Deities (Laughing), he saw Gaura-Nitai standing.   

Just imagine, you go back in time to Navadvipa, 500 years ago, and you're on the bank of the Ganges, and there come Gaura-Nitai walking down the road.  “Hari Bol, Hari Bol!  Nitai chanting.”  So, that is what Prabhupada saw.  Prabhupada was actually there in Caitanya-lila directly seeing Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, when he was here in this temple.  I always remember that this temple was the kirtan capital of ISKCON in the early days, in the heydays. 

Devotees:  Yeah! 

SDA:  (Laughing)  And I still think its the kirtan capital here.  This is one of the special, special places of Prabhupada's pastimes.  The dust of his feet has so much sanctified this holy dhama.  Even, we saw several years ago at the Panihati festival that Prabhupada was actually sitting here.  It wasn't a deity of Prabhupada. He was crying tears of ecstasy.  We saw the tears coming down his right cheek.  He was feeling so enlivened by the pastimes of Lord Caitanya going on here that he was just crying in ecstasy.  So, this is not deity.  This is Prabhupada actually sitting here.  You should never think it’s a deity of Prabhupada.  Its Prabhupada himself sitting here.  So, I was so happy that I got to offer guru-puja today.  It was just so sweet and wonderful.  I just can't describe how sweet and wonderful it was.   

So, Prabhupada has given us this wonderful, wonderful Bhagavatam.  Beautiful Bhagavatam.  Srimad-Bhagavatam to give us the crest jewel of wisdom available anywhere in the world.  Of course this is the book that Prabhupada brought from India, Srimad-Bhagavatam.  There are so many Vedic literatures, but what did Prabhupada bring?  He brought Srimad-Bhagavatam. So, this is very nice, very instructive, what we are reading here this morning.  Super, super instructive information.  Starting at the end of the purport, and working backwards.  Now we can see how Prabhupada is emphasizing the initiated.  This is so important, to become an initiated disciple.  Why?  Because that means you're actually plugged in.  You're fully connected. 

The plug can be close to the socket.  It can be associating with the socket.  It can be very close, but the electricity flows when it’s actually plugged in.  There's some association.  There can be some association between the plug and the socket, even before it’s plugged in.  It’s sitting near the socket, thinking of plugging in, and that's very good.  We encourage it.  Yes, you come near.  This is called sadhu-sanga.  You come near the socket.  You dear plugs of this material world, you come near the socket.  You associate, and you see the result that those are getting who are actually plugged in.  This is sadhu-sanga.  You can see those devotees who are fully plugged in to the process of sadhana-bhakti, who have taken diksa, who have fully accepted the spiritual master as their eternal shelter.  You see the result they are getting.  You see the bliss they are tasting.  You see the knowledge they have, the realization they have, having done that, and then you'll start to think, Hmm.  Maybe I should plug in too.  Maybe I should get initiated also.  Plug in to this process of bhakti-yoga.  When we actually plug in that's when the real advancement happens.  That's when it really begins to move.  

The Hare Krishna movement really starts moving for us when we plug in by initiation.  So, Prabhupada is saying, that is strict following.  Those who are strict followers.. Those who are not initiated are not strict followers.  That's the obvious conclusion.  So, Krishna says in as much as they surrender to Me, I reward them accordingly.  So, we have to decide how much nectar do I want to get out of this process of Krishna consciousness?  Do I want a little, tiny drop of nectar, or I would like oceans of nectar?  That we have to decide.  How much nectar do I want? 

If you go to visit Bill Gates, and he says, I will give you whatever amount of money you want, and you say, well I could use twenty dollars, would that be a very intelligent thing?  Oh, give me a couple billion at least.  Bill billion Gates.  Give me at least a few billion dollars.  If you could afford a few billion, just imagine what we could do to spread Krishna consciousness with a few billion dollars.  You see how much we could use that.  So, if you are there, you have the opportunity to get unlimited oceans of nectar.  Why would you settle only for a drop?  That is not intelligent.  One should fully connect with the process.  Become an initiated disciple into the guru-parampara system.  Connect to Prabhupada fully through the guru-parampara system.   

