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Srimad Bhagavatam 8.18.12

Helsinki, Finland


Srimad Bhagavatam, Eighth Canto, Chapter 18, “Lord Vamanadeva, the Dwarf Incarnation".

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
[Gurudeva sings three times and devotees repeat]

yat tad vapur bhati vibhusanayudhair
 avyakta-cid-vyaktam adharayad dharih
babhuva tenaiva sa vamano vatuh
 sampasyator divya-gatir yatha natah


yat — which; tat — that; vapuh — transcendental body; bhati — manifests; vibhusana — with regular ornaments; ayudhaih — and with weapons; avyakta — unmanifested; cit-vyaktam — spiritually manifested; adharayat — assumed; harih — the Lord; babhuva — immediately became; tena — with that; eva — certainly; sah — He (the Lord); vamanah — dwarf; vatuh — a brahmana brahmacari; sampasyatoh — while both His father and mother were seeing; divya-gatih — whose movements are wonderful; yatha — as; natah — a theatrical actor.


The Lord appeared in His original form, with ornaments and weapons in His hands. Although this ever-existing form is not visible in the material world, He nonetheless appeared in this form. Then, in the presence of His father and mother, He assumed the form of Vamana, a brahmana-dwarf, a brahmacari, just like a theatrical actor.


The word natah is significant. An actor changes dress to play different parts, but is always the same man. Similarly, as described in the Brahma-samhita (5.33, 39), the Lord assumes many thousands and millions of forms (advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam adyam purana-purusam). He is always present with innumerable incarnations (ramadi-murtisu kala-niyamena tisthan nanavataram akarod bhuvanesu kintu). Nonetheless, although He appears in various incarnations, they are not different from one another. He is the same person, with the same potency, the same eternity and the same spiritual existence, but He can simultaneously assume various forms. When Vamanadeva appeared from the womb of His mother, He appeared in the form of Narayana, with four hands equipped with the necessary symbolic weapons, and then immediately transformed Himself into a brahmacari (vatu). This means that His body is not material. One who thinks that the Supreme Lord assumes a material body is not intelligent. He has to learn more about the Lord’s position. As confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (4.9), janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvatah. One has to understand the transcendental appearance of the Lord in His original transcendental body (sac-cid-ananda-vigraha). [End of purport]

om ajñana-timirandhasya jñananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

Sankarshan das Adhikari: So today as the most glorious, wonderful day when the incarnation of Krishna appeared in this world, just like an actor playing on the stage. Krishna is the Supreme Enjoyer and He has many different costumes that He puts on for His varieties of His enjoyable lilas. Sometimes He puts on the costume of Vamana, sometimes He puts on the costume of Nrsimhadeva. He puts on all these different costumes just like an actor, who can play so many different roles. Krishna actually can play an unlimited number of roles, and to make His dramatic pastimes of playing different roles more enjoyable, He has so many other persons that He engages with Him in these lilas, in these pastimes. Just like in a drama, there will be so many characters, so many casts. There will be one star and big cast of characters. So Krishna, He has His cast of characters who participate with Him in His transcendental pastimes. And actually, every single living entity within the total existence is part of Krishna's pastimes. But we have the free choice, of course, to love Krishna or to leave Krishna. That is our choice.

[Aside: A little early for everyone to wake up, I see a lot of closing eyes, dozing off.]

So, we are not meant to be separate from Krishna; we are meant to be with Krishna in the spiritual world. That is our actual home. Right now in this material existence, we are in an unnatural position to be identified with gross matter, which is temporary, full of ignorance and full of misery. It is basically insanity. Our actual position is that right now, sorry to say, we are insane. But by the grace of the great acaryas, by the grace of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, we are getting now this opportunity to become sane. So we can actually realize “I am eternal, I am full of knowledge, full of bliss and I am not this temporary, ignorant miserable body”. So, such days as this when Vamana appeared in this world are great opportunities for us to increase what is known as lila smaranam.

