Offering #1

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My Dear Gurudeva, My Dear Govinda
by Bhaktin Laura, Helsinki, Finland

My dear Gurudeva,
please O please, take away this disease.
I am so envious, full of lust
control I want and no one I trust.
I want to surrender
instead I am pretender.

My dear Govinda
Is it possible that I love you,
and be eternally happy, can it be true?
Without causeless mercy of you
there is absolutely nothing I can do.

My dear Gurudeva,
I want to be kind
dedicate to you my words, deeds and mind.
I am weak, oh yes indeed
the shelter of your lotus feet I need

My dear Govinda
I am so sinful yet so proud
how can You ever take away my doubt.
You are unlimited, sweet and cool,
so let me please, forever remain your fool.