Just like sometimes a bunch of friends are swimming in the lake.  Nice summer day, they're having a cool dip in the lake, and you're there.  You come along, but you're a little hesitant.  You're sitting on the shore.  Well I don't know.  It looks a little chilly in the water.  They're saying come on in.  The waters fine!  Come on in, come on!  Well, I don't know.  You know.  You put your toes in, oh, it feels a little chilly, and maybe you're up to your ankle.  Swish around your ankles in the water a little bit.  They're saying come on in, just dive in!  Come on, just dive in!  Its great!  Come on in!  Well, I don't know.  All right, then (Makes splashing sound) dive in.  

So sometimes we are hesitant to dive in to the process of Krishna consciousness fully.  We're thinking it is some spectator sport.  I will sit in the bleachers and enjoy it, but I can tell you, the real enjoyment is when you get out on the playing field.  Sitting in the bleachers, that is also nice, because, if you sit in the bleachers long enough, you'll finally, you will not be able to resist, and you will jump into that playing field.  Finally you will jump in.  So, we encourage, yes, you come and sit in the bleachers very nicely.  We will give you nice prasadam.  We will give you wonderful loving kindness.  All Vaisnava etiquette we will give you, so you feel very happy sitting in the bleachers, watching the sankirtan movement ecstatically emanating unlimited tidal waves of mercy to inundate this universe. Then when you finally get it, you will be there jumping in completely also.  Because who can resist this mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and Lord Nityananda?  Their mercy is irresistible.  Absolutely irresistible mercy.   

So, very nice points here are being made by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.  Of course, this bhakti cult, it is for persons, of course, now they say ‘cult’ is bad word, but actually from an academic viewpoint, ‘cult’ is not a bad word.  Simply in the media, it is a bad word.  But from a scholarly point of view, the word ‘cult’ is a bona fide word.  It’s a culture.  It’s a culture, that's all.  ‘Cult’, ‘culture’.  Same thing.  This is the culture of bhakti.  And in the culture of bhakti, what do we do?  We cultivate bhakti.  How do we cultivate bhakti?  This is mentioned here, some hint is given, bhakti-lata.  It is compared to a creeper.  So, there is bhakti-lata-bija.  The seed of bhakti is planted.  When we hear from guru, when we hear from Vaisnava preacher, then the seed of bhakti is planted in the heart, if we are hearing with an open mind.  If we are open-minded, we hear from the spiritual master, we hear from the Vaisnava preacher, and then that seed of bhakti is planted in out heart.  And then if we will engage in watering that little seedling, which is just sprouting, and keep out the weeds, then that thing, that wonderful little creeper will gradually grow, grow, grow.  It will actually penetrate through the coverings of the universe.  You know how thick the coverings of the universe are?  If NASA tried to blast through it with a spaceship, forget it.  They couldn't even get out there to where the covering starts.  It’s so far away.  And if they got there, each covering is ten times thicker than the space within the universe.  And it becomes ten times progressively thicker.  So, actually, the universe, if you look at it comparatively speaking, the actual space is just a tiny little hole and the covering is this huge solid chunk.  Multi layered chunk.  So, there's no way the materialists can ever escape from the prison of material existence by digging an escape hole.  They'll never make it.  Like the prisoners in the prison, under somebody's bed, they're hiding all the dirt that they're bringing out.  Getting they're escape tunnel, for the big day when they're all going to make they're escape.  But there's no way they can ever dig their way out of this material world, by material means.  It’s not possible.  Absolutely impossible, it is so thick.  But, if you simply, humbly and gratefully accept this seed of bhakti that you receive by hearing from guru, by hearing from the Vaisnava preacher, if you simply gratefully joyfully accept this seed of bhakti in your heart, and you water it every day.  Why does Prabhupada say at least sixteen rounds of japa-mala every day?  Because that's the minimum amount of water to keep the plant alive.  Well, I'll just do eight.  But the plant won't, the seed doesn't get enough water at eight rounds a day, or ten rounds a day, or even fifteen rounds a day is not quite enough water to give the plant what it needs to flourish.  The plant will struggle.  It won't be able to grow unless you give it at least sixteen rounds of water every day.  Sixteen rounds is the minimum.  That much water is required for the plant to actually grow and thrive.  That bhakti-lata.  And then we keep out the weeds and we keep out the mad elephant offense of vaisnava-aparadha, and in this way, Prabhupada explains how it penetrates through the coverings of the universe, and then it travels through that vast paravyoma. How many millions and billions of spiritual planets are in that transcendental world?  How many millions and billions of planets are there?  There's unlimited forms of Vishnu, and unlimited Vishnu planets.  But out of all of those planets, there's one incredibly, indescribable planet, described in the Brahma-Samhita.  Incredible.  So, this knowledge of Krishna, and His pastimes is not just from 5,000 years ago.  Brahmaji had this knowledge 155 trillion years ago.  The knowledge of Krishna as the Supreme, and  Vrindavan Dhama.  This was known from the very beginning of the universe.  It’s not that only after 5,000 years ago, it became known.  Before that it was just Rama bhaktas, and Vishnu bhaktas.  No.  Krishna bhakti has existed from the very, very beginning of the universe, 155 trillion years ago.  So, that seed that creeper grows, and finally grows by all those vast numbers of millions and billions of universes, and then it goes to that supreme abode, krishna-loka.  Is anybody sleeping?  (Claps hands)  Wake up.  This is your wake up call.  Right now you are in this body, and it’s an emergency situation because you're on your way down to the animal kingdom, if you don't stay awake in class.  Don't go down to the animal kingdom.  Stay awake in class. 