Smaranam is one of the nine activities of bhakti. There is nava vidha bhakti, nine different types of bhakti - hearing, chanting, remembering. So these days are very nice days to remember the wonderful pastimes of Lord Vamanadeva, how He came to take the three steps of land and in this way trick Bali Maharaja into giving everything. Of course, Bali Maharaja is a very interesting person. In this regard, he is one of the 12 great mahajanas. He is considered as one of the 12 great authorities in transcendental life. And how did he come to that position? He rejected his guru. Normally you don't reject your spiritual master, you have to obey your spiritual master and follow him faithfully. But if the guru goes bad, as did Sukracarya, by telling him, “Don't worship Vishnu”, then it is your duty to disobey your spiritual master. In this way, Bali Maharaja became one of the 12 great mahajanas by doing one something which is normally considered very irreligious. As we studied last night in the Bhagavad-gita, that all the different rules and regulations of the Vedas are… When you actually come to the point of surrender to Krishna, then that actually transcends all the different detailed rules and regulations. Even though it appears that Bali Maharaja did something irreligious, actually he became the greatest devotee of the Lord, one of the 12 great mahajanas, by siding with Vamana, instead of his so-called spiritual master, Sukracarya. So if the spiritual master tells you not to worship Krishna and to just worship him, then you immediately know to reject such a bogus spiritual master. A bona fide spiritual master always connects a disciple with Krishna, always connects the disciple with the previous acaryas. He doesn't take any credit or even he doesn't want to take any worship for himself actually. Everything is passed on to the previous acaryas. The spiritual master's position actually is that he feels himself unfit for being worshipped, unfit for being honored as spiritual master.

Prabhupada showed this pastime as you may remember in Los Angeles or you might have heard. Makhanlala Prabhu was there and he told me, and Vishnujana Maharaja had also told me many years ago the same thing. There were some small seats for Prabhupada, but for the first time when they made a big, grand, royal Vyasasana in Los Angeles and offered it to Prabhupada, he started crying. He said, “I am not fit to sit on that seat, but I will do so on behalf of my Guru Maharaja.” So his mood was actually that he was not fit for taking the position of spiritual master. That was his humility. So a bona fide spiritual master doesn't feel that he is actually fit to receive that worship and that honor. He simply feels that he is a humble servant of the previous acaryas and he is obliged to do so for the sake of the disciples on behalf of the previous acaryas. That is all. If we have a spiritual master such as Sukracarya who is thinking that “I am getting this disciple who is a very wealthy disciple. Bali Maharaja is giving so much guru daksina and if he surrenders to Vamana, Hari, how will I get my guru daksina? There will be no guru daksina left for me. Vamana will take everything. I will have no guru daksina.” So he is thinking of his own sense gratification - "My guru daksina". But actually everything is a property of Krishna. A bona fide spiritual master never thinks of anything as his own property. He simply thinks everything as the property of Krishna and must be utilized in His service. This is a very wonderful pastime how Vamana shows the difference between a bona fide spiritual master and a bogus spiritual master. And how the disciple has to act with intelligence and not be a blind follower. Sometimes in our society, we see that some spiritual masters prove themselves to be in the Sukracarya sampradaya and some foolish disciples follow them instead of following Vamana. So we have to always remember this pastime of Bali Maharaja and Lord Vamanadeva, that the disciple is not meant to be a blind follower, a fool, who will be misled by a Sukracarya sort of character. The disciple is meant to be a person who actually understands the scripture, who is well read and he knows the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. And he has discrimination to know this is a bona fide spiritual master, and this one is bogus. He can tell the difference. He acts with intelligence, he doesn't act blindly.