So, that bhakti-lata will go all the way to the topmost planet in the spiritual world, and there the full-blown fruit of love of God will, that creeper will actually entwine itself in the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.  And then the full-blown fruit of love of Godhead will manifest.  You think a mango is tasty.  You cannot even conceive what is the taste of that full blown fruit, that Krishna prema fruit.  Even in our wildest dreams, we cannot even begin to conceive an infinitesimal fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the taste of that fruit of Love of God.  Even though it is absolutely inconceivable, if we will stick to this pathway of bhakti so carefully chalked out by our beloved Srila Prabhupada, and our Bhaktisiddhanta Thakura, and our Gaura Kisora dasa Babaji Maharaja, and our beloved Bhaktivinoda Thakura, and our beloved Sad Gosvamis, our beloved Caitanya Mahaprabhu, our beloved Narada Muni.  If we would just carefully, carefully, stick to this path without deviating, then we will taste it.  We will taste it.  We must know for sure we will taste that fruit of love of God, if we take this process as it is.  Without watering it down.  Do not water down this bhakti.  If you do, then it becomes karma-yoga, jnana-yoga.  And then, what does Prabhupada say?  One will fall down.  One will fall down.  So, do not mix it with anything else, karma-yoga, jnana-yoga.  Simply pure bhakti.  If you take to the pure bhakti path, you will never fall down.  You say well what about, so many devotees fell down?  How's it possible.  Was Prabhupada wrong?  Well, my dear prabhus and matajis they were mixing it.  They weren't doing pure bhakti.  Anyone who does pure bhakti will never fall down.  There was some tinge in there practice.  Their practice was not pure.  They were tinged, jnana, karma, they had some tinge in their practice, so they are not here anymore.  So, how strict we have to be in our practice.  How strict we must be.  That we must be.  We must become pure devotees.   

We should not be like the Christians.  I accepted Jesus.  Now I'm saved.  Oh, I got initiated, so I'm saved.  Now, I can do whatever I want.  I can sleep late.  I can chant my rounds sometimes.  I can follow some of the principles.  I'm initiated.  You're not initiated, sorry.  You're not really initiated.  Real initiation means that you strictly grab onto the feet of your Guru Maharaja tightly, and you never let go.  That is initiation.  When one is actually initiated, then that very moment, you enter into immortality.  When you're actually initiated, in the real sense of the word initiated, you're no longer a resident of this ghastly place.  What is it called?  Martya-loka.  You're no longer residents of this martya-loka.  When you're actually initiated, when you've actually taken the lotus feet of your Guru Maharaja as your life and soul, then you are living in transcendental world, and your death will simply be just like when those NASA rockets go off into outer space, and they have the big booster rocket to get it out of the heavy gravity area, then a lighter booster rocket in the gravity area, and then gradually, they get in a no-gravity area or practically zero gravity area.  There they just go into orbit.  So, this material body is just the big booster rocket to help get us a little higher, then the subtle body, we can take that.  Those are different booster rockets.  And if you properly utilize your gross material body, and your subtle body, they're just like a rocket at take-off.  So, at the time of death, you just jettison those bodies.  That's all you do.  You don't die.  You're just jettisoning off one rocket, jettisoning off another rocket, and sheeew, with Krishna.  As Prabhupada said, if you're a devotee, and you wake up with Krishna.  Prabhupada gives the example of the mouth of the cat.  There are two ways to experience the mouth of the cat.  One is as a kitten; the other is as a rat.  So, for the kitten, when the mother carries the kitten in the mouth, the little kitten is going meow, meow, meow, having a very nice ride.  My mother is taking me on a ride.  Very nice pastime for the little kitten to be carried by the mother cat in the mouth.  But, when the cat catches the rat Kee Kee Kee!  Prabhupada said like that.  He says Kee Kee Kee means dying.  I'm finished.  It’s all over.  So, there's a very big difference.  It’s the same mouth of the same cat!  But there's all the difference in the world in the experience.  So, when one is actually Krishna conscious, death will be a very wonderful thing.   

We have to be prepared to call out to Krishna at the time of death.  I remember one morning, when I was a brahmacari here Balavanta decided to test me.  I was coming around the corner here.  Early morning japa.  And I came around the corner and he yelled at me, like he was some thief getting ready to cut my throat or something.  And I went Hare Krishna.  He said, oh, you passed the test.  (Laughing)  So, it’s the mercy of Prabhupada that somehow or other I passed the test that day.  So, I'm just praying for all of your blessings when the final test comes, that I will pass.  You all can bless me.  I know what a godasa I am actually.  Complete total mudha, godasa person that I am.  I know how much I am dependent on the mercy of the Vaisnavas.  That without their blessings, I am nowhere, I'm just finished.  I'm simply a scallywag person.  But by the kindness of the devotees upon me, I have some hope of being Krishna conscious.  By all your kindness upon me.  Even though I'm not worthy of your association.  I'm such a contaminated person, I'm not worthy, but because you're very kind you allow me here to become purified. I have some hope of achieving perfection. 

So, anyway its very, very nice to be here.  Maybe there are some questions I can answer.  I'd be happy to try.  By Prabhupada's mercy maybe I can answer a question even though I have no brain.  

A question? 

(question is indistinct, relates to tolerance of material desires.) 

SDA:  So, we're still plagued by, as Prabhupada points out, it is not surprising that we're still attached to the opposite sex, and to money. Because we've been worshiping money and the opposite sex for millions of lifetimes.  So, we're still diseased.  Even if we seriously take up the path of bhakti, we're still suffering from the disease of material desire.  That's a fact.  So, what do you do?  We're recovering, but we are not fully recovered. That's the position.  So, that is the position where one has to be extremely careful.  You put yourself under the physicians care.  The spiritual master.  You're under his care; you have to follow the instructions very, very carefully.  Because once you're healthy, when you're back in Goloka Vrindavana, then you're just spontaneously enjoying your pure bhakti to Krishna.  But now in this material world, we're still contaminated with material desires.   

We've seriously taken up the process of healing ourselves, but we're still not recovered.  So, we have to be very, very careful we do not have a relapse.  The key is, whatever instruction the physician has given you, you have to follow it absolutely obediently to the letter of the law.  The physician says no illicit sex, no illicit sex.  He says no meat-eating, no meat-eating.  He says no intoxication, absolutely no intoxication.  He says no gambling, then no gambling.  He says don't offend the Vaisnavas, we have to always be very respectful in awe and reverence toward the Vaisnavas, so we're not offensive.  So, whatever instructions are given there, we have to just carefully, carefully follow them, and the fact is, in our neophyte condition, we'll be going along fine, and all of a sudden a lusty desire will come into our minds.  What do you do with that?  Do you freak out?  No.  Krishna says as the ocean always remains at the same level even though so many waters are pouring into it.  So, you just say, OK, this is par for the course.  This is according to our philosophy.  Here comes Mr. Lust doing his little dance in my brain.  Have sex, have sex, have sex. OK  When are you going to get tired of your little dance, Mr. Lust?  I'm not entertained by you.  I don't find you very amusing, Mr. Lust.  Why don't you just go next door?  Those karmis next-door, I think you'll find a better customer next door.  You've just got to see it like some aggressive salesman coming to your door, trying to hustle you for some product.  You say, no thank you!  Good luck!  Good luck with the next customer.  Sorry.  I've already tried your product, and I decided it wasn't a very good product.  So, you just have to realize the neophyte devotee will be hit with material desires.  You just have to have a sense of humor about it in one sense.  Alright Mayadevi, sorry.   