Prabhupada explains that blind following is condemned as we discussed last night. One has to actually see things very clearly. One has to have wisdom. Prabhupada explains that Srimad Bhagavatam is also called “Paramahamsa Samhita” which he defines it as treatise for the intelligent class of men. Paramahamsa, Prabhupada describes as the actual intelligent class of men. So, we are meant to be intelligent. We are meant to be thoughtful. We are meant to have discrimination. Many people would challenge us that “you are simply blindly following this religion”. I heard Tamal Krishna Maharaja also say the same thing and I have been preaching like that too that we are lovers of truth and that is our real position. So, if they claim that I am a blind follower of this cult, I tell them “I am a lover of truth, if you can show me something better than Krishna consciousness, I will become your disciple. I am not blindly accepting some dogma. I am taking this because I can see that this is the highest wisdom anywhere in the universe. That is why I am doing this. If you show me something higher then I will become your disciple.” I have been making that offer for many, many decades but no one has been able to show me something better. When I was preaching on a college campus in Florida, someone came and said, "Everything is an illusion". That was their philosophy. Of course, I could have challenged them, "Well, if everything is an illusion, your philosophy is also an illusion. So what is the good of that? It is also an illusion.” But I was thinking, “If everything is an illusion and if I accept that it is true that everything is an illusion that means Krishna consciousness is an illusion also”. But I was thinking “it is the best illusion of all the illusions I can choose from, it is the best one”. So even if everything is an illusion still I am properly situated in Krishna consciousness. So, in this way one should have thoughtfulness to be able to analyze all the different arguments that can be made to defeat for the legitimacy of what we are doing. We should be able to defend our position against all attacks of the word jugglers, the philosophical wranglers. We should be able to defeat all these opposing arguments and understand fully well the supremacy of Krishna consciousness.

raja-vidya, raja-guhyam, pavitram idam uttamam
pratyakshavagamam dharmyam susukham kartum avyayam.

This is the king of knowledge. You can study all the wisdom in the universe. You will see this is ‘raja’, king. There is absolutely no knowledge anywhere like this. This is the perfection of science. Through this e-mailing thing that I do, so many people would challenge me that this is not scientific. One person even went so far as to say that actually the scorpion does come from the rice. You know the old thing that if the scorpion comes from the rice then it comes from the scorpion eggs that were laid in the rice. So this person keeps trying to tell me that life is arising from matter. Because we see all this matter out everywhere and so the logical conclusion is that life is coming from matter. So there are all kinds of foolish people out there who are trying to defeat the Krishna consciousness philosophy with these stupid illogical arguments. And we should be able to dismantle those arguments and establish the supremacy of Krishna consciousness. This is one of the sciences. Prabhupada explains that when someone is advanced in Krishna consciousness they can defeat all opposing arguments. Prabhupada wanted us to become very strong in this way to know the philosophy like a lawyer knows his law books. Not only the scriptural argument but also to be very expert in logical arguments. Because nowadays who accepts the authority of the scriptures? Maybe a few people in India. But who actually accepts the authority of scriptures especially in the Western world, in Finland? If you say, “It says so in the Bhagavad-gita”, then, “Oh, alright, it says so in the Bhagavad-gita". How many people would agree because Krishna says? They'll say, “Who is Krishna? Why should I listen to some mythological character?” We have to be able to establish on the basis of logic the absolute position of this philosophy, if for no other reason just for our own conviction. As I was asked the other day, “How does one preach with conviction?” So we have to be totally convinced. As many times we have explained, Prabhupada told us in LA that “Krishna lifted the Govardhana Hill and you are thinking 'maybe'.”

So, we still have our own doubts, our own skepticism. So that is why being philosophically solidly situated is essential for each and every one of us so that all of our own doubts are eradicated. And then when we tell someone that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, it will have potency. As Prabhupada wrote me in one letter, “It is not what you say but how you say it”. I was asking Prabhupada about book distribution. He was giving me some tips on how to distribute some books. Who could be a better sankirtana trainer than Prabhupada himself? He gave me some tips about book distribution. He said “It is not so much what you say but how you say it”. So to have that strong philosophical conviction is not a waste of time, “Well, we have to keep distributing these books”. The point is lazy intelligence. The more you are strongly fixed, the more you will have potency and the more you can spread Krishna consciousness. So take time in the morning hours to carefully consider and see this philosophy from many, many, many different angles of vision and be able to defeat all opposing arguments. That will actually empower the preachers to be more successful in every possible way in making devotees, in training people how to distribute books in all ways. The more we have this philosophical conviction, the more this movement will be very, very powerful. The more the temple here will be strong and attractive. The more and more people will come and this place will be just too small. You will have to get a property and build a huge temple like in Moscow. We should be thinking like that. This is a wonderful temple but how can we outgrow it? We are forced to get a huge big temple. That is how we should be thinking. You may say “Well, it is just a dream. Why should we even dream? let’s be realistic”. But no, Prabhupada said, "If you are going hunting, you should shoot for the rhino. Even if you are not successful, people will say ‘Well, you can't really shoot a rhino anyway’. So no one will criticize. But if you do actually get the rhino, then you will be so much appreciated and glorified.” We should always be thinking in a very big way about how to push forward this movement. Because even if we are not successful, no one will think badly, and if we are successful, it would be so amazing. Actually Prabhupada explains in the Bhagavatam, this is one of those really, really wonderful quotes. I mean they are all wonderful but this one really jumps out the page.

Prabhupada says that “a Krishna conscious being is always thinking how to deliver all of suffering humanity back to Godhead.” So my question is, are we supposed to be Krishna conscious beings or not? Are we supposed to be Krishna conscious beings? Yes, obviously. So, actually we are supposed to be thinking not only about our own personal situation, but we are supposed to be thinking of the welfare of all living beings. That is how we are supposed to be thinking on a regular daily basis, the welfare of all living entities. “How can I be living my life that I can think, speak and act in such a way 24 hours a day, so it does the greatest good for all the living entities throughout the entire universe?” That is how we should be thinking. “How can I play my part in the best possible way to be a tool in the hands of guru and Krishna?” That is how we should be thinking. “How I can be the best possible instrument so I can be utilized in the best possible way for pushing forward this movement?” Each and every one of us should be thinking like that in the sankirtana mood. “How I can be a suitable tool to be used in the hands of guru and Krishna for pushing forward this movement?”

And then Prabhupada continues that a “Krishna conscious being is always thinking how to save this suffering humanity and even if he is not successful, his perfection is guaranteed and anyone who follows him will also achieve perfection”. So, if we are always thinking of the welfare of all living beings of “how I can live my life in such a way that all living entities can be benefited by Krishna consciousness? Even if nobody takes any interest, I am going to go back to Godhead, so I don't lose because I was absorbed in Krishna consciousness. I was doing what Prabhupada wanted me to do. I was always thinking of the welfare of all living beings. At least I am going to go back, and if I can convince 2 or 3 people, 5 or 10 people or 1 person along the way to also do the same thing, they get the greatest benefit.” Do you realize that if every person in this movement, made one devotee then we would conquer the world very quickly. You understand how that is true? If I make a devotee and then he makes a devotee and he makes a devotee and he makes a devotee. It j:ust keeps going. If every devotee can make one devotee, one solid dedicated devotee who can make other devotees that is all we have to do to completely inundate this entire planet with Krishna bhakti. Every devotee can make one good devotee who can make other devotees. That is all we have to do. If each and every devotee can make one other devotee, who can make one other devotee that’s all it takes for this movement to completely capture the whole planet.

Another one of those amazing quotes from Srila Prabhupada, in Bombay he told us: “the world is being managed by rogues and demons, now you make your life successful and you take the management.” Prabhupada wanted us to actually take the leadership role on this planet that everybody would follow us on this entire planet. Can you imagine? That is what Prabhupada wants. That when the Parliament meets here they would say “Please guide us, we want to make Finland a Krishna conscious country and you are the ISKCON leader here, Tattvavada Prabhu. So you kindly guide us in how to manage the city of Helsinki, Lapland and everywhere, the whole country so that all these people in Finland will go back to home, back to Godhead”. That is the goal of our preaching. We want to reach the point where so many people have gotten the books, they have gotten the Holy Name, they have gotten prasadam, and they have gotten nice contact with the devotees that now they are demanding Krishna conscious leaders in this country. When they go to the election place they want to know “who is Hare Krishna and who isn't? Is this a Hare Krishna candidate? Vote for him automatically. If he is not Hare Krishna candidate, forget it”. We want to get these jerks out of the office, these non-Hare Krishna people. We want people who are Krishna conscious to run this country. That should be the goal of our preaching. To turn the tide of the times away from the Kali Yuga and bring this entire human society back to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna where they actually belong because everyone is actually the eternal servant of Krishna. Every single living entity is the eternal servant of Krishna. Isn't that our philosophy? "Jivera svarupa haya - krsnera nitya-dasa". Every single living entity is the eternal servant of Krishna.