Look at Haridasa, how expertly he handled it.  Its not that we can imitate, but just see how expertly he handled that prostitute.  Yes, yes, yes, I will give you whatever you want.  Sex?  I will give you sex, no problem.  Just wait here.  I will finish my rounds, then we will have sex.  Let me finish my rounds first.  Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna.  You have to understand, your mind is just like a prostitute.  Yes, my dear mind.  But, right now you chant Hare Krishna.   

Bhaja huì re mana sri-nanda-nandana, abhaya-caranaravinda re.   

My dear mind, yes, yes, I will give you whatever you want, but just sit down now, be a little patient while I finish my bhakti-yoga.  So, one has to be expert.  You have to understand that you are not your mind.  That's the most important thing; you are not your mind.  That's the most important thing to understand.  As long as you think you are your mind, you're going to be freaked out.  But if you understand that I am not my mind.  Its just some little rascal that's my roommate.  It’s your roommate, that's all. Its not you.  You have some rascal karmi roommate, you got stuck with somehow or other.  Waiting for his lease to be up so you can get rid of him.  But in the meantime, you've got to deal with him expertly, that's all.  But if he starts saying come on, have a beer, its good.  Have a beer.  Have a beer.  Have a girl.  Come on.  Come on.  Or have a man.  Come on.  Come on.  Enjoy!  What are you doing here with these crazy Hare Krishna people?  What do you think you're doing here?  (sarcastically)  Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, you stupid Hare Krishna.  Why don't you just enjoy?  Look, there's Kentucky Fried, there's Big Mac, there's Double Arches.  Come on man, have an enjoyment.  Have a double cheese!  You see?  (Laughing)  How about some fish?  It’s the fruit of the Ganga!  (Laughing)  The mind will do everything to allure you.  Yes, yes, Mayadevi, that's alright, but you just wait.  I'm just now finishing.  I have some work to do, then we will talk.  You just wait there patiently. 

Actually, this Krishna consciousness movement means that we must revolutionize our consciousness.  We have to revolutionize our consciousness, and then, what is the next step?  Revolutionize the world.  That is our mission, given to us by Prabhupada.  Revolutionize your consciousness, and then, in that purified state, revolutionize the whole world.  That is our mission.  That's why Prabhupada said distribute books, take the Holy Names to the public, distribute prasadam, make devotees.  Turn the karmis into devotees.  Make them into devotees.  This is not something unnatural.  This is the natural original energy of a living being.  Krishna consciousness.  All we are really saying to the world are four simple words.  All we are really saying to them is this, be what you are.  That's all we're really saying to them.  Be what you are.  Because actually, everyone is a devotee of Krishna.   

Jivera svarupa haya krsnera nitya dasa.   

The constitutional nature of every living entity, not only human beings, the animals, the plants, the microbial germs, the millipedes, the centipedes, every single living entity is actually a devotee of Krishna.  So all we are saying is be what you are.  Stop trying to be what you are not. You can never be happy by trying to be what you are not.  You can only be happy and satisfied by being what you are.  That's all we're saying.  Nothing more.  We have nothing else to say, but be what you are.  “My dear sir, this is a book that tells you how to be what you are.  Would you like to be what you are?  Or do you want to try to be that which you are not?  You're feeling dissatisfied, my dear sir, because, right now, you're trying to be what you are not.  You're trying to be that body, which is not you!  No matter how hard you try to be that body, you cannot be that body, because you are not that body!  Simply, my dear sir, my dear lady, you simply be what you are.  That is all, then everything will be very simple.  Everything will be so simple.  Simply try to be what you are.”  

What does Christ say?  Seek ye first, the kingdom of God, and then all things shall be added unto you.  And Krishna says the same thing.  If you worship Me with exclusive devotion, then I will preserve whatever you have, and I will provide what you are lacking.  I will personally give you whatever you're missing.   

eko bahunam yo vidadhati kaman 

So, what need do we have of anything else, except to become a pure devotee of Krishna?  We have no need of anything else.  We still keep body and soul together, that's all right.  You earn livelihood. You go get your education.  Get a job.  Whatever you need.  Make some arrangement.  Either be a full-time monk, living in the asrama or you support the asrama, by working a job, on the outside.  The same benefit is there for both groups.  Those who are living in the asrama, those who are living outside, everyone lives in an asrama.  Grhasta asrama.  You want to be a married man, and live on the outside?  All right.  You make your home into an asrama also, as an extension of the temple, that's all.  So, we are all meant to live in an asrama, not in a mundane atmosphere.  

So, we have just come from the Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindavana, and we're seeing how each and every devotee in this movement is actually an ocean of mercy.  It could be a little child.  It could be an old senior.  It doesn't matter.  Every devotee who's trying to follow Prabhupada, they are an ocean of mercy.  So we were there, thinking how amazing this is that here is an ocean of oceans of mercy.  Its enough nectar to dive into one ocean of mercy, but if you have hundreds of oceans of mercy, all merged into one huge maha maha maha maha maha ocean of mercy, and you dive into that, how much nectar is there in that?  So, we realized that we've been diving, and now we have to just take that ocean of mercy, that festival of inspiration, and we have to just inundate the entire world in one big festival of inspiration.  That is our mission.  So, you all are definitely on the leading edge of this spiritual revolution.  You are doing very nice seva here, distributing books, distributing the Holy Names, putting on wonderful festivals to attract everyone to the mercy of Prabhupada, the mercy of Gaura-Nitai, the mercy of Radha-Krishna, the mercy of Jagannatha, Baladeva, Subhadra.  You're doing very first-class service here.   

Prabhupada said actually, I can never forget how he said that “I have gone to this temple, that temple, but I can see that of all the temples, your temple is the best.”  So, I see how much Prabhupada was appreciating.  I can see that spirit that was going on, that spirit is still here.  It is alive and well at New Panihati Dhama.  You do the best service for Srila Prabhupada.  So, make this the best temple in the whole world.  That mood of giving the best pleasure to Srila Prabhupada is still going on here today, and I'm very happy to come here and be blessed by the best temple,  New Panihati Dhama.  Any more questions?   

Yes, Vaisnavananda Prabhu! 

VP:  (indistinct) 

SDA:  Can you speak a little louder; my hearing is going bad with old age.   

VP:  (Question continuing indistinct) 

SDA:  You remember the other temple where Visnujana Maharaja came.  I came through with him.  That's where I first came.  That was the previous temple.  That was very ecstatic.  I remember there was a reel-to-reel tape playing the maha mantra 24 hours a day.  I remember that.   

VP:  (Recalling the way Visnujana Maharaja dealt with the issue of material desires.) 

SDA:  (Laughing)  Jaya.  You don't become bewildered by these material desires.  You just humor them.  You realize that the ocean has so many rivers flowing into it, but it keeps a level consciousness.  So, OK, here you are, lusty desire.  Alright.  Sorry, I have Krishna.  He can immediately zap you and wipe you out.  Its actually very easy.  You just pray to Madana-Mohana.  Krishna is the attractor.  Cupid is Madana, Kamadeva,  and he's shooting arrows in the heart.  (arrow-shooting sounds.)  Just like the ksatriyas, they can shoot arrows like a machine gun.  (pshew phsew)  Thousands of arrows they can shoot within a second.  So, Kamadeva can do that.  He can shoot thousands of lusty arrows into your heart within a second.  (arrow-shooting sounds) But he is attracted by Krishna.  So, if you pray to Krishna that please call off this Kamadeva.  This madana who is right now shooting millions of lust arrows within my heart.  You call him off.  So, he is attracted by Krishna.  Krishna is Madana-Mohana.  The attractor of Madana.  So, then if his consciousness becomes diverted to Krishna, then he won't be able to aim properly.  He's shooting into your heart.  He's zeroing in on your heart.  But if his consciousness goes to Krishna, he won't be able to hit the target anymore.  

So, we can just pray to Krishna, Madana-Mohana, my dear Lord Krishna, now I'm being attacked by lust.  I'm feeling lusty desire in my heart.  Please free me from this lusty desire: This lusty thought.  Please bless me that I can become completely free of this thought, and just be absorbed in You.  That's all.  And Krishna can easily, its works very powerfully.  And if it doesn't work at first, you just keep praying that way.  I don't care if it takes 20 hours!  You just stay in that prayerful mood of begging Madana-Mohana, and sooner or later it will go away.  I guarantee it.  It works every time.  But you may have to pray for a while, depending on how contaminated you are.  But, it works.  It does work.  The key is don't be proud.  Thinking you're an advanced devotee.  That's the key.  One has to feel that I'm just a despicable wretch.  Its only by the mercy of Guru and the mercy of Vaisnavas, mercy of Prabhupada that somehow or other, I'm here, even though I'm just a lusty dog.  Never think that you're advanced.  That's the key.  Never think that you're advanced.  Always think that you're the most fallen position, just holding on for the mercy, just begging for the mercy and then you'll become very strong.  And then you can never fall down.  Prabhupada, in Boston said I'm always praying to Krishna that I will not fall down.  So, one devotee said, “oh that's why Prabhupada can never fall down, because he's always begging Krishna that he won't fall down.”  So, we have to always be in that mood of begging that we will not fall down.  Feeling that if I stop begging, that I can fall down in a second.  If I give up begging to be protected from Maya, I can fall down within a second.  We have to feel always that we are struggling.  Just like our Sridhara Maharaja.  We all know what an advanced, wonderful, totally jolly… 

(aside) Wake up, wake up.  