Mataji and I are very, very blessed by your kind mercy upon us that in spite of our innumerable offenses and so many bad qualities, demoniac attitudes and behaviors, you have allowed us to be here in your presence so that we can get the mercy of your sanga, to purify our hearts and enliven us. Honestly speaking this is one of the most enlivening places for us to come. Your temple president here, Tattvavada Prabhu is very, very dedicated to engaging you all very nicely in a very pure and wonderful way to serve Prabhupada's mission. So you are all very blessed by his leadership here and it creates a wonderful attitude and spirit amongst the devotees, a wonderful family feeling here. On our preaching circuit, it is always a wonderful spot for us to come here and get unlimited nectar, unlimited juice to carry us on throughout our activities that we are doing elsewhere. So we want to thank you all very much for your kindness, your loving mercy upon us and we just pray that we will be empowered to properly reciprocate with you for your sweet nectarean benevolence.

Devotee: We want to thank you for your uplifting lecture. You mentioned the point of Sukracharya as an example. What should be the right attitude of the disciple towards the spiritual master? Because to get healthy progress, it begins with the glorification of the spiritual master. But it can also end in a situation in separate group for each spiritual master. In order to avoid that kind of unhealthy situation, what could be some guidelines?

SDA: Well, as an institute, in our society, we have a daily worship for Srila Prabhupada. In other words, within our society we have so many gurus and those are wonderful relationships which nourish the disciples. But at the same time if we are to function as a worldwide society, if we are going to be successful in inundating the world with Krishna consciousness, then we can't just split off as the Sankarshan Adhikari group over here, Bir Krishna group here. We don't really talk to each other, we just have our own little picnics, then the movement is destroyed. That means the Personality of Kali came in and he chopped the movement out into this little sect and that little sect. That means Kali was successful. He got into ISKCON and chopped it into 80 gurus and into 80 different movements. He destroyed ISKCON and broke in. That is what happened with the Gaudiya Math, same thing. This is the question I asked Tamal Krishna Maharaja many years ago in Bhagavatam class. How do we keep ISKCON from becoming another Gaudiya Math? I asked him that question. Actually, he was angry at me for asking that question so he didn't answer it. That was very early during the ‘zonal acarya’ days. It was pretty heavy. The Deities had to wait for the mangala arati until the gurus came. Even if the guru was late, the Deities had to wait, we really went too far in those days. Anyway I asked him that question and he just got angry at me. But actually it was a very good question. How do we keep ISKCON from becoming another Gaudiya Math where we split off into this acarya's group and that acharya's group? How do we keep it together as a tight-knit unified family? Because in Caitanya lila they had so many gurus, so many disciples but it was one tight-knit family. I guarantee it when they had that first Gaura Purnima festival, in that town, now Bangladesh. Vishnupriya and Narottama Das, that famous first Gaura Purnima festival, it was one tight-knit family even though there were so many gurus, so many different disciples it was one Caitanya family. In the same way, how do we keep this ISKCON as one Prabhupada family?

That is why, first of all, Prabhupada created GBC. By everybody voluntarily submitting themselves to the authority of the GBC, which is Prabhupada's manifestation on this planet. By all agreeing to submit ourselves to the authority of the GBC, that automatically keeps us together. Then we have Prabhupada's books which are the standard. You read Prabhupada's books and you hear what your guru says and you decide whether your guru is bona fide or bogus by reading what is in Prabhupada's books. If your guru is connecting you with Srila Prabhupada and you are going, "Wow, he has really realized what is in these books and he is helping me to get more and more connected with Srila Prabhupada" then you know that your spiritual master is bona fide. But if he is contradicting the books, saying "Don't read the books. They are not that important, do just what I say". Then you know “Hey, I got a Sukracarya here!” Then you better watch out. Prabhupada actually said that “the spiritual master is not the center, the scripture is the center”. Unless the spiritual master is a living embodiment of the scripture then he is not the spiritual master. There is a person Bhagavatam and the book Bhagavatam. The spiritual master is meant to be a person Bhagavatam who is simply a transparent representative of the scripture. And if he is not a person who embodies the Bhagavatam with his every thought, with his every word and with his every deed, well, sorry, then he is Sukracharya sampradaya. So, Prabhupada's books are the standard. Accepting the authority of the GBC and the GBC authority filters down to the local level, temple president, he is the local representative. The devotees in the local area, they should be working under the direction of the temple president.