 So, we know how blissful he was.  And I remember, he gave one memory.  You may have seen it also.  He was remembering when he got initiated.  He was coming in front of Prabhupada.  It was probably in Los Angeles.  He was just nervous, and feeling that he was practically in front of God.  He was bowing down.  He was just “Oh, Prabhupada is saving me.”  and someone tapped him and said, “Look up Prabhupada's talking to you.”  He looked up and Prabhupada said, “So you are a brahmacari.”  And he was thinking like “Maybe Prabhupada's blessing me to stay brahmacari.”  So, many years later, somehow, after being a brahmacari and sannyasi for so many years, then he chuckled, and said, “So, here I am.  Still struggling.”  Laughing.   

So, we should actually be in that mood.  Not thinking, I'm advanced now.  I'm beyond the struggle.  Now I can just enjoy.  I can sit back and can enjoy being an advanced devotee. That's a dangerous position. 

The settlers, going west had a saying.  “When you can't see the Indians, that's when you have to worry.”  Because they could be just over the next ridge. If I'm thinking that now I'm all free and clear.  I'm fixed up in Krishna consciousness.  No problem.  That's when it’s very dangerous.  Then we're on the verge of falling down.  But, if I think that I'm struggling to be Krishna conscious  I'm struggling to conquer my senses...  You can say, “ut I don't want to struggle.  That doesn't sound like fun.”  But look at Sridhar Maharaja.  He was struggling.  And who was more jolly than Sridhar Swami?  We know how jolly he was.  He admitted that I am struggling.  I'm still struggling.  So, we simply have to embrace the struggle of conquering the senses.  We're wrestling.  A wrestling match with the senses: keeping them fixed in Krishna consciousness.  But, its actually ecstatic.  We just dive into it.  Accept that OK, I've got to struggle at least until I get to prema.  That's a long road.  Of course, we can get there within a second also.  There will come that moment when we'll become pure devotees of Krishna.  We should strive for it every day.  Today, I must try to become a pure devotee of Krishna.   

So, anyway, I think I'm going over time here.  What's the time of class ending?  8:30?  All right, question.   

Devotee :  My name is Sankarshan das. 

SDA:  Jaya, that's a wonderful name!  (Audience laughing)  

SP:  (Speaking indistinctly) 

SDA:  What is the question? 

SP:  (Continuing with Tre accent)  

SDA:  Puranjana is an allegory.  But the Pandavas are not an allegory.  So, that's a difference.   Any other questions?  Yes? 

VPM: (Speaking indistinctly) 

SDA:  Irresistible mercy.  Yes, this was answered by Locana dasa Thakura.  Your question has been answered by Locana dasa.  Prabhupada explained in his purport to Parama Karuna that if someone is not attracted, then they are cursed by Yamaraja.  If someone is not able to take this mercy of Lord Caitanya, they're simply under the curse of Yamaraja.   

Devotee:  How do we get free? 

SDA:  How do you get free of that curse?  You have to fall down at the feet of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and just beg mercy.  That's all I can say.  You've just got to fall down at Their feet and beg, beg, beg, beg, beg for mercy.  That's all you can do.  It’s all you can do; just beg for mercy.  If, in spite of all of the mercy They are giving, you’re still finding that you're absorbed in sense gratification, you've just got to fall at Their feet and just cry for Their mercy.  And if you have no tears to cry for Their mercy, then you have to cry to cry for Their mercy.  If you can't cry to cry for Their mercy, then you have to cry to cry to cry for Their mercy.  In this way, find some level at which you can cry.  That's the way to do it.  So, we'll stop here.  Srimad-Bhagavatam ki, jaya!  Srila Prabhupada ki, jaya!   Thank you very much.  Hare Krishna.   


Transcribed by His Grace Jagannatha Dasa

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