Prabhupada made a very nice statement near the end of his manifest lila here. He said, the householders should not be financially dependent on the temple and they should not be independent of the temple, which means working separately from the temple. The householder is meant to be financially independent and actually maintaining the temple. That is the Vedic system. The brahmacaris, vanaprasthas and sannyasis they are just engaged in sravanam kirtanam vishnu smaranam 24 hours a day. But the householders they are earning livelihood, they are running businesses, they are raising cows, they are doing agriculture, they are maintaining the brahmacaris, vanaprasthas and sannyasis. The householder is not meant "Oh, now I have my own money. I can do whatever I want”. That is maya. That is Kali’s influence. The householder is meant to be acting under the direction of the local temple authority, temple president, yourself in this case. The householders here all should be working under your guidance. They should all be thinking how I can assist Tattvavada Prabhu in making Helsinki center a grand success. Those who are thinking that way are properly situated. But those who are not thinking that way, they have an improper understanding of Krishna consciousness movement as given by Prabhupada. Prabhupada trained me. He wrote me one letter from Paris, He said, "Do whatever the temple president says". He made it very clear. The temple president is the authority. Sometimes someone asked Prabhupada, "Srila Prabhupada, when you are not physically present how do we know if you are pleased? He said, “The temple president and the GBC are there”.

Just like sometimes my disciples write to me, "Sri Gurudeva, how can I serve you"? I say, "Serve the devotees of the temple". Please the temple president that is how you can serve me. Make sure the temple president is satisfied with your service. Then you know that I am pleased with your service. That is how I advise my disciples. They write me, “How can I serve you”. “Serve the local devotees of your temple”. So, the temple president and the GBC, they are actually representatives of the spiritual master, the representatives of Srila Prabhupada and by serving them and pleasing them by our activities, then we know that our spiritual master is pleased, we know that Srila Prabhupada is pleased and all the acaryas are pleased. I was counseling householder couple last night, and I said, "You are working.”. Both of them are working at some corporate job. “You are learning how to function in a very completely surrendered way to a corporation otherwise you can't keep your job. That knowledge of how to operate within a tight organizational system, you can bring that same experience and ability to ISKCON because we need that in our society. We have a tendency to be disorganized and not tight-knit whereas in a corporation, you can't be that way. You will get fired right away”.

We don't fire people in ISKCON. We are very kind and merciful. But actually everyone should voluntarily become very cooperative just like in a corporation. Everyone should become very, very cooperative, very, very tight-knit. How did the British rule India with such a small handful of men? It was a very, very small number of Britishers who actually went to India. But yet by tight cooperation and good intelligence, they were able to rule all of India with a small handful of Britishers who were actually located in Indian soil. So, this movement should be like that. Very tightly knit organization, running in a very tight-knit cooperative way where the level of trust is very strong between all the members that we have to work for. So how do we do that? We have to be the ones to start it. We have to open our hearts up and try to develop loving and trusting relationships. We should be the first ones to initiate it. That is the point. “Well, I’ll do it, if you do it”. No. We should all start the process first ourselves. We should open the door and offer the olive branch with everyone and try to open up all the relationships.

Devotee: [Inaudible]. In Bhagavad-gita it is said Sukracarya represents Krishna.

SDA: There is a verse. He is mentioned in the Bhagavad-gita as one of the representations of Krishna.

Devotee: [Inaudible]

SDA: Ah! The shark is also mentioned as a representation of Krishna. So would you like to have a meeting with the shark today? [Chuckles] So just because someone is mentioned in the Bhagavad-gita as the representation of Krishna doesn't mean that they are necessarily a pure devotee. The shark is also mentioned. He is not a pure devotee. He may like to eat a pure devotee. In America, it is happening all the time. People go out swimming, try to enjoy, in Florida. Then a shark comes and bites their arm off. It kind of ruins their day at the beach. I don't remember the exact verse but just because he is mentioned as the representation of Krishna, it doesn't mean that he is a pure devotee. It just means he has some opulence. He has some power, some sakti. The king is also mentioned as the representation of Krishna, a mundane king in this world. Anything that shows some degree of opulence is considered representation of Krishna. “Among the mountains, I am the Himalayas. Among the seasons, I am the flower bearing spring.” You could expand that out and say, "Among the rock-and-roll singers, I am the Beatles". It is a whole concept. Anything that is great, that is top of the list. Among the airlines...Krishna is making a point, anything that is considered opulent in this world is my representation. That is what he is describing. That is the whole philosophical points going on in that portion of the Gita. It doesn't mean that you bow down to the shark and say, “Please accept me as your disciple.” He will say, "Yes. Come on in". [Laughs]

Devotee: Prabhu, in Vedic times people had may be more faith for the Vedas because they could see subtle influence of the mantras and the mystic powers. Are we going to see any of that now?

SDA: You cannot see the influence of the mantra? I am looking at it right now by seeing you. I have scientific evidence. You are a specimen of the proof of Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare mantra's potency. You are living evidence. You are incredible piece of evidence. I haven't seen the whole transition. Tattvavada has seen. I am sure he can testify the power of the Hare Krishna mantra on your life. He has seen you before and after. You also can remember what it was like before. Don't you feel the power of the Hare Krishna mantra and how it has transformed you? Yes. We have our evidence. We have thousands and every one of us is evidence. Each one of us can think where we were before we came to Krishna consciousness. Talk about evidence! Wow! The Christian minister said, "Swamiji, how is it that all of your disciples are so bright faced?” One minister said that, "They are all Christians and Jewish boys and girls and now they have come to you and they are all so bright faced. How is it?” They were amazed to see.

Devotee: Prabhu, one day you told about this [not clear]. So when you are preaching, should you accept some people are like that or we should give up?

SDA: No. Devotee never gives up on anyone. Devotee doesn’t ever write anyone off as a loss. A preacher is dedicated that “everyone somehow or the other I must give them Krishna conscious”. The preacher thinks that it must be my own impurities that somehow or the other I cannot penetrate the thick shell of ahankara that is encasing their pure bhakti. Devotee thinks that “it must be my own impurities, I have to chant my rounds better. I have to become a better devotee so in the future, such persons can actually be awakened”. The devotee thinks, “it must be my fault”. Of course, it may not really be, but still a devotee feels that way: “I have to become more potent preacher so that such persons who could have become a devotee if I had been more potent, can actually become devotees.” The preacher always thinks, “It must be my fault. I am just not potent enough. I am still hovering on the mental platform too much. Thinking I am the enjoyer". So the devotee doesn't want to give up on anyone. He just thinks, “How can they be given Krishna consciousness?” Isn't that Lord Caitanya's mood? He wanted that everyone should get Krishna consciousness. Not just some elite. He wanted everyone should get it. So that is our mood of Caitanya Mahaprabhu's movement that even the Jagais and Madhais. You are Avadutacandra. Lord Nityananda, he wanted that Jagai and Madhai...They were the most unqualified rascals. They were rapists, murderers, they were mafia. They were the head of the mafia in Navadvipa. They were the worst, most despicable and they had no qualms about raping any women they wanted to. They were horrible people. But they got the mercy of Lord Nityananda. We have to learn to become representatives of Lord Nityananda. We have to become very good dasas of that Avadutacandra, Lord Nityananda. You have very good name for preaching, Avadutacandra Das. So, you have to think, how I can represent Sri Nityananda. He is a moon. Nitai pada kamala koti candra susitala. He has effulgence like millions of moons. "Koti candra" millions of moons. We have to become more and more surrendered to our acaryas, so that the full potency of Lord Nityananda can more and more manifest through us when we are preaching, so that they can be blessed. Even the Jagais and the Madhais will melt and humbly bow down and take shelter of Krishna consciousness movement.

So, anyway we will now stop here. I am always available if anyone wants to speak with me individually as well. I am just here to try to serve each and every one of you and help you in your Krishna consciousness in any way I can because that is good for my Krishna consciousness.

So we thank you very much!

Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

Vamana Hari incarnation ki jaya!

Oh. We have some prasadam. Ok.

Devotees: Sankarshan Prabhu ki jaya!

SDA: ISKCON Helsinki devotees ki jaya!

Tattvavada Prabhu ki jaya!

Now we have a little Sri Radha Damodara mahaprasadam.

Devotees: Sri Radha Damodara ki jaya!

[Transcribed by Her grace Bhaktin Priya]


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